commando game free download full version

commando game free download full version

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The levels also help to draw you in with the graphics, little details like river dams or enemy barracks, and enemy AI which react in believable and realistic ways. Also, the camera control is easy to use and very useful with the ability to have a split screen view to keep track of commandos spread across the map and tracking cameras which can follow enemy patrols helping you to form your strategy and pull off perfectly timed maneuvers.

There are only a few slight issues which might turn off some players to Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines. The first slight issue was that there were the occasional path finding problems while driving vehicles, which did cause many huge problems but was slightly annoying at times. The only other issue was that the levels are quite difficult in many cases and can take several hours to figure out.

Keeping track of your entire squad can get rather complicated and seem overwhelming sometimes as well. The graphics used in the game were really impressive for that period in time because they had a very high detail level. The sound files that came with the game helped to submerge the players into the war setting in which the game took place. As soon as you have cleared the inside of the compound, release the hostage, get all your men well out of the way, and use the driver to wreak havoc with the tank.

Be sure to kill all the guards with the tank, especially the gunners along the central path. The rest of the mission shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

Unless you're totally crap, that is. The Green Beret's decoy skill and the spy's distracting skill are very helpful at the tricky start of this mission. Once you have cleared the first area, use the spy to kill the two guards on the eastern mound; this enables your Green Beret to climb up there without being seen.

From this point, work your way northwards to secure the escape truck. You then need to use a combination of spy, Green Beret and sniper to clear a path so that the driver can reach the truck. It's then just a matter of gunning down any guards and reinforcements that are left so the sapper can set the bombs.

If you've run out of bombs, you can use the oil truck to shoot the fuel tanker just as it passes between the two north-eastern oil rigs - this will destroy them both. Once you're done, escape to the west. This mission requires the spy to kill the guards around the Green Beret's and sniper's hideouts so that they can escape.

Once they're free, it's just a case of carefully killing all the guards and freeing the hostage. There is no real strategy, except to be quiet and reach the escape truck.

Use the Green Beret to climb up the dock wall and kill the four guards, then swim your marine up to the main entrance and wait for the supply boat to open the gate.

Once you're through, kill the guard by the cannon and open the gate. Get all your men into the boat and move them to the main entrance, then use the marine's scuba gear. The marine gets out of the boat but everyone else stays in. Use the marine to kill the two guards on the small pier just north of the entrance, and at the same time use the sniper he can shoot from the boat to kill the guard on the south-western point of the main dock.

The rest of the guards are quite tricky, but you can use any remaining sniper bullets and the beartrap to kill them. As soon as you can, get your marine into the sub and blow up the large boat with the sub's torpedo. The alarm then goes off, so use your sapper to blow up the fuel tanks quickly. You can use the large cannon on the southern dock to destroy any patrol boats.

This should secure your escape. Once again, there is no real easy strategy to this mission - just be as quiet as you can. The decoy combined with the beartrap makes an effective weapon, and the marine is also useful for sneaking out of the water and killing the guards on the beach. The Green Beret can climb on to the central mound and sneak up behind some of the guards, and the sniper can shoot from the boat, although you need to save some bullets for the guards on top of the cannons.

The mission becomes easier as soon as you have control of the tank. All you need to do then is use the barrels and your bombs to destroy the guns. Avoiding the five-man patrol, you need to work your way up to the tall building in the north-west where the spy's uniform is. Once you have the uniform, get your sniper onto the flat area on the roof.

From here you can kill the General in the garden below. The alarm then goes off and you need to get into a few gunfights to reach the enemy HQ on the east side. As soon as you have reached the HQ, move a car in front of the HQ and shoot the engine from a distance.

You may find it helpful to kill the patrol that is guarding your escape truck before you blow up the HQ. The key to completing the first part of this mission is to study the timing of the five-man patrol - you have to be patient, as their patrol is quite long.

Try not to set off the alarm at the start of this mission, and save one sniper bullet for the end of the mission. Work your way down to the spy's uniform on the other side of the railway. Once you have it, use your spy to kill as many guards as possible without setting off the alarm.

As soon as you can, move your sniper down the east side of the river bank until you have a clear shot at the detonator on the east side of the bridge.

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Your review for Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines -. First, if one of your men dies, the mission is over. Now, I can understand this in some cases. If a mission depends on your team escaping on a boat and your marine gets killed so no one can row a boat, then maybe ending a mission is justified.

Sometimes, however, a casualty does not necessarily prohibit the completion of a mission. This is war, after all, and people die in war. Second, the intelligence exhibited by the Nazi soldiers is not consistent.

Sometimes, soldiers will spot a Commando and chase him.

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