comment activer carte sim free forfait 2 euros

comment activer carte sim free forfait 2 euros

Mon contrat devra prendre fin le [Date you wish to cancel your plan]. If you have decided to switch from Free to another provider , chances are you will want to keep the same phone number. This is a digit number that you can find by dialling to automatically receive your RIO in a text , or in your online personal space.

You then will need to communicate this number to your new provider - they will take care of the rest transferring your number, cancelling service with Free! Find out more about cancelling an Internet plan in France.

Cost is Authentication: the blurb inside says you need to provide authentication, i. If you buy from an Orange boutique, they should activate it for you. If you get it from elsewhere, then you will have to mail off copies of your ID docs. In order to top-up by phone, call from a mobile or landline. Free from Orange lines, a fee may be charged from others. You will be immediately asked by a female voice in French to enter your Orange number. This is the telephone number assigned to your SIM and normally begins with 06 or You will then be presented with two options, the first to top-up by credit card.

Ignore this, the second option is to top-up using vouchers. Press 2 on your keypad. The same voice will ask you for your digit voucher number. Enter that and depending on which service you got connected to, you may have the number read back to you with the option to confirm or try again.

You will then have a confirmation in the same voice but with a triumphant timbre to it. The process should take about 30 seconds from start to finish. The top-up should then be applied to your SIM and you will be ready to go. You will automatically have a personal account called Espace client on the orange.

For your first visit click on " identifiez-vous" on the top right corner of their site. Once done, you can edit your personal information, email address etc. You can even set up an Orange France email address if you like. It's important to note that you can't top-up online using most credit cards that are not registered in France.

But you can buy top-ups in the boutique using foreign credit cards. From all allowances can be used for roaming in the EU too at domestic French rates under the Roam like at home provision. Their prepaid SIM is simply called la Carte. The start-up price is officially 9. There is also a starter called la Carte Connect which may be harder to find. When you buy it in their shops, let them activate it there showing your photo ID.

Bought online or at other shops, you can activate it on their website or by calling for free in French only. They can be bought online too, but you need at least an European credit card with a chip for payment. Send the digit recharge code as an SMS message to and activate it immediately. These Recharges Internet are also available as Pass Internet. Thus it can be debited from your general balance and activated by texting the activation code to Tethering and modem use is now allowed.

No international roaming. The classic line doesn't include data. So it's not mentioned any further. This means that unless you pay the high price for the tourist plan, data roaming is not available even in the EU. For lower prices with EU roaming, look elsewhere. Their prepaid line is available in their stores store locator with 12 months validity after the last top-up.

To call other countries. Any question? Contact your Orange customer service. Comment faire? Merci de me renseigner. Lucia St. Vincent and Grenadines St. Helena St. That's it. We had 2 lines with sfr that had a base cost of 65 euros and with additional time come to between 80 to euros every month. We have moved both to free and the quality of calls is as good as SFR. We pay 40 euros a month line rental and we will have almost zero extra charge as we can call as much as we want.

The extra is the data package which means we now access facebook and email via our phones that we did not do with sfr. Does this make sense? Have I understood this correctly? Any comments, anyone? From what I'm understanding with your orange mobile, you just order your RIO pass it on to free filling in their subscription, they will deal with the rest with orange terminating your contract and switching your number, your mobile should not go down - therefore I'd suggest move 1 in your proposed plan of action whilst in principle a good safeguard would be a waste of money and time, as simply by going to 2 for starter would get you there without loss of service, but others on this forum may wish to correct me on this.

Brianna: As thinklucky says, skip 1 and go straight to 2. Switching mobile service provider is totally painless. The only risk is that you may not receive your new SIM card before the old one is shut off this actually happened to me because La Poste was on strike , but while that was a problem in the beginning the chance of it happening now is very small. Thanks so much for your reply. But one way or another it certainly seems like the right move I can now disconnect it but I will keep it and offer it to my guests when they are here.

But it is true you can just order your box and sim at the same time. I personally would get the box set up and then order the sim. Did everyone notice that free has dropped the prices of their phones!!! Gotta love em!!! Gonna change my name to Proud2BaFreeSlave!!! Cause they had me at hello!!! Thanks for all the info, this was far simpler than anticipated, even SFR tent text advising when the line will be cut, in all hassle FREE.

We have moved 2 sfr lines to free and it has been excellent. No issues. So far I very much like what I'm hearing. Thought I would give you my Free story so far as there seems to be a few variations.

I ordered the My However my 2 euro sim card is not working it states "invalid or missing sim" no matter what phone I but it in. My guess there is a problem with my sim. I have tried calling Free a several times and seem to get cut off or they hang up not sure. Does any one have any suggestions? Don't get me wrong I am not complaining as up until now all ran very smoothly and have been very impressed.

So far, so good. Cross family:. If the You need to check the setting on your phone. This is quite simple if you follow the screen shots on the free help website. You need to say you want roaming while in France for data and you have to set up a Mobile Access Point Name. You would have to do this with SFR and Orange as well, if the standard settings on the sim did not work.

I have an iphone and with the registered letter respectfully requested to have it unblocked. This did not happen. Just another example of the SFR incompetence,I received an SMS from SFR yesterday informing me if I don't pay the unpaid account within five days by credit card the service will be terminated,I assume they are refering to the old contract which was terminated last month including cancellation of the direct debit attributed to their company within the respective time delays.

I'd like to sign up with free,we already have their internet,but does anyone know when they are getting the iphone in? I'm fairly sure you would get an answer to your question directly from the company themselves. I think I remember the CEO of Free saying that until Apple starts paying there workers fairly and stops using child labor that they will not be providing Apple products.

I have looked through this thread but can't find out any information on the cost of using internet on the Is this possible? And how much are they charging? Have the sim card already and everything is working good! Just wanna know what happens if I try using it away, will i get email? Just to say for anyone interested, I have been on FREE for 2 months now and it couldn't be smoother, recommended. Thank you. I had intial problems just with my sim card a new one was sent and I have been with Free now for just on 2 months and could not be happier.

I will repeat mine. Any advice, resources or other info? Thanks again for the great article. Hi Tamara, Thanks for reading and your feedback. You can switch back at any time to the higher priced plan with its unlimited calls to USA and elsewhere plus its 4g unlimited data. Note 10 euro service charge for each switch in plans. Far and away the best deal. Keeping it active saves the hassle of both starting a new operator and cancelling one you have. One wrInkle on the Free plans that I just discovered is that you must keep the current plan 3 months before a change is allowed.

Irritating but still a good deal for many frequent travelers to the continent. Here is what I got from Google. Stop complaining, read, read to be well prepared. Or…join T Mobile and get worldwide roaming included for free in the plan. Save on calls by using WiFi. Use your home number everywhere! Yes, it is. Operators are allowed to propose better prices for their local packages, only if the package can not be used whilst roaming and then you can not have a bad surprise whilst roaming.

Have questions about the best hotels to book for your upcoming trip? Since , our mission has been to make your time in Europe affordable and memorable. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy. Travel Blog. Internet by default is 0. The bonus credit can be used for international calling. When topped up after the validity of the old package has expired, the new top-up will be effective right away giving more validity. All of their other options are not accessible to foreigners without a French bank card or account.

EU roaming All international roaming has been blocked on their prepaid offers. You can only used them in France and not for roaming. More information APN: mmsbouygtel. But as Free Mobile both uses the Orange network as a roaming network for 3G data, texts and voice and its own, the coverage is equal to Orange's. This national roaming will gradually come to an end in the maximum speed for roaming on Orange network is throttled to 1 Mbps, and will lower to kbps in , and kbps in Some Orange roaming users have already reported such slow speeds, that made it almost unusable.

If not, you will only have 3 GB of data on your plan on 3G. They started their deployment with high-frequency antennas as this was the only license they held at the beginning, resulting in typically very good speeds when you have 4G signal, but lower coverage.

LTE, with extended coverage, is allowed for use only within specific regions for now, and is due for national roll-out throughout For cell towers locations check here and tick the boxes.

Plans Free mobile offers only two plans. Please see the Prepaid vs Rolling contract section for details. It can be a very good option, if you travel across the EU or North America. On both plans tethering is allowed. This is supported on all Apple products, but on fewer other devices so far : while all hardware sold by Free have it implemented by a firmware branding, it's missing on most Android and Windows phones.

Prepaid Plan compared to Rolling Contract In both cases, there are no fines for cancelling early and no activation fees. Automatic direct debit on a French bank account is also possible, as well as some other countries. You won't have to worry about cancellation after your leave. This SIM card can be topped up online every month for one or two more months. You can continue to top-up the account each month, or decide to remove the expiration and switch to a rolling contract, which will involve to send a written notice, if you wish to terminate the contract later see below.

Rolling Contract The Rolling Contract is available either online or at a vending machine. Model of termination letter can be found here, and French national post online service for at least 3. Allow at least one week of processing within France using the online postal service, and two weeks if you send it by regular mail from abroad.

Availability Getting the SIM at their automated vending machine This is the most convenient option for travelers. They sell both rolling contracts and one-month prepaid plans. Out-of-France credit cards Visa, Mastercard are verified to be accepted. The SIM can be sent to a French postal address only.

Online default payment is by French bank account. Your bank or credit card company may charge a transaction fee for using this. It's sold in more than 10, post offices 'bureaux de poste' throughout the country, where you can find top-up vouchers too. La Poste also sells forfaits contracts , but not to foreigners.

Note, that there is no internatl. Prepaid Card Their prepaid cards are sold in two different tariff lines called classique classic and international. While the international card gives better rates for international calls, it doesn't contain data.

Only the classique line can be loaded with data and both lines can't be mixed. Start-up price is 9.

View more. Refer Now New to Lycamobile? Join us today! Earn free google play gift card Lycamobile number is also printed on comment activer carte sim free forfait 2 euros back of your SIM booklet. Lycamobile Bundles Choose comment activer carte sim free forfait 2 euros our best national and international pay-monthly bundles, available without any contracts or commitments. How much data you need. Lyca to Lyca Mins. Bundles not available. Kitts and Nevis St. Lucia St. Vincent and Grenadines St. Helena St. Popular Country Mobile Rates. Refer Now. New to Lycamobile? Order sim. Other Services. Customer Testimonials. Available From. Forgot Password? LOG IN. New Lyca user? Return acriver Sign in. Dear Subscriber, Your new password has been sent to your mobile number. Your password has been successfully changed For security purposes we have sent an email to your account confirming this change Please click here to redirect to homepage and sign in again. comment activer carte sim free forfait 2 euros Free Mobile in General - discussions forum on French Riviera, So for 2 euros am I right in thinking you can just buy a sim card, stick it in an old Look up 'zero forfait' they are cheaper than 'Free', unlimited calls €, Free sent a letter with the carte sim indicating how to set up the internet Activer l'option. This French particularity called "forfait sans engagement" = rolling contract or prepaid voice/data SIM card (Carte XL); Free Mobile: contracts, either rolling (​forfait You can buy Orange prepaid Mobicarte SIM online from vendors, although this Their Euro Data SIM has a purchase price of € including 2 GB EU data. Free has three mobile offers (at €2, € and € per month), and six Internet Le forfait Free, € You can sign up for a Free phone plan online, or via one of their SIM card Some suppliers may also ask for your bank card (carte bancaire) information, which is used for activation fees/deposit. L'activation de la carte sim avant la portabilité sur une offre Free Mobile Bonjour comment bloquer le forfait appels 2 h de ma petite fille,qui sur 1 Pour bénéficier de l'option voyage du forfait à 2€, vous devez activer cette option. bonjour..j'ai un forfait a 2 euros je voudrais savoir si j ais internet avec. Découvrez les nouvelles offres Freebox One et Freebox Delta, disponibles dès maintenant. Internet ADSL2+, VDSL 2 ou FIBRE optique, Téléphonie, Télévision. Plutôt que d'appeler le afin de consulter votre messagerie vocale, vous pouvez activer l'option MVV sur Android, vous permettant de. vous avez jusqu'au 13/09/ pour activer votre carte SIM. Pour une souscription en magasin l'activation de votre carte SIM a été faite par le vendeur. Vous. Celui-ci permet de contacter le service client Free très facilement. comment Freebox et Free Mobile: comment activer et désactiver Youboox One (Faites le dès Rattacher mon forfait 2 euros a ma Freebox et passer a 0? et ne me servant j'utilise la carte sim free dans un routeur 4G pour avoir ma connexion internet. Free Mobile: contracts, either rolling (forfait sans engagement) or prepaid for one Réglo Mobile: prepaid voice/data SIM card (Carte prépayée, forfaits) To buy a SIM from an Orange Boutique (store locator) in France for EUR, you Also, recharge codes have a time limit before they must be added (up to 2 years,​. Plutôt que d'appeler le afin de consulter votre messagerie vocale, vous pouvez activer l'option MVV sur Android, vous permettant de. De l'argent frais pour de nouvelles antennes 4G Comment activer la carte SIM de son forfait Free mobile? Alors, comment activer une carte sim free mobile? Point final. Les alternatives qui s'offrent aux consommateurs pour activer une SIM Free :. Vous pourrez le changer par la suite si vous le souhaitez. Le forfait 4G du moment. Conseils de Mon Petit Forfait. Ensuite, il faudra vous connecter directement sur votre Espace Client Free depuis le site internet. This is very interesting. Chez sosh en tout cas pour ce que je paye je suis bien content. Accueil Mobile Operateurs Free. Un site comme downdetector. comment activer carte sim free forfait 2 euros