comment activer la 4g sur iphone 4s free

comment activer la 4g sur iphone 4s free

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Perfect quality touch screen mirror retail and get free shipping. Perfect quality lubricant warming sex and get free shipping. It begins when your phone gets heated. After changing router all 5 of our Apple devices stopped connecting to the home wifi simultaneously. Not fixed it yet…. What can be done? Running 9. Re-joined the network entered password and now my home wifi network is working on my iPhone. None of the above worked for me. I currently cannot 1 keep a wifi connection 2 locate my wifi in my home from my phone or 3 locate ANY wifi hotspots in my neighborhood.

I literally sit in the same room as my router and I barely have 2 bars of wifi. Anyone got any suggestions?

Did you try to set up your connection as new? You can also restart your router and update the firmware of your router but not sure will this help since everything works fine on other devices.

In the past, when users experienced the Wi-Fi issue after iOS update, some solved the problem by turning off Bluetooth if the switch is set to ON.

Let me know if any of these worked! I just purchased the router in December. Apple guy told me it was possibly the hardware on the 9. Not having any issues now. My iphone 6 is doing the exact same thing. Exactly as you described. Stand 2 feet from router and i barely have a bar of connection. Only started happening after the iOS 9. I have tried every recommendation, it has to be this shit software update. Call Apple! Tell them all of your symptoms. I got myself a brand new phone.

Apple Support guy said it was possibly which it really was the 9. Good luck. I have a 64GB iPhone 6. But as soon as they got it was as fast as they released my money back to my account. I almost tried doing everything except this one multiple times, I did and it worked, thanks and cheers.

Thanks for your suggestions. Turning off WiFi networking solved my issue. It is now connecting to WiFi. It can detect the wifi but cannot connect. Unable to connect everytime i put the password. Pls help! Thank you. Share Tweet Share. More on this topic How to connect iPhone to TV. How to connect iPhone to a car. Best Gaming Headsets in A headset is undoubtedly a must-have accessory for those who want to enjoy any form of entertainment with maximum volume or sound effects and yet not disturb others.

Thank you again. You guys are awesome. How often do they change the code and do you find it somewhere and post it on here when we ask? Just asking cause people will show up to my business wanting and unlock and if the one i was using is blocked. So the customer leaves mad and I search and search and never find the right one til you guys post it. Yes, all phones unlocked with this trick will remain unlocked.

Did everything according to the directions. This iccid factory working bug works perfectly,i have successfully unlocked over ten iPhones even iphone 4s. Hi I was able to successfully unlock my phone. Can I update to iOS 12 when it comes out? Will it affect my unlock? Yes, you can update safely as far as I know. Go to data and uncheck automatic carrier.

Then wait for it to search for available carriers and select yours. It seems like Apple may have blocked it. If I get my hands on a new one, I will update the article for sure. Thnx sir absolutely working fine.. Using an iPhone Stuck at activation after hard reset iphone 5…dont even know which is is running in it…. Refurbished phones cannot be activated.

So this method bypass that problem? I do not have a Turbo sim to try, So if anyone here confirm please if this working in those phones. Thanks in advance. DId apple patch this? Any ideas? I tried it, calls work but messages not working. I put the sim in another phone and messages work. Check the SMS Center number. Sometimes the RSim changes it to 99 or 0. Does it have to RSIM Or it would be removed with the update?

No, your device will still be unlocked. Hello please I would like to know do I still need to leave the chip inside the phone or can I remove it and can I also change to any SIM card of my choice?? Table of Contents. Share Related Posts. Gerald November 14, Gian November 18, This bug has been blocked by Apple and is no longer working.

Hello Is the blocking by Apple valid for every iOS version? DHPatel March 22, Lady Diane October 9, Gian October 14, Jayperson indoc October 15, Gian October 18, Sai charan October 1, Gian October 2, Rick Allen Hill August 2, Gian August 3, Rick hill September 26, Josh April 13, Not working at all now?????

Gian April 15, Apple has patched the unlock bug. Read this article. Can I use the same chip when I change the card? Gian May 22, Kanishk April 2, Sir how can I unlock icloud of iPhone 7 plus. Gian April 4, Gian April 7, Arlindo Miranda March 25, Gian March 25, Yeah, sure. Please check the latest code above. Gian March 12, Notez cette page. Was this answer helpful? Yes No. This answer closely relates to:.

For phones that are using micro sim cards most service providers have microsim. If the phone will not work with airtel i suggest visit your providers office explain to them that the phone is not receiving any internet signal. They would advice you if the phone is compatible or not since it is a china phone.

Hello nshaik, Sorry to say but you cannot install a regular iOS for your clone iPhone. It is not compatible, The iOS will not install and will require the original hardware to install it thru iTunes. Thanks for your time inquiry and I hope you have been enlighten. Anonymous Was this comment helpful? Anonymous "My recommendation take to to a gizmo engineer or else trash the phone and Clare most of these models are a use and throw variety , i too picked one and most of the functions collapsed after about six months of usage.

My recommendation take to to a gizmo engineer or else trash the phone and buy the real stuff! I havnt got a clue i just orderd a few for me and family off alibaba and they said they were all in working order they were all boxed just dosnt let you connect to broadband or the internet with my 02 tarriff. Do you not have any idea on how to conncet to the internet on this phone. Use recovery mode to restore your iPhone. Yes No.

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