free web video player with playlist in general with information destined to update Brazilian nautical charts and publications that affect the maritime area and national inland waters fluvial and lacustrine areas. Bridges and locks, for example, are indicated only very briefly on ENC, while inland navigation obviously requires much more detail on the larger system of buoys, signs and other comment avoir internet en espagne avec free in force on inland waters.">

comment avoir internet en espagne avec free

comment avoir internet en espagne avec free

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How can we help you? Forgot Password? LOG IN. Sans engagement. Une licence pour un utilisateur. Tides Sea level data, predictions and calculations to help navigate New Zealand tides and tidal streams.

The tide predictions on this website are not official tide tables. The images provided may not be current and do not replace the New Zealand official nautical charts corrected for NTMs. Select "Paper Chart" then click on "Apply". These data does not replace official Navigational Charts; should not be used for navigation; are not corrected for Notices to Mariners. For navigation, mariners should use official New Zealand Charts as available from chart retailers. Also view chart by chart. This information is of vital importance to all vessels at sea.

Navigational warnings are broadcast for as long as the information is valid and shall remain in force until cancelled by the originating authority. Use only if in grave or imminent danger. New Zealand Radio Navigational Warnings Maritime Safety Information is of vital concern to all ships and pertains to navigational and meteorological warnings, meteorological forecast and other urgent safety-related messages broadcast to ships.

Changes to Annual Notices are notified through the fortnightly edition of Notices to Mariners. It is issued quarterly in NZ Notices to Mariners and is updated fortnightly on this website. Fortnightly notices New Zealand Notices to Mariners advise mariners of important matters affecting navigational safety and are the authority for correcting New Zealand nautical charts. Details on our opening hours will be available shortly. Thank you for your patience. There is also a regular update for the maritime industry on the COVID response to inform your decisions and actions.

It incorporates advice that has previously been issued in a series of topic specific guidance notes. Safer Boating Guide This booklet gives you essential information for an enjoyable and safe time on the water. Survive in cold water Learn techniques to improve your chances of survival in cold water: Survival techniques for water - How the body reacts to cold.

Survive a man overboard - Postures for conserving your heat and energy Rules on the water It is your responsibility to know and understand the rules before heading out. Know the rules : sticker guide illustrating the give-way rules for all vessels Crossing the bar Information and resources for skippers and crew when crossing any bar or river entrance.

Handbook also on page Communications. The handbook provides information about: the correct procedure to use when communicating over the maritime radio network - how maritime radio works - how search and rescue is managed in New Zealand - distress, urgency and safety calls including use of cell phones - radio telephone procedure - radio coverage and services - other information, eg useful contacts and a glossary.

It also includes two stickers inside: VHF marine channel allocation - Radio distress calling how to. Learn about the maritime radio services available to all boaties in New Zealand.

Fatigue management for fishing boats Fatigue is a health and safety issue. Most maritime accidents caused by fatigue follow a lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep. By better understanding the causes and implementing strategies to manage fatigue, the risk of fatigue-related accidents will reduce. This sector guide is for vessel owners and operators. It contains: an example of a fatigue management plan - accidents that happened - common causes of fatigue on fishing boats and what to do about them - key issues in the fishing industry - Maritime New Zealand recommendations - legal obligations - how to write a fatigue management plan - documenting steps for audit.

It also includes a profile of a hypothetical maritime operator and explains how those involved meet their duties. This is your essential guide to meeting your health and safety obligations.

It is relevant for everyone working in the maritime sector. Contents: 1. Health and safety legislation - 2. Duties, rights and responsibilities - 3. HSWA in action - 4. Applying HSWA duties in the maritime sector - 5. What to do when accidents happen. Many warnings are of a temporary nature, but others may remain in-force for several weeks and may be superseded by Notices to Mariners.

The warnings are not always updated in real time. Safety updates Read our updates on safety issues, and related matters. MNZ publishes safety updates on a variety of safety issues and proposals relating to these. The updates are published as required, and are distributed to those sectors directly involved. We are pleased to make it available for mariners here on our website.

Understanding MetService's Coastal Marine Forecasts Forecasts for coastal waters cover the area from the coastline to 60 nautical miles about km out to sea. The New Zealand coast is divided into 18 areas Tide data viewed or downloaded from this web site is not equivalent to or a replacement for the official tide data. By costal areas: Colville Or by main centres: Christchurch Currently the office has developed a compendium of survey and charting plans for the entire Nigeria waters.

These charts would be made available shortly. Additional symbols appear on these charts to illustrate a wider range for instructional purpose. Features appearing on these charts may therefore not exist in reality. Instructional charts: not to be used for navigation. Notice to Mariners The Nigerian Navy Hydrographic Office provides timely Notices to Mariners for the correction of all Nigerian Government navigation charts and publications from a wide variety of sources, both foreign and domestic.

The Norwegian Pilot Guide, Den norske los, is a supplement to the nautical charts. The publication contains supplemental information beyond what is portrayed on the charts, serves as reference material and is an important tool for use before, during and after sailing voyage.

As large sea areas have not been sounded due to financialreasons, the description of the north easterly and easterly areas of Svalbard in particular are essentially based on experiences.

Den norske los gir informasjon ut over det kartet kan gi og beskriver norskekysten. I versjon 1. Den norske los, bind 1. I bind 1 er det samlet en del opplysninger av allmenn interesse for navigeringen. Den norske los, bind 7. Svalbard og Jan Mayen Den norske los, bind 7. Den norske los gir informasjon ut over det kartet kan gi og beskriver kysten. Pdf utgavene av farvannsbeskrivelsene vil ikke bli ytterligere oppdatert. Alminnelige opplysninger, 2A. Svenskegrensen — Langesund, 2B.

Svalbard og Jan Mayen. Cryo : information about the cryosphere Norwegian Ice Service-NMI This web portal gives access to the latest products and information about sea ice, snow and permafrost - the cryosphere - from Norwegian Meteorological Institute. Also ice maps by weather API. During the daylight saving time the time of day has to be increased by one hour.

The time zone for Dover is UTC. The heights are given in cm above the Norwegian Chart Datum. Water level and tidal informations Water level and tidal information by place, position or with map.

Bruker du Efs? In addition it contains information of importance to navigation, such as temporary changes, gunnery exercises, works in progress, closing of fairways etc. It is important to clarify that ports remain open.

Ships transporting goods are still allowed to arrive Norwegian ports. The restrictive measures are mainly aimed at passenger traffic, which can further impose restrictions on freedom of movement for personnel on vessels The Norwegian list of lights Fyrlisten The Norwegian list of lights Fyrlisten describes maritime navigation marks which emit light signals on land and at sea, as well as information about other aids to navigation.

Here is the continuously updated list of lights in pdf-version. Her finner du den kontinuerlig oppdaterte fyrlista i pdf-versjon List of lights. Pilotage service on Svalbard There is full compulsory pilotage on Svalbard, same as on the Norwegian mainland. Vessels with at length of 70 meters or more and passenger vessels with a length of 50 meters or more are subject to compulsory pilotage when sailing in Svalbard internal waters.

For vessels carrying dangerous cargo the length limits are shorter. Wave forecasts for particularly vulnerable areas help us to decide whether it is safe to be at sea. The service provides forecasts for selected shipping lanes and the areas around them. Forecasts are at three-hour intervals up to 66 hours in advance. The shipping lane forecasts contain data for significant and maximum wave height and wave direction for every hundred metres along particularly vulnerable coastal shipping lanes.

More information BarentsWatch. Also ENC catalogue. There are 8 light houses on the coast of Pakistan. Out of these five light houses are on the Makran Coast and three light houses on Sindh coast. List of coastal lights operated by the MMD , no harbor lighthouses. Consult pages 57 to 72 for nautical charts, prices from pages 86 to See also these documents : List of publications List of available ENC for Predicted hourly height of tide The predicted hourly height of tide are at the bottom of the page.

Time meridian deg east, is midnight, is noon. Haut de page.

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