comment interroger sa messagerie free mobile

comment interroger sa messagerie free mobile

Touchez Drapeau. Touchez OK. Touchez Bloquer ce contact. You will then receive an SMS. The duration of the contract for Abundance offers is 24 months. If a contract is terminated before 24 months, a penalty fee will be charged by my. Moreover, if you benefitted any subsidy on a device mobile phone the penalty fee will be equivalent to the purchase price of the phone.

After 24 months the customer is free to terminate his contract and move to any other package. If no termination request has been received, the contract will be renewed automatically tacit renewal. You will be able to enjoy up to twice more data on most of these offers. If you are already subscribed to a postpay abundance offer, you will automatically upgraded to the new offer.

You can verify your new balance by sending conso to Yes, you can use my. Yes, once you are connected to the internet, your account and mobile internet usage details will be updated automatically. Please refresh the app or go to another screen and then go back to balance info. If it is still not updated, please call on for assistance. If you are using mobile data, you must have at least Rs 6 on your mobile account. However, your credit will remain unchanged since the internet connection for the app is free when using the mobile network of my.

Your account will be credited with Rs No, as it is a zero-rated application, your mobile internet volume will not be deducted. Your top up might have failed for one of the following reasons:. Please specify your transaction ID and service being purchased when calling. These data are available in your Transaction History. This is to ensure that the authorised Mobile Money user is using the app and approving the payment.

The PIN can be submitted securely through the my. To register, please visit a Telecom Shop. For security reasons, the My. Furthermore, it is recommended under any circumstance, to reveal your full credit card number or PIN when making a complaint to MT.

Unfortunately, we cannot refund or remove the credit sent to a wrong number. Please always check the mobile phone number that you are topping up. The number you are trying to top up may not be in service, be incorrect or not a my. If it is a new SIM card, you will need to dial to have it activated. If the number being topped up has been inactive for more than 60 days, you will need to call to have it re-activated.

Please wait for at least one minute to get the single-use PIN code. A new PIN code will be sent to you. Yes, you can access the app when you are abroad but data roaming charges will apply.

Package will automatically renew if there is sufficient credit on your mobile phone. You will receive an SMS before the package expires to inform you that it will be automatically renewed, unless you stop it. If you have two similar packs, the volume of the two mobile internet packages will be cumulated. The package with the earlier expiry date will be displayed on Balance Info. If you want to check the balance of the other package, just click the navigation arrow on the right side.

No, details will be available only for recharge or purchase of mobile internet packages through the app. There is no transaction fee charged for using the app when recharging or purchasing mobile internet packages.

However please check with your bank s for any applicable banking fee when using your credit cards. Call forwarding has to be enabled on your mobile phone. This can be done directly by calling on or by doing it manually. Note: For iPhone users, you cannot activate your voicemail manually. Please call on to do so. Retrieval of voice mail is free except when on Roaming mode.

The new voicemail service will be automatically activated for you. You just need to follow the same steps as to retrieve your messages. The call forwarding has to be deactivated. This can either be manually with the phone or by calling If a call is made to a customer who has the voicemail service and if he is not available, the call will be diverted to his voicemail box.

An announcement will be played with instructions of how to leave the message. Non-retrieved messages are kept for 14 days while retrieved messages are kept for 7 days. The messages which have been saved will be kept for 7 days in the mailbox. PIN code is to be used when retrieving your voicemail messages from another phone. From there, by pressing 3, you will go to the voicemail settings where the PIN can be configured. This new PIN will be sent on his mobile phone.

For security reasons, PIN with identical numbers like , etc or PIN with continuous numbers like , , etc. Choose a PIN different from them.

The PIN also will be migrated. However, for those who had PIN like , etc. Another PIN can then be requested. Only one forwarding is possible at a time on a mobile phone. It means that a customer can either have the MCA service or voicemail. The call forwarding number for MCA is The call forwarding for Voicemail is So if a customer has the MCA service and he changes the call forwarding to voicemail number , then, he will have only the voicemail service and the MCA service will be cancelled.

If a customer has the voicemail service and he opt for the call forwarding number to the MCA number , then he will have only the MCA service and the voicemail service will be cancelled. Missed Call Alert sends you an SMS notification when: your phone is switched off you are in a non-covered zone you are already in communication on your mobile.

To activate, send "mca" on by SMS for registration. SMS sent to is free of charge. Once registered, you don't need to renew your registration every month. If you wish to cancel the service, send 'stop mca' on to end the service.

If you do not want your number to appear on the phone of the person you are calling, you can withhold it. We call this service CLI Restriction. This service is available to Postpay subscribers only.

How to configure my mobile for CLI Restriction? Please call our Customer Care on to enable this service, or visit any of our Telecom shops. This service allows you to communicate with more than two persons at the same time from your mobile and up to a maximum of 6 persons. Before making any conference call, you need to register for the service by calling on The registration is free of charge.

Make your first call. Wait for your correspondent to reply. From your phone options, choose add call Dial the other number and wait for the answer Choose option conference, now you are in conference with both parties. To add another person in the conference, repeat steps 3 to 5. There is no charge to set up Conference Calling, you will be charged at standard rate for each person you call to join the conference.

So for example, if you have five people in the conference, you will pay for five calls. If you invite someone from abroad to join in a conference, international calling charges will apply. I have a my. No deposit will be required. With my. You will pay different charges depending on the country from which are calling. Choose Create message and select Text message. Enter your recipient phone number in the field or select Add to select the phone number from your phone directory. Enter your message.

To send the message, select Send. Deezer is the leading music streaming service that allows you to choose from a library of 40 million tracks, to build playlists and listen to your favourite songs while on the go. In addition to 40 million of tracks, Deezer also includes recommendations by Deezer's own editorial team, information about artists, dedicated radio stations and artist's own suggestions.

Listen to your personal MP3s uploaded to your Deezer account from your computer. These offers allow you to get access to Deezer and free access to Facebook. While streaming on Deezer, your data will be consumed from the package. Deezer is compatible with smartphones: Android phones, iPhones, Windows phones. Click on the URL. You will be informed if your mobile is compatible. Your account has been created. You will be able to download the Deezer application You will be redirected to Apps store or Play Store.

Search Deezer app and then download Once Deezer app is installed, click on Launch button you can login with Facebook or Google only if you signed up with these login details when creating your Deezer account Input your login email address and password Search and enjoy tracks, albums; create and sync your playlists. To do so, go to www. Follow the same steps as above when you are asked to enter Deezer code or mobile number, just type your mobile number and you will receive the code on the mobile.

You will then be able to install the app on your mobile. Yes, you can use your existing login and password. Go directly to your Deezer app and login. Your Deezer account will be automatically downgraded to Deezer Discovery, which allows you to listen to it but on limited mode with adverts no offline mode. However, you will keep your playlists and your personal information. Yes, you can but you will need to buy a Deezer mobile internet package to benefit from my. Yes, your playlists will be automatically displayed on your Deezer app.

Click on forgotten password Input your login email address A link will be sent to your email Click on link and reset password. You can listen on one device online and on 2 other devices offline.

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