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comment obtenir un code free wifi secure

comment obtenir un code free wifi secure

Conditions To use the Wi-Fi Hotspots free of charge, you need to be a Proximus Internet customer with: a secured b-box2 modem or b-box3 modem with Wi-Fi activated.

Do you have a different modem? In that case you can surf via all the hotspots, but you cannot share your modem yet. Secure your network with a password. Do you have a mobile phone subscription in your Pack with Internet? Unblock websites - Change your IP address. How to change your IP location. What if the lense on my mobile device is broken? Then you will no longer be able to scan the secured QR-code.

Therefore, we advise that you install the SoftKey on multiple devices. Don't have an extra SoftKey activated? Then you'll need to activate the SoftKey to access your account again.

To do so, you need a secured QR-code that will be sent to you in a letter, which will take a few days. So, to be sure that you have continuous access to your accounts, we advise that you activate the Softkey on several devices. If you only have one smart device smartphone or tablet , we advise that you choose the HardKey.

What is the difference between a colored QR and a black and white QR? Keytrade has chosen to work exclusively with colored QR codes "crontosign". This is a technology developed especially for the financial sector which ensures very high levels of readability and speed, even if you are using an older smart device.

Yes, you can shop online with the SoftKey with 3D Secure, following the instructions on your screen and scanning the secured QR code when it is displayed.

Can I confirm all transactions with my smartphone or tablet? Most payments and market transactions can be confirmed with your smartphone or tablet. Only for confirming transactions with larger amounts and orders on OTC BB markets we ask you to log in on the desktop website.

Can I download the SoftKey from abroad? Once you have the SoftKey, you can install it on multiple devices. If you are switching to a new device we ask that you log in to our secure website with your initial device, and activate a new instance of the SoftKey on your new device via "Your preferences".

Afterwards you can delete your profile with the SoftKey on your initial device. What is the HardKey? The HardKey is our new hardware method of authentication. This small Digipass-type device, enables you to log in safely, to view your account and make transactions on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Why choose the HardKey? If you don't have any device or have just one smartphone or tablet available to activate the SoftKey on, or if you prefer not to use your smart devices for banking, the HardKey is the perfect choice for you. What are the disadvantages of the HardKey?

You always need to have it with you to carry out transactions, even if it's on a mobile device. How much time do I have to activate the HardKey? We ask you to activate the HardKey within 30 days after ordering it. If you have not receive it two weeks after ordering, please take contact with us on 2 90 00 on business days between 9am and 10pm. Can somebody else use my HardKey to log in and confirm transactions?

The HadKey is personal, meaning that you can not lend it to partners, relatives or friends. If other housemates also have a HardKey, then each one can personalise his own HardKey, for exemple with a sticker to recognise it more easily. What do I do if I ordered a HardKey and it hasn't arrived yet? Delivery is always dependent on postal delivery times. We send the initial PIN code and the HardKey in two separate letters at an interval of two to three weekdays. If there has been a long delay, please contact our customer service on 2 90 00, available on business days between 9am and 10pm.

What do I do if my HardKey is not working anymore? If you have another authentication method, such as the SoftKey, you can use it to log in to our website. In the menu 'Preferences' you can de-activate your old HardKey and order a new one. If the HardKey was your only authentication method, please contact our Client Service on 2 90 00, available on business days between 9am and 10pm.

You will be asked to identify yourself by giving details including your username. What happens if I lose my HardKey or if it gets stolen? Please call our customer service on 2 90 00 on business days between 9am and 10pm. We will help you to de-activate your HardKey and order and activate a new one. How long does the battery of a HardKey last?

The average lifetime of a HardKey is 5 tot 7 years. When the battery is nearly empty, a messae appears on the screen of your HardKey. I used my HardKey to generate a code but I entered a wrong code several times. Please contact the Customer Service on 90 00 on weekdays between 9am and 10pm. We will then help you to unblock your HardKey. The HardKey enables you to shop online with 3D Secure. Follow the instructions on your screen and generate a code with the option 3.

Your PIN is personal and not known by Keytrade. If you lost your PIN code we ask you to contact us on 2 90 00 on business days between 9am and 10pm. Go to "5. How can I change the language of my HardKey? To change the language, press "OK" on your HardKey. Settings" and press "OK". Can I change the size of the text on the screen of my HardKey? The code will be displayed bigger.

I can't remember my HardKey code. Here's how: A. How do I lock my HardKey? Enter an incorrect PIN. Press OK. It will then show how may incorrect attempts have been made with "Wrong PIN: 1".

Re-enter an incorrect PIN and repeat step 2 until the message "Time lock" appears. At this point your HardKey is locked and shows you a lock code that you will have to give to Keytrade Bank's Customer Service. Unlock code To obtain your unlock code, please have your HardKey to hand and contact us on 2 90 00 on a working day between 9 am and 10 pm. After confirming your identity, Customer Service will ask you for the lock code and will tell you the unlock code to be entered into the HardKey.

This is a 4-digit code. What is the unlock code and why do I need to provide it? If your HardKey asks you for this code, this means that your HardKey is locked. In order to reactivate it, contact our customer service on 02 90 00 available any working day between 9 am and 10 pm. First of all, we will need to identify you asking some security questions.

We will then ask you for the lock code shown on your HardKey and send you the unlock code to enter into your HardKey to unlock it. How do I activate my HardKey and link it to my account? To activate your HardKey, follow the instructions on the link below. How does the Keytrade ID work? The Keytrade ID is an electronic instrument that automatically generates codes. These codes are unique and limited in time.

This is why we ask you to be very attentive when you have to enter the code displayed on the Keytrade ID. To be able read the code, you must hold the Keytrade ID with the Keytrade Bank logo at the left-hand side. How can I activate my Keytrade ID? Go to our website www. Click on? This serial number can be found on the back side of you Keytrade ID. If the serial number is the same as the one written on the back side of your Keytrade ID, then you have to enter the unique code that you can find on the display of your Keytrade ID.

Then you click on activate. How can I log on with my Keytrade ID? Click on 'client logon', enter your logon username and access password and you will see a new screen.

Then, you can enter next to? Do I still have to enter my confirmation code? To confirm an order or a money transfer, you always have to enter your confirmation code. Why is the unique code limited in time?

The codes on your Keytrade ID are limited in time. These codes have the advantage of not being subject to 'phishing'. This means that you can benefit from an optimal protection in your accounts management thanks to the Keytrade ID. How do I know if the activation of my Keytrade ID was successful? If you have followed the steps to activate your Keytrade ID, you will receive a confirmation message on your computer.

You can reach our Helpdesk each working day from 9 a. How can I block my Keytrade ID? When you ask to block your Keytrade ID, the helpdesk collaborator will take the necessary steps. Please mention the reasons why you want to block your Keytrade ID. You must give the reason why you want to block your Keytrade ID. What do I have to do if my Keytrade ID is lost, broken or stolen? Firstly, you should block your Keytrade ID.

You need to pay attention that the serial number on the screen corresponds to the serial number at the back side of your Keytrade ID. On this screen, you must give the reason why you want to block your Keytrade ID. On the following screen, you can request a new authenticate method. I haven't received a text message. Check first of all that your mobile phone is switched on and that there is enough network coverage to receive a text message.

If you still do not receive a text message, it is possible that your provider blocks this type of message. This is sometimes the case for prepaid cards. Please check with your provider if the option for receiving Premium text messages is activated.

I have forgotten my access password. To reconnect, complete this form and return it to us with a copy of your identity card. You can also request a different authentication method via this form, so you no longer have to remember a password.

If you have an electronic identity card and want to use it to have access to the secured site Keytrade Bank, you must follow the steps in the following document Procedure to logon with e-ID. As soon as you have carried out all steps, you can access your account with your e-ID. How much do the current, savings and trading account cost me? How do I do cash withdrawals? If your application is accepted, the debit card will be sent by regular mail to the legal address of the account holder.

Note : Only Belgian residents can apply for a debit card. Do not forget to add a copy of your last pay slip. Can I use my savings account to do transfers? Your savings account cannot be used to do transfers to third parties, due to legal reasons. For example, you cannot pay invoices using your savings account.

You can, however, transfer money from your savings account to another current account in your own name at Keytrade Bank. How is the interest calculated on the savings account? The interest is calculated on the balance of your account and will be paid at the beginning of the following calendar year.

Which internal money transfers are possible and how long does it take? If you want to transfer an available amount on your current account to your savings account or the other way around , the transfer will be executed in real time. If you want to transfer an amount from your trading account to your current or savings account , the transfer will be executed in real time.

Please take into account the entry of the statement the following working day. For instance: Today you sell shares X.

If you do a transfer to your current account, this can only be executed after the statement of the execution has been generated. You can check this in the history of your trading account. Please pay attention to the application of value dates tariffs , which might cause debit interests. How can I open an online savings account? Complete and sign the 'Banking relationship application form' and return it to us together with a copy both sides, black and white, A4 form of your ID card or passport.

As soon as we receive all documents and after approval of your application, we will open your accounts and provide the necessary passwords to manage your accounts online. Keytrade Bank offers you automatically three accounts: a current-, a savings- and a trading account.

Symantec VIP Access helps protect your online accounts and transactions by using a strong authentication process when you sign in to your VIP-enabled accounts. Use that code along with your username and password. If your organization requires you to define an additional device authentication mechanism to meet the security requirements, you will be prompted for the additional local authentication such as PIN, pattern, password, or fingerprint.

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