comment trouver le code puk free ligne secondaire

comment trouver le code puk free ligne secondaire

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You will have a lot more chances to successfully contact SFR by dialling one of the French lines. The standard customer service number is , however you also can access 2 automated lines and a number to call from abroad, too.

When dialling or the abroad number, we recommend ringing between 8am and 12pm, or between 2pm to 6pm, which are the less affluent slots and that will avoid you being put on hold for a while. Want to start an SFR mobile phone or Internet contract? Call our English-speaking Selectra at 09 74 59 56 84 or ask for a free callback today, for free.

Our team is here to help you find a package that will fit your needs and your budget. A raison d'une souscription par ligne fixe, une seule souscription par adresse d'installation. Incompatible avec d'autres offres tarifaires portant sur tout ou partie des destinations comprises dans les offres. Haut de page.

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