comment trouver le rio chez free

comment trouver le rio chez free

Tue, Nov 17, PM. Sat, Jul 18, AM. Wed, Sep 9, PM. Online Chinese coastal and fairway charts with medium definition scan. File in doc format. The List of Lights includes: maritime navigational aids including visual navigational aids , some important parts of the fishery navigational aids and enterprise navigational aids. The coverage of the List of Lights is Chinese coast port and fairway including Hongkong and Macao, but Taiwan is not contained for now. List of lights - North China Sea List of lights - East China Sea List of lights - South China Sea Vessel Traffic Service User's Guide These guides are published in order to provide the users with a brief introduction to the vessel traffic services hereinafter referred to as VTS and the requirement of the vessel traffic services center concerning traffic management and service and the navigation information which may be necessary for the vessels, thus to promote the understanding and cooperation between VTS center and users, and to ensure the safety of navigation, promote the traffic efficiency and protect the environment.

Navigational warnings Navigational warnings in English. Hazardous conditions can occur outside of the cone. The positions on the chart are referred to the WGS84 Datum. The depths are in metres and reduced to the Chart Datum, which is approximately the Lowest Astronomical Tide. Red to Port, Green to Starboard. Real Time Tide In the interest of quick delivery of information, all real-time tide data in the website have not been subjected to quality control.

They are provided by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as a service to the public and may be used for informational purpose only. These predictions will deviate from the actual conditions in the field since temporal and localised meteorological effects and non-tidal flow variations could not be taken into account. According to the comparison of the predicted data with the actual field observed data, the average difference in current peak magnitude ranges from 0.

Not to be used for navigation. Marine Traffic Control Vessel Traffic Services are provided to vessels visiting Hong Kong to ensure their safety and to facilitate their arrival and departure as expeditiously as possible. Also global plan of typhoon shelters and sheltered anchorages. Hong Kong Observatory Hong Kong Weather Services for Shipping The main purpose of this publication is to provide under one cover information on the weather services provided by the Hong Kong Observatory for mariners at sea and in the harbour of Hong Kong.

Target readers include crew of ocean-going ships, operators of ship companies, and professionals and other members of the public engaged in offshore and onshore marine activities. Tropical Cyclone Track Information Only tropical cyclones centred within the area bounded by N and E will be shown on this website. Also: Warning for shipping. Tides in Hong Kong are mixed and mainly semi-diurnal. On most of the days in a month, there are two high tides and two low tides.

As the predicted times and heights of the high and low tides are derived for average meteorological conditions, the observed tides may differ from those predicted when the actual meteorological conditions deviate from the mean.

The real-time tide data are provided as a service to the public and may be used for informational purpose only. International Time Zone World map with international time zone and time.

The time displays in this page are obtained from your computer clock. It aims at providing the latest news and development of weather services for the marine community. The Cruising Guide to Columbia The Cruising Guide to Columbia: "Its Exotic Caribbean and Pacific Coasts" provides useful information for cruisers navigating the Pacific and the Caribbean coastlines of Colombia on yachts, mega yachts, and sailboats, as well as tourist information.

Also online catalogue of charts and pulications. Navigational publications extract Extract of navigational publications. Data published in this e-Service is unofficial and informative, and is not intended for navigational use. Information published on the web pages of Radio Navigational Warnings e-Service shall not be considered as official information for the safety of navigation! Access to Radio Navigational Warnings is available only to registered users logged on with their user name and password.

Contains information for keeping up-to-date Croatian charts and nautical publications for Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea and Maltese Islands. Access to NtM is available only to registered users logged on with their user name and password.

Also maps of coast stations. With the new digital guide, navigators can familiarise themselves in advance about e. The online edition is maintained and updated on a regular basis. Den danske Havnelods websted "Den danske Havnelods" indeholder opdaterede oplysninger om danske havne og 33 danske broer. For hver havn er der en tekst med oplysninger, havneplaner og foto s. Havnenes faciliteter er vist med piktogrammer. Oplysningerne om broerne indeholder tekst og foto s.

Den danske Lods - Generelle oplysninger "Den danske Lods - Generelle oplysninger" indeholder informationer af almen interesse for sejlads i danske farvande. It is generally difficult to navigate near Greenland for mariners who are not familiar with the conditions.

Mariners intending to navigate in the waters surrounding Greenland can use the portal to obtain an overview of the websites of relevant authorities and institutions that provide information about safe navigation in these waters. The Greenland Harbour Pilot on the internet contains updated information on 36 Greenlandic harbours towns, settlements and stations.

This book is divided into 11 regional descriptions from south to north, each of which is divided into three sub-sections: 1 Navigation of the area - 2 Approaches and access to waterways fjords , towns, villages, etc - 3 Harbours and anchorages. This book is divided into 11 regional descriptions from south to north, each of which is divided into three sub-sections: 1 Navigation of the area - 2 Approaches and access to waterways - 3 Harbours and anchorages. The new charts use new Greenlandic orthography as opposed to the older charts as well as some publications that use old Greenlandic orthography.

Behind the nautical chart - Surveying, reliability and use Behind the Nautical Chart is a tool for understanding the surveying, reliability and use of nautical charts. The improved accuracy of satellite systems and the increased use of electronic navigational charts have led navigators to expect much more from their nautical charts than the charts are generally able to live up to.

For yderligere rettelser herunder midlertidige henvises til EfS. This is why the Danish Geodata Agency recommends that nautical charts and publications are kept up to date and that the latest editions are used. First and foremost, all shipping companies, ships and seafarers should follow the advice and guidance from The Danish Health Authority and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

New shipping routes in Kattegat and Skagerrak On July 1, , new shipping routes will be established in Kattegat and Skagerrak. The routes will increase the safety of navigation for the 70, ships that pass through the waters annually. Navigation through Danish Waters With the object of ensuring the navigational safety of large ships passing through Danish waters, the Danish government has established a transit route between Skagen the Skaw and the area northeast of Gedser.

The route is named "Route T". DMA publications about maritime health Publications about maritime health: Medecine chest, User guidelines, Hypothermia, Heat exhaustion With IMO regulations, circulars and guidelines.

Aasiaat Radio covers the waters on the west coast of Greenland up to app. By the FCOO. The chart shows current Notices to Mariners EfS for Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, Defence shootings in the shooting areas plotted in the chart, as well as Danish navigational warnings. Click the chart for further details. Transmission of meteorological notices - Charts and publications and their maintenance Nautical information: notices to mariners, navigational warnings and firing practice warnings On the map are displayed Notices to Mariners for Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, firing practice areas and the Danish navigational warnings.

Also: Details and List. Ice extent and ice drift in the Arctic Ocean Monitoring of ice extent and sea ice motion in the Arctic is an important research and development task, both from climate and human activities perspectives. Ice situation in Danish waters.

Koden er beskrevet i figurerne nedenfor. The Ice Service produces overview charts as well as more detailed regional ice charts: the Cape Farewell region, the west coast and also the east coast of Greenland. The maps are updated twice daily at UTC and UTC , showing the latest available satellite-based observations. Significant wave height forecast Five day ocean forecast for significant wave height and others parameters like: Surface temperature, Surface salinity, Surface current, Drift current, Sea level, Ice thickness, Ice concentration, Ice convergence, Ice drift, Ice temperature, Icing index, Wind, Significant wave height, Dominant wave period, Swell height, Swell period.

Forecast updated every 6 hours. Tide tables for Danmark, Grennland and Faroe The tide tables list the times for high and low water and the corresponding high and low tidal water heights. Tidal heights should be added to the depth shown in the chart to obtain the water depths at high and low tide.

Hora local y altura en metros. Aviso mensuales a los navegantes Aviso mensuales a los navegantes para el Ecaudor. Aviso diario a los navegantes Aviso diario a los navegantes para el Ecaudor.

Navigational charts cover both sea areas and navigable inland waters. Map and list with the charts for Estonia. Sailing Directions for Estonian Waters Unlike earlier Sailing Directions which contained long descriptive texts, the new Sailing Directions comprise all navigational information in tables, making it easier for the user to find the relevant details.

Sailing Directions will be published digitally in four parts that correspond to geographical regions, and the publication can be downloaded free of charge. The sheets should be printed out in A4 format. Gulf of Riga: 1. International Maritime Conventions Conventions the republic of estonia has acceded.

Also PDF draft version of the English-Estonian maritime dictionary with new words that the Maritime Council has found matches after the dictionary has been published.

The application works on all platforms, allowing GPS positioning, making queries of data objects, using measuring and drawing tools and sending feedback on the application to Estonian Maritime Administration.

Estonian Maritime Administration recommends not to use the Web application as primary tool for navigation, because its operation depends on availability of the data communication!. Information for Winter Navigation Information for winter navigation with procedure for icebreaking, traffic restrictions Local navigational warnings for Estonia Navigatsioonihoiatused List of navigational warnings with map by the Estonian Maritime Administration.

Notices to Mariners Teadaanded Meremeestele One of the prerequisites for safe seafaring is the availability of corrections to navigational charts. In the monthly editions of Notices to Mariners, the Estonian Maritime Administration publishes corrections to navigational charts, List of Lights and Sailing Directions issued by the Administration.

Finnish Nautical Charts Tarficom, the Finish Transport and Communications Agency publishes printed and electronic marine charts from the Finnish sea and lake area. In the product list you will find up-to-date and currently valid charts of marine charts. Turku Radio also ensures distress radio communications in the Finnish territorial waters and assists icebreakers by transmitting vessel and route information.

Brodasting times in English , Swedish and Finnish. Maritime safety radio: Turku Radio broadcast times Turku Radio is responsible for safety broadcasts along the Finnish coast, including navigational warnings, maritime weather forecasts and ice reports. During winter, Turku Radio also broadcasts the vessel and route information of behalf of the icebreakers. Broadcast times of weather messages, navigational warnings and ice reports. Also VHF radio stations map with frequencies.

Detailed information about the services provided in the area as well as the information required in the reports can be found in the GOFREP Master's Guide. Vessels of 24 metres in length overall or more are obliged to participate in the vessel traffic services.

When navigating in the VTS area, vessels are required to maintain a continuous listening watch on the working channel used in the area. More detailed instructions about the required reports and working channels can be found in the regional VTS guides. Vessels navigating in the VTS area, which are not obliged to participate in the vessel traffic services, are recommended to maintain a listening watch on the working channel in the VTS area or sector in question.

Vessel traffic services are provided as required in Finnish, Swedish and English. The instruction includes draught concepts associated with channels, the principles for interpreting these concepts, estimating the required gross underkeel clearance and for indicating channel depths in nautical charts.

Fairway terminology These instructions by the Finnish Transport Agency include descriptions of the essential fairway terminology used in Finland. Channel: A channel is a continuous water route between two end points. Elle me permet de savoir ce que mes enfants sont en train de faire et de m'assurer que tout va bien. Un bon choix pour des parents modernes.

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