crochet slippers with flip flop soles free pattern

crochet slippers with flip flop soles free pattern

Find all my free flip flop crochet patterns here! Pattern Viewing as a guest user. What am I missing? Thank you so much!!!

It is so nice of you to respond to all of these inquiries, each of them different. What you said is exactly correct, my stitches do look like more, so I am on my way to decreasing. I will let you know how this turned out.

Thanks again!! Thanks so much, Grace! I think any worsted weight yarn will work fine! I have the 2 markers in place. You say:. With the toe facing toward you, 1 attach the yarn at the right marker.

OKay, I attach yarn to the same stitch the marker is in 1. Then chain 2 3 and slip stitch into where the marker is. I thought I was supposed to start on the 2nd stitch from the marker? Thanks for this pattern, I am very excited to try. One idea to make them sturdier if you are worried about ripping through the sole. You could put the holes straight through the sole instead of on an angle, then for the first row use that plastic thread like that lanyard material then after the first row switch to the cotton.

I might try it both ways to see which is better. A clarifying question. Are you going clockwise — so the right side is facing out, or counter clockwise — so the right side ends up on the inside of the slipper. Thanks very much. Remove thong from both pair. Crochet your slippers using one pair, then glue the extra soles onto the bottom of your slippers. I would use something like Liquid Nails or Contact Cement. If you made a pair like this you could also make your holes from top to bottom instead of at an angle.

The crochet thread would be less likely to rip the rubber. It would also protect the thread from wear when you glue the other sole to the bottom. Just a thought…. Do you have a video that I could watch to better understand? In the meantime, I hope that the photos above can help you figure out where the stitch markers belong.

If you mimic the photos closely as far as placement, you should be in good shape. I may have missed it and at the risk of sounding stupid How many holes do you poke in your shoes, say like for a medium. Thanks for the clarification on row 1. It did help and still look forward to more pictures and even a video someday. FYI: This seemed to work pretty good for me.

Thanks again for this great pattern. I made the mistake of poking too many holes 90 for a size 10 flip flop and enduring is far too loose. How that was a clearly worded question. I think either could work, Lindsey. For those of you who are not able to crochet, I have the go ahead to plug my Etsy shop on this wonderful pattern made by Make And Do Crew.

Thank you Jess! I put a picture of my second pair on Pinterest and got to meet this wonderful lady in virtual world. We have many color options in stock. You can also request a custom order if we do not have a color that interests you in stock.

Is there a video link or YouTube video showing at the very least the highlights and some tutorial? It would be greatly appreciated. I just made my first pair and was wanting to make one for my 5 year old granddaughter and was wondering if I still do theb9 rows or would I use less for her? Hi Just made myself a pair of these, their great.

Thanks so much for creating the pattern. So I used heavy thread and poked too many holes so I had to decrease the first 2 rows… I love them. I used a braided cord of the same yarn to make them fit better. They are so cute and comfy!! I posted a comment. No wonder there were no follow-up comments. All comments get moderated. Thanks for your patience. I love the idea and have had many people as me to meek these for them.

Thanks for the pattern! Did you plug them with something? I know some people who reuse that bottom round part by cutting it down and glue it in place then cover it on the inside with moleskin. I was just curious if there was a different way. Yes, you could definitely glue the plugs back into the bottom. Since these are meant to be house slippers and not worn outside, I just left the holes open. More ventilation for summer time ;.

Hi Jess, fabulous crochet pattern. Kind regards, Danielle. Hello from the USA, Danielle! Yes, I think you could. It would just mean that your top section would come a little higher up on your foot toward your ankle. It would be pretty minor though. I have crocheted for years, and found this extremely frustrating. I made one slipper, and it was huge. I ripped it out, used a smaller needle and again it was too big.

The third time I decreased one or more times in almost every row. Too big. I think you need help writing patterns. Or, you could try the other things mentioned in the pattern. I have just started mine and I just have a quick question…when doing the first row, you say to insert the needle from top to bottom. Is this crocheted with the wrong side out…? I just want to be sure I am starting right since its crocheted in the round.

So as I placed my first row, I went around the sole in a counterclockwise direction. I hope this makes sense. I do mine in the clockwise direction with the outside right side facing me. Has it worked out for you okay to do it the other way? I made one pair of these and now I want to make a pair for my granddaughter but she is five years old. Would 9 rows not be too big for her?

Any suggestions? Thank you for the great pattern! I love it! I just posted a pattern for toddler-sized boat shoe slipper in which the heel is crocheted in the same way as this pattern. You might like to check out the dimensions of that to get an idea of what would work for a kid. Also, you could always have her mother or father measure that part of her foot to get an idea of how high you need to make it.

Hi, Working on crocheting a pair now. I have a question about round 9 should I do the enitire row sc then put the markers in or put the markers in before row 9. I keep getting one side higher and not sure what my issue is. These are super cute! So follow exactly the steps of the pattern by row 9 sc to the heel point you began the slipper at.

Then place the markers. Then row 9 cont. I am trying to make these, but am having difficulty with the top toe part as a lot of others have. Place stitch markers 10 stitches apart at the toe. Thought you might get a chuckle out of this. Please help! Yes that does help. And then you do the 2 hdc where you did the first sl st correct? This is where I am having difficulty, as well. If I skip the 2 and sc into a third stitch, I end up with the last sl st 15 stitches to the left.

I am not used to following patterns, though, so I may be reading something wrong? So, the sk 2 sc should be skipping two single crochets. There will be two empty stitches in between. Good for you for giving pattern reading a shot! Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous pattern. Congrats on learning a new life skill!

I think everyone could benefit from having something so wonderful to do with their hands. I had started the heel portion of the pattern only to see that one side of the heel is higher than the other. I pulled out all the way to just before Row 9. Per the pattern, I began Row 1 on the heel. Do I start Row 9, place the first stitch marker once I pass where it is supposed to go and continue all the way around to where I joined the yarn placing 2nd stitch marker where necessary and then continue around to the 1st marker?

Doing it this way should result in both sides being the same height. I have a different problem, I have small feet and wear like a size 5 shoe. Any ideas on how to make these smaller? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Check out this link. It is for a child. You can either add more increases or add more rows where there is no increases. Finished my first flip flop slipper. You hereby grant to Prime Publishing, its Affiliates and sublicensees a nonexclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use all trademarks, trade names, and the names and likenesses of any individuals that appear in the Materials.

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Jess Make and Do Crew August 3, at pm. Yes, please do! Thanks Carol. Have fun! Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. Crocheted Slippers Pattern.

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One more extraordinary flip-flop makeover, done to inspire! Refashion your flip-flops by just crocheting its straps and also accentuate the strap with a crochet flower in the center! This is the idea to bring style and visual attractiveness to your slippers in a super easy way! Want more details about this project? Here is something truly out of ordinary and unique, the ordinary slippers crocheted to serve as fashion-worthy sandals!

The idea is to crochet the straps of the flip-flops in such a way that they will look like sandal straps, next you can finish them up using backstraps! Another mind-blowing crochet project you can do to refashion your normal slipper or flip-flops! Want to experiment this project with your slippers? Great hack here to transform the normal slippers into women special ones! The idea is to replace the slipper straps with crocheted straps!

Go with floral or custom patterned straps that will surely boost the feminine factor of the slippers as you can see here, a mind-blowing crocheted version of flip-flops! Load more. Welcome to our site! We curate recipes, DIY, craft and more from the best sites on the web.

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Keep your crochet slippers with flip flop soles free pattern cool crochft comfy all spring and summer long with these crochet slippers with flip flop soles. You can even wear them as outdoor shoes too, you rebel, you. Find all my free flip flop crochet patterns here! Pattern Viewing as a guest user. Crochet slippers with flip flop soles free pattern am I missing? Published in Crochet Now, Issue Make and Do Crew. Craft Crochet. Published May Yarn weight Worsted 9 wpi? Gauge 7. Hook size 2. Yardage - f,op - m. Sizes available Women's shoe size Crochet terminology US. Languages English. This pattern is available for free. About this pattern. crochet slippers with flip flop soles free pattern Learn how to crochet shoes with flip flop soles with this free crochet pattern and video tutorial! Moccasins are modern, boho & perfect shoes or slippers! Cotton yarn and flip flops combine to make super comfy crochet slippers with soles in this free crochet pattern! These are perfect for warmer. Cotton yarn and a rubber sole make this free crochet slippers with flip flop soles pattern perfect for wearing around the house (or even outside!). The cotton yarn makes them perfect for warmer weather!" Click here for free crochet pattern. Intermediate. Crochet HookC/2 or mm hook, G. DIY Crochet Slipper with Flip Flop Sole Free Pattern: combine flip flop sole into your I know you may be very skilled on crochet slippers and boots already, but if you are DREAM CATCHER CROCHET SANDALS WITH FLIP FLOP SOLES. The free pattern and step-by-step video tutorial will teach you how to make these slippers even if you've a novice. Find all my free flip flop crochet. Learn how to make UGG-style crochet boots with flip flop soles in Part 1 of this free crochet pattern and video tutorial. Super comfy slippers or outdoor shoes! Free pattern available now for these crochet slippers with flip flop soles. Lots of other patterns available as well, some with video tutorials. DIY Crochet Slipper with Flip Flop Sole Free Pattern: combine flip flop sole into your Best 12 Lightweight Slippers with Flip Flop Soles Crochet pattern by Jess​. In the same way by just crocheting the soles of flip flops, one can make the eye-​catching crochet sandals and baby booties too that will last longer! While talking​. I am however disappointed with the finished project, The first one was way to loose, so for the other slipper I changed the hook size as recommended in the FAQ section, this one too seems to loose. I went to the store and bought all of the supplies and after practicing sc over and over in a rectangle I decided to give these a shot. Am I missing it somewhere? These are adorable and I want to make a pair! Please make one for these! I found your site when someone shared this on Facebook. I would love to make these and those adorable toddler boat shoes but I have a lot of trouble with crochet. Email the pictures to yourself. I used a braided cord of the same yarn to make them fit better. Nat May 29, at am. Oh fun—a cruise! Are you in the UK by chance? crochet slippers with flip flop soles free pattern