dairy and egg free cake recipe

dairy and egg free cake recipe

On my blog you will find my favorite recipes along with tried and trues from cherished cookbooks and admired sites and magazines. Read more…. Facebook Pinterest More cake flavors have been added since this post. There are mug cake versions too! Crazy Cake can be made with Gluten Free mixes! I did a little research on Crazy and Wacky Cake recipes. These cakes were created during the Great Depression, when eggs, milk and butter were very hard to come by. The cakes are also known as Depression Cakes.

People were pretty resourceful during those hard times. Here are a few vegan dump cake versions:. You certainly can't have a vegan cake without something on top, whether it's a light glaze, a sprinkling of sugar or, of course, a vegan frosting! Vegan frosting is just as easy to make at home as regular frostings and just as full of sugar, too! Here are a few recipes to try:. Pumpkin spice cake. These allergy cupcakes are actually quite moist! Sometimes when you bake without eggs it can be a dry and disappointing batter but these stay rather moist and satisfying.

You can! I always keep a close eye on the allergy free cake while it is baking to make sure it doesn't get overdone! When it starts to brown a little bit on top start checking with a toothpick in the middle of the cake. When it comes out clean you can pull the cake out to cool.

Not only is it a vegan cake or vegan cupcake recipe it's also great for everyone else to eat as well. It's one of those rare recipes where everyone in the room can enjoy it and you won't have to walk around explaining that it's modified in some way.

No need for the disclaimer: it's vegan. Everyone will be devouring this recipe because it's a delicious moist cupcake recipe!

This recipe works the way it was built and set up. I don't think I'd go crazy trying to get it just right with just one allergen or the other removed. There is no denying that special occasions call for a slice of chocolate cake or cupcakes! The short answer is yes! You can bake the layers and freeze them, take the cake out of the freezer the day of the party, make the allergy-friendly frosting, and assemble it.

Want to save more time? Make the entire cake and freeze it, whole, and take it out the night of the party. If you have room in your freezer, then why not?

I know that making an allergy-friendly cake from scratch can seem overwhelming -where do you even find the ingredients? Well, for starters, you are probably using most of them already so know that they are often easy to swap for another brand.

This recipe is not brand specific. You can find this dairy-free option in the refrigerated section of your grocery. Did you know that you can find allergy-friendly recipes for dinner and lunch on our website?

Weekly grain-free or dairy-free family meal plans are available if meal planning is a challenge. Hold on, did I mention the frosting? I recommend using vegetable shortening, to keep the frosting thick and easily spreadable. You might need to double the batch since half of it seems to disappear before I can even get the cake cooled for frosting.

Paleo Chocolate Cake — Want a fluffy paleo chocolate cake version? This recipe is it. Made with coconut and almond flour this recipe can also be frosted. Celebrate any day! Mom to 3 kids, obsessed with coffee, meal planning, and helping you cook fresh meals for your family fast!

View all posts by MOMables - Laura. Dear Momables, what should be the consistency of this cake? Pouring or thick? There are 5 questions above on the same matter that have not been answered, please inform us : Thank you! I imagine that it would be significantly less.

Do you need to use x-gum or could you leave it out? Thank you! My batter was also very thick, definitely not pourable. What type of non-dairy chocolate milk was used? I used SO Delicious coconut. If I use all purpose flour, can I omit the xantham gum? I have not tired this recipe with all purpose flour.

How much less all-purpose flour? Just dairy, nut, egg and soy. Mark, this recipe was not developed for regular flour and therefore I cannot advise specifically on how much less. If you are not an experimenter, I highly suggest looking for a recipe that is egg free only. The top layer of the cake seemed to be dried up when I tried.

Can you please tell me what could have been the problem. Otherwise everything else was fine. Do you have allergies or food intolerances, too? But if you are dairy and egg-free, then this is just the ticket! This recipe may work with gluten-free flour, but I have never tried it. I must tell you that I am not a cake lover. But this cake is different. I actually like it better than any other cake I have made—especially the boxed cake mixes.

I am baking this for my god daughters birthday on this Saturday. How far in advance can this be made without having to freeze or refrigerate? Is two days ok? It will be stored in a sealed container.

Have you tied this yet with gluten free flour? Have a friend whose child is gluten, dairy and eggg free. I have made your gluten free cakes with King Arthur Measure for Measure Gluten Free flour and they came out beautifully. I made this one substituting that flour for regular flour. The batter tasted fine — just a bit grainy. The cakes rose beautifully and a toothpick came out clean. Any thoughts of what went wrong? Or what to try? I have celiac as well as a dairy allergy.

I d love to try this with GF flour but cup4cup contains milk. Have you tried it with any other brand? Thank you for trying so many ways to make this dairy and egg free!

The tips really help. Really appreciate you taking the time to share and try so many products! Look forward to making this cake. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Ive recently got into the cake decorating game and have my nieces birthday coming up and need an egg free recipe which I was nervous about. Im excited to try this recipe though! Do you think it would also work for cup cakes? I Made It Print.

Per Serving:. Full Nutrition. Rating: 5 stars. My daughter suffers severe allergies to many products including dairy, egg, nut and soy. I prepare this recipe excluding the chocolate chips and end up with a lovely, moist cake which doesn't need frosting and keeps for a couple of days if it gets the chance.

I've cooked the batter in every shaped pan imaginable, including a shaped birthday cake for my daughter, without any problems. Obviously the cooking times varies slightly depending on the pan. It even works well in muffin tins or patty pans - these are great to keep in the freezer! Our favorite way to serve it is to cook it in a fluted ring tin, when cool fill the centre hole with with berries or cherries and dust with icing sugar.

It lookes as luscious as it tastes. I cut it into a number 1 shape and used Earth Balance soy free butter substitute to make the frosting. It came out great, everyone liked it and my son actually got to have a piece of his birthday cake. He is allergic to milk, eggs and soy. Thanks so much for the recipe!

I can't wait to try this recipe! My sister in law sent it to me for my son's 1st birthday this weekend: I'll let you know how it goes. He has severe egg, milk, peanut and tree nut allergies, so I am very excited to give him something yummy!!! I use my own flour blend of sweet white rice, sweet brown sorghum, tapioca, and coconut flours plus a bit of xanthan gum in place of the flour needed.

I can't have soy, dairy, eggs, wheat, or many other things, and this seems to be a great recipe. He was diagnosed 10 months of age.

For those of us who can benefit from that anyway. I have yet to find a cream cheese frosting though that did not have milk in it. I tried that last week. It's not bad, but the thought of the aspartame in it bothers me.

I know it's a very occasional thing, but I want something that I can use for all of us that is healthier. I'm not opposed to using the oil, it just adds a little more fat to it.

Any suggestions? If so, what are the measured amounts of applesauce in place of eggs? I would appreciate any feedback that you can give me. Hi Jennifer, Some Duncan Hines box mixes are safe as far as the dry mix is concerned. Then you can experiment with what you use to bake it. I have the Butter Golden cake mix here with me dairy-free. I usually found that the more eggs I had to replace, the bigger chance that was I was baking wouldn't turn out.

Three eggs was always iffy for me. For the margarine, I would use Fleischmann's Unsalted Margarine. But if you want to stay away from that like oil, have you tried coconut oil? It's healthy fat. I know I get plenty of fat but I do try to keep that in mind for my boys. I am always amazed how hard my kids' heads are compared to soft little heads of other little kids who are always drinking milk.

It's like my boys are missing that extra layer of fat, ha! But our pediatrician says they are totally healthy and just fine that way. If you have time to experiment with this, I would.

Let us know what you come up with! I, like all mom's here am so thankful for this recipe and beyond that, this site. Thank you so much for making all this information available!

I am new to this milk allergy game. Daughter was just diagnosed a month ago at 23 months. I will be making this for her 2nd birthday party and am very excited about it!

So, I'm doing a cake this weekend that needs to be three layers stacked, frosted, and decorated. Will this recipe work for that type of decorated cake? Thanks for taking the time to help all of us out. Aiden will be 2 on Saturday and this recipe will be his cake! Take Care!

Thanks for your recipe Milk Allergy Mom. I needed a non-dairy and vegan recipe for cupcakes to take to school on Friday. We made vanilla version half a batch this morning and my 5 yr old approved it! Hi, I am from the UK, my daughter has the three alleries, egg, milk and nuts. I thought I would try this reciepe out so she didn't feel left out as my other two don't have any allergies. I just tried the reciepe for the white cake.

I used plain flour but it turned out a bit raw in the middle. Any tips would be appreciated. Is the baking soda baking powder or bicarbonate of soda? I'm from the UK too. I actually used self raising flour and baking powder same as baking soda I took one out if the oven when I thought they were cooked but it was a bit raw.

I just left them in a few more minutes. All ovens are different so any time given is always a guide. I also made fairy cakes not cupcakes, made about Good luck. Hi this cake recipe should help greatly. My son is turning a year in April and he has something called EE he is also allergic to milk, eggs, and soy. What can I do about the icing? Thanks for stopping in. You could do just a powder sugar sprinkled on top. Sometimes people will use a stencil to make it into an image.

Or you could google some recipes with just powdered sugar and milk to make like a glaze icing. Let me know what you end up doing as I'm sure others need a non-soy alternative too! Best wishes! Oh my heart!! I found this recipe in Sept it was my son's birthday at school, and there is a girl in his class that is allergic to milk. I googled and found this recipe. What a fantastic cupcake this makes!!

And I always double it!! It is my absolute go-to for any gathering!! So moist and heavy and delicious. I pair it with the Pillsbury White frosting. I just found your blog and am so excited!!! My son has an egg and milk allergy and I haven't seem to find the right cake alternative until know. I made the chocolate for him to bring to pre-school and just tasted one…not even iced yet…and they are awesome! This will be our go to cake for sure…can't wait for him to try them…I am using pilsbury peppermint icing and for the few I am sharing at work I plan to sprinkle crushed thin mint cookies on top!!

Thank you for all of your hard work in sharing this info with all of us…can't wait to try more of your suggestions! Thanks for the help!!! I've been searching and searching, and so far this is the best an most helpful.

I will be making this for my son's 1st birthday next week. I'm going to try the "depression cake" to make donuts with my little donut maker tonight! I'll let you know if it works. I never thought I'd want another silly appliance, but my kids have never had a real donut, and cake in the shape of a donut is just as good as a cake donut.

I am going to attempt to make this cake. My daughter is allergic to milk horribly. If milk or anything with milk in it even touches her, she breakes out in hives every where. Her birthday is in a little less then 2 months, and I have decided to have a go at making the cake myself.

This cake is awesome! Also, is it just white vinegar? I am new to all of these substitutes, it feels like a huge foreign food world, so thanks again for being a great resource!

Naomi, you can use vegetable oil or whatever you normally use in baking. Make three wells, and into each one place either the vinegar, vanilla, and oil. Pour water over all and stir with a fork.

Bake in pan. I make this for my diabetic clients with Swerve Granulated Sugar, and for my other clients who have allergies. You can add cocoa, and pour 1 cup cold coffee over all. You can also use lemon extract, lemon zest, and yellow food color to make it lemon, etc.

Any flavor is possible. Very little clean up. It came out moist and delicious! Tomorrow is my grandsons 3rd birthday. He has so many allergies. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said A Cake!! Thank you for posting. My question is can I substitute using coconut flour? Hi Christina! I know coconut flour is tricky. It may not work. And happy birthday! Your email address will not be published.

Join Milk Allergy Mom Membership! Welcome to Milk Allergy Mom! Thanks for stopping in! When my son eggg one. Eleven years later. This is a basic ingredient recipe that is also dairy and egg free! It can be made soy-free if you use the right oil and make your forfait free mobile a 2 99 frosting with soy-free butter. And some are even making it dairy and egg free cake recipe with their favorite flours. Also be sure to check out how we use this recipe to make adorable Easter Bunny Cupcakes. Below you will find:. Here are affiliate links to some of our dairy and egg free cake recipe products, at no extra dairy and egg free cake recipe to you. This can be made with soy-free margarine. Add vanilla. Beat on high speed until icing consistency is reached. This can be a little temperamental depending on the season and room temperatures. Store cupcakes with this homemade frosting in the refrigerator. Coconut oil melts. Be sure to check labels because ingredients can change! Heat oven to Grease dairy and egg free cake recipe s with an allergy safe oil if you are making this for someone with food allergies. We use dairy-free butter or coconut oil. Combine ingredients by hand or with a mixer. P our batter into greased pan ffee muffin cups. Bake approximately minutes in the oven until the cake springs back to the touch or a toothpick comes out clean. Time varies depending on the pan you use. dairy and egg free cake recipe 2 cups ( g) granulated sugar. 2 teaspoons (8 g) baking soda. 1 teaspoon ( g) salt. 2 cups ( g) almond. 4 teaspoons ( g) pure vanilla extract. 2/3 cup ( g) canola oil. 2 tablespoons ( g) white distilled vinegar. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. This Egg-free, Dairy-free Chocolate Cake is a dream come true for people with egg and milk allergies. Moist and. This chocolate cake is so good, you'll never miss the dairy products! Check at your health food store for tofu or nondairy chocolate chips. Making this a recipe that everyone can enjoy! This gluten, dairy, and egg-free Chocolate Cake recipe is delicious, decadent. Say hello to your new best. In a small bowl, mix the olive oil, water and vanilla, then set it aside until needed. Hi Christine, it looks like other readers have used maple syrup or dates with success! Thanks for sharing, Heidi! The crust is nice and great, the inside raw. Hmm, you could try using a cashew cream as the base. I was pleasantly amazed it has just the right amount of sweetness and hardiness that I love. I Have a Question. I really like this vegan pumpkin spice cake. Where do I start with this cake? I am making it again for July 4th. dairy and egg free cake recipe