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Chung normally co-anchored in the studio with Rather, but sometimes one of them appeared on location, while the other remained in the studio. The newscast returned to a solo anchor format on May 19, , with Dan Rather continuing in his role as anchor. At age 73, Rather retired from the Evening News on March 9, , exactly 24 years after succeeding Cronkite.

Rather left the anchor position amidst controversy and a credibility crisis over reports broadcast during the presidential election campaign. The report was a segment featured on a September broadcast of 60 Minutes Wednesday questioning President George W.

Bush 's Texas Air National Guard record. A number of bloggers analyzed scans of the documents, and rapidly concluded they were forgeries. Subsequently, CBS commissioned an independent inquiry into the matter and several CBS staffers were fired or asked to resign.

At the time Schieffer took over, it was uncertain how long he would host the broadcast, whether it would retain its current structure, or instead adopt some kind of multiple host or alternative format. White House correspondent John Roberts , and Scott Pelley , his predecessor in that position, were often mentioned as possible successors to Rather when he retired.

In the months following Rather's departure, the program came to emphasize live exchanges between Schieffer and various CBS News correspondents around the world.

In contrast to traditional network news practice, these exchanges were unrehearsed as part of an effort to make the language on the broadcast sound more "natural". The death of anchor Peter Jennings in coupled with the adoption of a dual-anchor format on World News Tonight and life-threatening injuries suffered by Bob Woodruff when an Iraqi military convoy he rode in hit a road-side bomb, leaving Elizabeth Vargas as sole anchor, in January put the ABC News division in flux.

Russ Mitchell filled in for the following two nights September 1 and 4, , after which he was succeeded by Katie Couric on September 5, Couric officially signed a contract to become anchor of the CBS Evening News on April 1, , and formally announced four days later on Today that she would be leaving the show and NBC News after a year run as the morning show's co-anchor.

During her first broadcast as anchor on September 5, , a new graphics package and set, and a new theme composed by Academy Award -winning composer James Horner were introduced. A new opening title sequence was designed, with Walter Cronkite providing the voiceover, replacing Wendell Craig unless a temporary voice-over was needed. Following Cronkite's death months earlier, actor Morgan Freeman recorded a new voice-over for the title sequence, which debuted on January 4, The program also debuted a new feature called "freeSpeech" in which different Americans, ranging from well-known national figures to average people, would provide news commentary.

Hartman left as executive producer on March 7. On April 4, , Couric did a one-minute commentary about the importance of reading, in a piece substantially lifted from a Wall Street Journal column by Jeffrey Zaslow.

Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Rather is known for his many colorful analogies and descriptions during live broadcasts. Similar to those used by baseball announcer Red Barber , cycling commentator Phil Liggett and Formula 1 commentator Murray Walker , these "Ratherisms" are also called "Texanisms" or "Danisms" by some.

A few of the more colorful ones, several of which were used throughout the HBO made-for-TV movie Recount about the Election , include:.

Rather has been referenced in the television shows Saturday Night Live and Family Guy and many films. An animated caricature of him made a cameo appearance in the JibJab political cartoon , Good to Be in D. In he had a cameo in an episode of the number one hit comedy series All in the Family. At the last minute, to his dismay, the segment is preempted by the telecast of a Richard Nixon presidential address from the Oval Office. Rather appears, as himself, delivering post-speech analysis from actual news footage.

Nixon just said. In the —07 graphic novel Shooting War , which is set in the year , an year-old Dan Rather is shown to be one of the last journalists still reporting from Iraq. Features of the imitation include mentioning "I have the documents" whenever a dubious claim is made. Dano is also heard sometimes interviewing President Obama's teleprompter. A skit on the 38th season of Sesame Street featured Anderson Cooper interviewing two grouches, "Walter Cranky" and "Dan Rather Not," who, when asked to answer questions, demurred with the phrase "I'd rather not.

Robert Redford portrayed Rather in the film Truth. Rather appeared in the docudrama Facing Saddam providing his views on Saddam Hussein. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American broadcast journalist. Rather at the Peabody Awards. Wharton, Texas , U. Journalist news presenter reporter and correspondent. Jean Goebel m. Main article: Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. Main article: Killian documents controversy. Archived from the original on September 6, Retrieved September 5, Retrieved June 4, Retrieved March 8, Encyclopedia of World Biography.

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September 11, FOX News. In an interview with The Washington Post , Mapes said Karl Rove was "an inspirational figure" for the critics of the segment.

Reed, Jr. In the aftermath of the Rathergate scandal, Mapes started work as a writer and a consultant, contributing to the news magazine The Nation in and From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American television producer and journalist. Washington , U. Further information: Killian documents controversy. I do have a proposition, however: I think that the article should present a chronological record of his career starting with field reporter including his actions and criticisms of his actions.

In this way, a reader can walk through his career, find the event they're interested in by era, and be informed in a whole and complete way. As it currently stands, a reader can very easily take criticism out of context without reading anything about what he was doing at the same time he was being criticized. In short, eliminate the "criticisms" section and merge all the material into a chronological article about his career.

Clearly, I'd welcome some input or I'm going to see about getting that done. He has received numerous Emmys, several Peabody awards and several honorary degrees from universities. Is this article really any worse than Brit Hume 's? And should Brit Hume have his critism section renamed "Liberal Political Criticism", since those are the only type I see in his article. Without further objection, I suggest the creation of a new heading similar to "Journalistic History and Consequences" that directly follows or precedes "Criticism", with the standard format to place it at the primary level of the table of contents.

If nobody else does this in 24 hours. I will do it myself. There will be need for further rearranging, but I think this is the first step towards re-obtaining NPOV and people will need to see it to continue working on it. Please excuse that I was not logged in at the time of the heading edit.

His biography doesn't mention his military service, which is often disputed by fans and pundits. Rather served in the Army reserves during his education at Sam Houston and the Korean War and then attempted to join the Marines, but was discharged less than four months later on May 11, for being medically unfit for having rheumatic fever as a child.

This is only significant to critics because Rather frequently criticized Dan Quayle for his lack of military service during Vietnam by joining the reserves. NY Daily News. Retrieved November 27, November 6, Louis Post-Dispatch , p. New York: Random House. Midwest Today. Archived from the original on June 15, Retrieved August 20, Joe Foss Institute. Retrieved July 21, The Des Moines Register. Retrieved March 19, Men's Journal.

December Encyclopedia of the Great Plains. University of Nebraska Press. Archived from the original on August 6,

During the Killian documents controversy inthe authenticity of the documents themselves was disputed by a variety of individuals and groups. Proof of authenticity is not possible without original documents, and since CBS used only faxed and photocopied duplicates, authentication to professional standards would be impossible regardless of the provenance of the originals. However, proving documents inauthentic does not depend on free party une histoire des histoires pdf availability of originals, and the validity of these photocopied documents has been challenged on a number of grounds, [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] ranging from anachronisms in their typography to issues pertaining to their content. In the initial hours and days after the CBS broadcast, most of the criticism of the documents' authenticity centered on the fact that they dan rather wikipedia the free encyclopedia not look like typical typewritten documents and appeared very similar to documents produced with modern word-processing software. These criticisms, first raised by bloggers, were taken up dan rather wikipedia the free encyclopedia outlets of the mainstream press, including The Washington DaanThe New York Timesthe Chicago Sun-Timesand others, who sought opinions from multiple experts. The arguments and findings are summarized below. One of the initial doubts bloggers raised about the memos was the use of proportional fonts as opposed to a monospaced typefacewhere all glyphs have a single, wikipedis width. Most typewriters in used fixed-width fontsand, according to The Washington Post[9] all of the authenticated documents from the TexANG were typed using fixed-width fonts commonly wikipfdia with typewriters. Several experts interviewed by the media suggested that the proportional fonts in the documents indicated likely forgery. John Collins, vice president and chief wikipedai officer at Van Inc. Bill Glennon, a technology consultant in New York City with typewriter repair experience from tosaid experts making the claim that typewriters were incapable of producing the memos "are full of crap. They just don't know. Thomas W. Phinney II, program manager for fonts at Adobe Systemsresponded to Glennon's statement by saying that the memos could not have been produced with either the IBM Executive or IBM Selectric Composerwhich had been suggested as possibilities, due to differences in letter width and spacing. Phinney's analysis was based on dan rather wikipedia the free encyclopedia fact that the typography dan rather wikipedia the free encyclopedia the Killian documents dan rather wikipedia the free encyclopedia be closely matched with a modern personal computer dan rather wikipedia the free encyclopedia printer using Microsoft Word with the default font Times New Roman free tier season 5 week 4 other settings. Therefore, the equipment with which the Killian documents were actually produced must have been capable dan rather wikipedia the free encyclopedia matching the typographical characteristics produced by this modern technology. As Phinney explained, the letterspacing of the Times New Roman font used by Microsoft Word with a modern personal computer and printer employs a system of 18 units relative to the letter height emwith common characters being 5 to 17 units wide. The technology allows even finer variability of character widths, but the 18 unit system was chosen for compatibility with the Linotype phototypesetting and earlier hot-metal versions of wikkipedia font. In contrast, the variability of character widths available on early s typewriters using proportional letterspacing was more limited, due to the mechanical technology employed. The most sophisticated of these machines, the IBM Selectric Composer, used a system of 9 units relative to the letter height, in which all characters dan rather wikipedia the free encyclopedia 3 to 9 units wide. dan rather wikipedia the free encyclopedia Dan Rather (born October 31, in Wharton, Texas) is an American journalist and reporter. He worked with the CBS network until Controversy over. Talk:Dan Rather/Archive 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. < Talk:Dan Rather. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Big Interview, or The Big Interview with Dan Rather is an TV series on AXS TV, hosted by. Mary Alice Mapes (born May 9, ) is an American journalist, former television news From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia She was hired by CBS in as a producer assigned to Dan Rather and the program 60 Minutes Wednesday. CBS Evening News is the flagship evening television news program of CBS News, the news From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia to a solo anchor format on May 19, , with Dan Rather continuing in his role as anchor. After departing from the Evening News, Rather remained with CBS News as a correspondent. CBS News is the news division of American television and radio service CBS. CBS News From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ); America Tonight (​Dan Rather, Charles Kuralt, Lesley Stahl, Robert Krulwich, Edie Magnus) (​October 1. Minutes II is an American weekly primetime news magazine television program that was From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Credited cast on 60 Minutes II included the following CBS correspondents: Dan Rather, Bob Simon, Charlie. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Further information: Killian documents controversy and George W. Bush military service controversy. During the Killian documents controversy in , the authenticity of the documents themselves Most typewriters of the era featured vertical apostrophes, rather than angled. Thomas John Brokaw is an American television journalist and author. He was the anchor and Along with his competitors Peter Jennings at ABC News and Dan Rather at CBS News, Brokaw success through the American free enterprise system from the Horatio Alger Association of Encyclopedia of the Great Plains. Download as PDF Printable version. In he had a cameo in an episode of the number one hit comedy series All in the Family. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. The Atlantic Wire. Columbia Journalism Review. White House Correspondents. Not long after I first came to the anchor chair, I briefly signed off using the word, 'Courage. Rather ignored Bush's comment. He covered the presidency of Richard Nixon , including Nixon's trip to China, the Watergate scandal, and the president's resignation. Archived from the original on September 6, dan rather wikipedia the free encyclopedia