deuxieme carte sim free pour ipad

deuxieme carte sim free pour ipad

Donc si vous voulez comprendre ce qui plait aux gens, c'est cela. Obviously you want to be careful as a razor could cause some serious damage, but I just used the tip of the metal to get some space to fit a pick. Maybe I was doing it wrong, but the plastic opening tool I was using kept bending before it was prying anything apart. Therefore I suggest using either a metal spudger or a razor blade to make the very first opening but being VERY careful. If you have a steady hand and a soldering iron simply desolder the connecting cable from the bottom of the antenna and solder it back onto the new antenna.

This means there is no need to dismantle the iPad and the repair is much faster. Hope this helps The process was pretty straightforward, you do need to be careful in a few spots like the wifi antenna in the lower right but overall I found it to be of medium level of difficulty.

I found plastic to bend and malform quite easily. I mostly used a hair drier and was very successful melting adhesive. Seconding the problem about plastic components.

Save them for the really nasty bits like the wifi cable, and use an X-Acto or equivalent everywhere else. Wish I would have seen your comment before I went through it. Switched to a razor blade and that helped for sure.

Thought about a hair dryer as well but stuck with the micro heating tool. Probably should have done the dryer. Had much more success using the metal spudger versus the plastic opening tool that came with the front panel kit.

I had success using Paddle Pop sticks instead of guitar picks. The guitar picks tended to deform and melt with the heat of my hot gun. The glue used to attach the screen is just amazingly strong! It takes a lot of patience to remove all the fragments. I have done about 6 screens now and it is a turdful job! I think we call those popsicle sticks.

They seem kind of thick for this, at least a lot thicker than a guitar pick. As my iPad had been opened before at a repair shop, I think they put adhesive over the cord as the small section was stuck underneath the LCD, barely visible. Like others i found the plastic tool pretty useless. Be careful not to damage the bezel too much. Unless to plan to replace it.

If you have an iPAD that has been repaired before note that the adhesive strip might not have an opening by the volume control as shown. I replaced the glass and the new glass had a 2" gap to the left of the Home button only. The glass is much thinner than you'd think and I broke mine trying to lever it off before the adhesive has softened enough. Be VERY gentle! My plastic opening tool broke in no time flat. Perhaps I was pressing down too hard and not wiggling it enough.

But for me I found that the metal spudger was the best tool for the job. I was able to wiggle it while slowly prying up the glass and once it was under the surface of the glass I was able to work it along the edge quite easily. I saw that some people used a razor blade but I would be afraid the blade would break. The metal spudger was just thin enough to do the job well. This visual is helpful. It would be great also to have a diagram of the top of the ipad, marked with "top," "bottom," "left," "right," and then an arrow pointing to each of the problematic areas, such as wifi cable, digitizer cable, etc.

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