dmso natures healer pdf free download

dmso natures healer pdf free download

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Published on Dec 11, In this groundbreaking work, award-winning health science writer Dr. Morton Walker examines the powerful and compelling case for the use of DMSO in the treatment of many debilitating disease and health-related problems. Walker cites documented cases of its astounding use in healing and prevention of a host of health disorders, including arthritis, stroke, cancer, mental retardation, and sports and auto injuries. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies.

To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. The Headspace Guide To Thierry Hertoghe. Steven R. Gundry, M. Thor: Die Asgard-Saga. Why Can't I Get Better? Winter der Welt: Die Jahrhundert-Saga. Yeah Baby! By the time Dr. Riordan saw her, her feet and hands were purple, and her fingers were turning black. Having already treated 50 patients with DMSO and being aware of its use in preserving and restoring tissue, Dr.

Riordan decided to give it a try. Pat McGrady describes what happened. On the second day, blisters had popped out on the frozen areas and that evening she regained consciousness… On the third day, sensation began returning to some of the toes and later the tips of the fingers began to have feeling again. By Day Seven, she was able to flex her joints. For an entire month, the patient was sloshed, swabbed, and dabbed with DMSO.

Jacob that he had it on good authority that the Symposium would never be held, not explaining that he would announce the DMSO ban the next day.

He was wrong. Undeterred by the FDA, over 1, people from the world scientific community were in attendance when the symposium opened at the Waldorf Astoria on March 14, , to go on for three days. The papers presented showed great enthusiasm for DMSO and its unusual medical properties. Its ability to protect living cells from cold and radiation was discussed, and its lack of toxicity was stressed.

McGrady called special attention to an extraordinary paper presented by Dr. Eduardo Ramirez and Dr. After extensive tests on animals and then on normal humans, Dr. The only side effects were the characteristic garlic-like odor of DMSO. Meanwhile, the drug companies who had been doing clinical trials were reexamining patients and gathering data regarding possible eye damage. Squibb collected 3, cases, Merck 17, cases, and Syntex 7, No eye changes or damage or any other sign of toxicity were found.

By this time, DMSO had been used in , people, and there had been no complaints of eye problems anywhere. James Goddard. Goddard soon showed that he intended to use the police powers that Congress had given him to investigate scientists, who had never before been treated that way by federal regulators.

Quickly adopting a tough line, he took the FDA into some surprising new areas. It began to look as though Dr. Goddard was out to prove he too could stop a thalidomide and that he suspected maybe DMSO was it. DMSO patients, however, did not agree. They talked to the press, they called their senators and congressmen, and wrote angry letters to the FDA.

Pat McGrady provides a few samples:. My brother has arthritis of the spine. He is in pain and bedridden more than half the time. I had arthritis for four years, gradually getting worse until I was in such agony day and night.

Now I am on my feet, well and active… I have never in my life wished ill of anyone but experiencing the caliber of this agency FDA I wish every last one of them would suddenly have an attack of acute arthritis so painful that you could hear them yell from there to here and have to beg for the only drug discovered that could give them real help.

They all replied that the information was in their files. He asked them to produce it — four times. They promised to send it to him — four times, but it never came.

Experiments in animals showed that when given to mice ten days before infection, DMSO prevented typhus, and that DMSO tended to stabilize collagen, a possible anti-aging effect. It was learned at the conference that Germany quietly was restoring DMSO to drugstores as a prescription medicine. Richard Brobyn, while a consultant for Merck, had devised a plan for human toxicity experiments in prisoners. Arrangements were made for Dr. Brobyn to carry out the trials at the state prison in Vacaville California in the fall of By this time, all research with prisoners was carried out in accordance with the ethical principles worked out by Dr.

Andrew Ivy when he was the American medical ethics adviser at the Nuremberg trials. Years later, Dr. Finding no trace of any effects other than a rash an occasional result of DMSO applied to the skin , the second, day phase of the test started. Forty prisoners similarly doused themselves each day with DMSO, which quickly penetrated the skin. Pat McGrady later asked Dr. Brobyn what if he had given the prisoners ten times the permissible dose of aspirin ever day for three months.

Brobyn was right. The classic test for toxicity is known as the LD test, which measures the lethal dose LD at which half of a group of test animals is killed. A year after the Vacaville tests, the FDA lifted its ban on clinical testing in humans and approved tests of DMSO in rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma and, separately, in sprains, bursitis, and tendinitis.

This did not release it to doctors for general use in these conditions, but only permitted drug companies to prepare complicated applications for testing in them. Brandsma of Los Angeles reported that a case of systemic lupus erythematosus, which had not responded to prednisone, had gone into remission for three years at the time of reporting from DMSO.

The same year, British scientists found in two double-blind studies that DMSO combined with idoxyuridine stopped the suffering from painful shingles in from 2 to 9 days. Various pieces of research had shown DMSO to be effective against viruses and an important clue as to why this happened was given in by Dr.

Kunze and associates in Vienna. Their study checked the production of interferon in mice following infection of the mice by the scientists with certain viruses. Brink and Donald G. Stein of Clark University published in Volume of Science magazine is relevant.

Magnesium pemoline PMH had already been noted to improve learning in rats and in humans. Pat McGrady once asked Dr. Here is Dr. It occurs most often to the young and healthy, to soldiers fighting our wars, to youngsters driving, to athletes in personal contact games.

As a quadraplegic, you lie in bed, a total vegetable. Her doctor was pessimistic but willing to try almost anything that offered a glimmer of hope. She was a complete quadraplegic, utterly helpless. She was on DMSO for an entire year. Gradually — one by one, it seemed — her organs began to function again. Eventually, she walked. And now she is in college, doing very well.

This was accomplished with the medicine on which FDA banned research in the U. Grey Keinsley of Littleton, Colorado, is the one-time quadraplegic mentioned earlier by Dr. Jacob, who went on to college and to ajob in a bank. By August , he lifted both arms over his head and put on a T-shirt unassisted. A little later sensation began to return to his lower chest and his right hip. The next year, he received his bachelor of arts degree in economics.

His mother told McGrady that Dr. Jacob not only did not charge for his services, but paid bills for extensive medical examinations which were done in Colorado.

McGrady reported that as of , Grey Keinsley could move both of his legs. Grey Keinsley is the only known case of a quadraplegic regaining movement of the lower limbs when therapy was started two years after the accident. Jacob has seen two quadraplegic patients recover completely when DMSO was started within one hour after the accident. McGrady learned that the NAS intended to take 4 months just to plan how it would read the 1, papers at that time on DMSO, and then to take months to do so.

At a press conference, McGrady told the NAS president that, having read all the papers, he calculated that he, as a slow reader, could read them all in three weeks, or a fast reader could go through them all in two weeks. Instead of taking two years to read the material, McGrady challenged, why not set three fast readers to go over the papers in two weeks and then free the drug for medical use if no reason was found to continue the ban.

This would be preferable, he pointed out, to holding up research on DMSO, since the published studies seemed to show no toxicity to humans. He further suggested that the FDA be required to provide solid evidence of toxicity, if they had any, while Dr. Jacob and his colleagues be invited to provide all favorable and unfavorable reports. These suggestions were apparently far too sensible to be taken seriously. Thus DMSO would not be released for doctors to use in general practice, but would remain bottled up.

Meanwhile, in Houston, Dr. Eli Jordon Tucker, an elderly and highly respected orthopedic surgeon, was treating cancer with a combination of DMSO and hematoxylon, a non-toxic dye sometimes used as a medicine. In experiments in cancerous mice conducted by Thomas D. Rogers, PhD, under the supervision of Vernon Scholes MD at North Texas State University, the mixture was seen to go directly to tumors and nowhere else, where it effectively starved them.

Hematoxylon without DMSO was found to have no effect at all on cancer. Tucker himself never published his DMSO-hematoxylon results after out of concern over losing his license for using an unapproved drug. With Dr. John Sessions, Dr. Finding his DMSO-hematoxylon mix effective in large cell lymphosarcoma and adenocarcinoma in dogs, Dr. An A-Z guide. Norman Shealy. Jill Blakeway. Feel It Real! Liver Gallbladder Flush. Alternative Remedies for Hepatitis C. Heal Hepatitis B with Natural Remedies.

Healing, Hype or Harm? Ditchek, M.

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