dubai duty free tobacco price list 2018

dubai duty free tobacco price list 2018

If it's the allowance on the way in then it's 4 litres of spririts per person or 4 bottles of wine or 4 packs 12 cans or bottles of beer. For taking stuff home to Leicester then the normal UK duty limits apply and if you take more than that you risk having it taken off you in the UK.

On the way in into to Dubai it is 4 litres of Wine or Spirits or 2 x 24 Cases of small cans or 1 case of large cans of Beer , see note below from dubai customs. The Number of cigarettes should not exceed cigarettes, 50 cigars, grams of tobacco minced or pressed for pipes , minced or pressed tobacco for smoking, tobacco or mild-tasting tobacco. Exceeding the above will be dutiable. Pucci from We have searched the globe to bring you the latest in ladieswear. Montblanc Starwalker Ballpoint Pen 1, Vertu Signature S For still.

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I bought some inexpensive concentrated perfume in fancy bottles. Reasonable prices, and I cannot find them anywhere else. I was thinking of buying some gold while in transit when I soon return to Europe from Bangkok, but the comments here made me change my mind.

Dubai Duty Free is NOT what it used to be, and the monumental mess and noise and inconvenience is only adding to the fatigue of compulsory transit I spent about 2 hrs on my way out a month or so ago. All this makes one the easiest prey for the scruple less and often tired, incompetent or naturally arrogant attendants.

Forget it. I went to Dubai Duty Free recently. I bought perfumes and nuts. I wanted to buy some gold but the staff were not interested in selling at all. This flavour is not available in the Gulf. I bought a Philips Arcitec electric shaver from Dubai Duty Free only to be stopped at security for my onward connection in Paris as the shaver contains liquid.

I am very disappointed in DDF that the staff are not trained well enough to have known that this would be a problem. Surely they should know the contents of the items that they sell.

If you are a Internet shopper, you know it is much cheaper here in UK on-line than in Dubai duty free. Big difference is after sales customer service if you are buying expensive items.

Dubai Duty Free is for harried and forgetful people like me. It is not for diligent shoppers who can and will spot similar if not the same deals anywhere. The principle of pricing is universal and any person who has a good sense of buying through the internet will easily see that high street prices are almost always higher by about 30 to 40 percent. The biggest advantage for the shopper is that you can conveniently forget to buy those silly gifts for your loved ones and make up the loss by purchasing them at the last moment and saving your skin.

Disadvantages — well as many have pointed out : once you buy, there is no return! I spend 5 hours on the internet everyday looking and comparing prices. I have not seen any price list on the net for Dubai Duty Free except for the raffle tickets. This guy Muntazir is lying. Some items In Bahrain duty free are cheaper than Dubai. So why should I be held accountable for, or have to answer their alleged failings?

Editor, can you please explain this to us? The staff are clueless, they nothing about the products that are on sale, this is due to their high turnover and being paid peanuts. I cant help but think the people posting good points here are actually Emiratis or work for Emirates. I have been travelling through Dubai for several years now. Here are my thoughts on DDF.

Anything electronic is generally 6 — 12 months behind the rest of the world. Their prices are usually higher than most other airport DF zones. Emirates is opening a new terminal and should be operational by the end of this year, Hopefully things will improve otherwise it will be more of the same except on a massive scale. Before buying I specifically asked the assistant dealing with audio equipment whether the player that I wanted to buy would play music files from itunes AAC format.

He said "Yes" so I bought the player. I opened the box today and the instructions specifically state that it does not play AAC files. The player is of no use to me. I was mis-sold and am disappointed and annoyed. For an over-hyped store it has no useful website and the prices and items remain a mystery. Last night at Dubai Duty Free I purchased two bottles of alcohol. I had no worries as the staff at the alcohol store at the Duty Free reassured me, I could take up to 2 litres into Brunei as hand luggage.

This afternoon something very unpleasant happened at the Brunei Airport. They confiscated all my alcohol saying it was illegal to bring alcohol in hand luggage! I wish the DDF ground staff had been more responsible in advising me. I clearly recollect the cashier at the Liquors and Tobacco Shop telling me "no worries you can take it in, many people do.

I understand as a Duty Free increasing sales is the priority. But please to not neglect your fans. I am a PR of Singapore and I absolutely love Dubai but I am deeply betrayed by how little responsibility the staff seem to be taking. I buy alcohol often and never have I been humiliated and had my stuff confiscated before.

I have travelled with a lot of airlines and have found Emirates are the best. I personally recommend Emirates to anyone. Thank you Emirates for the safe and pleasant flights I have experienced. Taxes May Apply. Search Search. Duty Free Allowances How much is too much?

What is allowed and what is not allowed? We have a guide for you to know all about Duty Free Allowances per country. AUD value Perfume. Nil Wine. Nil Spirits. How much for g of Golden Virginia etc The price in duty free in arrivals and duty free in departures are the same - you should check the customs allowances of where you are travelling to if you are buying in the departures area as some countries have quite strict limits on what you can take in.

For any other similar queries, please feel free to contact the Customer Service Desk of Dubai Duty Free thru customer. More prices on Tobacco products can be found in our Dubai Voyager Magazine-May issue on page

Dubai Duty Free DDF has announced a return to sales growth in after two years of declining french to english translation pdf free download. The company said saw sales of Dhs7. Read: Currency movements hit sales at Dubai Duty Free. Dubai Duty Free recorded Perfumes remained the best selling category with annual sales of Dhs1. Tobacco sales dubai duty free tobacco price list 2018 up 19 per cent as a new per cent excise tax came into force that was not applied toabcco UAE-bound passengers unless they bought more than cigarettes. Read: Tobaco drinks, tobacco prices unchanged dubai duty free tobacco price list 2018 some UAE stores as tax comes into force. Departures accounted for the significant majority of all sales at 87 per cent or Dhs6. dubai duty free tobacco price list 2018 Bangladesh Nationals; Non-residents; Obtained outside EU duty free; Tobacco imports prohibited; Wine/Spirits non-Muslims only/烈酒. Residents Only. Tobacco,Tobacco. SHOP BY CATEGORY. SHOP BY CATEGORY. Beauty. Beauty. Perfumes. Perfumes. Parfum; Eau De Parfum; Extrait; Eau De Toilette; Sets; Ancillary; Aftershave. Cigarettes – Packs of the most popular brands such as Benson & Hedges, Davidoff, Dunhill, Kent, Marlboro, Regal, Richmond, Silk The Dubai Duty Free website has an online store that lists prices for many of its products. August 31, Gifts whose value does not exceed AED 3, The Number of cigarettes should not exceed () cigarettes, (50) cigars, () grams of tobacco (minced or. Re: Dubai duty free tobacco prices. 4 years ago. Save. This is a copy of their price list for There may be a more recent one on line if you search google but. Check out our amazing list of what to buy in Dubai Airport, UAE below. United Arab Emirates and also compare the prices with airbnbs in Dubai, No good duty-free is worth its salt without a section dedicated to purchasing cigarettes. Departing airport passengers won't pay tobacco tax, Dubai Duty Free hard, as the most expensive cigars on sale double in price to Dh We reveal how to shop at Dubai Duty Free, including tips on the best You can pre-order online from Dubai Duty Free up to 30 days before you fly, so check out prices in advance. You can make big savings on cheaper cigarettes. (FR)​France - vols · (DE)Deutschland - Flüge · (IN)India - Flight tickets. The prices published in this Duty Free listing are subject to change. 42 dubai VOYAGER DUTY FREE SHOPPING GUIDE All the la te st shop p. View all hotels. I wonder why some people are whining about them. Destination Expert for Staffordshire. Be careful, and prepare yourself before you travel to Dubai as prices are disgustingly big for some of them, and also for food and drinks. Visit Dubai Duty Free Website. Quite unexpected and shocking!!! Maybe you were treated very well but have you ever thought why was that so? I bought some gifts, mostly perfume and cologne items for my cousins, and thought I was getting a good deal on these items but I later priced these items and found that I paid 3 to 4 times the price that I would have paid if I would have went to the mall. Church and politics in the bible pdf. It was only because of the efforts of the sales person who went out of her way to explain in details its features and why it is better than other makes. Goods sold included over 9 million cans of beer, over 3. dubai duty free tobacco price list 2018