driver hp deskjet d2460 free download didn't work. Trying to get my home work done trying to watch what they are doing ebay customer service number uk free I can gain my life back. When I called eBay and PayPal they said there was nothing they ebay customer service number uk free do because I bought the tickets in November for a February concert which was over 90 days ago. I like this site and I use it every day. Or note down any serial numbers ebay customer service number uk free you send. They wanted to update my account. They can send me back the switched out device with the different serial number and unknowingly they would have just provided the first piece of evidence my lawyer will use if eBay and Paypal sides with the scammer, which they probably will.">

ebay customer service number uk free

ebay customer service number uk free

You cannot make changes to the account until you fix the negative balance. I thought about making a new account, but in the end I figured it would be easier to just pay the money.

As a seller I transfer all funds from PayPal to my bank as soon as I can. I sell all kinds of stuff on eBay but mostly vintage wristwatches. HAD one recent buyer say one of my watches was broken when it wasn't and accused me of being deceptive in the description of the watch. The issue was the holes that take the pins needed a flanged pin and I offered it in the sale and he just didn't like the watch but said it was defective.

Since the listing said no refunds I refused to give one. When I made the listing that option was given by eBay. So eBay didn't even look at my listing and sided with the buyer and said I had to refund his money. I said no and I don't care if they take me off as a seller cause I did everything right. After 2 weeks of back and forth emails eBay finally sided with me.

EBay has become a pain in the butt for sellers so much so that I don't sell that often on it anymore. Not to mention all the counterfeit products being sold on it and eBay doing absolutely nothing about it. Also seems eBay goes out of its way to take down some of my listings saying they are prohibited but when I type in the search of my item I always find more. Now I sell most of my high end watches at a local auction house.

It's safer but a little inconvenient. Oh yea, I also sell boxes that products came in. Mostly firearms boxes. Collectors are usually the buyers of the boxes. Please read entire description of listings. Seems As is and no return is nothing to ebay Khali dabba bhejkar paise ka ghotala kar raha hai. Koi sunne wala nahi hai.

Ebay sellers have multiple accounts. Those Chinese websites sellers have more accounts than they can handle. Ebay sellers login times a day but those Chinese Webs can only login 1 time a day! However a lot of those Chinese web sellers have accounts in Ebay and Amazon too.

I agree Chinese webs sellers are more targeted by conmans because these is a chinese web after all and the control is more lenient. The chinese webs are not invested in catching culprits, conmans and scams. It is a painful in the ass because they process everything very much longer and not user friendly than Ebay and Amazon. The customer services in these Chinese are just wasting your time because they cannot do anything and will always end up asking you to submit the claims or reports yourself.

These reports and claims are very difficult to submit and must upload picture files to prove! Then after hard time submitting the reports or claims, you have to wait again for weeks to months for these Chinese webs creeps officer to crawl in and handle. I have stop buying from these Chinese webs after months of nightmares transactions.

Ebay is actually a lot better than those Chinese online sales. The first few transactions very cheap but were scams. There were so many problems, seller delay shipping out, shipping takes more than 1 month, never send, wrong items, defective items, Ebay has less problems than these Chinese sites.

A better site would be Amazon. I bought one product from ebay 2 months back and i got faulty and used product and i raised concern but still my case is not resolved yet even i have spent rs more to courier the product back.

I have had items marked as damaged, I fully described the damage, I had a listing that said no refunds, and ebay forced me to provide a refund because the buyer was not happy with the item. I also learned not to sell out of country, I shipped an item to Croatia, as soon as the item left the US there was no tracking info, the buyer said he never received it and I had to pay up. The buyer did the same to another seller, we told ebay, and they refused to refund our money, all they would do was ban the buyer.

Hye friends my self appaswami kutti and i was cheated by a air ambulance service provider named air ambulance aviation, the owner name of this co. He is having plenty of branch. Actually i wanted to shift my dad at Washington. Dr's are refer him to transfer for treatment in Washington. At the time of booking of stretcher they are said to me we will transfer your dad within 3 OR 4 days, but they took 13 days to transfer to my dad. But on the day shifting will process that same day my dad is expire.

And i told them please reverse back my money to me. But they refused we never refund money in such condition. And i lost my whole USD. I am unable to understand. I am inquired about him in the market then i know he a no. He is making fool to people on the name of transfer to patient by flight. Actually he is a male nurse. I have all the document with proof i will take action against him.

I don't think anyone can understand what you're saying, I got lost after you said the air ambulance thing lol. I paid good money for it as I wanted something in new or close to new condition. They indicated it was a display model and could have a could minor scratches on it. The phone I received was not that. The screen was burned, the bezel paint was worn off, etc.

They left a note in their package asking to settle off ebay if there were any concerns. It was nicely worded - something to the effect of "If you have any issues, please contact us direct. It takes much longer to go through the ebay return process". Trying to be a decent person, I went with it. Advised them of the issues, etc. Then they told me I needed to pay return shipping and told me where to send it.

Red flags started going up everywhere. I am on this site reading about scams because it felt like that was the road I was heading down. I just submitted through ebay and re-iterated they wanted to settle out of ebay and I was trying to work with them, but since they sent me a damaged product other than what was described I shouldnt have to pay the return shipping.

I am going with a different seller. I dont know if ebay would have protected me if I showed the email history we had going on, but people can be horrible in general. As a very limited seller, I had someone tell me they never received the item. Thank God I got tracking and delivery confirmation on it. I also had someone buy something that was fully described as broken, non functioning and we didnt know what was wrong with it. Initally, they wanted to know what didnt and did work on it because they needed a certain piece from it.

I advised I did not know and thats why I was selling it. After receiving, they tried to say they were returning it because we didnt package it well and it got damaged due to the lack of packaging. I turned from nice to ahole. I called them out on all of the written details, advised it was wrapped in bubble wrap personally and that in order for it to literally pierce through the shipping box outside of the bubble wrap, it must have been handled extremely rough in shipping.

Ebay sided with me. They told the buyer to go through the insurance. The buyer suddenly became very nice when asking for the insurance information. Fortunately, I havent been scammed yet, but I feel like Ive had more close calls than I should of. Dishonest people suck!!! How about one where they buy the item and a month to 3 months later they issue a chargeback to their bank, where they keep your item AND take back their money.

No item returned, and no money back on my acc yet as of Dec 26, The scammer did not want to pay return postage because they did not fit so she tore off a bow claiming that they were posted damaged.

I told her to return them but also told her that I knew what she was up to. I am not a store but eBay is taking her side because she is the buyer. She posted negative feedback and eBay's policies support these scummy buyers, never the sellers. I do not recommend eBay. I'm in almost the same boat as you. I'm just about done with ebay as far as selling is concerned. Nearly positive feedback as a buyer and a seller and now there is a negative feedback from some lady who didn't seem to understand that when you refund through ebay it can take a few business days.

I posted it on ebay and it sold in less than an hour. It was late afternoon so it didn't actually go out to the buyer until the next day. A few days go by and I start receiving messages from the buyer asking where her phone is, etc. I messaged her back that if she didn't receive it in a day or two to let me know and I will look into it. She kept messaging me asking where her phone is every day for the next few days. Did she not read my messages that I was away from home and wouldn't be back for a couple more days?

I told her quite calmly that I will look into it as soon as I get home from vacation and that I haven't forgotten about it and that I would get back to her promptly. She is becoming a pain in the ass at this point. I get home and there is a notice in my mail box that I have a package to pick up along with the rest of my held mail. By this point she is freaking out and incessantly messaging me for her money back.

The item never left the post office because it was badly damaged either in transit or while still at the post office and someone there stuck it with the rest of my held mail. No problem. I message the buyer back and explain to her what happened. Included photos of the damaged box and phone. I initiated the refund process through ebay so I can get my fees refunded at least. If I refunded her directly through paypal she would have received her money faster but I went through ebay. Her refund sat in a pending status in paypal for several days and I was receiving borderline abusive messages from her asking me if I have a problem and what is wrong with me.

I told her I am not a bank and I don't know how I can help her with that and to have a little patience her refund has been sent. At this point I filed a report on the buyer with ebay due to this and her incessant messages.

She left me negative feedback stating it took too long to receive her refund ebay fault and that I never shipped the iphone despite proof that I did. I even sent her screen shots of proof that I refunded her money. I received absolutely no support from ebay. Wrote to them exactly what happened and the only thing they told me I could do was to leave a limited comment under the negative feedback.

Yeah, thanks Ebay. I feel I bent over backwards for this lady but ebay doesn't even care. I had to laugh when I read this article. Maybe it's because this article was written over three years ago and things have changed a lot at ebay.

What seller protection? Even if the transaction happened entirely on ebay and paypal, seller protection against fraudulent claims is a fraud in itself. Oh sure, you can call ebay support and jump through a ton of hoops and file appeals to your hearts content, but I've NEVER seen a seller win a case that protected them from a fraudulent return.

And, I've been following this issue closely on their community forums for a while. In the third scam "The Bait-and-Switch Refund" you can't be more false.

Shipping insurance isn't going to protect you at all unless you can prove the item was damaged by the shipping carrier. So, how does that help in this situation when the buyer damaged the item, or the item was switched with a damaged item by the buyer? Is the author advising ebay sellers to defraud the shipping carrier? If so, that's very bad advice. Do not do that! It will do nothing to protect you from a return that's within the 30 day buyer protection window.

Ebay will require you to refund the buyer no matter what you provide in defense against fraud and abuse. If you don't act within 30 days, ebay will ban your account and paypal will either freeze your account or pull the funds directly out of your linked bank account.

There's no recourse here at all because all return requests are completely out of the control of the seller. The bottom line is, the seller is totally at the mercy of the buyer's honesty at ebay. And, as more and more dishonest buyers learn how easy it is to get free stuff, the more risky selling on ebay will become.

Is not true, ebay and paypal are different companies so they can scam people in the internet while the seller and the buyer fight, they get rich. They should be investigated by the state department, is like the Mafia,. I have just had exactly the same thing happen to me. I was immediately suspicious as the return request was for a 'buy it now' listing for silver - so I phoned eBay for advice.

A charming young woman assured me I would be covered under their buyer protection program if the buyer returned a fist full of 2 pence coins and strongly advised me to accept the return in spite of silence from the buyer who had merely clicked a 'not as described' button.

When I received my return I had my partner video film the package showing the tracking number the buyer used together with the buyer's return address.

I then opened it to discover a pile of worthless junk old coins completely different to the silver ones I sent out. As advised I contacted eBay and they went through the motions of taking this seriously. They informed me that I needed to fill out an online fraud form for the police and get a crime number.

This took half an hour but I did it and provided the crime number. They also requested photographs of the items the seller sent back. Just like the seller above, not only did I provide photographs, I also photographed the items and their envelope on a digital scale. The weight was shown on the post office printed stamp label and exactly matched.

Further I showed the different weight of the items I had sent out using Royal Mail signed for service which recorded the weight on my receipt. I uploaded all this to eBay. It took me hours with 4 phone calls, filling in the police form and photographing the goods on scales etc.

What did eBay do? They pasted my name into a stock reply informing me that they were unable to return the money they had taken from my paypal account because they were unable to physically see the items the buyer returned! What infuriates me here is not that a buyer can so easily defraud a seller by simply clicking the 'not as described' button and then refusing to communicate - leaving eBay and paypal to do the rest - even when I sent registered mail.

The worst thing is that eBay assured me I would be covered under their seller protection program, had me spend hours - 4 hours - compiling the evidence they asked for - only to turn round and deny my claim on the grounds that the evidence they stipulated and requested was insufficient! This rather begs the question as to why I had to photograph the returned items and fill out a police report.

I now think it was because in most cases the seller just won't deem it worth their time and eBay will get to appear concerned and responsible. All he needed to do was click one button and eBay have facilitated his fraud while making me jump through hours of hoops - which at the end, once I'd jumped through every hoop they asked of me - they dismissed my appeal with a stock reply. The lesson I have learned is that the easiest and best way to make money on eBay is to file fraudulent return requests.

As an honest person I cannot bring myself to do this to others. I have however lost all confidence in eBay as a safe and fair arena to sell goods and the only way I will be returning is if I can exclude paypal as a payment option. My feelings, precisely! The answer is probably just a click away Help Get information on everything from the basics of buying to the secrets of successful selling.

Scrutinize the emails, including the senders address — although because eBay and PayPal messages are totally automated, they can be convincingly duplicated. Payment on collection, for a start. Also, talk to them. Ask for extra pictures and details about the car — anything not provided with the genuine listing, they will be unable to give you. Tired of responding to customer service emails across all your retail channels? ChannelReply integrates all your Amazon and eBay messages into Zendesk.

Contact Information You can contact the customer service of Ebay calling Ebay's phone numbers. Toll-Free Number: Customer Service: Help with hacked account Report Fraud: Call customer service Write review does not support this feature. Currently you can call only US numbers. Ebay Website: www. Ebay Online Chat: Visit contact page. Corporate Office Address: eBay Inc.

San Jose, California Help in Social Networks:. I hired a room, then very quickly hired two. He retired about seven years ago, but my mum also left her job to come and work with me, as did my husband.

Everyone I know works here - it's a proper family business! While the business has changed their lives as a family, Janine said they're still the same down-to-earth people they've always been.

It feels great. Earlier this week we reported how a dad-of-four turned selling fish tanks on eBay into a million pound business.

If you need ebay customer service number uk free help, our team is there for you. Just make sure you follow the steps below so ebay customer service number uk free can solve your problem as quickly as possible. The first step is to Contact Us and tell us what the issue is. To protect your personal information ebay customer service number uk free can only discuss your account with the account holder. Skip to main content. How can we help you? Need to speak to someone? Why do I need a PIN? Got a question? The answer is probably free tips fixed match today gratuit a click away Help Get information on everything from the basics of buying to the secrets of successful selling. Resolution Centre Our team is here to sort things out between you and the seller and make sure you are satisfied. ebay customer service number uk free The eBay Customer Support team will help sort out any tough issues with your eBay Click 'call' and we'll give you a direct phone number and a PIN number. Visit here to see what we're doing to make browsing and shopping worry free. eBay (UK)'s Best Toll-Free/ Customer Phone Number. This is eBay (UK)'s best phone number, the real-time current wait on hold and tools. The best eBay phone number with tools for skipping the wait on hold, the Calling eBay customer service faster by GetHuman Free: Skip Waiting on Hold. You can call Ebay at () toll free number, write an email, fill out a contact form on their You can contact the customer service of Ebay calling Ebay's phone numbers. USA, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Other, UK, Worldwide. As a buyer, some items can only be found on eBay, and as a seller, eBay might sold by Sotheby's; Websites and businesses for sale; Classified ads; Services. Phone call ebay scam. How it works: A variation of the above scam. You've sold an item with shipping, but after the sale the buyer calls you and. Integrate the ChannelReply app into Zendesk Support. Channel Reply integrates Amazon and eBay customer service messages into Zendesk. Title * eBay Item Number * Amazon ASIN * eBay Listing Hyperlink * Amazon Listing begin your free trial, or visit our homepage at to learn more. Janine Dutton became an eBay millionaire by selling undies from her kitchen table. 6 of the largest independent lingerie and swimwear retailers in the UK. There's a marketing department and customer services, and then. Pierre Omidyar founds eBay in San Jose, California > eBay introduces Feedback systems > eBay hires first Customer Support rep, Jim Griffith Sellers sometimes offer Free P&P to buyers, but if there are carriage costs they. Register now. For any other eBay Moneyback Guarantee question, press 5. Why eBay? Over time, however, eBay has become difficult to contact. The interactive web system is recommended by eBay for customer service. Skip to main content. Getting a little more information will help me know where to transfer you. Use your credit or debit card for fast, flexible payments. Tech Deals: Free to Your Doorstep. For technical support, eBay has on-line technical support, and a response is typically received within 24 hours. Buying: 3. ebay customer service number uk free