ellen g white bible commentary free download

ellen g white bible commentary free download

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App Store Preview. Indeed, besides all this, today is the third day since these things happened. You can hear the disappointment in their voices. And then, of course, Jesus spoke to them in direct terms. And I would like to read His words in Luke chapter 24 and verses 25 through Actually, this is quite a rebuke of Jesus.

Notice what He says in Luke 24 and verse Ought not the Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into His glory? In order to understand the meaning of marriage we need to begin at the very beginning of creation week.

The first day the Bible tells us that God spoke light into existence. The second day he spoke the firmament into existence. On the third day he spoke the dry land and the trees and the flowers and the plants into existence. On the fourth day God placed the sun and the moon and the stars in their positions by the power of his word. On the fifth day God spoke the birds and spoke the fish into existence. On the first part of the sixth day God spoke the land animals into existence.

And then, of course, the Bible tells us that towards the end of the sixth day most likely God created man and woman. Genesis 1 and verse This is towards the very end of the sixth day. It says… And then of course a little bit further down in verse 31 we find that is says,… Now remember that. Indeed it was very good… So you have God creating in six days. Towards the end of the sixth day God makes man and woman and then at the end of the sixth day God looks upon his work and he sees that it is very good.

Now you notice that God did not explain how he created man and woman. And one of those things which was not explained is how he created man and how he created the woman.

Genesis chapter 2 and verse 7 explains it… Now I want you to notice here that with man God did something different than with the rest of creation. The rest of creation he spoke into existence.

In the book of Hebrews chapter 11 we find in the first 22 verses a list of heroes that are first mentioned in the book of Genesis. Now these individuals that are mentioned in Hebrews 11 are great heroes of faith. And our subject for today is Unshakeable and Unbreakable Faith. Hebrews chapter 11 and verse 1. It says here in this very well-known verse: Now the word substance could better be translated the assurance.

Assurance of things we hope for. And faith is the proof of things that we cannot see as of now with our physical eyes. So obviously, faith helps us look into the future. Faith helps us see what is invisible to the naked eye. Now we want to begin discussing faith — the meaning of faith — in Hebrews chapter 11 and verse 3. Now we want to take a look at Hebrews It says there: Basically, this text is telling us that God made the visible universe from that which could not be seen.

In other words, He created the universe out of nothing. As we look at scripture it becomes very evident that the relationship between God the Father and His Son Jesus is a pattern of the relationship which should exist between husbands and wives. And so as we begin our study I want to describe very briefly the relationship that exists between God the Father and His Son Jesus. John chapter 10 and verse This is a very short verse. And basically He says: Notice the Father and the Son according to this text are what?

The Father and the Son are One. Though they are two they are really One in a very special sense. We all know that the Father and the Son are two correctly?

Now another point that I want to underline is found in John chapter 1 and verses 1 to 3. John chapter 1 and verses Here we find a description of the relationship of Jesus with His Father.

It says there: Then it speaks about creation after that. Now in Greek there are two main prepositions that are translated with. One is the Greek preposition sun, s- u-n, which means just to be with someone.

They moved, so to speak, towards one another. There was a very close relationship between them. We want to begin our study today at Genesis chapter 6 and verse 5.

Genesis chapter 6 and verse 5. And it tells us there in this very well-known verse: This sounds pretty much like a world where most minds were identified with evil. Now notice Genesis chapter 6 and verses 11 and 12 on the aftermath or the result of this condition of the corruption of the minds of those who lived before the flood.

It says in verse So we see that every intent of the heart of man was only evil continually. And as a result, the Bible tells us that the earth was filled with violence.

Now the question is: what led to this situation in the world? In other words, what led to the thoughts of man, of the heart of man being only evil continually?

And what led to the corruption of the earth? Genesis chapter 6 has the answer to this question. We find in Genesis 6 verses 1 through 4 an explanation of the cause for this deplorable condition in the earth. And now notice. And so basically, what Genesis is telling us that the sexual connection or the intermarriages between the sons of God and the daughters of men is what led the human race to be in this condition where every intent of the thoughts of the heart was only evil continually.

The title of our study today is Innocent Until Proven Guilty. It is not a modern concept of jurisprudence. But this aspect of the judgment that we have in our system of government actually is based on a divine principle that we find in scripture. Now what I want to do is go through several stories that we find in the book of Genesis that deal with the issue of judgment.

And then we will end our study by noticing the concept of judgment in the book of Revelation. Genesis chapter 2 and verses 16 and First of all, in these verses there is a moral authority who is God. Secondly, that moral authority has a moral code or a moral law. So the moral ruler has a moral commandment or a moral law.

And in these verses God who is the moral authority who has this moral code tells man that if he eats from the tree the penalty is going to be what? Is going to be death. So you have a moral authority.

You have… In the second place, that moral authority has a law or a code and disobedience to that law or to that code brings as a result death. Genesis chapter 5 and verse And by the way, Enoch is the only person in Genesis 5 who did not die.

It says he walked with God and God took him. Now in the book of Hebrews we have additional information about Enoch. Go with me to Hebrews chapter 11 and we want to read verse 5. Hebrews 11 and verse 5. It says here: So Genesis tells us that Enoch walked with God. In the book of Hebrews it explains that walking with God means that he pleased God.

To walk with God is to please God. Now a detail which many people have missed is that according to the Bible Enoch was the first prophet. Go with me in your Bibles to the book of Jude… Jude 14 and And I only mentioned the verses because Jude has only 1 chapter. Jude 14 and It says there: So was Enoch a prophet? Sure he was. And the emphasis is that Enoch — this man who walked with God, this man who pleased God — actually rebuked the evil which was in the world before the flood and prophesied about the final judgment against those who practice wickedness and who live ungodly lives in the end time.

However, before we start reading, I need to give you a little bit of background; the background to this particular passage. We probably all know the story of Jacob, and how Jacob lied to his father, deceived his father, stole the birthright from his brother, and as a result of this he had to flee from his home. The Bible tells us that as he was fleeing from home, he felt a deep burden of guilt, because of the sin that he had committed.

And after traveling for many, many hours, Jacob arrived 42 in a place which later would be called Bethel, which means the house of God. And this is where I want to pick up our reading in Genesis And then it continues saying: Very interesting dream that God gave to Jacob. Now the question is, what does this dream symbolize? You see, every story in Genesis is not only a story but a prophecy.

And so this story must have some prophetic significance. And the question is, what is its prophetic significance? You notice you have a ladder. The top of the ladder reaches unto the highest heaven. The bottom of the ladder is firmly rooted on earth. And between the two points there are angels ascending and descending upon the ladder. What could be meant by this dream? Turn in your Bibles with me to the gospel of John , the gospel of John We want to begin our study in the book of Job chapter I want to give you a little bit of background about Job, before we read this verse and the verses that surround it.

You know the story of Job. Basically, chapter 1 and 2 tells us that Job lost everything that he had. He lost his health, servants and his wife turned against him His friends turned against him.

He lost servants, he lost all of his animals, he lost all of his properties. In a matter of minutes, he lost everything that he had. That is the first two chapters. Beginning in chapter three, Job starts complaining to God. He says to God, I was a family man, I offered sacrifices for my children, I used my riches to benefit the poor.

I clothed the naked. I blessed humanity. I consecrated my life to you. So why is this happening to me Please explain. This frustrates Job. So, all throughout these chapters, 3 through Job is crying out for God to explain his suffering and God says nothing to Job. Finally, in chapter Lets read Job 38, beginning with verse 1. Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind and said, Who is this that darkened counsel by words without knowledge?

Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me. Notice verse 4. What is being described in these verses? I want you to notice verse 7, this is the key verse in this whole passage. It says in verse 7. This is pre-creation or at the moment of creation at least. One group is called the stars of heaven and the other group is called the sons of God.

Psalms It says here… God placed Adam as king on planet Earth. As we noticed in our last study Adam allowed himself to be Over come by an enemy, the devil. On the mount of temptation, according to Luke Jesus, embattled with Satan. Satan says to Christ when he shows him all he kingdoms of the world All of the kingdoms of the world will I give to you because they have been delivered unto me and to whom ever I wish, I give them.

In other words, this world had a new king and the territory was taken over by Satan.

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