evensong paradise lost pdf free download

evensong paradise lost pdf free download

She is a master at tugging on your heart strings and making you fall for characters, all the while using third person POV and still being able to pull you deep into their minds and their hearts. The books would have been as big as they forced the show to be, if only they would have had proper faith on her. Shame on them. But back to the story The characters were true to their natures and I was immediately invested in the story from the first page, the way L. I was intrigued and left with questions, which is undoubtedly what the author wanted as she showed off her writing skill and worked to build up to a big reveal and a masterful plot the way each previous TVD book has done.

My dislikes with the book were personal, and I can only comment on the fact that this book is a true L. Smith original piece of work and thus like all her other works, was enjoyable, exciting, mysterious, funny, and engaging. I would recommend it to any L.

Smith or TVD book fans. Jul 19, Chloe rated it it was amazing. This was amazing! I'm so happy to be back in the world L. Smith made years ago. Though I wish it was a canon continuation of Midnight, this fanfic was just as lovely. Even though I'm not a big Delena fan I did enjoy their plot--despite it being a made up lie by Stefan. But I did like that Elena was starting to remember Stefan--or at least question the memories she was given by him.

It just shows that Elena and Stefan are truly in love. I also felt so bad for Stefan! Having to erase yourself fr This was amazing! Having to erase yourself from everyone you love minds is terrible. But Stefan wouldn't be Stefan without sacrificing his happiness for the safety of others, sad but true.

Bonnie is getting more prophecies and it looks like she's going to break from the compulsion as well. And it was great to see Caroline! I know she's the 'mean girl' but I really enjoy her and her plots! I think Meredith might be on to Caroline about her werewolf thing. As for the incoming big bad, that fey tidbit sounded interesting!

View 2 comments. Jul 27, Hannah rated it liked it Shelves: ya , bloody-literature , series-finished , octoct. I love that book! HarperTeen publishers did not like where Smith was going with her story and so they decided to fire her. They took her rights to write anything Vampire Diaries as well as her name and used it on the upcoming books as a marketing even tho the books were written by ghost writers.

I find it to be a very disgusting move and remembering the Carve the Mark recent scandal they just had well let's just say that HarperTeen is not something I gladly read books from anymore.

Also for the show, because they signed the adaptation writes the money actually went not to L. Smith herself but to publishers because they owned the name legally. How do you like that? From first look normal our world but when you look deeper you have all these vampires, werewolves and what not.

Basically because this takes place after Return trilogy the group is back in normal world and what disaster happened before is erased. They are actually starting college, can you believe it?

Ah I was laughing for a second when I read it tbh. I think only Smith can keep her characters same over so many years, they just all have that charm to them and well yeah Elena is this pure thing, nothing like the TV show Elena.

Bonnie is still easily scared and Meredith is an ultimate warrior. Stefan I think is the closest to the TV Show but he too has more purity in him, Damon is just devilish and Matt will always be a big brother to the girls.

And well Caroline So in this book basically Stefan looses all control and drains Elena which gets her into hospital. Self pitying leads Stefan to erasing himself from their lives and putting Damon instead.

Crazy plan. Now where everybody were kinda themselves I really wanted to punch Stefan. He erased so many memories, like Bonnie does not remember she is a witch, they don't even remember about vampires.

Elena is suddenly with Damon and Meredith even forgets her fiance. Like whaaaat Stefan really, makes me want to punch him so badly. But we get an interesting turn here because suddenly she is not with Stefan but with Damon. And he does still have a thing for Bonnie too.

This is so opposite to what the show did that I actually love it. Tho as a forever Damon Bonnie fan I wanted more of them. BAD: I did not like this erasing memory plot ideas. There are just so many problems with it that yeah It's not like it was exactly bad, I just don't like when decisions are forced on others and that was my main problem. I will of course read the next book. Jul 09, Danielle Myatt rated it liked it.

It was so nice to read about the TVD world from the real and original author herself again. I was so excited when I first heard the news of her writing continuing the series through Kindle Words, because I thought I was never going to get that chance again I've refused to pick up any of the ghostwriter books. They're not real in my opinion and the new author doesn't even seem to get the characters right. Dark eyed Damon with blue eyes?

I am in love with the ide It was so nice to read about the TVD world from the real and original author herself again. I am in love with the idea of Damon and Bonnie together and I always have been. I know that the ghostwriter completely brushed their relationship to side in their version of the books, so I was really happy to see that L. J Smith was still putting them up as a option in hers. I've missed L. J's version of Damon and Bonnie so much and now they're back.

I love how gentle Damon is towards her and how he's slowly realizing that he has a lot of affection towards both Elena AND Bonnie. I can smell a new triangle impending. I only hope that I continue liking her because it was really grating having to dislike her while reading the series in the past.

Her character has always interested me and I hope L. J Smith is planning on doing more for her character and maybe, possibly redeem her. Also, any chance we'll get that scene where Damon and Bonnie help each other deliver Caroline's babies? The one L. J mentioned wanting to do in her letter? And no, it's not just because of the fact that Delena is happening. Even though I dislike Delena, i've always accepted the fact that they were going to have to happen at some point, since they were part of the main triangle, but I just wish it had happened in a different way.

I don't like the idea of Elena being basically forced to be with Damon because Stefan compelled away her memories. If Delena had to be in a relationship, I just wish it had been under Elena's own terms more. Stefan could have broken up with Elena and said "Damon loves you. Give him a chance" or something like that. And yeah, Elena is headstrong and probably would have went after Stefan if he hadn't forced her to forget him but I don't know I still feel like there were plenty of better ways Damon and Elena could have been placed in a relationship, but it is what it is I guess.

But I kind of hope the memory loss thing doesn't last for too much longer. All in all though, I liked it it and i'm looking forward to reading the rest of War of Roses.

Jul 04, Leilani rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this. I liked the story it was great. The only downside is that it showed too many point of views especially in the beginning because it took much too long to get through the exposition but it was still great. The story is interesting enough for you to wonder what will happen and wonder whether or not Elena will choose Stefan or Damon.

I wonder when she finally pieces everything together if she will choose Stefan again claiming that Damon took advantage of her in a moment of wea I really enjoyed this. I wonder when she finally pieces everything together if she will choose Stefan again claiming that Damon took advantage of her in a moment of weakness.

Though the real question is why drag Matt along in both the books and the TV series and especially in the books let Matt still have feelings for Elena Hopefully someone writes Matt a storyline so he can move on. But I suppose they need Matt to save the town from whatever evil is trying to attack them now. Also I hope that Caroline is redeemed some point in the books.

It gets a bit old having the same villian for books upon books. Hopefully her being pregnant, which was strange because they seemed to change the rules about having to kill to activate the curse like in the first book and being a mom will make her realize there are more important things I really like stories where the villian seeks redemption or someone comes along and makes them want to be a better person which I guess that's why I like Damon so much as opposed to Stefan but he was more interesting with a broken heart I liked seeing a side other that "Saint Stefan" who becomes a bit tedious in The Phantom series.

What I wondered though was after that death scene in Midnigt how could she not choose Damon? She claimed to love Stefan as much but we can love others the same amount and yet it be a different kind of love. Damon and her have more passion, more fire, more anger, and make eachother better. Stefan just kisses her and sucks her blood and it's always the same scene between her and Stefan when they're together. I find Stefan and Elena's scenes the hardest to get through when those types come up.

Which is why I liked this book so much because maybe Stefan could have shown a negative quality unlike all of the other books where he was too perfect. Feb 04, R. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

Initially I was excited that L. However, I have to say I was sorely disappointed with this installment. It drives me crazy not to finish a series, yet I very nearly stopped reading this at several points.

The whole story and the characters just feel and sound so wrong. Damon, perhaps, is the most true to character originally, but then he's really not as Initially I was excited that L. Damon, perhaps, is the most true to character originally, but then he's really not as he pretty much willingly plays the part of the caring human despite his very occasional grousing to the contrary really, his complaining is more about the memory and power problems than the "playing human" part.

Stefan is so far off his rocker that I seriously expected him to try suicide by sunlight as soon as he'd altered everyone's memories. That's just how depressed, disjointed, and downright insane he sounded while talking to Damon.

Then there's Elena. Elena, who while never being able to properly make a choice and stick with it between the brothers despite her declarations to be only Stefan's. Elena, who has always been portrayed as the "strongest" of the characters with all her planning and scheming that usually results in somehow everyone coming out okay on the other end even if someone temporarily "dies" in the process.

Yet for all her "intuition" and own "power" being soul-connected to Stefan and a past Guardian, even if she was brought back as a "human," somehow can't really tell there's something wrong. She sort of seems to start getting it with the fight she initiates with Damon in her dorm room, but it's still not there. She's just goes along with everything rather passively for the most part, and that is not Elena.

There's a reason she was described as a tiger to Katherine's kitten originally before the whole crypt showdown. May 16, Jennifer rated it liked it. I have to say I was excited when I first read that the original author was again getting an outlet to continue this story. With the exception of the final book, I hadn't been a big fan of the way it had been taken over.

But the way she went backwards in the overall story to where it had been taken from here made it a bit confusing. Fourteen days—no, fifteen, I think. We were just kissing.

All right, then. Dangerous kissing. She wanted me to. I wanted to. And I wanted to do whatever she wanted. In the sunrise. We were so happy. Who was he to judge Stefan? He could understand that Stefan had fallen under the spell of bliss and taken far too much blood.

I had to Influence them, and then Influence the doctors here to give Elena a massive transfusion instead of cutting her open to find internal bleeding. Yes, Damon thought. Elena must have posed quite a puzzle to the first doctors who saw her. Stefan was too smart to have left a mark on her, so it would have been The Case of the Vanishing Blood. I had plenty of Power. I just put the right ideas in their minds and then I blurred myself in their memories and removed my name. Why did you have to bite Bonnie?

Did she come with you? I found a way to make a sort of neurological virus. Well, I say a virus, but I mean a friendly one. Damon had a sense of having gone astray or missing something important. I bit them to gain more Power to Influence them and I put this seekand-destroy virus in their minds.

It erases all memories of me and puts in a little bit of blurriness around where the memory was. It should be as effective as when I worked it out bit by bit with Elena. Not just inaccessible, but completely gone, blasted away.

Lots of tricky work there. This is Stefan, only Stefan, my little brother, he told himself. Usually just by beating him up, all right, yes, but I must have learned some other strategies sometime. Unfortunately his brain seemed to be as blank as the ones that Stefan had meddled with tonight.

Reply hazy; ask again later. It seems much longer, but it was just the first time we went to the Dark Dimension. One night I took so much blood from her that she collapsed and had to be transfused. He reined himself in and found that he was holding up his hands like a negotiator entering a hostage situation.

Now, he did blink, once, as if deliberately. Then he glanced up. Damon followed his gaze to see that all his beautiful thunderheads had dissipated somehow and that the stars were scintillating in the moonless black-satin sky. When he quickly looked back at Stefan he found that Stefan was doing the stare-out again.

But it was completely different from what I did tonight. Elena makes you want to be the very best person you can be all the time—and I was. I loved her so much.

And that makes me far too dangerous for her to remember. Reply hazy; reply hazy; reply hazy. I put her into a sort of coma, and it sounds as if you did, too. I said the one and only girl in all the worlds. He saw quite clearly the picture that Stefan was projecting of wide brown eyes in a heart-shaped face and tumbled strawberry curls, and he felt all the defensive fury of being trapped in the wrong.

Wait a minute—he was always in the wrong, as far as Stefan was concerned. All he needed to do was what he normally did. It took an effort but after a moment he flashed Stefan a blinding kilowatt smile and then turned it off instantly.

Stefan maintained his eerie calm. He cocked his head the other way. Wait a minute, wait a minute, waitaminute, it told him.

A shiver raised the hairs at the back of his neck again, but this was a delicious shiver. He, Damon, could go to Elena as soon as modern medicine had healed her. His face could be the first thing she saw when she woke. He could court her in any way he chose; he could ask her on bended knee if she would be his princess of darkness. And there would be no memory of Stefan to come between them when the air began to crackle with electricity.

Elena, heart-ravishing, star-scintillating Elena, would at last be entirely his. He knew he was smiling a faint and very dangerous smile. Damon scanned the building below, seeing the life-signs of the five Stefan was talking about.

You know how humans have those candy wax bottles with just a sweet sip of juice inside? You bite off the wax tops and drink: one, two, three!

Elena was as fierce at heart as he was—which made her perfect in his eyes. Too tough for my taste. The real town witch, with hair the color of starlight falling down to her hips. I have to talk with her. And then I have to wake Matt and Bonnie and Meredith up. The three waxwork figures standing, sitting, and lying down in the ICU room with the lights turned off were starting to weigh on his mind. More specifically, the one delicate figure lying utterly motionless on the bed was weighing on him.

The other two could doubtless fend for themselves. Photos in her dorm room and on her computers. Then suddenly he was exclaiming and hearing Stefan exclaiming in chorus with him. I can do it right now from right here. Stefan looked up, eyes dark beneath the fall of his hair.

I told you that; you just never listen. I eliminated a finite amount of her gray matter to do it. Well, what? But at the mention of Elena, Damon felt at a flush of pure greed that started in his jaws and spread outward. He decided to let whatever was bothering St. Stefan go, so that he himself could start getting along with Elena as soon as possible.

I had a key made for Elena; here it is. You should know the story I told, anyway. I said that I was a little late, and that I found the door ajar and Elena lying on the floor unconscious. I knew that she needed a good hospital, so I drove her here as fast as I could, collecting some patrol cars on the way.

Some werewolves, he thought, or maybe some pirates. Damon was just watching for the egg of animosity to be hatched by the setting hen of resentment—ha! A few teachers, a few students, a few parents who knew me.

Or somewhere else in Europe. It does reflect on the family honor, you know. But from now on I go back to animal blood. And to hell with the family honor—if it ever had any since you came of age.

But, little brother. Damon watched Stefan narrow-eyed. He himself had a sort of share in the promise as well, although he preferred not to acknowledge it. But there was no way to pretend that his given word meant nothing to him. He wanted to see how Stefan was going to wriggle out of this quandary. For just an instant he thought his brother was going to break the connection of their locked eyes.

But the moment passed. And that will be better for you than my care at my very best. No words, however came out. He was suddenly seriously afraid that his younger brother was insane. Stefan had done something to her, and her instincts had warned her of how drastic that something was going to be.

Stefan was still watching him expressionlessly. Because I want to give me your solemn word about one thing. Only one. Will you hear me out? Damon watched him closely for a moment.

Then he gave a fluid shrug. Stefan nodded. Damon thought a bit giddily. His canines throbbed at the very notion, sharpening.

Since speaking now would only reveal this, he used telepathy. He had no trouble keeping blunt teeth now. He had just gotten a glimpse of future insanity. It was a blank book with little flowers on it. Blue and yellow flowers on a navy background. She kept it until the night of the summer solstice and she wrote all sorts of things in it.

But I have no idea where it is now. You know I have to. You knew I would have to when you told me to wait. Also true. He stared at Stefan, who held his gaze steadily. Damon thought, watching Stefan closely. You could at least acknowledge that. He was through the door that led to the stairway down from the roof before Damon could turn around to see him go. Oh, well, Damon thought. I will see him around again, whatever he thinks.

I suppose he gets earned some points for an original interpretation of all the mad scenes in Hamlet put together. All right, now for one big abracadabra, he thought. He certainly had enough Power; he could feel it thrilling down his spine and out to his fingertips.

He gathered it all together and then let it loose in the ICU. Motion stopped. Stefan stepped into the crowd of statues. He had added a slightly pleasant, fuzzy effect to the basic software, and in a moment Aunt Judith was wearing a bemused smile despite the streaks of tears on her face. Robert and Dr. Alpert joined her. Then Stefan turned to the little girl who was sitting on a plastic chair holding a much-loved brown teddy bear in her arms. She was entranced, but very lightly.

Stefan put gentle fingertips on her temple. She clutched the bear more tightly to her chest. Do you remember me? Are you scared of me? Yes, Margaret said flatly, obviously to both questions. I would never hurt you in any way. I brought this bear for Elena. Elena is going to be fine, honestly. Of course. What is her name, please? Missus Kissus. Margaret watched him closely for any sign of levity. A memory struck him ruthlessly: Elena cuddled up under his chin, telling him how she gave her precious keepsake to a squalling eighteen-month-old, and how little Margaret—never Margie, never Meg—had stopped crying at once and had never started again.

A precious gift from an even more precious sister. Now, Margaret. He hesitated. I want to see Elena. I know you do. Stefan sat back on his heels, startled. Forget what? Forget me. Otherwise Elena may be the one to get sick. Margaret seemed to be thinking. He gave her a long-drawn-out minute. All right, she said when fifty-seven seconds had gone by. All for Elena. Goodbye, Margaret. I wish I could have watched you grow up. He expected her to be bewildered. As it took effect, her feathery eyelashes swept down to lie on her cheeks.

He slowly got up, feeling old and creaky, only to see motion in a room full of statues. Can I convince you to have a nice cup of raspberry tea with me? Flowers said. Old humans never really feel old to themselves, you know; they just feel like youngsters trapped in aging bodies.

I will never bite another human again for any reason. Come and have one sip of Black Magic. She had a stainless steel hipflask set beside the steaming cup of tea on the coffee table before her. She nodded at the flask and smiled sadly at him. Stefan examined the hipflask: unscrewed the top, smelled the liquid inside.

Pure, strong Black Magic. He tried to figure out where she had gotten the wine, when he suddenly realized that he was parched—desperately thirsty—and he took two long swigs. It braced him. He looked up into Mrs. Flowers just shook her head, her eyes sad. He sat down again. Have you spoken to Mama or Grandmama about this? Flowers still remained in contact with them.

They could see the spiritual dominion, and were occasionally helpful. The white-haired woman sighed. The words sank into his subconscious immediately. Thank you. He stopped himself immediately. No vampire could survive sunlight without a lapis talisman, and he had long ago learned not to do anything that might cause it to slip off. Dear Grandmama was a Shakespearean buff. Quite a character, that Robin Goodfellow. He was burning too much Power too fast. He could afford only one more minute with Mrs.

Flowers smiled like a Duchess. Stop this plan right now, where you are. Go back to your friends, tell them everything. Tell Elena and ask for her help.

Not that it would leave her any less intelligent than before; just that there were many nodes in her mind that led only to dark spots in the gray matter now. I need to leave now. Goodbye, Theophilia Flowers. I never told you, but you always made me feel young. She stood. And good luck, my dear boy. There was a police officer just outside it, as frozen and unseeing as everyone else on this floor of the hospital.

Ignoring her, Stefan edged in so that he could see Elena. Oh, beautiful! Her face had color in it, not hectic red, but the translucent pale rose of apple blossoms. Her lips were parted. Her lashes lay heavy against her softly rounded cheeks. He loved Elena for too many reasons to be attracted merely to her physical form. The bag was full of rich, red packed cells—type A negative by the smell.

They were giving Elena properly typed blood! That and her steady vital signs meant that she was not only going to survive; she was going to be superbly, splendidly well again. No time, though—no time, no time. He dipped into her mind again, erasing, rearranging, and creating memories so that she would think she had stopped keeping a diary back before her senior year in high school.

Sometime later, he found himself stroking her hand, and felt a spurt of panic. What if she woke up now? What if his Power burned out as Mrs. Flowers had predicted? He kissed her forehead, which was delightfully warm. You loved me for the best of reasons. I loved you for the best of reasons. But what I told you nearly a year ago was the truth. I am a monster. When he felt no response from her at this, he knew that it was time to go.

There is no one else. In the darkness just a few rooms away the three motionless figures were exactly where he had left them: Bonnie lying on the bed, Meredith sitting in the chair and Matt propped against the wall. He took some information from each of them. He made some minor adjustments to their cell phones.

Then he spoke. I want you to think only about Elena. He knew it would. Instead he began to run. He ran out into the corridor. Alpert were beginning to stir. He ran through the great doors that opened on the ICU and down another corridor to the stairs beside the elevator. Six floors down and he was jogging through the emergency department.

People were moving freely here; he had only frozen the ICU. He stopped, spotting the red-haired man who had interrogated him when Elena first arrived.

He saw a gleam among the ribbons of fabric and caught up the black diamond and ruby locket. Blurring his image right and left, he made his way to the entrance doors.

There were still several police officers outside, standing around their cruisers. He puzzled a minute over this, and then discovered that the spare key he usually kept behind his license plate had been used. Hey, wait a minute, genius! Before I go downstairs, I have two questions for you. What about Alaric Saltzman—and Sage? What if either of them just appears—? Stefan took a deep breath. Avoid punctuation except as indicated below: Suffixes. Milton, John, See also 20 , which is from a substantially different print edition.

Fall of man -- Poetry. Daughters of Darkness Night World, 2 by L. The Possessed Dark Visions, 2 by L. Smith - Vampire Diaries 3 - The Fury v1. Jeff Smith.

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