express news tv live streaming online free

express news tv live streaming online free

Express News is an Urdu language Pakistani television news channel based in Karachi , launched on January 1, Express Media Group had launched their entertainment channel Express Entertainment on 1 January [ citation needed ].

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This field is mandatory and length should be 12 digit with Besides its News channel Express tv also launched another sister channel after a very small period of time when it get anchored and appreciated by the viewers.

Its sister channel is Express Entertainment in which interesting programs are telecasted. We know that there is a lot of tension and depression around us due to the present condition, fear, drone attacks , financial crisis, taxes and other problems of the country which severely responsible for instability.

So through interesting, amazing facts, new inventions, new records and discoveries, telefilms, drama serials, long plays ,latest movies they try to divert the attention of their sad, sorrowful and depressed viewers for a while. It is not affiliated with any political party or any other religious or governmental entity.

Being loyal and neutral in its work News Live presents its programs specially the news in each and every movement and activity covers all the happenings within and outside the country without any offensive modifications or undesired editing. So if anyone wants to get updates regarding the sudden happenings and current incidents in the country it should switch to this channel in order to get information in its own national language. Because Live Express TV channel and Capital tv proved its impartial behaviour many times while covering political issues or other events in the country and providing the chance to the common people to get aware about the nature and condition of the incident and its further counter effects.

Express live has its experienced, qualified reporters and journalists, content writers throughout the country so that they can inform or aware their nation or authorities on the present conditions of the incidents and the changing conditions about the particular areas of the world.

Not only this, but they are also responsible for presenting the inward picture of the Pakistan in front of the outside world. As we know that Pakistan is facing many problems theses days. It is also on war against terrorism. Express tv select its journalists, writer, anchors, reporters after an efficient but transparent procedure of selection with great care and authenticity as the quality of the News stuff , images of the channel and its viewership have not to be compromised.

Besides this inward selection Geo Tezz live is also providing a platform to its viewers in fact everyone around the country that can submit news, pictures, videos or voice recordings about any significant events that will then published on their website to present it in front of the world and which is also aired in the form specifies programmes, or live strip or through any possible mean.

As Express News Live use to get news, picture and videos through the daring confident and active citizens present at the spot of incidents, or are the eye witness of the incident. Any how it is very difficult to publish the entire stuff available within the limited time and resources.

Express TV Live unlike the other news channel also has its own daily newspaper. Print media is the sources of awareness for millions of people round the globe from a long time.

We can but Express newspaper within reasonable price and can get information not only about the current political affairs but also about sports and show bizz industry. We can also get to know about our daily horoscope, jobs, commercials and many other interesting information and deals. This section contain all the information related to Pakistan our own beloved homeland and its present conditions which are now changing day by day and getting worse in many ways.

All the ups and down in the country. There are news about political scenario of Pakistan, role of different leaders, and their opposite parties. Diplomatic role rulers are playing against economy. Increase and decrease in daily rate index and its consequences on GDP are also in this section. This segment has further sub segments related to the all four provinces of Pakistan. Live Express TV under this section Pakistan has all the news related to our country.

News and adds about the mega power projects, electricity production, dams , ups and down in petroleum of the country and the mega projects approved or under construction or if there is practical implications of some of them. Literacy, motility rate, havocs disease in fact anything new, sudden good or bad happened in the country.

Informative programs about the poverty, GDP of the country, education, self employment, youth, women empowerment and many other religious issues. Express News Pakistan also covers all the news related to the political scenario of the Pakistan. News about the current court hearings, about the personal as well as public profiles of leaders and notorious political icons there bad leadership are included here.

Hence Live News covers all the black and white events happening instantly intentionally or unintentionally in our dearest homeland. We can see the overall sketch and image of Pakistan through it by sitting at our own places on Business Plus. As its name showing world it comprises of all the worldly issue within and outside the Pakistan.

Everyone is busy in excelling forward there is neck to neck competition in every field of life. All the matters related to new inventions, geographical changes like floods, earth quakes, elections, changes in laws and forces, successful experiments in field of science and technology, celebrations, latest instances are telecasted are under this section.

Special the news about dominating countries and their remarkable progress in various fields like their finance, economics, education, health, research, and battalion forces etc. Shahzeb Khanzada has also interviewed many public celebrities like Imran Khan, Dr. Rana Mubashar is newly associated with express news. He is presenting talk show Suno which is based on current affair. He is also among those journalists whose are well aware to the current political condition of the country and also can give his thorough analyses on any issue.

Asadullah Khan is working in express news live as news caster and anchor person as per need. In the absent of Javed Chaudary, Asadullah has presented Kal Tak as a host of the show on express news. Zeeshan Malik is another professional news caster and anchor person of live express news transmission. During operation Zarbe Azb he has presented very comprehensive transmission on the operation from the operation room of the express news.

Express news also has very professional and young oriented female news casters. Mishal Bukhari is one of them. Talat hussain is an unmatchable journalist in the history of Pakistan.

He has proved his honesty to his profession with his truthful reporting and analyses. Talat Hussain is a part of express media as a columnist. His article publishes on daily express newspaper. Orya Maqbool Jan is known as a person who holds great knowledge of history of Islam and other religions. His article publishes on daily express newspaper shows his intend of knowledge about the history of all religions. He can give analyses on any issue with references taking from the great history of Islam and other religions.

Nusrat Javed is one of well experienced journalist in Pakistan. He and other of his age have strong knowledge of Pakistan political history from its beginning.

Nusrat Javed is a part of daily express newspaper as a columnist. Express news is presenting many popular talk shows on current affair and other social issues. Here we are giving an introduction of most popular talk shows presented on express TV. Kal Tak is most popular talk show of express news. It was started with the beginning of the channel. It is hosted by famous Javed Chaudary. This show is presented on express news from Monday to Thursday.

Javed Chaudary has presented the show not only in studio with invited guests also on field either to cover any special transmission like pre-election mood of the people or to visit any celebrity. To The Point is rating one of the most popular talk shows among few. He has broken many inside stories in his show and reports fearlessly many unlawful acts done either by the politician or any institutional individual.

Express news has presented new talk show Suno based on current affair. It is hosted by Rana Mubashar who has joined express not for too long. Darling is a comedy show which is written, directed and hosted by famous comedian Khalid Abbas Dar along with another fascinating comedian Amanat Chan. Jugni and the parody song are most popular segments of the show.

Shabbir Tou Dekhay Ga is a program based on various crimes held in the society. A real story of a crime is presented on express news with some real visual and facts.

Main purpose of the program to give awareness to viewers of express news about different crimes held in the society. After Hamid Mir incident when he was attacked by unknown gun men and in respond to it geo news launched campaign against ISI and Pak Army this divided the whole media of Pakistan into pro Army and neutral. Express along with few other channels took stance to support Army and oppose geo campaign.

During this controversy some channels remained neutral like Samaa News and Aaj News but express news were openly opposing geo news for its act. Many think, because geo was the No 1 news channel in Pakistan before this incident therefore other channels especially express news live got an opportunity to dismiss the channel and get maximum shares of its viewership.

It is hardly to determine that express news got succeeded in its effort or not but one thing is sure that he seriously put big dent on geo network repute. Like other big channels, express also has its website to provide express news live streaming on internet as well. Find your Program Hot Today Arif Nizami b.. Man Catches a Child from Building. Indian Tik Tokers Are Crying.

Express news live streaming of Pakistan is becoming popular day by day among the viewers of express tv live. Express media group is the third largest media group in media industry in Pakistan. It is owned by Lakson Group. Its head quarter is situated in Lahore. Express news tv live streaming online free they launched their daily express newspaper on September 3, After serving ten year with daily express only the group launched their first news channel and that was Express News Urdu on January 1, With the launching of express news channel the group entered into the rising industry of electronic media in Pakistan. It was second English news channel in Pakistan along with Dawn News. At now Express media group has four channels on aired. First express news tv live streaming online free is express news Pakistan express news tv live streaming online free is news and current affair express news tv live streaming online free in Urdu language. Express Entertainment is an entertainment and drama channel. Third is Hero TV an infotainment channel launched on June 5, and fourth is Time channel that is another drama and entertainment channel of express TV media group. In express media launched their first English newspaper The Express Tribune. The express tribune publishes under daily express news media. Express News has many re-known journalists, news caster and anchor persons. Some of them are highly reputable for their hard work in the profession. Here are the introduction of the journalists and anchor persons of express media group. Many journalists of express group has already joined up coming bol tv group, one of more anchors are also expected to express news tv live streaming online free bol news tv. Javed chaudary is known as one of the prominent and highly professional journalist of Pakistan. He was born flight 787 anadolu free download for pc January 1st, in District Gujrat, Pakistan. He completed his master express news tv live streaming online free mass communication in with gold medal for his excellence academic record. He started journalism in when he joined daily nawai free to air satellite indian channels. He served with various newspapers in Pakistan until he joined Daily Jang in where he started writing his famous column Zero Point. He was also awarded with Excellency Award by the government in Since then express news tv live streaming online free is presenting his popular current affair talk show Kal Tak on live express news very successfully. express news tv live streaming online free Express News is a 24/7 News TV channel. It was founded in Express News, Watch Express News (Urdu) Live from Pakistan. Live stream Express News. Watch express news Live tv streaming online only on without the worry of missing your prime time news. Start watching now! Welcome to the Official Channel of Express News, the home of the most authentic Express News Live - Express News Live Express TV Live Online Streaming free from Pakistan in news channel of Pakistan offering express tv live streaming services on cable and. Express News Pakistan Satellite news channel provide unbiased coverage, journalistic insight on local & global socio political events via free live video. Express news live streaming of Pakistan is becoming popular day by day among the viewers of express tv live. Express media group is the third largest media. Watch Express News Live HD Quality, Free Streaming indiaecoadventures.coms News News Live. Checkout the largest collection of online tv channels online for free. Posted: Sep 24, Streaming media. Express News Live, Watch Live. Express News is an Urdu language Pakistani television news channel based in Karachi, Express News (​Pakistan). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to. About Us Contact. Khabardar With Aftab Iqbal. Her typical style of asking the controversial questions boldly has made a lot of fans overnight. Password recovery. Suno Rana Mubashar. Merit and objectivity are being maintained as a hallmark of PTV news items which extends to routine day-to-day coverage and to the parliamentary proceedings, political activities of the government and opposition, besides human interest stories. George H. Tags: Live TV. Like Us on Facebook. Powered by Blogger. As claimed by the station it spreads news by day and mysteries and airs mysteries and investigations b night. Forgot your password? Saudi Arabia. Sign in. express news tv live streaming online free