face2face pre intermediate students book pdf free download

face2face pre intermediate students book pdf free download

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November Reading Q a Look at the photos and read the letters. Why is Bonnie unemployed? Why is Harry unemployed? Correct the false ones. The problem is that companies always say they want people with experience, but how can she get experience if nobody gives her a job? I just need someone to give me a chance. Harry Thompson Preston m Which are in the Present Continuous and which are in the Present Simple?

There are two phrases for each meaning. Do we usually use state verbs in the Present Continuous? Speaking Q Work in pairs. If not, what do they do? Where is he working now?

Well, the manager of a local engineering company read it and offered me ajob! Thecompany3 make parts for cars and they4 sell themto companies in Europe. They5 do very well at the moment but they6 want to get more business and nowthey7 try to sell to companies in the USA. I like having lots of responsibility and I9 have two or three meetings with customers everyweek. I usually12 work quite long days but not work at the weekend. Anyway, I have to go- the phone Harry b Work in pairs.

Explain why you chose each verb form. Are you looking for a job at the moment? Yes, I am. What kind of job are you looking for? Tell the other students three things you know about the class. Put the verbs in the Present Continuous or Present Simple. Try to find someone who answers yes for each question. Then ask two follow-up questions. A sk your p artner w hat these people usually do in th eir free tim e and w hat they are doing at the m om ent. Speaking and Listening a Think of three jobs that you would like to do and three jobs you would hate to do.

Are there any jobs you would all like to do? Put pictures A-C in the order he talks about them. Which job do you think is the most unusual? Notice the consonant-vowel linking at the ends and beginnings of words. Listen to the interview again and notice the linking. How do we make the nouns? Complete the ending column. Write all the jobs you know with the endings -or, -ant, -er; -ist and -ian. Are they nouns N , verbs V or both NV? Check any new words with your teacher. Reading and Speaking HI a Work in pairs.

Do you think traffic wardens are necessary where you live? Fill in gaps a-f in the article with questions Underline the part of the article that tells us this information. But it was agood decision - I like my work.

We also help the police when they are looking for stolen cars. Someone even said he paid for aticket, put it in the car, but his parrot ate it! And now some wardens actually have video cameras as part of their uniforms. I like that. And not everyone hates us. Some people think we do agood job. And others write to the parking department and complain. H ow m any nouns can you th ink of w ith these endings: -ion,-or,-ant,-er,-ment,-istand -ian?

Sw ap lists w ith another pair. Then w rite verbs fo r the nouns, if possible. Fill in the gaps with the correct name from photos A-C. Work in pairs. Who do you think is: 1 asking for time off?

Who said these sentences, Carol or Amy? Check your answers. Which are: apologies? Why's e Check in p E S fr 36 Listen and practise the sentences in 2b. Copy the stress and intonation. How are you? B I 4 go to the police station. E Oh, dear. B Someone stole my car. B Anyway, would you like to come round for dinner this evening?

E 6 , 1 7 this evening. B No problem. E Yes, definitely. B Right. Talk to you then. Practise the conversation. Then change roles and practise the conversation again.

Write a conversation for one of these difficult situations. Use phrases from 3b and 3d. Matt phones Amy. He apologises and gives a reason. He promises to meet her at the airport when she comes back. Carol phones Matt. She promises to cook him a special dinner tonight.

Match these two-syllable words to stress patterns 1 and 2. Tell each other about things you did last week. Find five things you both did. A Iwenttoafootballmatchlastweek. B So didI. A sk fo llo w -u p questions if possible. B Cover the article. Then look at photos A and B. Which is the real Johnny Depp, do you think?

Which is a lookalike? Vocabulary and Speaking Types of film Q Work in groups. Which of these types of film do you know? PDF Drive investigated dozens of problems and listed the biggest global issues facing the world today. Let's Change The World Together. Based on the communicative approach, and drawing on the best of current thinking and practice, face2face prepares students for real world communication.

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