forfait bloqu? free mobile 2 euros

forfait bloqu? free mobile 2 euros

Do you by chance know. Many thanks for any assistance. Joyeux Noel. Icantbelieveit The full list of tariffs can be found at the following link Merry Christmas!!

Storm Thank you so much for the info. Joyeux Noel from West Sussex. Your Name. Your Email. Your Message. The details you provide on this page will not be used to send any unsolicited e-mail, and will not be sold to a third party. Privacy Policy. Send Message. Remember me. Sign up. I am currently with Joe Mobile , mainly because their offer allows me to have cheap pre-paid Internet, using only a debit card they ask you for a document number, but as far as I know you do not need to send a scan.

One of their main advantages besides no contract is that you can quit very easily: just go to the website and click "Off". It will put your line in "pause" mode, so once you finish the current 30 day-period already paid for , you do not pay anything more and your line becomes inactive in a few months.

You can reactivate it later if you want, or just let it "die". Also, you might consider benefiting from parrainage offers invitations , where each additional phone line means a discount for the inviter, for the invited, or both. These offers may work even if you have never met the other person, e. Just go to one of the MVNO provider's forums, you can often see people spamming invitations which will benefit both of you. Edit : I have just been informed by Joe that they will stop operating on June 15th, acquired by Virgin Mobile.

There are several such low-cost providers nowadays, but their names are harder to Google if you don't know them. Some French websites offer comparisons between them, but pay attention to some details such as cancellation conditions and roaming mode some of them require it to be activated before leaving France.

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. State of cell phone providers in France Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 4 months ago. Active 5 years, 3 months ago. Viewed times. To be more specific, here are the criteria that are important: I already have a GSM phone not a smartphone I can't commit for longer than 1 yr and I'm not willing to pay a deposit.

I don't care about data. I only need voice and text, with voice being a priority. Kuruma Kuruma 2 2 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. Will you be getting an ADSL contract too?

Gala I'm not sure I will of course need an internet connection, which I guess means yes. Does one need an address in France to get a sim card? Is it possible to buy the Free. DUTR Forumite NFH Forumite 4.

You will be leaving the UK aswell as Europe. Yes, very feasible, but it would be hard without a French address and French bank account. The OP is going there on holiday. The more prominent lower prices apply if you have their Freebox home broadband service. If they don't speak English, they might be able to find a colleague who does.

Thanks NFH, beat me to it!

It appears that you get minutes and these minutes include calls to UK mobiles and UK landlines from France? Do they just forfait bloqu? free mobile 2 euros you forfait bloqu? free mobile 2 euros standard sim in the post? Thanks pbear. It is not a blocked forfait bloque deal so you can incur additional charges if you use more than the 2hrs of included calls. It does not include calls to UK mobiles but you are correct with everything else. The SIM arrived by post within 3 or 4 days and activation was simple. All you need is a compatible phone - we bought a cheap one from Darty. Our youngest daughter has one, but hardly uses it. A friend also has one to use when he is here each month. They forfait bloqu? free mobile 2 euros work fine. If you have free as you internet supplier, you get the mins, combien de temps pour la portabilit? chez free etc for nothing. I use virgin. Hi I have had this Free mobile offer since forfait bloqu? free mobile 2 euros started and have absolutely no problems or complaints with it!! As I have Free as my internet too I pay nothing as long as I keep under the 2 hours of usage a month. Definitely recommended. If you subscribed to the option data 20 MB to 0. Discussions General Free mobile 2 euros a month package. Recent Discussions. Free mobile 2 euros a month package 13 Replies. forfait bloqu? free mobile 2 euros L'appel d'offres pour la quatrième licence de téléphonie mobile 3G devrait de 4 millions de clients à l'ADSL et en comptant 2,5 personnes par foyer, il peut Rien de précis n'a encore filtré, mais Free devrait se contenter de deux ou trois forfaits, 1 milliard d'euros sont budgétés pour déployer un réseau. Bon plan forfaits mobiles: B&You, Free Mobile, Red by SFR, Sosh et Auchan, mobile utilisable à la fois en métropole et en Europe (bloqué au delà) Prixtel propose une offre en série spéciale à partir de 6,99 euros par mois Enfin, Auchan Télécom propose jusqu'au 2 avril, le forfait mobile sans. Bon plan forfaits mobiles: B&You, Free Mobile, Red by SFR, Sosh et Auchan, L'offre du jour vous le propose à seulement 10 euros par mois durant 12 mois avec opter pour une option facturée 2 €/mois afin d'obtenir l'accès à 35 mobile utilisable à la fois en métropole et en Europe (bloqué au delà). Lebara Mobile vous propose des forfaits avec Lebara Mobile plans for all your national "dimension5": "Free SIM" }]} } } {"ecommerce": { "currencyCode": "EUR"​, "impressions": [] }} Forfait illimité 4,99€. 2Go. Internet 4G. Appels illimités vers la France. 4,99 € En somme un forfait bloqué que vous pouvez faire évoluer. You can add a mobile on top of that for a few euros extra per month (more if you You will notice that these “forfait bloqué” can be % more expensive than The most basic plans typically include hours of voice call to landlines all over (that's Orange, SFR and Bouygues) in this respect (not sure about Free). Using Euro sim card on hols in France? The information provided above is intended to Free Mobile as well as legal persons of the group Free "​FORFAIT BLOQUÉ" means a contract with a provided handset and a long term contract. The two types: the and the 2 Euros per month. Étape 2: activer sa ligne Free mobile. Vous devez avoir reçu votre carte SIM par courrier postal! Rendez-vous sur votre espace abonné. Free Mobile vient d'activer ce weekend la modulattion QAM et le résultat Free Mobile active le QAM pour faire exploser ses débits 4G pas encore couverts comme par exemple bloqué par la commune ou les Free Mobile offre les appels illimités dans son forfait à 2 euros/mois jusqu'au 11 juin. Free mobile enters in with (very) low postpaid plan, limited service Group by 3 tariff structures: prepaid, postpaid, forfait bloqué. En savoir plus. Vote Up Vote Down. Vous pourrez vous connecter seulement si vous vous situez proche d'un point FreeWifi. Les forfaits Free mobile :. Comparer Annonce. Outre les services inclus et les options payantes, les forfaits Free comprennent les avantages suivants :. En savoir plus Accepter. Learn more about our process for controlling and publishing ratings. Contact : 09 77 40 77 Meilleur prix. Forfait 60 GO. forfait bloqu? free mobile 2 euros