excel vba userform examples free download and with additional time come to between 80 to euros every month. Hi there - thinking of signing up and read what I think is all the small print - there isn't hidden anywhere is there that I've not noticed that old French favorite "frais de dossier" that you get hit with if you want to later terminate the service???? Looking at the dates you mention I would suggest maybe waiting another week or so,failing eurow I reckon a possible way forward would angleterrs a telephone call to the number by someone who could explain the situation. Now, when signing up for your new contract you'll be asked if forfait free 2 euros en angleterre want to keep your current number.">

forfait free 2 euros en angleterre

forfait free 2 euros en angleterre

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Ready to check out? Get a great value deal today 9 out of 10 people said they were offered a great value deal with us. Why choose O2. Buy now. Need help with your account? It took them 2 weeks to send the card, but then as a former Orange customer I'm used to so much worse. As far as I'm concerned, win win situation. Also, I have been calling customer service a couple of times and they helped me right away, again, I'm used to so much worse from Orange.

Can't wait until the rest of familys contracts are up so I can switch them, too. Thankyou ange03 that's what I like to hear, I also cant wait, I have had bills up to euros from Orange and it is frightening, they just run away with charges,, I must say everyone I know has said they are going to change also at the end of their contracts as it seems that a lot of people have had bad experiences also.

I have been a Free client for 7 years and think they have one of the best customer services around. I'm not saying that it is perfect, but for France pretty close. But when I put it into my phone I found that it does not work in Monaco.

Apparently you are roaming in Monaco and it only works in France. When I try to find info about roaming in France for the Thanks As for the wait time.

If you choose another number you get your sim in days, but if you are keeping your number that is a different story see Stuart06's link. I can move to Bouyg's Would love to know thanks!!

To ChristopherL I ordered my sim around the same time as you and received confirmation this evening that they are finally posting it Fingers crossed it's as good as we all hope!

I ordered one 23rdJan on the abonnement that arrived 1 week later, I then ordered the following day 24th Jan one not on abonnement and it hasnt moved past etape 1, thinking maybe there was a problem and not being able to contact them, I ordered another 3 Feb not on abonnement and have just checked order today and that has been posted. Dont know what is going on with the one ordered 24th Jan All sims where for new number as dont currently have a mobile.

So fair I can only say it is working great. Ok so my friend ordered hers on the 25th of Jan and was told that her portability would happen on the 17th of Feb but she had not received her sim, so her line when dead at about 3 PM of Friday. She got the sim in the mail the next day and activated her account and so far everything is working fine.

So now it is my turn. Will keep you posted. Stuart06 did you get your sim yet?? I ordered my sim on the 10th feb, so far nothing has arrived and according to the site it does not look like it has even been sent out. Seems that there is no set time limit to when they are sent. Hi, my sim card arrived at the house 2 weeks after I had signed up.

On their site my status was still only "order received" or something like that the first step. When I tried to activate the sim card, it wouldn't work so I called them.

They right away updated my status to the next step and told me as soon as my phone had "portability" all steps would be green and that this would happen in the next day. A couple hours later I was able to place and receive calls. I believe their system is somewhat overwhelmed and you have to give them 2 weeks to process everything. Look at the bright side, the first time I called to the States and talked for several hours I checked my online bill and the call was registered but cost I have a Blackberry Curve and received my carte sim de free yesterday.

Calls and sms work fine, but MMS and internet don't work. Free sent a letter with the carte sim indicating how to set up the internet connection and the MMS serveur, but the description given in this letter doesn't match what I see when I look at the settings meaning I don't know where to fill in what because fields like "MMSC" , "MCC", and "MNC" are not shown on my blackberry Can anyone help? I called them again but apparently they receive so many calls right now that I was told to call back later Try calling them in the middle of the day if you can as I have called them twice just recently and did not wait any longer than a couple of rings.

I ordered mine the day they announced the new policy and received the SIM card about a week after that, I have been using it fore more than 3 weeks and I have to say it is a bit disapointing. Making phone calls it works pretty good, it has an annoying delay after you dial the number which I believe is because of their registration being handed over from Orange to their own servers and then the call usually goes via their own VoIP service which is OK, but not great.

International calls are a bit troublesome, I call US and Sweden a lot and ever 4th or 5th call I have to re-call due to echo or other problems, but once I get it to work, it works fine. I ordered it mainly because of their low price, international calls and data service but I am thinking about canceling it and pay a few euro more and use a service that give a better quality than them.

Maybe in a few months they will have a better service, but right now, I am really not impresses. I keep getting you are not subscribed to a cellular data network!! I used to have this problem with sfr sometimes and only had to put in a code.

Take a look in the FAQ's and see if the solution to your particular query is listed there. Two weeks now and still waiting for the sim.. It says on the site it has not even been sent out yet!! I received my sim yesterday after approx 3 weeks, seems to be working ok! Currently awaiting to see what and how SFR are going to reimburse me concerning the existing 17 days of my contract with them plus the call credit accumulated not to mention the famous benefits pertaining to their so called fidelity system.

Stuart06, If you cancel it yourself don't you risk losing your number?? I received my sim this week, it works In 3 months or so I will cancel orange and stay with free.. Here's a brief summary of my experience. That was a close call!! For a few hours I could make calls from both but only receive calls on the bouyg line, then it changed I could make calls Bouyg line an call and receive in the free line.

Now the 2 problems I'm having is that my phone says I'm roaming, and it won't let me sign into my google accounts. Although not being able to sign in to my google accounts has happened before. Called Free to report the problem and he said make a few calls and see if you get charged and we have it on record that you have reported the problem so if you see charges call us back.

Does anyone have any advice on how to resolve either of these problems?? Thanks PS. I am glad to be FREE!!! A note for anybody using a xxx free. I have noticed recently an increase in incoming emails from "freemobile free-mobile. Hi there - thinking of signing up and read what I think is all the small print - there isn't hidden anywhere is there that I've not noticed that old French favorite "frais de dossier" that you get hit with if you want to later terminate the service????

Good question ThinkLucky! I think Free's thinking is, your gonna love it so you are gonna stay, and if you wanna go, that's ok cause we have tons of happy clients from the other providers. As for my problems, turns out I missed the info on the back of sim card letter.

Configured the internet access and mms but I am still going between roaming and free so I checked and I am not getting billed so I am OK. Seems to work OK in my living room and not at all in my bedroom. Makes you think my apt is huge, but it isn't!!

I am sure they will work it out soon. As long as I am not getting charged I am fine!! I have just picked up in this thread. I have asked for the unblock code for my iphone but as yet received nothing. My question is how can I get this unblocked privately? I have no desire to enter into a protracted dialogue with SFR. It seems that free is generally accepted as a fair deal and am about to check it out.

I would walk into the SFR shop and ask. They have to do this and should do it right there. I think it use to be 6 months, but now it is 3 months. I also do not know if it is phone ownership or contract length.

Otherwise, ask ChrisL , he knows a place behind NiceEtoile. Another question to Forum here - my wife has SFR several years standing and wishes to switch to free - we seem to get a very unclear picture from SFR about what the proceedure is to cancel their contract and switch the same number to free - if anyone has successfully done this I'd very much appreciate a step by step guide, and timings of their experience, particularly to avoid loss of mobile and endless marketing calls once you have decided to resiliate.

Thx in advance. First call This will give you your so-called RIO number. Don't bother writing it down, just hang up and it will be sent to you by sms. Now, when signing up for your new contract you'll be asked if you want to keep your current number. Say yes and put in the RIO you received earlier. That's it. We had 2 lines with sfr that had a base cost of 65 euros and with additional time come to between 80 to euros every month. We have moved both to free and the quality of calls is as good as SFR.

We pay 40 euros a month line rental and we will have almost zero extra charge as we can call as much as we want. The extra is the data package which means we now access facebook and email via our phones that we did not do with sfr. Does this make sense? Have I understood this correctly? Any comments, anyone? From what I'm understanding with your orange mobile, you just order your RIO pass it on to free filling in their subscription, they will deal with the rest with orange terminating your contract and switching your number, your mobile should not go down - therefore I'd suggest move 1 in your proposed plan of action whilst in principle a good safeguard would be a waste of money and time, as simply by going to 2 for starter would get you there without loss of service, but others on this forum may wish to correct me on this.

Brianna: As thinklucky says, skip 1 and go straight to 2. Switching mobile service provider is totally painless. The only risk is that you may not receive your new SIM card before the old one is shut off this actually happened to me because La Poste was on strike , but while that was a problem in the beginning the chance of it happening now is very small.

Thanks so much for your reply. But one way or another it certainly seems like the right move I can now disconnect it but I will keep it and offer it to my guests when they are here. But it is true you can just order your box and sim at the same time. I personally would get the box set up and then order the sim. Did everyone notice that free has dropped the prices of their phones!!! Gotta love em!!! Gonna change my name to Proud2BaFreeSlave!!! Cause they had me at hello!!!

Thanks for all the info, this was far simpler than anticipated, even SFR tent text advising when the line will be cut, in all hassle FREE. We have moved 2 sfr lines to free and it has been excellent. No issues. So far I very much like what I'm hearing. Thought I would give you my Free story so far as there seems to be a few variations. I ordered the My However my 2 euro sim card is not working it states "invalid or missing sim" no matter what phone I but it in.

My guess there is a problem with my sim. I have tried calling Free a several times and seem to get cut off or they hang up not sure. Does any one have any suggestions? Don't get me wrong I am not complaining as up until now all ran very smoothly and have been very impressed.

So far, so good. Cross family:. If the You need to check the setting on your phone. This is quite simple if you follow the screen shots on the free help website. You need to say you want roaming while in France for data and you have to set up a Mobile Access Point Name. You would have to do this with SFR and Orange as well, if the standard settings on the sim did not work.

I have an iphone and with the registered letter respectfully requested to have it unblocked. This did not happen. Just another example of the SFR incompetence,I received an SMS from SFR yesterday informing me if I don't pay the unpaid account within five days by credit card the service will be terminated,I assume they are refering to the old contract which was terminated last month including cancellation of the direct debit attributed to their company within the respective time delays.

I'd like to sign up with free,we already have their internet,but does anyone know when they are getting the iphone in? I'm fairly sure you would get an answer to your question directly from the company themselves. I think I remember the CEO of Free saying that until Apple starts paying there workers fairly and stops using child labor that they will not be providing Apple products. I have looked through this thread but can't find out any information on the cost of using internet on the Is this possible?

And how much are they charging? Have the sim card already and everything is working good! Just wanna know what happens if I try using it away, will i get email? Just to say for anyone interested, I have been on FREE for 2 months now and it couldn't be smoother, recommended. Thank you. I had intial problems just with my sim card a new one was sent and I have been with Free now for just on 2 months and could not be happier. I will repeat mine.

I am a happy, happy, happy with my free phone. Bell 4 Freedom Mobile 4 Telus Rogers 4. Porto Rico. Optus Telstra 4 VHA. Claro Vivo. China Unicom. Orange Telefonica Vodafone.

I have not signed up yet, but I will certainly move away from english to sanskrit converter online free network I am with as soon as I can, my bills are a joke and I get a lot less than free are offering, sounds like a great offer if free actually pull it off!! It's a great offer. They have the competition shaking in their boots. Prepare to see a price war! By the way - did you see that for current ADSL customers that Free are now offering 60 forait no-frills mobile phone forfait for how much??? Great for your kids. Let the battle commence. My boyfriend signed up with Free this morning. He was with Simyo and Torfait will cancel that for him. Should he forfait free 2 euros en angleterre to cancel with Free, he can whenever he wants without a penalty. For 20 Euros per month he gets:. Thank you for frer, I forfait free 2 euros en angleterre tried to angleetrre my current provider to see what they would offer but after 10mins of waiting I was cut of Yes I agree at last monopolies trembling,there's fairly comprehensive details concerning the offer on the link below. Can you transfer existing phone number over or have to get forfait free 2 euros en angleterre new sim and number? It is easier than that to get a RIO. Just call from your cellphone. That forfait free 2 euros en angleterre a free call and an automated forfait free 2 euros en angleterre will tell you forafit portability options, your period of engagement and will text you your RIO code if you qualify. The big operators are truly shaking. forfait free 2 euros en angleterre Le premier est RED by SFR, dont le forfait mobile Go coûte actuellement 20 euros par mois. En plus, les SMS, MMS et appels sont inclus en. Vous cherchez un forfait 50Go pas cher et sans engagement? Découvrez le forfait B&YOU 50Go avec internet 4G + appels, SMS et MMS illimités. Pourquoi se. Find phones, tablets, mobile broadband, and sim only deals on the UK's Best Network for Coverage. Find out more about My O2, Priority, O2 Refresh, O2 Wifi. 3 paiements de 50 euros; 2 retraits de 50 euros; 1 virement initié depuis Internet Vous avez besoin d'un forfait illimité pour effectuer vos paiements et retraits à. Lebara l'opérateur qui vous propose des appels nationaux et internationaux. Commandez une carte SIM, rechargez en ligne et bénéficiez de tarifs à petits prix​. Lorsque vous utilisez un forfait Lebara en roaming dans la zone UE (Zone 1 et Les appels internationaux sont facturés en centimes d'Euros TTC à la minute. Pour connaître les opérateurs proposant des forfaits cellulaires pour l'Apple Watch LTE; 1 (2 MHz); 2 (1 MHz); 3 (1 MHz); 4 (AWS); 5 ( MHz​). Assistance Free offres Mobiles: Messagerie Vocale Visuelle (MVV) installez puis lancez l'application Messagerie Vocale Visuelle (Free Mobile). Freebox (​ Go en 3G) avec mobile 4G/4G+ pour le Forfait Free et 50 Go En cas de détention d'un Forfait 2€ et d'un ou plusieurs Forfaits Free, seule la. com/mobile/actualite/bouygues-forfait-4ggo-promoeuros-contrer-red-​free indiaecoadventures.com​roaming- indiaecoadventures.com Merci, Peter. Sur Twitter : Free. Envoyer ma note. Que faire.. Sur Twitter , pour ne rien manquer sur le Mobile : freemobile. Dois je activer une option? Que puis-je faire? Je compare. Bonjour, Je vais partir au Canada plusieurs semaines. Merci pour votre aide G. Dois je activer quelque chose ou payer en plus? Je peux consommer 25Go par mois. forfait free 2 euros en angleterre