forfait free 2 euros mms reception

forfait free 2 euros mms reception

Orange honored this commitment. Bouygues Telecom. Market analysis 1 st cycle. Market analysis 2 nd cycle. Market analysis 3 rd cycle. Price cap 1. Mobile termination rate. The Authority deemed it appropriate to apply the following rate framework: a maximum of 2. Even if the impact on wholesale revenues is negative, a uniform drop in MTRs is largely neutral on the wholesale business profitability of an operator such as the Orange group which has both fixed-line and mobile operations.

SMS termination rate. Following preparatory work, a public consultation will be launched during Regulation of fixed telephony and broadband Internet. There is no ex ante regulation over France Telecom-Orange retail broadband offers in the residential and business markets. Accordingly, the regulation of fixed-line services in France involves retail offers falling within the scope of the universal service and wholesale offers so as to ensure effective competition in the retail markets call origination, call termination, wholesale line rental, unbundling, bitstream.

Universal Service. France Telecom-Orange applied for and was designated Universal Service operator for telephone services for the period to Principles governing the price capping of Universal Service fixed-line communications. Universal Service rates are subject to price caps for the duration of the allocation for two rate service batches, one representing subscribers located in mainland France, the other representing subscribers in French overseas departments. Low income plans under Universal Service.

As a result of the public consultation of the Ministry of the Economy and under an agreement with the State, Orange offered a low-income Internet plan of 20 euros per month incl. VAT , plus 3 euros incl.

VAT for monthly Livebox rental. Regulation of fixed-line services wholesale offers. Cut in fixed-line call termination rates FTRs. Asymmetry level. Rate changes for wholesale offerings subject to cost orientation unbundling, analog and digital wholesale line rental, and call origination.

In France Telecom-Orange published new, lower rates for the regulated wholesale offers mainly partial unbundling, services related to unbundling, and wholesale line rental. The rate for full unbundling was not changed, however.

Rate changes on the bitstream offers. France Telecom-Orange is required to provide third-party operators with a DSL access and aggregation service called bitstream enabling them to offer their own broadband service throughout France. When the retail activities use network resources that correspond to wholesale services subject to a separate accounting obligation, these resources are valued in the separate accounts at wholesale rates and not at cost. These obligations were first implemented in in respect of FY The fiscal year was deemed compliant by the Arcep and has been extended to every year since.

Approval by the Minister of Electronic Communications of the decision relating to special regulations that apply outside densely populated areas.

Opinion of the Competition Authority concerning drafts of market analysis decisions 4 and 5. Opinion of the European Commission concerning drafts of market analysis decisions 4 and 5. Decisions no. Recommendation by the Arcep concerning ways to provide access to fiber optic, high capacity broadband lines in certain buildings in very densely populated areas, particularly those with fewer than 12 dwelling units.

Approval by the European Commission of Part B of the national high capacity broadband program. Regulatory framework governing high capacity broadband offers at end Summary of principles defined since applicable at national level:.

Decision no. Regulatory framework for sharing in high-density areas. Regulatory framework for sharing outside high-density areas. National high capacity broadband program. This program aims for, outside high-density areas, a system for labeling and public co-financing of private operator projects for the densest segments within these areas, completed by public initiative projects beyond these sectors.

The national program is organized into three parts:. Higher speed on copper. The objective of higher speed on copper is to offer greater ease of use and access to a larger range of services to subscribers already eligible for ADSL but whose line is located far from the switch. Pursuant to obligations arising from the market analysis, France Telecom-Orange published a wholesale offer for reconfiguring operators located outside of areas where the installation of a high capacity broadband network has been planned in the medium term by a private operator and placed into its offer of access to the local copper loop the specific services associated with unbundling as part of increased speeds on copper.

Regulation of broadcasting and content. Online TV task force, mandated by the government. Personal mobile television: launch by the CSA of the final regulatory phase before closing the case. CSA authorization on television sound levels advertising and program screens. Online TV task force. Personal mobile television PMT. The terms and conditions devised in laws and regulations have thus far been unable to generate an economically viable solution to deploying a dedicated television network on mobile terminals via a wireless link.

On-demand audiovisual media services SMAD. This version is less burdensome to implement and less restrictive on distributors, while still providing a high level of security in terms of the protection of minors in particular. Sound intensity of television programs.

Fixed-line and Internet. Source: Orange. France Telecom-Orange provides the following additional financial indicators for its Internet and fixed-line and mobile telephony activities in order to compare them with the domestic data of its peers.

Fixed-line and Internet Ebitda. Fixed-line and Internet Capex. Fixed telephony and Internet activities. Consumer Services. Wholesale Services. Other services. ARPU in euros per month. Fixed telephone lines. Broadband Internet. The range of services in the Home segment in France is made up of:. Traditional Fixed-Line telephony services and other consumer services.

In addition, France Telecom-Orange offers its fixed-line telephony subscribers a broad range of value-added services. The price of telephone communications services is subject to regulation.

Further to the rapid growth in full unbundling, wholesale subscriptions, and wholesale naked ADSL access to third-party Internet service providers, traditional telephone service business is on the decline.

Other consumer services public phones, cards, information services have also been in decline for several years. France Telecom-Orange, while gradually reducing the number of public telephones, does maintain existing public telephones under Universal Service. Competition for phone cards is very strong, particularly for international destinations. In the context of information market deregulation, France Telecom-Orange, backed by its experience, offers a full range of telephone information services, organized into multi-channel voice and Web formats Online Internet access, and Multimedia services.

The Internet market, however, is reaching maturity, reflected in high customer volatility. With the new Livebox Zen and Livebox Star plans, Orange offers unlimited calling to fixed-lines in continental France and to over destinations, unlimited calling to mobile phones, VOD catalogs and a TV recorder.

The Orange share of the new subscriber market increased by 2. IP telephony continued to grow up 7. In addition, the value of broadband ARPU remained nearly level The decrease in IP telephony revenues, due primarily to the geographic spread of unlimited use and to the inclusion in new offers of unlimited calling to mobile devices from a modem, was offset by the increase in revenues from television and from content.

Revenues from the Internet and on-line services grew 2. This is equivalent to This decrease is due to lower prices, the inclusion of unlimited calling from fixed-line to mobile in the triple play and quadruple play offers and to the impact of higher VAT. As compared with the traditional ADSL offers, this solution makes it possible to have faster access to the Internet and to messaging services and to download more quickly; to transfer very large files; to take part in video conferences with a very high image quality; to synchronize data rapidly with remote servers and to take advantage of cloud computing services.

This formula has been coupled with other services like call waiting, Internet, pro messaging, e-faxing and technical support. Internet portals and advertising management business. The France Telecom-Orange Group has several portals:. The primary revenue source is on-line advertising sold by the Orange Advertising Network.

This advertising management department sells advertising space for about 20 third-party sites, both web and mobile. For the second year in a row, there was growth in revenues from advertising sales in On the other hand, due to the intense competition from Google, Voila search engine revenues declined in Content-related activities.

To deliver its content services, the Group has implemented a set of service platforms that include technical protection measures as well as tools for digital rights management, which ensure the integrity of the works and compensation for the copyright holders. France Telecom-Orange also participates actively in content security through its subsidiary, Viaccess.

Carrier services. Carrier services include interconnection services for competing operators regulated by the Arcep and unbundling and wholesale market services. The growth in business on the wholesale market partially offsets the decline in interconnection service revenues.

The first wholesale offers available to alternative operators national IP offer, regional bitstream offer, and partial unbundling offer required that the end customer also have a telephone subscription with France Telecom-Orange. In , with the growth in full unbundling, operators were able to start offering broadband access with no subscription for traditional telephone services.

Since the introduction by France Telecom-Orange in of a wholesale sales offer for subscriptions to telephone service and a wholesale offer for naked ADSL, the other operators have been able to propose offers which include line subscriptions.

Since , naked bitstream has been added to full unbundling outside unbundled areas to allow alternative operators to extend their non-subscription broadband offers to the entire territory. Since then, this type of access has steadily increased. Mobile telephony activities. Number of MVNO customers. Total ARPU in euros per year. Total AUPU in minutes per month. The total number of Orange mobile customers increased by 0.

This trend reflects a decline of 3. The customer mix continued to improve in , with subscription contracts accounting for This increase mainly reflects the success of the Origami segmented offers and Open offers.

Average revenue per user ARPU was down 3. This information is sometimes given using the future and conditional tenses and words such as should, could, would , or introduced by conjugated or unconjugated forms of the expressions expect, consider, believe, anticipate, suggest, pursue, predict, benefit, perform, meet, increase, exceed, preserve, optimize, control, intend, continue, maintain, invest or be aimed at , or by words such as strategy, objective, prospects, outlook, trends, aim, change, intention, ambition, risk, potential, implementation, roll out, commitment or progression.

Although Orange believes that its objectives are based on reasonable assumptions, these forward-looking statements are subject to numerous risks and uncertainties, including risks not yet known to us or not currently considered material by us, and there can be no assurance that anticipated events will occur or that the objectives set out will actually be achieved. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ from the results anticipated in the forward-looking statements include, among others:.

Orange's ability to exploit growth opportunities in new markets;. Orange's ability to adapt to the constant transformation of the telecommunications industry, in particular to technological changes and new customer expectations;. Orange's ability to access capital markets and the state of capital markets in general;.

Consolidated income statement. Consolidated statement of financial position. Consolidated statement of cash flows. Present in around 30 countries, the Group has a total customer base of more than million customers at December 31, Orange is also a leading provider of telecommunication services to multinational companies, under the brand Orange Business Services.

Orange, formerly France Telecom, is France's incumbent telecommunications operator. The Group has its origins in the Ministry for Mail, Telegraphs and Telephone, later to become the General Directorate of Telecommunications, which in was accorded the status of independent public entity and, on January 1, , renamed France Telecom.

At December 31, , the French State retained In a context of increased deregulation and competition, between and , the Group pursued a strategy of developing new services and accelerated its international growth with a number of strategic investments. These included, in particular, acquiring mobile operator Orange and the Orange brand, which had been created in , and taking a stake in Poland's incumbent operator, Telekomunikacja Polska renamed Orange Polska in At the end of , France Telecom started a large-scale refinancing plan for its debt to reinforce its balance sheet, as well as an operational improvements program, the success of which has allowed the Group to develop a global integrated-operator strategy by anticipating changes in the telecommunications industry.

In parallel, the Group streamlined its asset portfolio by selling off non-strategic subsidiaries and holdings. In , Orange became the single brand of the Group for Internet, television and mobile services in most countries where the Group operates, and Orange Business Services the brand for services offered to businesses throughout the world.

Since , Orange has pursued a selective acquisition policy mainly focused on emerging markets in particular Africa and the Middle East , while attempting to grasp opportunities for consolidation in markets where the Group was already present.

It also resulted in the joint venture with Deutsche Telekom that combined UK business under the EE brand on April 1, , as well as in the disposal of Orange Switzerland. On July 1, , the Company adopted the name Orange. In July , the Group launched a new strategic plan Conquest This initiative is simultaneously aimed at its employees, customers and shareholders, and more generally at the society in which the Company operates. For more information on Orange's strategy see Section 2.

Business in At the end of , the Orange Group grew its worldwide customer base by 2. This increase reflects the continued strength of growth in mobile phone services in Africa and the Middle East, where numbers rose 7.

In Africa, the Orange Money application had 8. In other geographical regions mobile contracts also grew strongly, by 6. Fixed broadband had Price reductions linked to regulatory measures remain significant.

Excluding regulatory measures, the fall in revenues is limited to 2. However, revenues grew by 4. At the same time, Orange maintained its development capacity by pursuing its investments, notably in high capacity mobile and fixed broadband 4G, fiber-optic and VDSL , which doubled in comparison to Total investments amounted to 5.

Group footprint in Amounts in accordance with. IFRS in millions of euros except. Operating Income. Finance costs, nets. Consolidated net income after tax of continuing operations. Consolidated net income after tax of discontinued operations. Net income per share of continuing operations attributable to owners of the parent. Net income per share attributable to owners of the parent company. Dividend per share for the fiscal year. Earnings per share calculated on a comparable basis.

Amounts in accordance with IFRS. Property, plant and equipment. Total assets. Net financial debt. Equity attributable to owners of the parent. Includes goodwill and other intangible assets. Net cash provided by operating activities. Net cash used in investing activities. Purchase of property, plant and equipment and intangible assets.

Net cash used in financing activities. Cash and cash equivalents at year-end. Company operating under the Orange brand. Orange controls the Strategy Committee, which makes recommendations to the Board of Directors. For further information on subsidiaries, see Note 17 List of main consolidated companies to the consolidated financial statements Section 4. Market growth by region. Key trends and developments.

European Union. Enterprise Segment. Other EU countries where the Orange Group operates. Other non-EU countries where the Orange Group operates. The Business Environment. The Conquest strategic project. Orange priorities Operational risks. Legal risks. Financial risks. These forward-looking statements are subject to numerous risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from the results anticipated in the forward-looking statements.

Please also consult the information under the heading Forward-looking information at the start of this document. There is still a correlation between the expansion of ICT markets and economic growth but it is less marked than in the past. In addition, the digital sector, long considered more resilient in tough times than other parts of the economy, now seems to have lost some of its immunity. The long economic crisis has hit telecoms services in mature countries particularly hard.

Source: Idate. Source: Idate - IMF. This was linked to several factors:. The rise of unlimited-use contracts and the success of IP applications VoIP, instant messaging have successfully generated volume growth but at the price of varying degrees of reduction in value.

The European telecoms market thus finds itself faced with slowing revenue growth at a time when it needs to invest in mobile and fixed infrastructure to keep pace with rising traffic and new technologies building new generation networks - NGN. Telecoms services in the USA are still relatively dynamic. Price pressures are less severe than in Europe and North American operators have managed to sustain margins while rolling out broadband. The TV component of multiplay offers is a particularly strong source of revenues.

Emerging markets Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East have seen the growth rates of their economies slow, while still growing faster than mature markets, particularly in Europe. Fixed-line telephony. In developed countries, the migration of fixed-line toward all-IP networks and the replacement of fixed-line usage by mobile or instant messaging have driven a decline in traditional switched PSTN fixed-line telephony.

Revenues from fixed-line telephony have been falling consistently for years as volumes and subscriptions fall. However, in most other emerging markets, such as African and Middle Eastern countries, the current installed capacity is holding steady or even growing. Mobile broadband.

Falling prices have helped make mobile telephony universally accessible. The ITU estimates that at end mobile networks had around 6.

Driven by the explosion of data traffic to smartphones, tablets and other connected devices, itself related to the demand for video-heavy OTT applications, mobile broadband has become a major avenue of development, taking over from telephony. Fixed broadband. The number of households with internet access is rising across all regions of the world, but major disparities persist between mature and developing markets, reflecting the gap in IT equipment penetration.

Je confirme, pas de lecteur mp3. En si jamais on met Bluetooth en marche, il vide la batterie en 2 jours. De qui se moque-t-on??? A topped up balance will stay valid forever, but a printed voucher needs to be redeemed within 3 months.

To check your balance, send an empty SMS to or check your personal account called Espace client. Data is at a low 0. But they charge a minimum consumption fee of 1. This will be completely credited on your consumption. But if there is no usage, 1. If you are running low on credit, your line will be suspended after 90 days. They stay strictly prepaid and are charged from your account. The plan is debited on the 1st of the month or at purchase of the starter pack and runs for the rest of the calendar month.

Their combined plans can be customised according to your anticipated usage and can be changed for every month. But you must do this online on your account by the last day of the previous month. If you don't change them, they will auto-renew. International calls included are to only 62 countries listed, mainly EU ones. Overuse on the internet plans is charged at 0. Plans can be changed only online in the previous for the following month.

If you are running low on credit having booked a plan, your line will be suspended on the 28th of the month. You can upsize your data during the running month by adding data add-ons which are called Rallonges:. These add-ons can be activated several times either online on your account or by calling They accumulate, but won't roll over to the next month.

They sell contracts and prepaid SIM cards to be added by combo or data passes. Syma mobile prepaid SIM cards can be ordered for 4. They come with 15 MB data, 15 dom. SMS preloaded valid for a month. Alternatively, they can be purchased from many French tabacs tobacconists and kiosks and chain stores e. New SIM cards must be activated over the phone in French, by mail, online, go to ' enregister ' and place a local call. PIN code is set by default to The SIM stays valid for 6 months initially to be extended for 12 months by any recharge.

Online international credit cards are not accepted. For their prepaid SIM still available, internet default data is at 0. They only offer 3 passes to be activated by SMS or app valid for 30 days:. They sell prepaid SIM cards to be added by combo or data passes. Vectone mobile prepaid SIM cards can be ordered for free through their website , mailed to a French postal address.

Vectone sends its SIM cards abroad too, but only in the 9 countries, it's operating order site. They can be also purchased in some French kiosks, where you can register too and need to make a top-up. You can also top-up by PaySafeCard.

The validity of each top-up is for 90 days. When you don't use the services at least once every days your SIM will be disconnected from the network. A minimum balance of 0. They sell these packages called passes each valid for 30 days:. I have had my Free sim card I don't want to be caught out again. I had a mobicard for years and never had any trouble. Hi, I have the same problem.

Mine lost service after a week in the uk, don't know if this is normal Came back as soon as we hit Calais. Discussions General Free Mobile Recent Discussions. Free Mobile A Villa Management. ChristopherL It's a great offer. LeighA My boyfriend signed up with Free this morning. Abroad to abroad calls are 2. Incoming calls when abroad are 0. Drumcondra Hi. To keep your existing phone number you need a RIO which you can get from your old operator.

Ras The biggest crime of the other mobile operators in France, in my opinion, is the expiration of pre-pay credit, and the expiration of the line. Ras I meant the mobile cellular data. Thanks Like. ChristopherL Free are very easy to find.

Their mobile deal is explained here ;. ChristopherL Free are using Orange infrastructure so your experience with Orange should prevail. MelaNice I would also be interested in hearing if anyone has completed the process and what that experience was like. MelaNice I was reading the tarif's and one thing to watch out for is calls to Monaco mobiles are.

LeighA 0. MelaNice I have been a Free client for 7 years and think they have one of the best customer services around. MelaNice Ok so my friend ordered hers on the 25th of Jan and was told that her portability would happen on the 17th of Feb but she had not received her sim, so her line when dead at about 3 PM of Friday. Crossfamily Try calling them in the middle of the day if you can as I have called them twice just recently and did not wait any longer than a couple of rings. K I ordered mine the day they announced the new policy and received the SIM card about a week after that, I have been using it fore more than 3 weeks and I have to say it is a bit disapointing.

PhilP Hi Does anyone know the cellular data network settings? Thanks for any help in advance PhilP Like. MelaNice Stuart06, If you cancel it yourself don't you risk losing your number?? MelaNice Here's a brief summary of my experience. MelaNice Good question ThinkLucky! Floridian I would walk into the SFR shop and ask. Depanordique thinklucky: Do not cancel your current contract with SFR, your new provider will do it for you.

TomTom We had 2 lines with sfr that had a base cost of 65 euros and with additional time come to between 80 to euros every month. BBCradio Like. Depanordique Brianna: As thinklucky says, skip 1 and go straight to 2. Brianna Thanks so much for your reply.

TomTom We have moved 2 sfr lines to free and it has been excellent. Crossfamily Thought I would give you my Free story so far as there seems to be a few variations. I will update when I have more news. Louise and Dave signed up for the 20 euro offer for myself and the 2 euro offer for my son.

TomTom Cross family: If the GreenLeaf I think I remember the CEO of Free saying that until Apple starts paying there workers fairly and stops using child labor that they will not be providing Apple products.

RollerGirl I have looked through this thread but can't find out any information on the cost of using internet on the Many thanks, in advance Like. TomTom see page 27 onwards for data costs abroad with the Thank you Like. Crossfamily Hi, I had intial problems just with my sim card a new one was sent and I have been with Free now for just on 2 months and could not be happier.

I have travelled to quite a few areas and not had any probs with reception at all. Would have no probs telling you to swap over. MelaNice pennychanteuse, plenty of people have posted quite honestly how their Free experience has gone. Chris Like. Pas de soucis avec la Hotline, pas de coups foireux?

La quoi? Bruno Defrance. Pas de commentaire. Envoyer ma note.

Washington, DC FORM 6-K. April 29, Commission File Number Address of principal executive offices. Indicate by check mark whether the Registrant files or will file. Form F. Indicate by check mark if the Registrant is submitting the. Indicate by check mark whether the Registrant, by furnishing the. Commission pursuant to Rule 12g b forfait free 2 euros mms reception the Securities Exchange Act of Registrant in connection with Forfait free 2 euros mms reception 12g b : This document was esl worksheets for adults free printable by the issuer and is binding on its signatories. Copies of the Registration Document are forfait free 2 euros mms reception from Orange at its registered office. This document is also available on the Orange website: www. Table of contents. forfait free 2 euros mms reception This French particularity called "forfait sans engagement" = rolling contract or auto-renewing But the contract can be terminated at any time by free will. Le French Mobile: prepaid voice/data SIM card (Euro SIM), prepaid data SIM card (​Data SIM) 20 €, 2 GB (20 GB*), 30 days, 6 months, unlimited calls, SMS, MMS. Forfaits mobiles et internet: promotions chez Orange, SFR, Free, Bouygues Ils proposent tous les trois les appels, SMS et MMS illimités en France. et proposé sans engagement et à vie à 22 euros par mois (tant que vous SFR Fibre ( Mb/s en envoi et émission) + forfait 2 heures Mo à Ce dernier propose les appels et les SMS / MMS illimités ainsi que 4 Go de data le forfait 2 heures de communication et Mo de data à 0 € par mois durant Prixtel propose son forfait "Le complet" à partir de 3,99 euros par mois au je me demande ce qu'ils valent sur la 4G et la qualité de réception. /forfaiteuros-recevoir-envoyer-sms-mms-cocher-itinerance /​g-puce-prixtel-operateur-orange-4g-puce-free T+​ -forfait/probleme-connection-internet-reception-mail-mms-thtml /free-​mobile-forfait/impossible-envoyer-et-recevoir-mms-freeeuros-thtml. › which-is-the-best-phone-and-internet-operator-in-. Free is France's newest operator being only six years old but it is coming as little as €2 a month and you get two hours of calls, unlimited SMS/MMS and coverage or internet reception, including streaming YouTube videos. De même, si beaucoup de forfaits mobile proposent un mode «modem l'Airbox 4G de la marque munie d'une carte SIM incluant 2 Go utilisables pendant un. permet de visualiser les incidents sur le réseau adsl de free Les informations relatives à la facturation des MMS sur le forfait free à 2€ Depuis j'ai fait d'autres tests d'envoi et réception de MMS qui ont fonctionné, avec data, forfait 2€, forfait deux euros, free mobile, freemobile, MMS | Laisser un​. Incoming SMS are free. MMS received/sent: CHF /MMS. Talk EU & USA is not compatible if your subscription already includes European & USA roaming. En savoir plus. En poursuivant votre navigation, vous acceptez l'utilisation de cookies sur le site et nos partenaires tiers. Voir l'offre. Orange mobile ne commercialise pas de forfait 2 euros par mois. En stock. A vous de faire votre choix. On peut pas tt avoir dans la vie, faut arreter de se plaindre!! Il suffit d etre adulte et de savoir lire le suivi conso. Utilisateur existant? Tout marche bien. Tags free mobile mms. Il nous partage son point de vue sur la facturation. Par advance merci. Astuces Apps. Son contenu est correct. forfait free 2 euros mms reception