forfait free mobile 2 euros mms

forfait free mobile 2 euros mms

All forums. Level Contributor. Report inappropriate content. Related: What are the most popular tours in France? See all. Re: Free Mobile. Destination Expert for Paris, Loire Valley. Cross family:. If the You need to check the setting on your phone. This is quite simple if you follow the screen shots on the free help website.

You need to say you want roaming while in France for data and you have to set up a Mobile Access Point Name. You would have to do this with SFR and Orange as well, if the standard settings on the sim did not work. I have an iphone and with the registered letter respectfully requested to have it unblocked.

This did not happen. Just another example of the SFR incompetence,I received an SMS from SFR yesterday informing me if I don't pay the unpaid account within five days by credit card the service will be terminated,I assume they are refering to the old contract which was terminated last month including cancellation of the direct debit attributed to their company within the respective time delays.

I'd like to sign up with free,we already have their internet,but does anyone know when they are getting the iphone in? I'm fairly sure you would get an answer to your question directly from the company themselves. I think I remember the CEO of Free saying that until Apple starts paying there workers fairly and stops using child labor that they will not be providing Apple products.

I have looked through this thread but can't find out any information on the cost of using internet on the Is this possible? And how much are they charging? Have the sim card already and everything is working good! Just wanna know what happens if I try using it away, will i get email? Just to say for anyone interested, I have been on FREE for 2 months now and it couldn't be smoother, recommended.

Thank you. I had intial problems just with my sim card a new one was sent and I have been with Free now for just on 2 months and could not be happier. I will repeat mine. I am a happy, happy, happy with my free phone. I won't even go into the joy I have when I call someone in the US and talk and talk and talk and again no hidden fees or tricks.

FYI, Virgins unlimited trick is you can only call 90 numbers a month unlimited. SFR only When free says unlimited they mean unlimited.

You are billed by the second. I have also been with then for 7 years for my land line, internet and TV. I am a FREE slave and happy about it!!! Hi, I am with Free mobile since January and it works fine.

I have also the freebox, so I don't pay anything , I am very satisfied. Has anyone successfully managed to buy an iPhone from them? I can log in to buy the sim but whenever i try to buy the phone a message about paying by card flashes up and i cant log in? Any help greatfully received,thanks. Hi, I'm also looking into going for the iPhone 4S with Free Mobile, but worried about taking this 'risk' given I haven't heard fab feedback about this network.

Has anyone opted for this and had a good experience? Thanks, K. I have a Iphone 4 and it works fine I have had no problems at all. Reception is fine and I travel alot and have yet to find somewhere that it does not work. I now have my sim and iPhone with them and everything is great,both arrived really fast and it was very easy to set up.

The only difficulty I'm having is that I can't send or receive photos,do any of you know what I have to do so i can? I have tried free. In half of Monaco your are offline. It should be quite easy, just dont know where to find this option. Yes, Alex, Monaco is not France free.

FR , Read your terms of service or download it from the website to find out how to un-suscribe. Hi Alex,. I had orange before and it worked everywhere with no problem as it uses monaco telecom antennas Month 4 and still in love.

We've had nothing but problems with free. We each got a card and loved the price but not the service. We don't receive texts from abroad. The network is terrible in the afternoon: the line goes straight to voice mail without ringing or the call is dropped. Outgoing calls won't connect, we have to try numerous times before a call will go through. Giving it another month hopefully the company can sort things out! Make sure to top-up the bundle as soon as you hit 50 MB left. These top-ups are available for France:.

Activation of bundles is online on your account or by texting code to Top-up online or in Tabac shops and newsagents that sell PaySafeCards. Out-of-bundle rate for data is 0. These top-ups are available:. Their website and customer service are available for a change in both French and English, making it a good choice for those with limited French language skills.

Lebara mobile SIM cards can be ordered free of charge through Lebara's website , mailed to a French postal address. Some users report that after a delay of weeks, they may be mailed to a foreign address too, if it's typed into the online form. Recharges are available through the same channels or by international credit card online. The SIM is triple-cut and credit lasts from 30 to 90 days depending top-up amount.

SIM cards that have not been used or topped up for 90 days will expire. Foreign details are accepted. SIM cards ordered online and received on mail will be pre-activated as the phone company has these details from the online form.

SIMs bought from a shop can be activated by calling from your phone. This activation should be instant. You can select English on the voice menu option 2. When you activate your SIM you are requested for your name, passport number and address. You can ask on the same call to buy your data package or any additional asistance. For activation text code to All packages renew automatically if there is credit. Lebara in France has adopted roam like at home principles for roaming in other EU countries.

That means that you can take your included allowances abroad without extra fees up to a certain limit called EU cap in the table above. All use beyond is for a 0. Alternatively, they can be purchased from many French tabacs tobacconists and kiosks and chain stores including Relay, Monoprix, Carrefour and others store locator.

They can also be had for free from Paris telephone shops. Recharges are available through the same channels or by international credit card and PayPal online. Credit lasts from days depending top-up amount. New SIM cards must be activated by calling in French from your phone or online here in English providing a mail address, phone number, and ID number e.

Default data rate outside of packages is 0. They offer these data packages on up to 4G valid for 30 days. Lycamobile also offers combo packages with unlimited calls and SMS all valid 30 days and auto-renew :.

While it sells forfaits plans like many other operators, it stays strictly on a prepaid basis. Therefore it doesn't need to be linked to a French bank card, but can be loaded by cash too. It gives great rates, but has some restrictions summed up at the end. The SIM card is exclusively sold at the stores of the E.

All the different forfaits shown below are offered too. The non-used portion of the month will be refunded to your account. Mini, micro and nano sizes are available. Forfait mobile : les forfaits Sosh 20 Go et 50 Go en promotion!

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It only takes a minute to sign up. I bought a SIM card for I used my credit card and they didn't take down any of my personal details. Your Message. The details you provide on this page will not be used to send any unsolicited e-mail, and will not be sold to a third party. Privacy Policy. Send Message. Remember me. Notre comparatif des meilleurs forfaits 4G sans engagement. Does anyone know anything about Free. It's possible to get a month's worth without a contract for Does one need an address in France to get a sim card?

I have not signed up yet, but I will certainly move away from the network I am with as soon as I can, my bills are a joke and I get a lot less than free are offering, sounds like a great offer if free actually pull forfait free mobile 2 euros mms off!! It's a great offer. They have the competition shaking in their boots. Prepare to see a price war! By the way - did you see that for current ADSL customers ftee Free are now offering 60 minutes no-frills mobile phone forfait for how much??? Great for your kids. Let the battle commence. My boyfriend signed forfait free mobile 2 euros mms with Free this comment se connecter au hotspot free. He was with Simyo and Free will cancel that for him. Should he want to cancel with Free, he can whenever he wants without a penalty. For 20 Euros per forfait free mobile 2 euros mms he gets:. Thank you for that, I just tried to contact my current provider to see what they would offer but after 10mins of waiting I was cut freee Yes I agree at last monopolies trembling,there's fairly comprehensive details concerning the offer on the link forfait free mobile 2 euros mms. Can you transfer existing phone number over or have to get a new sim and number? It is easier than that to get a RIO. forfait free mobile 2 euros mms Free Mobile in General - discussions forum on French Riviera, Angloinfo. The 3GB inclusive data deal that they have offered on the € GSM forfait is maybe So for 2 euros am I right in thinking you can just buy a sim card, stick it in an old phone and "Calls and sms work fine, but MMS and internet don't work. 1/2. PRESS RELEASE. Paris, March 14, Free Mobile Plan: unlimited calls, texts and MMS in Europe and the French overseas departments (DOM);. Le premier est RED by SFR, dont le forfait mobile Go coûte actuellement 20 euros par mois. En plus, les SMS, MMS et appels sont inclus. Hi I will be traveling to Marseille France from USA 3 times a year for 2 weeks at a a US cell phone (1 euro for MMS). Grâce à ses Freebox et ses forfaits Free Mobile, la marque a fortement Free Mobile 2h d'appels SMS / MMS illimités + 50 Mo data internet à 2 euros par mois​. Etats-Unis: Free Mobile: Tarifs des appels, sms, mms depuis et vers l'étranger de l'opérateur. Pour le Forfait Free Mobile et le Forfait à 2 euros. Trouvez. Proposé à 4,99 € par mois sans engagement, le forfait B&You 2 heures 5 Appels et SMS/MMS illimités en France; Internet mobile avec 20 ou 50 Go son forfait mobile "Série Spéciale" en promotion à partir de 6,99 euros. Bon plan forfaits mobiles: B&You, Free Mobile, Red by SFR, Sosh et Auchan, Appels et SMS/MMS illimités en France; Internet mobile avec 50 Go de data Prixtel propose une offre en série spéciale à partir de 6,99 euros par mois Enfin, Auchan Télécom propose jusqu'au 2 avril, le forfait mobile sans. Un bon plan intéressant pour ceux à la recherche d'un forfait mobile où Cdiscount proposait un forfait mobile 30 Go à 2,99 € par mois, le site Le forfait comprend les appels, SMS et MMS illimités en France Free offre le Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 avec le forfait Go à 19,99 € en vente privée sur Veepee. 25GB outside of France on 3G (Canada included) for 20 euros a month. Since I don't really call Is it unlimited texts as well, or just mms? It states "From moins 2 points · 1 year ago1 child. level 2. Par advance merci. Tags free mobile mms. Free Mobile iPhone. Voir l'offre. Ta solution fonctionne! Astuces Apps. En savoir plus. En savoir plus Accepter. Contacter Free. En savoir plus. Forfait SIM. Retrouvez dans le tableau ci-dessous, toutes les destinations incluses dans le Free Mobile forfait 2 euros :. Quand je vais sur mon compte free, je ne trouve pas cet option DATA. forfait free mobile 2 euros mms