forfait internet et telephone mobile free

forfait internet et telephone mobile free

So far I very much like what I'm hearing. Thought I would give you my Free story so far as there seems to be a few variations. I ordered the My However my 2 euro sim card is not working it states "invalid or missing sim" no matter what phone I but it in. My guess there is a problem with my sim.

I have tried calling Free a several times and seem to get cut off or they hang up not sure. Does any one have any suggestions? Don't get me wrong I am not complaining as up until now all ran very smoothly and have been very impressed. So far, so good. Cross family:. If the You need to check the setting on your phone. This is quite simple if you follow the screen shots on the free help website. You need to say you want roaming while in France for data and you have to set up a Mobile Access Point Name.

You would have to do this with SFR and Orange as well, if the standard settings on the sim did not work. I have an iphone and with the registered letter respectfully requested to have it unblocked. This did not happen. Just another example of the SFR incompetence,I received an SMS from SFR yesterday informing me if I don't pay the unpaid account within five days by credit card the service will be terminated,I assume they are refering to the old contract which was terminated last month including cancellation of the direct debit attributed to their company within the respective time delays.

I'd like to sign up with free,we already have their internet,but does anyone know when they are getting the iphone in? I'm fairly sure you would get an answer to your question directly from the company themselves. I think I remember the CEO of Free saying that until Apple starts paying there workers fairly and stops using child labor that they will not be providing Apple products.

I have looked through this thread but can't find out any information on the cost of using internet on the Is this possible? And how much are they charging? Have the sim card already and everything is working good! Just wanna know what happens if I try using it away, will i get email? Just to say for anyone interested, I have been on FREE for 2 months now and it couldn't be smoother, recommended.

Thank you. I had intial problems just with my sim card a new one was sent and I have been with Free now for just on 2 months and could not be happier. I will repeat mine. I am a happy, happy, happy with my free phone. I won't even go into the joy I have when I call someone in the US and talk and talk and talk and again no hidden fees or tricks. FYI, Virgins unlimited trick is you can only call 90 numbers a month unlimited.

SFR only When free says unlimited they mean unlimited. You are billed by the second. I have also been with then for 7 years for my land line, internet and TV.

I am a FREE slave and happy about it!!! Hi, I am with Free mobile since January and it works fine. I have also the freebox, so I don't pay anything , I am very satisfied. Has anyone successfully managed to buy an iPhone from them? I can log in to buy the sim but whenever i try to buy the phone a message about paying by card flashes up and i cant log in?

Any help greatfully received,thanks. Hi, I'm also looking into going for the iPhone 4S with Free Mobile, but worried about taking this 'risk' given I haven't heard fab feedback about this network. Has anyone opted for this and had a good experience? Thanks, K.

I have a Iphone 4 and it works fine I have had no problems at all. Reception is fine and I travel alot and have yet to find somewhere that it does not work.

I now have my sim and iPhone with them and everything is great,both arrived really fast and it was very easy to set up. The only difficulty I'm having is that I can't send or receive photos,do any of you know what I have to do so i can?

I have tried free. In half of Monaco your are offline. It should be quite easy, just dont know where to find this option. Yes, Alex, Monaco is not France free. FR , Read your terms of service or download it from the website to find out how to un-suscribe. Hi Alex,. I had orange before and it worked everywhere with no problem as it uses monaco telecom antennas Month 4 and still in love. We've had nothing but problems with free. We each got a card and loved the price but not the service.

We don't receive texts from abroad. The network is terrible in the afternoon: the line goes straight to voice mail without ringing or the call is dropped. Outgoing calls won't connect, we have to try numerous times before a call will go through. Giving it another month hopefully the company can sort things out! In which locality do you experience those issues EmondA? AlexMCai, Yes that is the address and it will get there. However even though there are these problems, IMHO they do not come close to outweighing the benefits like, much cheaper international texts and being charged by the second for my non included international calls!!

Or my favorite, if I need to call in about my Freebox, I call with my cell and then I do not have to pay for the call!! My Solution: check voice mail more often the call is dropped Why: I don't really know why, but this rarely happens and this happened with bouygtel as well.

So when you try to make a call if there is a high demand at that moment we Free people get but to the back of the line, but again I had this problem with bouygtel but maybe a little more often now. I hope this helps. Thanks for your suggestions, MelaNice.

We're in Nice. As for "fighting the power" other companies have already dropped their rates. In addition to EmondA's points: the data plan does not work in certain European countries which is ridiculous. Then however I get stuck with a screen that says 'SIM verrou'? I have checked on my account page on the Free site and it shows that all should be well and the account active. How do I get thru this screen?

The phone was originally purchased on a 'pay as you go' SFR plan - is this where the problem is? Do you need to buy a new phone to use with the Free SIM? Cheers all! Looks like your phone is SIM locked. There is a great place halfway down the Boulevard Carnot in Cannes on the right as you head toward the town who will unlock it for between 15 and 30 Euros depending on the brand. I still have a couple of questions: 1 I take it the SIM card will work in an unlocked MIFI router and sharing the connection shouldn't be an issue as long as you stay within the 3GB download limit?

Presumably using their hotspots have no impact on your 3GB data allowance? Has anyone cancelled yet and is it straightforward to stop the direct debit payments? Many people have asked for such a solution. As a Freenaute, you already get WiFi hotspot codes.

I don't know how you receive similar codes if you are a SIM-only customer. Maybe you don't? I would share exactly the same presumption. ChristopherL, thanks for the reply. I've already jumped the gun on the Mifi router by purchasing one locally I'm not in France yet. I will try and setup a direct debit to my account at home - at least I can deal with my local bank in English rather than struggle with our French bank when it comes to cancelling.

I'll bet you anything you like that you cannot use a non-French bank I already tried. The reason is that Free is very heavily automated and their systems expect the bank details in strict RIB format. You are right, it's national bank account numbers only they don't accept an IBAN number with a country prefix. I just have to wait and see what the next steps are when the SIM arrives in post.

Hey guys, I'm moving to France for a year in a couple months and I think I'm going to bring my Galaxy S2 over and sign up with Free Mobile, my question is, can I sign up for the sim now so I have it when I get there or do I need to wait till I'm in France to sign up for this service?

I'd call but my French isn't the best and long distance charges would kill me. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. Hi, you can sign up for it before you leave for France. I ordered mine on 15th June, got billed for it on the 18th, and it was marked shipped the next day but still no sign of it, I'm starting to get a little worried its gone missing in the post. Much better to do this online than calling - it is all very straightforward. Hi, does anybody have an email contact for Free.

My sim card never arrived and my French is definitely not up to a technical conversation. As far as I am aware there isn't a direct contact email address,take a look at these links and see if you can find a solution.

Looking at the dates you mention I would suggest maybe waiting another week or so,failing that I reckon a possible way forward would be a telephone call to the number by someone who could explain the situation. Hi all, I've been with free for 6 months and have never been able to receive SMS from overseas. Does everyone else have this problem? Ive contacted free a few times and they have not been able to offer me any solutions..

They can't call me from abroad either. I haven't as yet attempted talking to Free yet but have been summoning up courage to call the support because techy stuff in french isn't exactly my forte. Very disheartening to hear that Free can't rectify it for you. What to do. Any ideas anyone please?

I have had my Free sim card I don't want to be caught out again. I had a mobicard for years and never had any trouble. Hi, I have the same problem. Mine lost service after a week in the uk, don't know if this is normal Came back as soon as we hit Calais.

Discussions General Free Mobile Recent Discussions. Free Mobile Independent Real Estate Sales Consultant. ChristopherL It's a great offer. LeighA My boyfriend signed up with Free this morning. Abroad to abroad calls are 2. Incoming calls when abroad are 0. Drumcondra Hi. To keep your existing phone number you need a RIO which you can get from your old operator. Ras The biggest crime of the other mobile operators in France, in my opinion, is the expiration of pre-pay credit, and the expiration of the line.

Ras I meant the mobile cellular data. Thanks Like. ChristopherL Free are very easy to find. Their mobile deal is explained here ;.

ChristopherL Free are using Orange infrastructure so your experience with Orange should prevail. MelaNice I would also be interested in hearing if anyone has completed the process and what that experience was like.

MelaNice I was reading the tarif's and one thing to watch out for is calls to Monaco mobiles are. LeighA 0. MelaNice I have been a Free client for 7 years and think they have one of the best customer services around. MelaNice Ok so my friend ordered hers on the 25th of Jan and was told that her portability would happen on the 17th of Feb but she had not received her sim, so her line when dead at about 3 PM of Friday.

Crossfamily Try calling them in the middle of the day if you can as I have called them twice just recently and did not wait any longer than a couple of rings. K I ordered mine the day they announced the new policy and received the SIM card about a week after that, I have been using it fore more than 3 weeks and I have to say it is a bit disapointing.

PhilP Hi Does anyone know the cellular data network settings? Thanks for any help in advance PhilP Like. This new operator shook up the French mobile phone industry when it entered the market in with its low-cost offers. Free's business model is based on providing no-frills service at low prices think Henry Ford and "you can have any colour as long as it's black".

Mobile phone plans are discounted when you purchase an Internet plan with Free. As of , Free Mobile has 6 main offers for Internet, know as its Freebox :. The Free internet boxes require a one-year contract where you pay a reduced tariff during the first year, after which the price increases , except for the Delta and Delta S boxes which don't come with a commitment.

It comes with the following:. The Crystal Freebox package comes with Internet and a fixed telephone line and includes:. As far as tariffs go, prices vary from one box to another and depend on how long you have been subscribed. Look out for Free internet promotions , too. Customer reviews for Free Mobile France - as is the case for all providers - are mixed. Here is a quick summary of what customers say about Free:. Free does not currently offer English-speaking customer service.

Find all the ways to get in touch with Free in our guide to contacting Free. This number is free of charge for fixed lines and is available every day of the week. You can use this number for queries regarding Free offers the different Freeboxes, Free TV, Free mobile plans or to sign up for a plan.

If you need to contact Free and prefer to do so via the Internet , Free fortunately has many options for you to get in touch with them online. Firstly, you can download the Free Mobile app, " Face to Free ", available on iOS , Android and Amazon , which includes a video conferencing service to allow you to get in touch with a Free advisor directly.

This system can also be used to access online assistance and follow your customer service requests. Secondly, you can get help with a query by going through the Free Mobile assistance service:. If you are already a customer, you can also notify an issue via your Free Mobile online account.

You will need both your phone number and account password. You may also find answers to your questions on a Free online forum, known as " Newsgroups ". Finally, you can attempt to get in touch with Free via social media, on either Twitter or Facebook.

I have not signed up yet, but I will certainly move away from the network I am with as soon as I can, my bills are a joke and I get a lot less than free are offering, sounds like a great forfait internet et telephone mobile free if free actually pull it off!! It's a great offer. They have the competition shaking in their boots. Prepare to see a price war! By the way - did you see that for current ADSL customers that Free are now offering 60 minutes no-frills mobile phone forfait for how much??? Great forfait internet et telephone mobile free your kids. Let the battle commence. My boyfriend signed up with Free this morning. He was with Simyo and Free will cancel that for him. Should he want to cancel with Free, he can whenever he wants forfait internet et telephone mobile free a penalty. For 20 Euros per month he gets:. Thank you for that, I just tried to contact my current provider to see what they would offer but after 10mins of waiting I was cut of Yes I agree at last monopolies trembling,there's fairly comprehensive details concerning the offer on the link below. Can you transfer existing phone number over or have to get a new sim and number? It is easier than that forfait internet et telephone mobile free get a Forfait internet et telephone mobile free. Just call from your cellphone. That is a forfait internet et telephone mobile free call and an automated response will tell you your portability options, your period of engagement and will text you your RIO code if you qualify. The big operators are truly shaking. Orange had their Chief Executive deliver a pep talk to all employees yesterday to try to rally the troops. Some Orange boutique staff were stressed by the quantity of customers walking in and demanding better deals. Apparently there were forfait internet et telephone mobile free near riots. The biggest crime of the other mobile operators in France, in my opinion, is the expiration of pre-pay credit, and the expiration of the line. The 2 euros or zero! Not that they have much to free credit card numbers with cvv forfait internet et telephone mobile free Free Mobile, Low Cost Phone Plan and Internet Provider in France de ma volonté de résilier mon abonnement mobile Free désigné sous le. Free Mobile in General - discussions forum on French Riviera, Angloinfo. customers that Free are now offering 60 minutes no-frills mobile phone forfait for how much??? 60 min Free calls+ Data(if you are a free internet custommer). Free Mobile: Online Customer Service. If you need to contact Free and prefer to do so via the Internet, Free fortunately has many options for you to. Tout ceci pour permettre aux abonnés de rester en contact avec leurs proches et de Les bons plans Free: Internet dès € par mois et le forfait 50Go à moins de 10€. Le fournisseur Free vous permet d'alléger vos factures BOX et mobile. Avec, comparez tous les forfaits de téléphone mobile, les box Internet et les derniers smartphones en un clic! Faîtes des économies en profitant des. Free vous libère de la communication chère! Découvrez nos forfaits Free en tapant le #*1#. Ces forfait incluent appels, internet & whatsapp à partir de F. Le forfait Free proposé par Free est sans doute le forfait mobile 4G avec le que Go d'enveloppe d'Internet ; si vous êtes un abonné Freebox, le forfait baisse à Cliquez sur Choisir une carte SIM seule sans téléphone. 5GB/month mobile Internet access and unlimited calls, texts and MMS The Free Mobile Plan now includes roaming communications all year round enabled several million subscribers to use their mobile phone abroad at. Au niveau de la téléphonie, vous disposez des appels illimités vers les fixes Free Mobile propose son forfait Série Spéciale à 8,99 € par mois. Les forfaits Free mobile :. Roselu Taifor. Learn more about our process for controlling and publishing ratings. Afficher les 42 forfaits Effacer. Anselmo Carmello. Comparez les box Internet et les forfaits 4G. Learn more about our process for controlling and publishing ratings. Contact : 09 77 40 77 Alors, quand il est est offert, c'est encore mieux. Quels sont les forfaits Free mobile auxquels il est possible de souscrire chez Free, sont-ils avantageux? forfait internet et telephone mobile free