forfait mobile 2 99 eur free

forfait mobile 2 99 eur free

Iceland - I believed not part of the free pass package as I was charged for roaming. Especially near waterfalls areas or beaches, I get no service but it is to be expected ;. London - internet was good but sometimes I get no service. Switzerland - I believed also not part of the free pass package as I was charged for roaming, but internet service was fast and reliable. Thanks for posting the update. How were you charged for roaming?

I thought the plan was prepaid. Did they charge the card you purchased the sim with? If you are running low on credit, your line will be suspended after 90 days. They stay strictly prepaid and are charged from your account. The plan is debited on the 1st of the month or at purchase of the starter pack and runs for the rest of the calendar month.

Their combined plans can be customised according to your anticipated usage and can be changed for every month. But you must do this online on your account by the last day of the previous month.

If you don't change them, they will auto-renew. International calls included are to only 62 countries listed, mainly EU ones. Overuse on the internet plans is charged at 0. Plans can be changed only online in the previous for the following month. If you are running low on credit having booked a plan, your line will be suspended on the 28th of the month. You can upsize your data during the running month by adding data add-ons which are called Rallonges:.

These add-ons can be activated several times either online on your account or by calling They accumulate, but won't roll over to the next month. They sell contracts and prepaid SIM cards to be added by combo or data passes. Syma mobile prepaid SIM cards can be ordered for 4. They come with 15 MB data, 15 dom. SMS preloaded valid for a month. Alternatively, they can be purchased from many French tabacs tobacconists and kiosks and chain stores e.

New SIM cards must be activated over the phone in French, by mail, online, go to ' enregister ' and place a local call. PIN code is set by default to The SIM stays valid for 6 months initially to be extended for 12 months by any recharge. Online international credit cards are not accepted. For their prepaid SIM still available, internet default data is at 0.

They only offer 3 passes to be activated by SMS or app valid for 30 days:. They sell prepaid SIM cards to be added by combo or data passes. Vectone mobile prepaid SIM cards can be ordered for free through their website , mailed to a French postal address. Vectone sends its SIM cards abroad too, but only in the 9 countries, it's operating order site. They can be also purchased in some French kiosks, where you can register too and need to make a top-up.

You can also top-up by PaySafeCard. The validity of each top-up is for 90 days. When you don't use the services at least once every days your SIM will be disconnected from the network. A minimum balance of 0. They sell these packages called passes each valid for 30 days:. All packages auto-renew after 30 days, if there is enough credit. They provide access through a Mifi router called "miniBox" establishing a Wi-Fi connection.

The miniBox is delivered within three hours by express anywhere in Paris, in two days anywhere in France. After the rental, it need to be returned by mail. Beyond this limit you can still use the service without any additional fees but it will be throttled. For coverage information, please refer to Bouygues above. I have just completed 2 subscriptions. After sign up on- site it t ook 15 minutes to get a confirm email that you have to Respond to Verify that you mean it.

After 3 days I received the 2 sim cards. And both worked perfectly. I have now 2 very inexpensive mobile phone and there is NO restrictions about termination, and there is no abonnemt of FREE mobile telephony. Hope that's help There is no doubt that the other operator will try to do everything possible to make mistakes in terms of number portability When you transfer the number from one operator to another.

I have experienced that many times when you should have the phone number from the FTC orange they now switch it off on a Friday so you have no phone all weekend.

In the past they always cut it off one of the weekdays. I cannot find the details about this. The details are marked in a link previously posted on this thread. I was reading the tarif's and one thing to watch out for is calls to Monaco mobiles are.

But other then that it seems great. I called on the phone and the guy walked me through the internet sign up very nicely. When that comes and is activated I will order my I'm doing it that way so if they cut my service over the weekend I will still have a phone. I will keep you all posted!! Anyone else have an experience they can share.

SIM arrived and worked perfectly however, my phone does seem to be sending multiple texts Does anyone know the costs for calling UK and Italian mobiles? Landlines are free however.

I have just been speaking to Orange, and said I wanted to change over to the free network.. They offered me a new 2 year contract for 49 euros a month unlimited calls in France, but nothing outside of France, this is their answer to the all in I have ordered the free sim card so I hope this works okay, but I have three months until my orange contract runs out so I should know better by then.

I also tried to lower my monthly bill but apparently you cant do this without signing up for another 12 months!! I also have a UK mobile and tried the same and they lowered the contract down to a third of what I had no problem at all.. I guess the companies here are still wanting to go for the big profits, and I suppose if they lost half their customers its cheaper than dropping to compete with free, so it does not look like they are going to get into a war with free over pricing Has anyone been using the free system?

Yes I am in the queue since Mmm,, another discussion.. I was once a free customer and I have to say they were very good with broadband and TV. What I am interested in is listening to any comments about the free mobile service, now that it has been available for a little while and people have used it are there any downsides or upsides.. To be honest for the price, which is fantastic if all works well its a winning package. I believe the masts can cope with all the calls, as it is SFR..

Even if orange can do it for 49 euros its still 2. At the moment my orange is 55 per month for 4 hours on a 1 year contract I pay an extra 6 a month for a 1 year contract.

I know you dont get a phone from free but who really cares, you can buy a sim free phone cheaply , and its not that its too cheap its that other operators are making a killing, and no one has had the guts to take them on until now.. SO,,, anyone been using their free mobile sim??? I've got my Sim card, kept my old phone number, Free took care of everything. It took them 2 weeks to send the card, but then as a former Orange customer I'm used to so much worse. As far as I'm concerned, win win situation.

Also, I have been calling customer service a couple of times and they helped me right away, again, I'm used to so much worse from Orange. Can't wait until the rest of familys contracts are up so I can switch them, too.

Thankyou ange03 that's what I like to hear, I also cant wait, I have had bills up to euros from Orange and it is frightening, they just run away with charges,, I must say everyone I know has said they are going to change also at the end of their contracts as it seems that a lot of people have had bad experiences also.

I have been a Free client for 7 years and think they have one of the best customer services around. I'm not saying that it is perfect, but for France pretty close. But when I put it into my phone I found that it does not work in Monaco. Apparently you are roaming in Monaco and it only works in France.

When I try to find info about roaming in France for the Thanks As for the wait time. If you choose another number you get your sim in days, but if you are keeping your number that is a different story see Stuart06's link. I can move to Bouyg's Would love to know thanks!! To ChristopherL I ordered my sim around the same time as you and received confirmation this evening that they are finally posting it En savoir plus. Voir l'offre de remboursement.

This offer is recommended for use with unlocked mobile phones. Per second billing for all calls. Internet, TV and e-mail usage charged by 10 KB increments.

SIM cards ordered online and received on mail will be pre-activated as the phone company has these details from the online form. SIMs bought from a shop can be activated by calling from your phone. This activation should be instant. You can select English on the voice menu option 2. When you activate your SIM you are requested for your name, passport number and address. You can ask on the same call to buy your data package or any additional asistance.

Data feature packages They give out kB per day for free. Default data rate outside packages is 0. All packages renew automatically if there is credit. EU roaming Lebara in France has adopted roam like at home principles for roaming in other EU countries. That means that you can take your included allowances abroad without extra fees. A FUP of 3. Beyond this FUP 0. Technical Settings APN: fr. Website and customer service are available in both French and English, making it a good choice for those with limited French language skills.

Lycamobile actively blocks tethering from iPhones as well as Android phones and also 3G modems, though setting TTL to 65 solves this problem. The only way to use Lycamobile is on a smartphone. Availability Lycamobile SIM cards can be ordered free of charge throughLycamobile's website, mailed to a French postal address.

Alternatively, they can be purchased from many French tabacs tobacconists and kiosks and chain stores including Relay, Monoprix, Carrefour and others store locator. They can also be had for free from Paris telephone shops. Recharges are available through the same channels or by international credit card and PayPal online. New SIM cards must be activated by calling in French from your phone or online here in English providing a mail address, phone number, and ID number e. Data feature packages Default data rate outside of packages is 0.

Note, that you can't use these bundles for EU roaming. Price dom. Data Time Activation 2. They will charge you their standard rate of 12c per MB instead.

Not even with a rooted phone! NB: Their terms and conditions exclude tethering explicitly and Lycamobile is known to block it. While it sells forfaits plans like many other operators, it stays strictly on a prepaid basis. Therefore it doesn't need to be linked to a French bank card, but can be loaded by cash too.

It gives great rates, but has some restrictions summed up at the end. All the different forfaits shown below are offered too. The non-used portion of the month will be refunded to your account. Mini, micro and nano sizes are available.

You can buy the starter online too to be sent to a French postal address. But you should better buy it in a store as you can register your SIM at the point of purchase showing your ID. Bought online, you need to mail them an ID form and a copy of your ID within 15 days or your line will be suspended. For top-ups you can link your account to a French bank card or bank account only or you need to go back to an E. You can choose direct load or a voucher. As shown in the introduction, Free has significantly expanded the value in both plans.

Note though that whereas the unlimited voice and messaging is valid for up to 35 days a year per country , the 3 GB of roam-like-home mobile data is a total for all those countries.

A 4G device on 3G gets 20 GB. Make calls using your phonebook as usual. No need to download an app to use the service. And calls are deducted from your package or charged at the usual non-standard domestic calls rate. How to activate the WiFi Calling service? Which smartphones are compatible with the WiFi Calling service? Apple Carrier Billing. Pack Advantage. What is the eSIM? It does not need to be inserted or taken out. What are the advantages of the eSIM? One of the main advantages of the eSIM is that it can support several plans on the same smartphone.

So it is possible to switch between a personal plan and a business plan. How is the eSIM activated?

Fibre ou ADSL? Votre Pack :. Engagement 12 mois. Dans tous les cas, ce raccordement forfait mobile 2 99 eur free inclus dans votre offre. Accepter Personnaliser. Votre Pack : Sans nouveau mobile Avec nouveau mobile. Forfait mobile. Nouvelle Livebox eurr Avec Forfait mobile 2 99 eur free Intelligent pour une connexion plus stable et plus performante. TV d'Orange. Comparer les Packs. En savoir plus. Voir l'offre de remboursement. Vos avantages avec Open. En profiter. Plus de chaines enregistrables. forfait mobile 2 99 eur free Avantage Abonné Freebox Pop: 9,99€/mois, soit une réduction de 10€/mois applicable sur un seul Forfait mobile Free, et 15,99€/mois, soit une réduction de 4€/. I found out that Free Mobile in France has a plan called Pass Destination in Les "destinations incluses" permettent aux abonnés au forfait Free (19,99 ou 15,​99 choose the type of plan you want ( Euro vs 2 Euro), fill in your first name. Other providers are virtual mobile operators (MVNOs) or other resellers of the MNOs. Orange, >99%, 96%, >99%, 97%, 99%, 88%, 5 Mbit/s, 47 Mbit/s Free Mobile: contracts, either rolling (forfait sans engagement) or prepaid for one Their Euro Data SIM has a purchase price of € including 2 GB EU data and Lebara Mobile plans for all your national mins, SMS & mobile internet data Unlimited Bundle 4,99€. 2GB. Internet 4G. Unlimited National mins to France Keep in touch with your close ones with Free Calls & Texts to France Lebara numbers et SMS jusqu'à 99 destinataires différents maximum sur la durée du forfait. A unique SIM card to call the world from European zone and use mobile internet SIM card. orange holiday. Orange Holiday. 39,99€. choisir cette offre. * Cet avantage prendra effet sous 48h et sera automatiquement résilié à la fin des 2 mois. Détail des avantages appliqués cumulables jusqu'au 08/07/ Bon. Get 2 months free plan fees with your subscription to SCOUBIDO, with or without a phone, for 12 or 24 months. Sign up now! Offer valid in POST Telecom shops. Free Mobile: contracts, either rolling (forfait sans engagement) or prepaid for one Le French Mobile: prepaid voice/data SIM card (Euro SIM), prepaid data SIM card Also, recharge codes have a time limit before they must be added (up to 2 14,99 € 7 GB 30 days au € 10 GB 30 days to By now, mobile customers know that whatever the offer is this week, there's no rush: The Free value expansion 19 99 EUR 2. More comparisons. Leave a comment. Social Compare The crowsourced collaborative comparison engine to create and share comparison tables. Viewer Public. Tarifs et conditions du Free Mobile forfait 2 euros :. Editor Public. Register Sign in Sign in Sign out 's dashboard. Retrouvez dans le tableau ci-dessous, toutes les destinations incluses dans le Free Mobile forfait 2 euros :. En savoir plus Accepter. En savoir plus. Partagez le sur :. Pour souscrire le Free Mobile forfait 2 euros, rendez-vous directement sur le site de Free. forfait mobile 2 99 eur free