free bootstrap 4 landing page template

free bootstrap 4 landing page template

My stylish Landing Page templates provide you great starting point for creating your efficient landing page you want drive traffic to. All of the themes are coded with care , fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. Enjoy and have fun! View template. ShowTracker is a Bootstrap 4 landing page. It was designed to present your app or product and to collect leads. This template's designed by our good friend Daniel Korpai and coded by Bootstrapious. Completely responsive, it adapts well to tablet and mobile platforms and includes advanced features like image sliders, etc.

To preview Tempo. To download Tempo. Company is a generalist template perfectly suited to small and medium businesses in all industries. It includes advanced contacting features and allows you to create an in-house blog and a news page, perfect for acquiring new customers or talking about your brand.

To preview Company. To download Company. We could not finish this article without leaving a reliable and easy-to-set-up solution for restaurant owners! To preview Delicious. Bootslander is an elegant, modern and easy to use website landing page template built with the Bootstrap framework. Lumia is a clean, modern, unique multipurpose responsive website template that can be used for a variety of business websites. Scaffold is a modern and fresh HTML website template built with bootstrap framework.

Appland is unique and modern landing page template suitable for creating websites for mobile apps. Appland provides minimalist creative design, highly customizable code and easy customization. The long homepage design gives you plenty of space to list all your services in one place. Redplanet is a perfect landing page template for hotel businesses. With the pristine clean design and smooth animation effect, you can explain all your services on one page.

Since it is a landing page template, you only have a section to feature your best room. But never worry about the space restrictions, the designer has given you plenty of space for images. You can clearly showcase all your features with the given image space. In the header section, you have a widget to check room availability. The widget supports calendar entry and it is fully functional. All you have do is to add the elements you want and launch your landing page. Sportify is a health and fitness related landing page template.

The bold colorful design of this template let the user easily spot the important features and offers in your gym. Since it is a CSS3 based website template all the colors and animation effects are lively. Plus, you can also use your own colors to add your unique touch. Letters are made bigger and bolder so that the user can easily read the contents even on their mobile devices.

If you are running social media campaigns, then it is better to use a mobile responsive landing page templates for optimal results. A neat colorful pricing table is also given in this template. You can add a call to action button to the pricing table to let the user easily enroll in your fitness programmes. Lorahost has an illustrative style design in which you get plenty of icons to explain your business. Since this template is primarily designed for the hosting companies, all the icons used in this one are related to hosting niche.

To stay on the professional scale, the designer has used only two colors in this template. Shadow and depth effects are used smartly to highlight the important web elements by without making them look odd. Interactive tools like domain search tools are used in this template, which will increase the dwell rate on your landing page. By making a few adjustments you can use this template for all types of landing pages. Umeet, from the name itself you can infer that this is a landing page template for events.

You can use this colorful landing page for both fun and corporate event. The designer has used creative elements here and there to spice up the design and to set the party mood. The background is kept very simple so that the texts and the colorful elements will be more legible.

At the header section itself, you have a call to action button for booking tickets. Overall it is a smartly designed template with all the necessary features you need to make a successful landing page for your event. Safario is a creative landing page template for travel websites. With this pristine clear design and lively colors, you can let the user feel the holiday. Mostly colorful icons are used in this template to depict the tourist spots, this might be something you have to change based on the package you offer.

There is plenty of space in this template to add more features. The code structure is also kept simple for easier customization, hence developers can easily work with this template.

Nexus is a professional looking clean landing page template for SAAS companies and app launch. With big sections and bold texts, the users can clearly interact and understand your product.

Plenty of space is given for you to add images and screenshots of your product. Icons are used to explain the features of your product and act as a supporting element to the whole theme of the landing page theme.

Call to action buttons are placed at the header section and also in the top navigation bar to increase the chances of collecting the lead. With this template, you also get pricing tables, which is long and big enough to let you clearly explain the features in each package.

Testimonial section is made big enough so that you can add your client image to improve the credibility of your service. The designer of this template has used solid blue color and blue gradients, to neatly differentiate the important web elements from the rest of the design elements. This is a multi-page template, even if you need you can use this template for your website. Snipp is a lively website template designed for creative agencies.

Since this template is designed for creative agencies, you have plenty of modern web elements in this template. With interactive scroll effects, this template presents the contents engagingly to the users. One Page Wonder Free. Coming Soon Free. Tell us what to build next! View Pro Products. Browse All Templates. John Smith. Our Sponsors These companies support us. Previous Next. Thanks for filling out the form!

However, not easy to navigate the jungle of solutions that offer to create landing pages quickly. Browse all our articles related to Landing Pages. Because we want to save you time, here is a selection of 15 Bootstrap templates to build your landing pages quickly and easily. If you use a CMS, we have also set up a selection of WordPress landing page templates free bootstrap 4 landing page template listed other landing page pagd. The general presentation is clear and direct which is perfect for companies that want an accessible site that gets straight to the point to present its services, its customers, its free bootstrap 4 landing page template, etc. To preview Regna. To download Regna. The design is very easy to customize, and free music download for android phone has many features such as transition animations, pre-integrated color palettes, etc. Perfectly responsive teplate all platforms, it is free bootstrap 4 landing page template ideal template to introduce your company, your client portfolio, your history, etc. To preview Sailor. To download Sailor. Bell is the ultimate all-around theme to get you started in creating your new landing page quickly. The design is modern and elegant, and the transition and scroll animations are finely free bootstrap 4 landing page template. To preview Bell. To download Bell. MediLab is a must-have for companies in the medical sector, clinics, and all activities related to healthcare and medicine. To preview MediLab. To download MediLab. free bootstrap 4 landing page template A responsive Bootstrap 4 landing page theme by Start Bootstrap. All Start Bootstrap templates are free to download and open source. The best and most advanced free Bootstrap landing page templates for every project and business to have a proper sales page for best. Need a landing page template for your app, saas product or software? You're in the right place. Check out our free free HTML landing page templates to. Looking for Bootstrap landing page templates? We've chosen 15 great examples, so you can quickly start creating killer landing pages that convert. Finding a template with such premium features for free is not an easy job. Even though there are hundreds of free Bootstrap landing page. Download the best Bootstrap landing page templates developed by Creative Tim. Material Kit. Free. Free Bootstrap 4 Ui Kit. No Image. 69, /5. Landy is a free Bootstrap 4 landing page template. It contains 2 HTML page templates, all of them in 6 colour variants. The core of this template is the one-​page. Easily create a custom and highly adaptable app website with Berlin, a free Bootstrap 4 landing page template built specifically for SaaS projects. Responsive Bootstrap 4 HTML Landing Page Template - Free Download. Urban festival of surf culture, which for the second time will be held in the open air in. East to customize. It is adaptable to different screen sizes and is integrated with Google Maps. Easy to use with intuitive code. Features: Minimal and modern design suited for different events. Wow, this is pretty good I love the design especially blue and blue is my favorite color! Features: It has fixed header navigation. Stylish Portfolio Free. Share your photos with AmazingFair Features: Fully responsive design. Snippets Code snippets ready to copy and paste! It has a responsive design. It has a sticky header with stylish UI. free bootstrap 4 landing page template