free dictation passages for grade 5

free dictation passages for grade 5

Some people become lawyers first, but not me. I have a great vision for everyone's happiness. I would strive to unite people with different ideas. I am positive I could make a difference, and that you would support me! I planned to help my dad paint the ceiling of our home's entrance. But first we had to purchase two gallons of paint. Please do not link directly to the sound files. Practise your comprehension and spelling with the Learn English spelling tests - all the words are from my web sites.

Improve your listening skills, writing skills, reading skills, spelling and punctuation! You will need a set of headphones, somewhere quiet, a pencil and a sheet of paper. The sound files are large, so be patient. Instructions:- Choose your level Elementary or Intermediate. Play the. At the weekend I have swimming class.

Then, in the afternoon, I take a nap. In the evening, I practice the piano. My favorite lesson is English. I learn it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday I have math and on Thursday I have gym. On Saturday I play video games. On Sunday I go shopping.

What do you like to do at the weekend? On Saturdays, I always study English. In the afternoon, I sometimes play tennis. On Sundays, I usually do my homework. I never practice karate. When do you get up? I get up at quarter to six. What time do you eat lunch? What time do you eat dinner?

I usually eat at half past five. What do you do after? I always watch television. Where were you yesterday? I went to the beach with my family. The weather was sunny and warm. Where are you today?

I am at the amusement park. It is rainy and chilly. On Sunday I went to watch a movie. It was fun! It was about a big snow storm. Thirty eight tigers escaped from the circus. They ate everyone. I want to watch it again. I live in a big house. It has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. My mother cooks in the kitchen. I eat breakfast in the dining room. I watch TV in the living room. My bicycle is in the garage. I have lost my skateboard. Can you help me find it?

Yesterday it was in my bedroom. It is not there today. I looked in the living room. It is not there. I think it is in the garage. Tomorrow I am going to go to scout camp. We will climb Doi Inthanon mountain. I will take my sunglasses and sunscreen. The weather will be hot and sunny. I do not need an umbrella. This weekend, I am going to go fishing with my friend.

The weather will be hot and humid. Dictation 12 The organisation Malaria No More gives mosquito nets and maleria drugs to families and it sponsors traditional health education in Africa.

Dictation 13 Most fires are started by people. I can go out with my best friend, but they make her come in and chat for half an hour! Traditionally, Chinese families had lots of children. Everyone looked up to and obeyed the father. But Chinese families have changed. In , the Chinese government took a decision which had a big impact on society.

It was a time when the government was worried about the population increase. Most of the teenagers in the big cities are only children. Canada today is a multicultural society. What are you doing this weekend? I miss seeing friends but I always speak to them. Lots of love, Paco.

Last weekend I went to the Science museum in Leeds with my friends. Dictation 25 We moved to this city about two years ago. It was about five minutes before closing time.

There were only two customers: a smartly dressed woman and a teenage boy. The boy asked me to help him. He was looking for Alien. He wanted me to find it for him. I had to leave my desk and go into the back of the shop. She told me to lock the front door and to call the police. She was holding the boy by the arm. She warned him not to move. The police arrived a few minutes later. Like this: Like Loading On this page we provide you with free printable vocabulary worksheets to help your child practice and improve their vocabulary and word usage.

These fifth grade worksheets are ready for download and printing; answer sheets are included. Words and their meanings : circle the word that matches the description. Applying meanings of words : circle the correct answer to each statement.

It was a bit tiring and dangerous, but they enjoyed it. Last day, they decided to go skydiving. She thought it was not bad. She jumped from the plane with a partner and it was the scariest experience of her life! Wales is in the west of Great Britain. Its capital is Cardiff and there are around three million people living there.

Winters in Wales are very cold and summer temperatures are warm. Sometimes, it snows a lot in winter and there is also a lot of rain. Wales has beautiful beaches and many people come to swim in the sea. Cows and sheep are very popular in Wales because they have a lot to eat.

The most popular sport is rugby and the rules to play it are very difficult. There were two bodies on the floor and a lot of blood everywhere. Perhaps it was a robbery, and the owners of the house came home and surprised he thief, so he killed them.

There was a lot of work for me. I took photographs and collected evidence. To stay healthy I try to do a lot of exercise and have a healthy diet. I start every day with different kinds of cereal and fruit juice for breakfast. A cup of coffee is next at ten thirty. Then, I eat fresh fish and vegetables for lunch. A nice cup of tea is another secret to my healthy living every afternoon. For dinner, I cook a healthy meal — some pasta or an omelette, and before going to bed I always drink a glass of water.

Of course, doing some sport, being happy, and smiling are also secrets to a healthy living. What do you think I should do? Or should I go and then not join in the activities? I need some advice! A bog is a wet area of compressed vegetation which has turned into peat.

This was an interesting discovery because the bog bodies give clues to how people lived and died thousands of years ago. This was evidence that the man was rich and perhaps he was a sacrifice to the gods. I love travelling. I even like using the trams, buses and underground in the town where I live.

Of course, what I really love is getting on a train or a plane and going somewhere far away. I think I prefer trains, because you can see more of the country while you travel. Balanced Literacy , Spelling , Phonics. Lesson Plans Bundled , Activities , Minilessons. They will become better writers through editing capitaliz. Grammar , Writing , Close Reading. Balanced Literacy , Grammar , Writing.

Activities , Literacy Center Ideas. Dictado - Spanish Dictation writing paper. I created this set of writing papers to be used with our weekly Spanish dictation "El Dictado.

There is a student writing paper for each day. Day 1: The teacher dictates and the students write what they hear. The teacher projects or. English Language Arts , Grammar , Spanish.

Dictation Animals samieh. This worksheet is helpful for practicing spelling animals related vocabulary items, and it helps to improve students writing skills. Alphabet A-N Yasaman. This is a worksheet for practicing dictation for letters A-N. It is appropriate for absolute beginners. Hope it helps. Alphabet A-O Yasaman. This is a worksheet for practicing dictation for letters A-O. Have your students look at the pictures and write the words.

Picture Dictation Lesya This worksheet is for pupils of different ages. Your ss revise their knowledge of the cardinal numbers and animals, and directions. Your pupils need paper that has squares on it. You dictate the Alphabet A-U Yasaman.

These are the stories used for the spelling tests. The students have to listen to the teacher reading the story and then fill in the blanks with the correct word and spelling. There are usually about ten words per story to spell. Click here for the dictation tests. My free dictation passages for grade 5 is Scott. I am seven years old. This is my free dictation passages for grade 5. I have two pens, three pencils and one ruler. I am sitting on my chair in my classroom. There is a book on my desk. There is a wastebasket on the floor. Today I am learning English. Our teacher tells us to stand up and make a free nba live streaming lshunter tv. Now, point to the map on the wall. Sit down on your chair. Today I am learning Art. I take free dictation passages for grade 5 my book. I put away my book. free dictation passages for grade 5 Mar 17, - Free time-saving teaching resources, printables, activities & worksheets to use in your primary classroom. Easily download thousands of posters. FREE. 7. Digital Download. DOCX ( KB). Wish List Wish List · 3rd Grade Wonders Dictation Sentences - Six units, 5 weeks each. Dictation 1 I am Mexican but my family live in New York now and I go to the New York For this reason he believes people should use their free time to stay fit. You have reached the Dictations section of Here you can see free printable worksheets to use in your classes. When you find one Instantly create custom word/sentence scrambles for your class! Hope you find it useful in your classes. It's appropriate for early beginner students. 5 Views 48, Beg. One. 3. Bound for Botany Bay. One. 4. The Wonderland of Nature by Nuri Mass. One. 5. Australian Legendary Tales by K Langloh-Parker. One. 6. Learn English - English dictation tests for beginner and intermediate ESL Practise your comprehension and spelling with the Learn English spelling tests - all. Dictation is a great way to provide sixth grade spelling practice. 5. Because you had a coupon for free snails doesn't mean you should put the creatures in my food! 6. Try some of our Spelling Worksheets and Spelling Word Games. Spelling Worksheets – 1st – 5th Grade Curriculum The first grade spelling word lists include 36 printable worksheets, master list and dictation sentences. Phonics · Guest Book · Download Worksheets · English Room Blog · Keyboard · The UK Flag; Scripts. Listening Script Stories for Dictation; PRIMARY 1; Primary 1 Spelling Test – Unit 01A; PRIMARY 2; PRIMARY 3; PRIMARY 4; PRIMARY 5 In the morning I have computer class and in the afternoon I have music class. Dictation 1: This year we have got new books at school. Our classroom is big In his free time, he plays the drums in the school orchestra. Dictation 5: Adam. Dictation Sentences 1 10 tricky words. Make A Word Search: Create awesome-looking custom word searches in seconds! Week 18 Spelling Words List and activities. Hope you find it useful. Hope it works well! Central reservation. Week 4 Spelling Words List and activities. Tell us about it and become a BusyTeacher contributor! Week 12 Spelling Words List and activities. Week 29 Spelling Words List and activities. Week 33 Spelling Words List and activities. Have your students write the letters to complete the words. This is a dictation worksheet for food in which the students are asked to write the missing letters. Click here! Dictation Practice Sheet samieh. free dictation passages for grade 5