free esl lesson plans for adults

free esl lesson plans for adults

I even used the DIY sections to build in craft activities for those longer after school camps or winter camps. And yes, I taught teenagers, why do you ask? One of the best things that ever happened to me was finding this website. From grammar exercises to helpful videos, to listening practice… there is no shortage of free TEFL lesson plans and ideas here.

Not so much for lesson planning, more for those tricky questions advanced students or co-teachers might try to ask on the spur of the moment. This is also handy for some ideas on how to teach a few of the trickier tenses. Just try not to cringe over the whole Partyland thing… TEFL turns the best of us into mildly cheesy grammar clowns.

TEFL worksheets, lesson plans and games galore. This is a great little hub of ideas that will get your students excited about learning English. They also build in complexity when followed in sequence. This site offers several resources , but a particularly entertaining section is the Conversation Question Prompts page. The printable worksheets contain several intriguing questions on a single theme, with some of the prompts being simpler and others more abstract to encourage critical thinking by more fluent ELLs.

The applicants should all stand up. Once all the company names have been created, have the students go around to each employer to find out more information about their companies. The company will then ask each applicant questions as well. Who had the best interview? Have the applicants and students share some of their interview highlights. For homework, have your students create or update their resumes in English. Download the Grocery Store Worksheet here.

Going to the grocery store or supermarket is a regular task in any country or language. Whether your students will be traveling or living abroad, this lesson is great for teaching food and shopping vocabulary. Talk about unusual things you can buy in your grocery store. Discuss how students can do the following in English:.

Printable materials. ESL fun games. Kids Activities. Download packs. More Materials on this Site. Products of ESL-galaxy. About the ESL-galaxy. Bizarre Criminals. Encourage your students to keep asking questions in all your ESL lesson plans, as others probably have the same question that you have. At the start of the class, bring a box with an object inside. For each word in the ESL worksheets, student will make an appropriate question. The teacher can review potential questions for each word in the activity sheet.

Skill: Kinesthetic Type: Class. This is my greatest activity because students love competing with each other. Instead of answering questions like in a quiz show, students are making the questions.

Similar to Jeopardy, each card has a point value. Put students into groups. If they make a correct question, they get those points. But if they get it wrong or take to long to answer, they get negative points. In groups of two, students roll the dice and move their game pieces. Your greatest asset as an ESL teacher is your pronunciation. Without a doubt, this is the one skill you can bring to your classroom that your co-workers secretly idolize.

In this lesson, you get surgical on how to pronounce the various sounds of English. And depending on which country you teach in, some of these sounds can be very foreign to them. In this free ESL lesson plan, we give you interesting ways to challenge and improve your students pronunciation. This ESL worksheet gets surgical for pronunciation showing students exactly where to place their tongue. In pairs, students listen carefully to the teacher and try to grab the correct card.

The student who grabs the card faster keeps it. At the end, the students count their cards to see who the winner is. Oddly enough, tongue twisters are an effortless way to get your students talking. Practice each tongue twister, and have your students try to show off their English skills. Pro tip: they love it if you can say a tongue twister in their native language. This ESL lesson plan puts pronunciation into action. Students can level up their skills with these fail-proof rhyme activity sheets.

Although students can be hesitant to speak openly, ask about their culture and if they use rhymes. Ask questions. Do singers rhyme? Are there rhymes in poems? Overall, rhymes compliments pronunciation quite well. English Pronunciation Poem - A poem to show that spelling cannot always help with pronunciation; author unknown. Different Vowel Sound - Students circle the word that has a different vowel sound than the rest, even though they're spelled with the same letters.

Homophones - Set of 75 homophones in American English different spelling, same pronunciation. Heteronyms - Two sample sentences comparing each heteronym same spelling, different pronunciation. Pronunciation of -ed and -s - Sort past tense verbs and plural nouns according to the pronunciation of their endings.

Word Stress - Mark the stress on the advanced vocabulary words for Terminale topics environment, gun control, immigration, health, organization of speech. Minimal Pair Listening Exercise - Students must circle word they hear among minimal pairs: want, won't, or went?

Similar Sentences Exercise - Students mark the sentence they hear: She's taking a bath or She's taken a bath?

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So you think you can TEFL? There are days when churning out another TEFL lesson plan is going to feel like an impossible feat. During my second week in South Korea, a newly-minted teacher with lots of stickers and enthusiasm I was asked to plan not one, not two, but fifteen weeks worth of two-hour after school classes that quickly put free esl lesson plans for adults stopper on my enthusiasm, and free esl lesson plans for adults quickly turned to blind panic. And then to plan 15 of those lessons…. I was also told the principal would attend these classes. Just you know, to add to the overwhelming feeling of nausea. To say I almost had a heart attack is the understatement of the century. You might think - sure, that would never happen to me. Who is this disorganized nincompoop? I bet they gave her loads of notice and she just forgot. But let me tell you, I am not a nincompoop. I spent a dark, dark night planning those 15 lessons, the internet became my savior. Rather than go to bed and sleep free esl lesson plans for adults off like a reasonable person. I made a list. This list was my way of coping with any last-minute mass ESL lesson planning. Some of these resources helped me with regular download youtube videos convert mp3 online free planning too. There are so many great teachers free esl lesson plans for adults there sharing ideas, exercises and activities for Free esl lesson plans for adults students at every level. This list of free resources for teaching English as a second language, meant I could get inspiration on demand and even if a request for a truckload of lesson plans came through. free esl lesson plans for adults there is no shortage of free TEFL lesson plans and ideas here. They're also pre-​graded and there are different sections for teaching adults, kids. Adults ESL Lesson Plans. I've found that when it comes to teaching adults, there is a tremendous benefit to introducing vocabulary and reinforcing it with real world. The list below contains several websites offering free lesson plans for ESL, EFL and Sheltered English teachers. English as a 2nd Language. The. The key is to keep your students engaged with actionable, fast-paced activities in your ESL lesson plans. Alternatively, if you teach adults, these. If you like these free lessons, consider downloading our ESL Pathways e-books, which contain many more lessons just like these! Beginner Lessons. (Taken from​. ESL Lesson Plans Resources for adult classes, Teach English to adults with the lesson plan of the day using our free board game templates, writing templates​. Free ESL Lesson Plans to Download. Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language. This page was originally designed to share my materials with other. More than lessons and lesson plans from previous issues of the Internet TESL Journal which is a monthy web magazine for teachers of English as a second. – High-level lesson plans and resources Math-Aids– Provides free math worksheets for teachers, parents, students, and – ESOL lesson. Each picture is a rhyme, what is it? Do singers rhyme? Business ESL lessons plans can plan an invaluable role in this situation — not only do they provide a solid foundation for your classes, they also provide a template through which you can easily familiarize yourself with the material. Tell your students what you expect from them throughout the year. The ability to read is a cornerstone of English fluency and one of the most complicated things to teach as an ESL teacher. Since ESL students speak a different language at home, some of them do not know the meanings of These reading ESL lesson plans will help you craft lessons for various age groups and can be adapted to suit different levels. Include quirky things about your life but keep them comfortable in your ESL lesson plans. Maybe your students are preparing for a family vacation or business trip abroad. For the previously given reasons and more, adults can be very different English students than children. These ESL lesson plans will include these types of drills as well. Phone Emoticon. Rhyme Time. One Stop English Education. free esl lesson plans for adults