free espace abonn? 75371 paris cedex 08

free espace abonn? 75371 paris cedex 08

Look out for Free internet promotions , too. Customer reviews for Free Mobile France - as is the case for all providers - are mixed. Here is a quick summary of what customers say about Free:. Free does not currently offer English-speaking customer service. I also tried to lower my monthly bill but apparently you cant do this without signing up for another 12 months!!

I also have a UK mobile and tried the same and they lowered the contract down to a third of what I had no problem at all.. I guess the companies here are still wanting to go for the big profits, and I suppose if they lost half their customers its cheaper than dropping to compete with free, so it does not look like they are going to get into a war with free over pricing Has anyone been using the free system? Yes I am in the queue since Mmm,, another discussion..

I was once a free customer and I have to say they were very good with broadband and TV. What I am interested in is listening to any comments about the free mobile service, now that it has been available for a little while and people have used it are there any downsides or upsides.. To be honest for the price, which is fantastic if all works well its a winning package. I believe the masts can cope with all the calls, as it is SFR..

Even if orange can do it for 49 euros its still 2. At the moment my orange is 55 per month for 4 hours on a 1 year contract I pay an extra 6 a month for a 1 year contract. I know you dont get a phone from free but who really cares, you can buy a sim free phone cheaply , and its not that its too cheap its that other operators are making a killing, and no one has had the guts to take them on until now..

SO,,, anyone been using their free mobile sim??? I've got my Sim card, kept my old phone number, Free took care of everything. It took them 2 weeks to send the card, but then as a former Orange customer I'm used to so much worse. As far as I'm concerned, win win situation. Also, I have been calling customer service a couple of times and they helped me right away, again, I'm used to so much worse from Orange.

Can't wait until the rest of familys contracts are up so I can switch them, too. Thankyou ange03 that's what I like to hear, I also cant wait, I have had bills up to euros from Orange and it is frightening, they just run away with charges,, I must say everyone I know has said they are going to change also at the end of their contracts as it seems that a lot of people have had bad experiences also.

I have been a Free client for 7 years and think they have one of the best customer services around. I'm not saying that it is perfect, but for France pretty close. But when I put it into my phone I found that it does not work in Monaco. Apparently you are roaming in Monaco and it only works in France. When I try to find info about roaming in France for the Thanks As for the wait time.

If you choose another number you get your sim in days, but if you are keeping your number that is a different story see Stuart06's link. I can move to Bouyg's Would love to know thanks!! To ChristopherL I ordered my sim around the same time as you and received confirmation this evening that they are finally posting it Fingers crossed it's as good as we all hope!

I ordered one 23rdJan on the abonnement that arrived 1 week later, I then ordered the following day 24th Jan one not on abonnement and it hasnt moved past etape 1, thinking maybe there was a problem and not being able to contact them, I ordered another 3 Feb not on abonnement and have just checked order today and that has been posted.

Dont know what is going on with the one ordered 24th Jan All sims where for new number as dont currently have a mobile. So fair I can only say it is working great. Ok so my friend ordered hers on the 25th of Jan and was told that her portability would happen on the 17th of Feb but she had not received her sim, so her line when dead at about 3 PM of Friday.

She got the sim in the mail the next day and activated her account and so far everything is working fine. So now it is my turn. Will keep you posted. Stuart06 did you get your sim yet?? I ordered my sim on the 10th feb, so far nothing has arrived and according to the site it does not look like it has even been sent out.

Seems that there is no set time limit to when they are sent. Hi, my sim card arrived at the house 2 weeks after I had signed up. On their site my status was still only "order received" or something like that the first step. When I tried to activate the sim card, it wouldn't work so I called them. They right away updated my status to the next step and told me as soon as my phone had "portability" all steps would be green and that this would happen in the next day.

A couple hours later I was able to place and receive calls. Make use of this incentive to get yourself a better deal! Below are the cases in which the penalty exemptions apply:. With Orange , you can cancel:.

To cancel an SFR plan,your options are:. It sucks, no customer service there? Better find another company. November 22, November 04, Tres satisfait! May 14, Nul Just throws error with no info when trying to log in. Waste of time. May 12, May 09, Nobody speaks english. Size px x x x x In this case, you will have to dial This number is free of charge for fixed lines and is available every day of the week. You can use this number for queries regarding Free offers the different Freeboxes, Free TV, Free mobile plans or to sign up for a plan.

From all allowances can be used for roaming in the EU too at domestic French rates under the Roam like at home provision. Their prepaid SIM is simply called la Carte. The start-up price is officially 9. There is also a starter called la Carte Connect which may be harder to find.

When you buy it in their shops, let them activate it there showing your photo ID. Bought online or at other shops, you can activate it on their website or by calling for free in French only.

They can be bought online too, but you need at least an European credit card with a chip for payment. Send the digit recharge code as an SMS message to and activate it immediately. These Recharges Internet are also available as Pass Internet.

Thus it can be debited from your general balance and activated by texting the activation code to Tethering and modem use is now allowed. No international roaming. The classic line doesn't include data. So it's not mentioned any further. This means that unless you pay the high price for the tourist plan, data roaming is not available even in the EU.

For lower prices with EU roaming, look elsewhere. Their prepaid line is available in their stores store locator with 12 months validity after the last top-up. The bonus credit can be used for international calling. When topped up after the validity of the old package has expired, the new top-up will be effective right away giving more validity. All of their other options are not accessible to foreigners without a French bank card or account.

Tethering is allowed on this offer. Also, unlike the XL cards, this SIM is sold ready to use at third-party stores in airports or ordered online for delivery worldwide, but you have to verify your ID within 30 days of first use or else the SIM shuts off after. All international roaming has been blocked on their prepaid offers except for the Vacation SIM. Standard prepaid SIMs can only be used in France and not for roaming.

Over the years Free Mobile kept adding more content to their main package "Forfait Free", such as large allowances of data, or included roaming agreements.

With more than 65 destinations included worldwide, they may offer good options for travellers. But be aware of the SIM card can only be bought and activated in France and can't be paused. They've started their deployment with high-frequency bands 3 and 7 as this was the only license they held at the beginning, resulting in typically very good speeds as long as you have 4G signal, but at a somewhat lower coverage.

From lower frequencies on band 28 have been added for better coverage, and they rapidly caught up on coverage as well. Cell tower locations can be checked on a map. In its beginning, Free Mobile concluded an agreement with Orange to use its network as national roaming for 3G data, texts and voice.

This agreement will come to an end in , the maximum speed for 3G roaming on Orange network is being throttled to kbps until then. Orange roaming users frequently report slow speeds, that makes it almost unusable in practice.

Free mobile offers three plans " forfait mobile free". See the Pre-paid vs Rolling contract section for details. You will also be required to send back the Orange equipment you rented out during your contract.

You have the following options for cancelling your SFR mobile phone plan. Note that Bouygues Telecom lets you estimate your cancellation fees via its cancellation fee simulator. Depending on your provider, you may be able to change or cancel your plan online, over the phone, or by recommended post. Total facture 8. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Read free for days Sign In. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers.

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