free et orange signent un partenariat in?dit dans la fibre

free et orange signent un partenariat in?dit dans la fibre

In Orange refocuses Goa. In August goa. Users gain access through this service to more than 10, FM and web radio stations and 11, podcasts from different countries. Orange is a communications access provider offering customers access through multiple platforms. The four key platforms Orange operates are:. OpenTransit is Orange's backbone network. Globecast is a provider of transmission of satellite and production services for professional broadcast, online content and enterprise multimedia.

Viaccess-orca acquired Squadeo company in and is able to supply video secured player. Viaccess Orca is also involved in content tracking over internet, providing anti-piracy services. In , Orange devoted 1. Since January Orange has unified its research laboratories and technocentres in the Orange Labs network. As of 31 December Orange held a portfolio of 7, patents, which were filed in Two types of infrastructure coexist in Orange's research and development: the research laboratories and the technocentres.

The latter are responsible for Orange innovations [96] and consist of multidisciplinary teams of researchers, engineers, and marketing and sales personnel. The group also secured an option to acquire all of the shares in the platform in With this acquisition, the operator offered its subscribers a new "Deezer Premium" option: a high-quality paid streaming music service with no advertising and 7 million titles.

This makes it the first silent film to win an award since the original ceremony in Cityvox is a network of websites with local content restaurants, cultural happenings, etc. Orange purchased the network site in In March , Orange acquired all remaining shares of Cloudwatt to strengthen its enterprise cloud services offering.

Of the , employees in the group's parent company, 80, responded, i. The fact-finding report revealed a "very poor general feeling", "strained physical and mental health", and a "tense and even violent working environment" for some categories of personnel. Working conditions were deemed difficult, mainly for personnel in charge of sales and "customer interventions". Given heavy media coverage, these findings were the source of major contention about working conditions.

In , following complaints by Internet users, Megaupload accused Orange of not providing sufficient connectivity to its site, thus severely limiting throughput from France, an allegation Orange denied. In November , three users lodged a complaint against Orange for false advertising concerning its "Unlimited 3G Key" service. While it is true that there is no time limit, the user cannot download more than 1 gigabyte per month, thus limiting browsing.

Unaware of this, the three plaintiffs browsed beyond plan limits and had to pay additional fees as a result. In March , the information website OWNI uncovered a questionable financial deal that enabled the Orange group to acquire a 3G license. The operator agreed to reimburse the excess costs to consumers, explaining that the error came from a "third party operator" [] which turned out to be Bouygues Telecom , [] said not to have sent acknowledgements, which caused the messages to be resent.

A computer problem at the Bouygues platform was blamed. On 21 March Watchdog , a television series by the BBC focusing on consumer protection, published the results from a broadband survey they held. Two thirds of Orange customers experienced problems cancelling their Orange broadband. In response to the problems with Orange UK broadband and 3G broadband during March and April the 3G data network has been upgraded to 3. This new network can be seen in action on many mobile phones which display network for instance the Nokia N95, when the phone detects the higher speed.

The 3G networks for all telecommunication suppliers still struggle to get the throughput that was originally advertised when these networks were announced. The UK Telecoms Regulator [] has reported on the challenges for all suppliers. A consumer organisation forum web site known as OrangeProblems. Initially set up as WanadooProblems. Orange Mobile has been criticised during a Channel 4 News investigation for a lack of security which potentially exposed customer records to fraud.

In August Orange was criticised for summarily deleting email accounts tied to old Freeserve and Wanadoo 'pay as you go' dial-up accounts with no warning. In August , after well publicised problems with iPhone 3G performances, customers compared their download speed and discovered that Orange in France was capping 3G download bandwidth. We want to end this and to fix this; we don't want it.

We must face these challenges together, right and left," Rivlin said. The time has come for them to understand that Jews in the world and sane voices that oppose anti-Semitism and racism also have power. Richard told both Netanyahu and Peres that Orange has not and will not support anti-Israel boycott efforts, and insisted that its announced decision to abrogate its relationship with Partner was purely commercial and not political.

On 30 June , Orange and Partner announced a change to their year licensing agreement. In September , Orange reaffirmed their commitment to Israel with an investment in Hola , a video distribution network. In February , Orange and Partner decided to terminate their agreement. Governance of the Orange group is centred in its board of directors, executive committee and three committees that steer Orange's strategy: [].

The company is headed either by the chairman of the board of directors, whose title in that case is the chairman and chief executive officer, or by another person appointed by the board of directors and given the title of chief executive officer.

Late last month, Facebook's collaboration tool, appropriately named Workplace, was revealed to have been adopted by more than 30, organisations since its launch in Facebook's advantage in the space is similar to the advantage Google had when it launched its collaboration tech offering a decade ago: it's a powerful name with a well-known, widely-used product.

As the way we work continues to change, so should the tools that help us get that work done quickly and securely. Facebook's success with Workplace could mean the company will begin a larger transition away from the consumer market.

A desktop chat app has already been added to the product's repertoire and group video calling has been teased. While organisations such as Slack and Microsoft may be feeling threatened by Facebook's new offering, it's just as likely the added competition will simply inspire innovation at an increased rate. Unified communications largely benefit knowledge workers.

This loosely defined group mostly consists of white-collar workers who perform non-routine tasks often requiring critical thinking. A knowledge worker usually has a phone, email account, and desk. Of course, the modern enterprise also has many other kinds of employees, such as those in manufacturing, on the sales floor, and providing field service. UC has underserved these groups.

Both workstream collaboration applications and the shift toward mobile-first are enabling more effective enterprise-wide communications. Workstream collaboration solutions initially built momentum around development teams. Today, they're quickly expanding to serve deskless workers. Mobile apps defer installation and setup to the end user. Less training -- or even zero training -- means employees begin interacting and collaborating right away. Two factors are fueling this trend: the increasing functionality of mobile apps, and the near ubiquity of mobile devices and wireless connectivity.

For example, Walmart recently announced it was adopting Workplace by Facebook. Employees who had no tool can now suddenly easily interact with co-workers in the same store and between different locations. Furthermore, messaging-based solutions are more inclusive than voice, IM, and email, and more tolerant to the inevitable interruptions that field workers encounter. These solutions also enable improved content discovery and keep a higher percentage of employees better informed.

Agile Transformation? Chuck Blakeman, author and founder of the Crankset Group, takes issue with the hierarchical organizational models that have been with us since the dawn of the Industrial Age.

Instead, companies require leaders, and teams of stakeholders do their own managing. Placing business agility into the context of extracting value from assets thus focuses on the concepts and structures of the business, rather than how people work within that business. Instead of trying to manage an ensemble of disparate collaboration products, IT should seek to create a cohesive collaboration ecosystem — a network of integrated, interoperable tools at every employee's disposal for the means of communicating more efficiently and effectively.

The most critical step for IT teams for figuring out what tools they need is to conduct a collaboration technology audit to identify what collaboration technologies are already in use and how often. In order to consolidate where possible, track down the stakeholders and contracts for all products uncovered by the audit, and look for things like multiple maintenance agreements, support contracts, minute-based fees, and on-premises hardware costs.

The ability to collaborate and collaborate well is more important than ever. The following three skills will help organizations meet collaboration demands now and in the near future. When dealing with other people, your tone of voice, even the expression on your face, can help or hinder these interactions. The best way to learn various collaboration skills is through playing a game or scenario. Learning this way seems to have the greatest impact and improves the rate of retention. The ability to listen to others, make a judgement on what they say without being dismissive and potentially building on that initial idea requires the ability to hold several conflicting strat-egines in your head at the same time, as well as a level of respect between all participants.

Collaborating with intelligent agents, bots, conversational interfaces, etc. Why have collaboration tools become so popular? November 15, — Clickz. New collaboration solutions are sprouting up to enhance business productivity and team members seem to be eager to try them out. The focus on collaboration becomes more specific with the interest in specific collaboration tools and the way they can facilitate their work and the communication among teams. The rise of collaboration tools can be attributed to a series of changes in the business landscape.

The most important has to do with a digital transformation that has led to a huge shift in the workplace and the way teams work. In addition to these, our fast-paced world makes time crucial, which leads to another reason that collaboration tools become vital for organizations.

They allow businesses to access and organize files, tasks, and projects while having them available for a transparent environment among teams. This creates a collaborative process that is digital and global, focusing on the business goals and the best ways to achieve them in faster, better and possibly cheaper yet effective methods. Microsoft unveiled a trio of updates to its suit of developer tools today that are designed to improve the workflows for people building modern applications.

Visual Studio Live Share will allow developers to collaborate on projects with one another. The feature shares code between people on a team so that everyone can work together on the same project within their preferred editor or development environment. That suite of services is supposed to help developers build better applications through remote testing with the Xamarin Test Cloud, sharing beta software with users through HockeyApp, and other services.

Facebook, Google and others join The Trust Project, an effort to increase transparency around online news November 16, — TechCrunch. A nonpartisan effort called The Trust Project is working to address this situation by helping online users distinguish between reliable journalism and promotional content or misinformation. On Facebook, an icon will appear next to articles in the News Feed. Facebook, Google, Bing and Twitter have all committed to displaying these indicators, though not all implementations are yet live.

Proper workplace communications in the age of chat and text November 6, — Business News Daily There are many positives to using Slack, Teamwork Chat and the wide variety of similar communication tools. Collaboration tools provide teams with a designated platform on which to discuss and develop projects, allowing everyone to share and consolidate their ideas.

These apps provide a designated platform for workplace communication without the distractions of Facebook Messenger or Google chat, allowing for greater office efficiency. But in this era of digital communication, how formal should our professional communications be?

Although emoticons provide context, including smiley faces in your email correspondence this allegedly leads readers to view you as less competent. Only professional communication platforms should be used internally, as external tools risk exposing private, confidential, trademarked, financial, or other sensitive information to the public or competitors.

Instant communication does have other benefits as well, such as breaking down hierarchal boundaries. Team collaboration apps can help streamline communications November 8, — Tech Target Advanced communications used to be only for large enterprise customers, however cloud computing leveled the playing field.

Now, even the smallest business can use the same team collaboration apps that large companies use. Certain situations accentuate the benefits of these team collaboration apps when compared to traditional communications methods. With a modern, collaborative, messaging-centric platform, project team members can be added or removed from a chat group at any time. Members who are added to the group can access previous messages, links or content that was shared prior to them joining.

This ensures everyone has access to project content no matter who they are or when they joined the group. Additionally, many platforms have contextual search capabilities that help users find content in the group chat history.

Traditionally, team collaboration tools fell short in providing end-to-end message encryption, data visibility and reporting, as well as the ability to manage their own data encryption keys using a privately managed, on-premises server.

Now, several cloud collaboration tools offer these advanced compliance features to allow virtually any business vertical to safely use their platforms. The ultimate goal of unified collaboration should be to use a single platform for all communication needs throughout an entire organization.

Pienso, an MIT project that its founders hope can make the process of training machine learning models more accessible to non-technical people, addresses this issue. The company is using this cash to grow the small team and start growing its customer base. Pienso aims to solve what is often referred to as the human-in-the-loop problem, where human judgment is needed to gather feedback and strengthen ML models. November 7, — Sourceress Machine learning can help us build a better future by capturing the complexity of people and jobs, making it easier for them to find each other.

Even in this technological era, people still learn about great opportunities via random chance, often because the opportunities they are looking for cannot be captured in search keywords. The article proposes a machine learning model to analyse every job and human attribute, as machine learning models are particularly good at capturing the underlying traits of high-dimensional content.

Sourceress creates a custom-tailored model for each role to capture the nuances that job descriptions inevitably brush over. Top 5 open source machine learning projects November 7, — Jaxenter The article offers a closer look at the top five projects on GitHub regarding open source machine learning: 1. TensorFlow: an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs.

It comes with an easy-to-use Python interface and no-nonsense interfaces in other languages to build and execute computational graph. PredictionIO: built on top of a state-of-the-art open source stack.

This machine learning server is designed for developers and data scientists to create predictive engines for any machine learning task. Swift AI: a high-performance deep learning library written entirely in Swift, with support for all Apple platforms.

GoLearn: a machine learning library for Go which is still in active development; this project is looking for developers interested in hearing back from users. Reddit has succeeded despite having poor UI because they have a wealth great content. The redesign is supposed to achieve a few things: boost engagement, improve the experience for existing users, get new users to join, revamp the code base, and bring in more revenue.

In December, all Reddit users will be able to opt in and try out the redesign. In Q1 the goal was previously Q4 , Huffman hopes to turn on the redesign for all users, by default. Salesforce aims to make AI predictions easier for its customers November 6, — Venture Beat Salesforce is launching a new feature that uses machine learning to let customers make predictions based on data stored with its software.

The amount of data needed will scale with the complexity of the task customers are asking the Prediction Builder to address.

Whenever artificial intelligence AI is mentioned in a business context, the conversation inevitably turns to the subject of chatbots. But chatbots are not the definitive example of how businesses can use AI. In fact, not all chatbots will be driven by AI; the majority are scripted and follow a simple decision-tree process.

AI's true power lies in analyzing data and making real-time decisions based on that information. An effective AI system draws data from a Data Management Platform: The more complete and high quality the data, the better the AI system will be able to function. Poor data will result in poor, ineffectual artificial intelligence. AI perceives its environment and makes decisions that will maximize its chance of achieving any given goal.

For example, this could range from optimizing profit margin, to maximizing stock efficiencies. Second, how do we get more people involved in the conversation? The biggest headache in machine learning? Cleaning dirty data off the spreadsheets November 1, — The Verge.

A new survey of data scientists and machine learners shows expectations that machine learning is all about self-driving cars and working for the biggest names in tech need adjusting: the biggest challenge is actually cleaning dirty data.

Contemporary AI systems generally learn by example, which is why companies like Google and Amazon have been able to build such effective image and speech recognition platforms: they have a ton of data from users.

But AI systems are still computer programs which are sensitive to errors. This inflexibility includes the data they can learn from. Workers in AI and machine learning fields have to comb through datasets with hundreds of thousands of entries, tracking down missing values and remove any formatting errors. C'est bon pour l'image. Team collaboration is a key driver in achieving the goal of staying ahead of competitors, especially for global businesses that operate in different time zones and use many devices to communicate and collaborate.

Yet there is always a need to collaborate more efficiently. The working world is changing rapidly and integrated communications and collaborations solutions are fast-becoming a necessity — where those who fail to modernise may get left behind.

Agile or lean start-up can be considered, adapted and effectively applied with the right mindset, capacity and conditions to understand and address needs in a given context. Mindset, practice and context all matter. Purpose and results do too. Many government organisations have a bias towards getting quick answer. Is a tendency to call for actions without shared understanding of contexts and needs problematic? Understandably though, existing policy, research and program functions, and enabling services, focus much, if not all, of their efforts on existing delivery.

Google Docs plante, les utilisateurs font un malaise 2 novembre — ZDNet. Virtual assistant apps not quite geared for businesses, yet October 30, — Tech Target. With the emergence of Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Siri, many consumers now expect to use their voice to control devices and find information. By extension, the practical uses of virtual assistant apps for enterprise collaboration are pretty easy to see.

Today, however, personal voice assistant options for businesses are limited. Virtual assistants are becoming a key component of digital transformation. In a recent Nemertes Research study, enterprises cited virtual assistants as one of the most vital technologies for digital transformation success. Virtual assistants aren't quite ready to revolutionize interaction with collaboration endpoints and applications, but it's only a matter of time before voice becomes a common way for application control.

There are several examples, including a push by Paul Tudor Jones to build an algorithm that would mimic his analytical process, of these types of efforts fizzling — though of course firms like Bridgewater have successfully automated many of their trading strategies. While machine-learning algorithms and other technologies are encroaching on work performed by money managers, traders and analysts, many firms are still facing issues, and coders still have a long way to go.

Furthermore, the notion that Wall Street powerhouses use all the latest and greatest technology is misleading. According to Bloomberg, many companies rely on aging computers and Microsoft excel. Bloomberg reports the average age of software used by financial firms is about 38 years, according to technology tracker CB Insights. And data, the bedrock upon which AI is built, are often fragmented or inaccurate.

However, replicating the skills of an equity or credit trader remains an obstacle. Automating trading in credit markets has been especially challenging because so much of a credit traders job hinges on judgment, the idiosyncrasies of each trade and human interaction. How machine learning protects your wallet and identity October 25, — Android Authority. Computing is undergoing a major shift regarding the proliferation of Machine Learning and AI technology.

Whereas Machine Learning is about making systems that can learn from experience, the goals of artificial intelligence are much broader. AI researchers are trying to create a machine which can mimic a human mind. With all the data necessary to Machine Learning being used and analysed there are also dangers-- risks of security breaches, hacking, cyber criminals, and more.

Technology companies have a responsibility to guard privacy, security and safety of its user base that is greater than their need to sell products. If a smartphone or a smart IoT device has ML capabilities then it is able to use those capabilities for a multitude of tasks including for security, privacy and fraud prevention.

By learning patterns about times, places, accelerometer readings i. These advances in device security and fraud protection need more than just a technical solution; they need a commitment from the tech companies themselves to ensure that they embrace their responsibilities and make security a primary design consideration for all devices.

Writer Jason Perlow discusses the future aspirations of Google as it pertains to its overall market strategy for both cloud and mobile.

Perlow writes that Google's cloud has excellent technology and has tremendous infrastructure that it is very good at running. While one can make architectural decisions about your application and which of these providers to develop a cloud-hosted solution for based on technical merits alone, technical merits aren't everything if you are trying to make money as a cloud-based services provider. Having a good partner relationship with your cloud provider is essential.

While Google indeed has an impressive development staff, Perlow believes that they are missing partner program representation. Partner programs are important when selling managed cloud services, as they facilitate a want of technical enablement, increased levels of business support, and sales and marketing enablement.

Les robots du cloud 26 octobre — ZDNet. Workplace by Facebook: How collaboration platforms are changing the way we work October 24, — Personnel Today. The launch of Workplace by Facebook furthered the integration of social media into the professional setting. CIO Ajai Sehgal shares how the business consultancy Chemistry Group uses Workplace and the impact he believes the collaboration tool and platforms like it will have on working lives.

For Chemistry, Workplace has served as a natural platform to facilitate the building of a community, despite a geographically dispersed workforce. It functions very similarly to Facebook, so as integrate naturally into their daily working lives. Some may argue that it blurs the lines between time in and out of the office too much, but the benefits Chemistry has seen include breaking down hierarchies, building more trust across the business, and helping to maintain a positive attitude towards the work.

Workplace can also provide insight into engagement that other methods cannot. At Chemistry, data analytics are used to monitor engagement in Workplace which, in turn, echoes overall company-wide engagement. Team collaboration tools tout cloud messaging services October 25, — Tech Target. Collaborative messaging applications can help enterprises manage multiple projects with various contributors.

Ideas, concepts and content can be shared easily within a group on any device, whether it's a desktop, tablet or phone. These team collaboration tools don't require the contributors to meet at a specified time. Instead, content relevant to a specific topic or conversation is added at the users' discretion, facilitating remote work. Early adopters of collaboration technologies experienced collaboration overload-- where each tool while useful in its own right becomes disconnected from other team collaboration tools to the point where the message gets lost in the noise.

The advent of cloud collaboration is eliminating the difficulties associated with collaboration overload. Organisations are no longer required to buy and maintain on-premises collaboration servers for the various services they want to deploy.

Cloud messaging services can be used for group messaging, file sharing, virtual interactive whiteboarding, management and administration options, and more. The purchase gives Cisco a new way to sell its communications tools as it shifts its focus from a pure networking hardware company to one focused on software and services delivered in the cloud.

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, an analyst who is founder at Deep-Analysis, a firm that tracks collaboration tools says it should be a good match. Ainsi, des personnels de terrain, qui ne disposaient pas d'e-mail professionnels, se retrouvent avec un profil et souvent une connexion via Smartphone. In this latest blow to human superiority the robot student has become the self-replicating master.

AutoML was developed as a solution to the lack of top-notch talent in AI programming. The system runs thousands of simulations to determine which areas of the code can be improved, makes the changes, and continues the process ad infinitum, or until its goal is reached. AutoML is better at coding machine-learning systems than the researchers who made it.

In an image recognition task it reached record a high 82 percent accuracy. To accomplish this, the team is partnering up with data scientists and experts from UK universities as well as media and tech companies based in Europe and internationally. CNS soll Arztrechnung in Zukunft sofort zahlen 1.

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Datenschutz 3. Datenschutz-in-der-EU 3. Davos 2. Days out in Luxembourg 1. DBA 1. DDoS 4. De nouveaux outils pour le Plan cancer 1. Deep Space Industries 9. DeepBlue 1. DEKRA 3. Dekra startet Kundenbetrieb 1. Deloitte 4. Deloitte Digital 1. Deloitte Private comes to Grand Duchy 1.

Demagogy 1. Demandeurs-d'asyle 1. Democracy 1. Demokratesch Partei 1. Deontologiekodex der Regierung 1. Der Der Pariser Platz wird neu gestaltet 1. Der Partner am Golf 1. Der zweite Super-Scanner ist da 1. DESI DESI 1. DESI 2. In addition, Atos communicates widely and regularly internally and externally via its responses to external questionnaires, flyers, videos, reports, messages, blogs, position papers, websites, dedicated applications Atos Green app , press releases or information meetings.

To what extent do you integrate environmental issues into the determination of compensation not necessarily variable for executives, and in particular for the Chief Executive Officer? If so, how is it indexed to quantitative objectives? Atos' main environmental issues have been the focus of management's attention for many years and have resulted in specific action plans.

In terms of financial incentives and compensation for top management and the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer:. At which hierarchical level is the person responsible for global environmental issues located? What influence does it have on the company's operations? What decision-making processes is it formally integrated into?

Is there a person in charge of environmental strategy on the executive committee, and if so, what is his or her position? During how many executive committees have climate or biodiversity issues been on the agenda? Out of how many? He regularly presents to the Executive Committee the latest achievements in terms of environmental and social initiatives, planned objectives and results.

The Group's carbon emission reduction targets are an integral part of the Strategic Development Plan, and Atos' quarterly financial communication regularly incorporates the environmental strategy see for example the communication of results for the first half of In , this committee has already met twice, and Atos environmental experts have been invited to cover these topics.

In addition to being addressed within the governance set up for the CSR Program, environmental issues are monitored within the Environmental Program by a Group Manager and a dedicated team.

In addition, and within the operational and geographical entities, CSR managers are responsible for monitoring environmental issues at regional and local level. Do you encourage your employees, at all hierarchical levels, to influence the company's activity and its main orientations, in view of the ecological emergency? Working groups, possibility of carrying out sobriety projects, imagining tomorrow's jobs What means and room for maneuver do you give your employees to influence the company's development?

Atos regularly encourages its employees, at all levels, to be involved in supporting the company's activities and to participate in its main orientations. In terms of the environment, Atos has developed a digital application called "Atos Green" accessible to all its employees, in order to raise their awareness of Atos's environmental issues and promote eco-responsible individual and collective behavior.

The Group's collaborative tools enable employees to participate in communities dedicated to the environment and innovation. In , two new Hackathons Event during which specialists meet for several days around a collaborative computer programming or digital creation project have been organized.

One in India on sustainability and the second in Europe to provide real demonstrations and solutions for the spring InnovAtos Specific training is deployed worldwide to involve all employees and promote environmentally friendly behavior regarding carbon, energy, water, waste and travel. This training targets both their daily lives as employees, but also their professional expertise and as such addresses their capacity for innovation. Do you have an environmental assessment of your suppliers and subcontractors?

Do you choose them according to environmental and social criteria? Are these criteria based on quantitative indicators that ensure that the stakeholder is part of an ambitious ecological transition e.

If so, which ones? What is your scope for progress in this area? What improvements do you plan to implement? The objective of Atos Purchasing Department is to subject its strategic suppliers to an evaluation of their CSR performance. Suppliers are invited to complete a detailed questionnaire on their commitment and must document their responses.

During the contract period, Atos requires an evaluation of less than 24 months. Suppliers with insufficient scores are encouraged to implement corrective action plans and must be reassessed 12 months later. If a supplier with a below-average score does not wish to cooperate with Atos to improve its performance, in most cases fewer or no contracts will be signed with it.

A , a first specific analysis of our largest suppliers was conducted in early to more specifically assess their degree of maturity in terms of taking climate issues into account. Do you devote resources to influencing regulations that have or would have positive or negative effects on the environment? What are the major issues you are trying to influence? Which influence groups do you finance? Atos is a member of many professional organizations, working groups or think tanks to review, support and promote good technological and environmental practices.

Just recently, Atos made a commitment under the French Climate Pledge , which in August reminded the commitment taken by 99 French companies to "collectively change course by accelerating innovation and research and development through their investments in low-carbon solutions, in order to bring about a drastic reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions".

In its external studies and communications, Atos regularly addresses topics related to sustainable development such as the "circular economy" Atos Ascent or the "factory of tomorrow" to manufacture products in an economical and responsible way by reducing the consumption of raw materials, water and energy. Atos Connection. This application helps farmers minimize the amount of fertilizer and pesticides they need by providing them with an accurate threat assessment for each field area. The team won 10, euros and each student had the opportunity to do an internship at Atos or work with the Group to develop their project.

Vous trouverez toutes ces informations dans le chapitre 7. Le site de crowdsourcing monassurancecitoyenne. Voir notre Rapport Climat La mission de Bpifrance est explicite dans le texte de loi de constitution du Ce Manifeste affirme notamment :. Nous calculons notre empreinte eau. Les exemples de ceci sont nombreux.

Nous pouvons citer notamment les exemples suivants. Nous mettons en place des indicateurs permettant de suivre leur impact. Nous avons avec WWF un partenariat mondial depuis Au niveau global, ce sont plus de projets depuis Elles ne sont toutefois pas obligatoires.

Any company able to last over time thanks to its activity can claim to have some sort of utility. It is to make life better every day for as many people as possible and provide local authorities with buildings and infrastructure schools, hospitals, bridges etc. It is also to facilitate communication between people,whether via mobile or fixed networks in the UN recognised access to the Internet as a fundamental right. And, finally, to provide entertainment via its media arm.

The Group has implemented and tracks carbon accounting. For over 10 years, the results for the Group and its business segments have been published in its Registration Document. The breakdown of emissions into Scope 1, 2 and 3, as well as the breakdown of Scope 3 imposed by Article , gives a detailed vision of emissions sources. These targets may be revised upwards depending on initial results, the regulatory context and market maturity.

The results are used and analysed during operational reviews and are factored into the calculation of executive officer remuneration. For example, the number of BBCA label low carbon property development programmes is tracked. For , the Bouygues group is the third ranked property developer in this domain and we are also in the A list of the CDP. We currently have no formal plan for for these objectives. We currently do not integrate compensation mechanisms into our accounting, although we do on an ad hoc basis.

The most effective action remains avoidance and reduction at source, not compensation. Our Construction businesses are significantly dependent on public sector customers in France and abroad.

At the moment, our customers are a long way off including low carbon requirements into their contractual conditions. Furthermore, it is impossible to define a linear decarbonisation strategy since we often have no control over the construction method demanded by the customer. Bouygues Immobilier and Bouygues Construction are very involved in the development and promotion of the Biodivercity label, which encourages the protection and integration of wildlife in the context of construction projects, mainly commercial and residential ones.

The main identified pollution to date is that caused by the indirect and direct greenhouse gas emissions of our activities. See previous answer. For each Bouygues activity an environmental analysis that identifies the main environmental externalities is carried out within the framework of our ISO certifications. The Group develops ranges of services and products that promote energy efficiency, particularly via the.

The calculation of the overall carbon footprint by type of raw material has not been carried out to date, apart from for aggregates and bitumen. Have you developed an analysis of the risks induced on your business by climate change and the collapse of biodiversity typically physical, regulatory, technological,market, reputation, etc. The Board of Directors has been informed and will give its opinion on this issue.

No specific budget has been allocated to this because investments are intended to pursue several objectives at the same time. It meets between twice and four times a year. Bouygues also has an in-house training structure, the Bouygues Management Institute, aimed at its senior managers and executive officers. Self-assessments are also regularly organised to compare in-house practices with the best recognised external practices, for example in terms of integrating CSR issues, in order to determine priority areas for improvement.

They contain CSR information and data verified by auditors. These subjects are also discussed during financial communication roadshows. Some of our suppliers are assessed according to CSR criteria approx. Generally speaking, this is not used to select suppliers but as an instrument to manage risk. At the moment, no quantitative indicator is able to show whether our suppliers have an ambitious ecological transition policy or not.

Our policy is mainly to raise awareness amongst our purchasing staff and then to provide them with the tools, such as a sustainable wood purchasing guide and a recycled materials guide, as well as with components that can be easily recycled and dismantled. Des jeux aussi sur les risques climatiques. Les objectifs :. En savoir plus ici. En savoir plus : chapitre 4. Les managers? Ces enrichissements permettent aux encours de progresser significativement.

Ces mouvements sont significatifs sur un portefeuille qui comporte moins de lignes. Notre force est de nous mobiliser, en interne et en externe. Des clauses contractuelles sur la protection des travailleurs figurent dans les contrats. Nos actions concernent principalement nos fournisseurs. Nous ne communiquons pas sur une part globale. Le sens de Decathlon est de "rendre durablement les plaisirs et les bienfaits des sports accessible au plus grand nombre".

En effet le sens a pour objectif de guider chacune de ses actions. Le sens de Decathlon est de rendre durablement les plaisirs et les bienfaits du sport accessibles au plus grand nombre.

Plusieurs pilotes sont en cours pour utiliser un prix interne du carbone dans le calculs des prix des composants et dans le calcul des prix du transport par exemple. Our services lead us to work in a wide range of markets transport, buildings, water, the environment, etc. As an international player in construction engineering and mobility services, Egis proposes a global offering combining consulting, engineering and operation of infrastructure. As a designer, advisor and operator, Egis influences the investment of tens of billions of Euros in the buildings and transport infrastructure which will be used by millions of citizens.

This gives us a very special social responsibility. Given our activities, we are lucky to have a wide range of expertise enabling us to address these challenges with the scientific rigour that is typical of our engineers. Our Vision corporate strategy plan retains the climate emergency as a top priority.

Considering the range of our activities, this is conveyed by the selection of two main development strategies: the transport of tomorrow and mobility of the future, and the construction of the sustainable city.

It should be noted that, in , Egis signed up to the United Nations Global Pact, and that, in , Egis was one of the companies which signed up to the Shift Project manifesto to decarbonise Europe. Direct emissions: we have been monitoring, since , the progression of our direct emissions business trips, energy consumption of the buildings, waste, etc.

This consolidation is currently being carried out within the perimeter of the subsidiaries whose head office is located in France. This figure has been improving since It is the result of sustained efforts, thanks to a policy of proactive eco-responsibility. We plan to progressively extend this carbon accounting system and associated action plan by to our main international offices Brazil, India, Middle East, etc.

To date, we do not have a carbon accounting system for our indirect emissions. In , we decided to further step up our actions in order to target carbon neutrality by the year To achieve carbon neutrality by , we also examine offsetting opportunities. However, we only call on offsetting as a last resort, once the possibilities of CO2 emission avoidance and reduction have been exhausted.

Moreover, we finance a carbon offsetting programme, the Nature programme, whose objectives involve climate change and biodiversity loss. We have an Environment activity with expertise in biodiversity that we deploy within the framework of our projects. For instance, in the marine biodiversity market, our subsidiary Seaboost designs and builds artificial reefs in order to restore coastal marine habitats which have been degraded.

The nature of our consulting and engineering activity does not create pollution, excluding that already addressed in our business trips, paper use, and energy consumption. In this way, some of the airports that we operate benefit from Airport Carbon Accreditation. It is a great example of a circular economy with multiple advantages: decreasing the carbon impact, reducing waste, saving economically on non-renewable materials, and developing a social and solidarity economy. As regards our consulting and engineering activities, this is presented more in terms of opportunities related to environmental and energy transition than in terms of risks accompanying our clients in these major subjects.

Concerning our airport and motorway operation activities, we have scheduled an in-depth review of the risks related to climate change.

Yes, in particular regarding our activities where there is tension about climate change, for example, our aviation or road activities. It is conducted in the same way as for those that contribute to decarbonisation, and as for our activities in the nuclear sector civil engineering and safety of installations.

This ratio does not include the developments indirectly contributing towards the environment, such as mobility or sustainable buildings. Moreover, it has been decided that the environment field of activity be strengthened with the ambition of making Egis an international leader in environmental consulting and engineering. To date, we have not set up training sessions on these subjects at the Executive Committee or Board of Directors level.

A certain number of actions were implemented in our training offering approx. Jute scrim tape 75mm wide; ideal for building-up slender components or as general overlap renforcement, etc. Plaster bandage mm wide and an ideal size for use as a strengthening fabric in all small to medium size projects and as general overlap reinforcement, etc. Supplied in 2.

The fabric can either be dipped in the plaster mix, or the plaster can be coated on after draping or fixing over the material over an armature or mesh framework, etc. This is the perfect mesh gauge for providing flexibility, rigidity and the optimum support for plaster bandage, etc. Prices include VAT.. Full instructions given on each tub.

Quality plaster of paris ideal for use with casting moulds. Mix with water to a fine consistency pour Ideal for hobby craft and childrens plaster of paris models. Find plaster, plaster mixer, 30 Minute Casting Plaster - An economical general purpose industrial plaster suitable where expansion control, hardness, and strength are not essential.

Working properties are similar to Hydrocal-White. Especially suitable for thin sections, it has a high green strength and can be carved and built up. High expansion. Silicone mould materials, slip-casts and Ultracal 30 - Low expansion and absorption for high tolerance tooling Ceramical - A low consistency form hydrocal compounded to produce a dense, smooth-wearing die material for mechanically pressing clay ware Not normally considered to be weatherproof Harder than Fine Casting Plaster.

GRG Work Wet flow and curing time, hardening Herculite No. Lafarge Prestia Dental SP surgical Herculite LX A specially formulated plaster designed for use where high strength, surface hardness and dimensional accuracy are required. Ideal for the production of block moulds. Keramicast A formulated plaster for higher strength working moulds used with automatic forming equipment.

Keramipress A high strength formulated plaster for making quick purging dies used for wet plastic clay machine pressed production. General purpose for creating detailed models, plaques etc. Can be cast using latex, rubber plastic and most types of moulds. Stone Plaster White Extra hard with a long working time. High strength ideal for making figurines, picture frames chess sets etc. Superstone Plaster Off-white, exceptionally hard giving great strength and surface hardness. Ideal for making fine detailed giftware, chess sets etc.

Modell plaster, extremely hard, 5, 10 , 25kg bags 3. Armature work with sculptors' tools and chisels Casting Plaster Suppliers.. Critical table values and characteristics for standard mix all values at 7 days waterproof plaster density Crystacal Lamina An extra hard plaster for the production of finely detailed decorative items which do not shrink on setting.

Crystacast An exceptionally hard plaster for use in giftware and modelling applications where surface hardness and exceptional detail are important. Crystacal Alpha K A new ultra high strength casting plaster developed to replace resin in the production of fine detailed giftware.

Ultramix A high strength, buff tinted plaster for the production of block and case moulds. Cassini's plaster is a waterproof sculpting medium, superior to natural limestones because of its regularity Ilfallait seulement une chanson un peu folle et amusante. Et encore bravo pour cet incroyable travaild'adaptation!

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