free forfait mobile ? 2 euros

free forfait mobile ? 2 euros

A friend also has one to use when he is here each month. They both work fine. If you have free as you internet supplier, you get the mins, texts etc for nothing. I use virgin. Hi I have had this Free mobile offer since it started and have absolutely no problems or complaints with it!! How were you charged for roaming? I thought the plan was prepaid. Did they charge the card you purchased the sim with? Free mobile terminate my data roaming as I now owe them 50 Euros. I am still waiting for the charge to reflect on my credit card bill to see if it went through ;.

Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Free Mobile Pass Destination. Se connecter. Here is a quick summary of what customers say about Free:. Free does not currently offer English-speaking customer service. Find all the ways to get in touch with Free in our guide to contacting Free. This number is free when dialled from your Free mobile phone number, but may be subject to charges when dialled from a number of a different mobile phone operator. Merci de vous inscrire , c'est gratuit!.

Feedback post: New moderator reinstatement and appeal process revisions. The new moderator agreement is now live for moderators to accept across the…. Hot Network Questions. Question feed. Travel Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Many thanks in advance Kathy. Sorry forgot to say should I sign up for the Freebox first?

It is very difficult to use this amount of data over cellular think "tethering" i. The tethering capability was not clear in Free's press announcement but has since been confirmed. I do agree with you that we have to pray that this does not melt the shared 3G infrastructure.

Yes you need to buy a naked GSM phone. Thankyou very much Christopher. That is what I will do. Kindest Regards Kathy. Hi, I just see this amazing info and I wonder if someone has a direct link to that offer? Also I want to say big thanks to Christopher who does give very often great advice on different postings.

Happy new year and all the best and looking forward reading more of your great comments. Free are very easy to find.

They have an emphasis on Internet sales and Internet self-service. I'm about to sign up but would hate to get stranded with poor reception - if it's the SFR network they are using, same question I've only had Orange so far. Free are using Orange infrastructure so your experience with Orange should prevail. I am on SFR for my main cellphone and I know exactly where all the black spots are in Valbonne and there are several - did you experience any black spots with Orange?

Yes, one huge black spot - Ille Verte and surroundings, 0 bars around the Carrefour market Many thanks. My french is not that good, I looked on the website and am interested in the 2 euros no contract deal, does anyone know how this one works and does your credit run out after the usual month?? Forgot to say they use the SFR reseau. I would also be interested in hearing if anyone has completed the process and what that experience was like.

I have just completed 2 subscriptions. After sign up on- site it t ook 15 minutes to get a confirm email that you have to Respond to Verify that you mean it.

After 3 days I received the 2 sim cards. And both worked perfectly. I have now 2 very inexpensive mobile phone and there is NO restrictions about termination, and there is no abonnemt of FREE mobile telephony. Hope that's help There is no doubt that the other operator will try to do everything possible to make mistakes in terms of number portability When you transfer the number from one operator to another.

I have experienced that many times when you should have the phone number from the FTC orange they now switch it off on a Friday so you have no phone all weekend. In the past they always cut it off one of the weekdays. I cannot find the details about this. The details are marked in a link previously posted on this thread. I was reading the tarif's and one thing to watch out for is calls to Monaco mobiles are. But other then that it seems great. I called on the phone and the guy walked me through the internet sign up very nicely.

When that comes and is activated I will order my I'm doing it that way so if they cut my service over the weekend I will still have a phone. I will keep you all posted!! Anyone else have an experience they can share. SIM arrived and worked perfectly however, my phone does seem to be sending multiple texts Does anyone know the costs for calling UK and Italian mobiles? Landlines are free however.

I have just been speaking to Orange, and said I wanted to change over to the free network.. They offered me a new 2 year contract for 49 euros a month unlimited calls in France, but nothing outside of France, this is their answer to the all in I have ordered the free sim card so I hope this works okay, but I have three months until my orange contract runs out so I should know better by then.

I also tried to lower my monthly bill but apparently you cant do this without signing up for another 12 months!!

I also have a UK mobile and tried the same and they lowered the contract down to a third of what I had no problem at all.. I guess the companies here are still wanting to go for the big profits, and I suppose if they lost half their customers its cheaper than dropping to compete with free, so it does not look like they are going to get into a war with free over pricing Free Mobile was covering An estimated 18, antennas, depending on the frequencies, are required to cover the whole French metropolitan area.

Free Mobile operates roughly 17, 3G antennas and 14, 4G antennas as of January ARCEP confirmed that Free covers enough of the country to open commercially and start using its roaming agreement with Orange. To check your balance, send an empty SMS to or check your personal account called Espace client. Data is at a low 0. But they charge a minimum consumption fee of 1. This will be completely credited on your consumption.

But if there is no usage, 1. If you are running low on credit, your line will be suspended after 90 days. They stay strictly prepaid and are charged from your account. The plan is debited on the 1st of the month or at purchase of the starter pack and runs for the rest of the calendar month. Their combined plans can be customised according to your anticipated usage and can be changed for every month. But you must do this online on your account by the last day of the previous month.

If you don't change them, they will auto-renew. International calls included are to only 62 countries listed, mainly EU ones. Overuse on the internet plans is charged at 0. Plans can be changed only online in the previous for the following month. If you are running low on credit having booked a plan, your line will be suspended on the 28th of the month. You can upsize your data during the running month by adding data add-ons which are called Rallonges:.

These add-ons can be activated several times either online on your account or by calling They accumulate, but won't roll over to the next month. They sell contracts and prepaid SIM cards to be added by combo or data passes. Syma mobile prepaid SIM cards can be ordered for 4. They come with 15 MB data, 15 dom. SMS preloaded valid for a month. Alternatively, they can be purchased from many French tabacs tobacconists and kiosks and chain stores e.

New SIM cards must be activated over the phone in French, by mail, online, go to ' enregister ' and place a local call. PIN code is set by default to The SIM stays valid for 6 months initially to be extended for 12 months by any recharge. Online international credit cards are not accepted. For their prepaid SIM still available, internet default data is at 0. They only offer 3 passes to be activated by SMS or app valid for 30 days:. They sell prepaid SIM cards to be added by combo or data passes.

Vectone mobile prepaid SIM cards can be ordered for free through their website , mailed to a French postal address. Vectone sends its SIM cards abroad too, but only in the 9 countries, it's operating order site. They can be also purchased in some French kiosks, where you can register too and need to make a top-up.

You can also top-up by PaySafeCard. The validity of each top-up is for 90 days.

There are 4 physical network operators MNOs in metropolitan France which are listed according to history and their number of subscribers:. You may notice, that prices for data on prepaid are somewhat higher in Free forfait mobile ? 2 euros than in most other European nations. This is because many locals prefer contracts flrfait forfaitssee below to prepaid SIM cards. Unfortunately, most operators ban foreigners from subscribing to a contract. You'll need to have a Free forfait mobile ? 2 euros payment system for it. Although overseas departments DOMs of France are as much part of France as metropolitan France is, they have their own separate networks and are therefore covered by separate pages. The island of Corsica is however considered as a part of mainland France, and covered by metropolitan France's mobile operators. There is also a map of all base stations by all carriers in France free forfait mobile ? 2 euros with the frequency they are transmitting on a local scale. If you know where you will be located, you can check this map and see which carriers have good coverage close to you. Activating a SIM card on a free forfait mobile ? 2 euros may take up to 48 hours. A passport or driving licence usually suffice. A rolling contract is a kind of hybrid tariff between pre- and postpaid: You pay in advance and have cost control like prepay, but you have to forrfait an automatically recurring payment system known as auto-pay in the US. This can be linked e. But the contract can be terminated at any time by free will. You can change the plan monthly, but usually you can't turn off automatic plan renewal completely to pause. That means that you have to pay a certain amount every month, even if you don't use the SIM card at all that specific month. These rolling contracts normally give you a much better rate for data in France than regular forfaot free forfait mobile ? 2 euros. The problem is the free forfait mobile ? 2 euros system that is often free converter m4a to mp3 mac accessible to foreigners without French credit cards or bank accounts. free forfait mobile ? 2 euros (1) Order Free's EUR 2 mobile phone forfait, with a new number, then get it up and I ordered the sim and 2 euro sim on Feb 7th and the which was. Découvrez les nouvelles offres Freebox One et Freebox Delta, disponibles dès maintenant. Internet ADSL2+, VDSL 2 ou FIBRE optique, Téléphonie, Télévision. I found out that Free Mobile in France has a plan called Pass Destination in Les "destinations incluses" permettent aux abonnés au forfait Free (19,99 ou 15,​99 choose the type of plan you want ( Euro vs 2 Euro), fill in your first name. Free Mobile, Low Cost Phone Plan and Internet Provider in France Free has three mobile offers (at €2, € and € per month), and six Internet options (​priced at €/month, €month Le forfait Free, € Merci Free: ne ratez aucune info sur les forfaits mobiles illimités et sur ses box + 50 Mo data internet à 2 euros par mois (0 euros pour les abonnés Freebox). Le premier est RED by SFR, dont le forfait mobile Go coûte actuellement 20 euros par mois. En plus, les SMS, MMS et appels sont inclus en. Forfaits mobiles en promotion chez SFR, Sosh, Free, Bouygues, Proposé à 4,​99 € par mois sans engagement, le forfait B&You 2 forfait mobile "Série Spéciale" en promotion à partir de 6,99 euros par mois pendant 1 an. 1/2. PRESS RELEASE. Paris, March 14, Free Mobile Plan: Roaming now included all year round! 5GB/month mobile Internet access and unlimited calls. The license price is million euros for two 5 MHz duplex bands in the MHz and MHz frequency bands. Roaming agreement[edit]. Free Mobile signed. Free Mobile ne déroge pas à la règle avec son forfait Free Mobile 50 à payer le moindre euro et conserver votre Numéro de mobile via votre. Cordialement, 0. Ou alors c'est un aigri qui veut payer de de la daube hors de prix. Il existe de nombreux hotspots Free , gratuits ou payants, en France. Que l? Il travaille pour Orange et consorts. Alors que je vous ai mis le nez dans vos propres contradictions. Il s'agissait d'un forfait gratuit 2 euros chez FREE, donc cela avait peu d'incidence sur mon budget. Puisque vous me cherchez? Contacter Free. Vous n? free forfait mobile ? 2 euros