free games like sara is missing

free games like sara is missing

The ultimate task is to score the highest points by defeating monsters or completing tasks to challenge your friends to beat it. You can show off your progress on the global leaderboards. The game unlocks further levels, achievements, quests, and items as you progress. Idle Quest offers core features such as four different Skills, Upgrades, over 40 Achievements, powerful Foes, Grow your Stats and more. With addictive gameplay, superb mechanics, and cool features, Idle Quest is a wonderful game to play and enjoy.

Godville combines the elements of Zero-player, Browser-based, Role-playing, and god game available to play on cross-platforms. In the game, you can act as the god of the hero, and you can influence the character by punishing and encouraging them. You can create your hero, and he will perform whatever you say. The main objective is to send your heroes on different quests to fight against monsters and rescue the innocent people.

Brianna Lei. Lox Rain. Hot Date. A romantic evening of speed dating. The player has to manage resources, craft items using different objects, and fight against monsters to earn statistic points.

It features an auto-attack combat system where the player has to press the button to start the combat against monsters. A progress bar shows the achievements of the player in the text description. It offers similar gameplay to A Dark Room.

It introduces widgets to continue the progress in the game on background, and growth stops when the device of the player goes to sleep.

Progress Quest is a wonderful game to play and enjoy. The game is about romance, court intrigue, and deception, where you can decide how the story of the game proceeds. It offers exciting gameplay without sound effects and graphics driven by the massive, endless power of your imagination. You can play either a male or a female to start your game in which your objective is to find true love, complete your quests, and earn enough points to gain a crown or lose your head.

As the game progresses, it becomes challenging. Progress through the story and engage yourself in the text-based gameplay experience. Every progress needs a set of points to unlock. With addictive gameplay and superb story, Choice of Romance is the best game to play and enjoy. The player controls a King who can rule over the kingdom by accepting or rejecting the suggestion from the advisor. It allows the player to swipe right or left on a card depicting an advisor to reject or accept his suggestion.

Each suggestion will have the consequence of changing the balance between different pillars of society. If one of four metrics becomes too low or too high in that case, the king loses his kingdom, and the game continues with the player controlling his head. With quite fantastic game mechanics, quite addictive gameplay, and dynamic background music details, Reigns is an excellent game to play and enjoy.

It is an excellent interactive fiction computer game in which the player can take on the role of a nameless protagonist who starts his epic journey in the vast dark land in search of adventure and wealth. It allows the player to explore the whole game world to collect numbers of information to remain alive.

During the gameplay, the player has to gather all the treasure needed to complete his adventure. The game world is full of various novel creatures, locations, and objects. According to the gameplay, the player can defeat various deadly creatures to find all the treasures of Zork to progress.

When the player can find treasure, it allows the player to use his strategy to solve the puzzles. It is an excellent text-based game that offers addictive gameplay to immerse the player deep into the brilliant game world.

Zork I provides a content-rich story, simple controls, and excellent graphics details. It is an interactive fantasy novel that is written by Heather Albano. Category Games. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. It is a pure text-based video game without sound effects or graphics. Check it out, and have fun. The game offers unique, a remastered combination of strategy and role-playing elements, where everything is about choice and control.

In the game, the player has to select his epic saga of war in the medieval-themed world, and struggle to rule his clan, take strategic decisions, conquer battles and expand the influence.

During the gameplay, the player has to select his counsel carefully, sign agreements or declare a conflict with other clans. The storytelling video game blends the resource management and interactive stories. There are more than six-hundred interactive scenes and immensely replayability. During the story, the player can engage in hand-painted artwork and can enjoy the massive community, mythology, and wars.

The game is set in the fantasy world full of traps, monsters and magic. The player takes on the role of the protagonist, who must battle against weird enemies, cast powerful spells and complete challenges to shape his story, cheat death and explore the environment to become the master. The player moves freely in any direction, interact with NPCs, and engage in hand-drawn 3D world to create his unique story.

It offers the dynamic storyline, where the player can make thousands of choices and can populate the world with dynamic cutaways. In the game, the player can start his adventure using his new character or can load his character and all his choices from Part 3. As the game advances, it increases the difficult and unlock powerful creatures to unlock. Dope Wars is a Turn-based Strategy and Single-player video game, in which the player takes on the role of the character, a drug dealer involved in arbitrage.

The ultimate objective of the game is to deal with the drugs to earn money and pay off the loan shark by the end of the level. The mainly focuses on text-based role-playing elements similar to Star Trader. It takes place in the fictional New York City, where the player traverses around different parts like Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Manhattan. During the gameplay, the player can purchase and sells various drugs such as Heroin, Cocaine, Weed, Acid, and more.

The player can travel from one part to another of the city to takes on the day. The objective is to make enough money within thirty days. During the gameplay, the player deals with loan sharks, because they offer the much investment.

With addictive gameplay, superb graphics, and stunning visuals, Dope Wars is the wonderful game to play. The game comes with classic gameplay, in which the player takes on the role of the dealer, who must start his career in the field of crime by smuggling drugs, attracting customers and expanding his empire to become more successful.

The game features a list of cities to which the player can attempt and fly to purchase low and sell high. There are lots of angry sharks, unreliable couriers and the people who hate the player.

In the game, the player has to start his career from beginner level with an objective to become the tycoon by defeating rivals. In the beginning, the player can borrow some money from angry sharks to purchase drugs at a low price and struggle to sell it at high to pay the loan and build his empire.

The player must struggle to score the best points and challenge the fellows to beat the record of the best points. With addictive gameplay, superb mechanics, and touch controls, Drug Lord 2 is the best Text-based gameplay compared to other games. Camp Cadaver is an Adventure, Role-playing, Text-based, and Single-player video game, in which the player must either find out the truth or lie effectively. It offers an exciting gameplay, in which the player can select his favorite role and jump into the world invaded by killers who spread chaos everywhere.

In the small town, everyone is the suspect, and the player must join a room and engage other players from all over the world in the intense video game of mouse and cat. During the gameplay, the player can use different abilities determined by his assigned role to find the information, uncover secrets, assist other players, or slaughter the victims. The game has multiple modes such as Classic, Election Season, Purge and special Snowflake, and the player is able to select one of three level difficulties such as Normal, Fast and Slow.

The player can interact with other players, chat with them, and can join a room or can create his own to advance through the game. In the game, the player assumes the role of the protagonist, who must struggle to free his trapped people from slavery in Ancient Egypt.

The game represents the Text adventure with optional graphics. The player must follow the book closely and encounter hint feature, which directs the player to read the specific passage. The game itself is easy to play and quite short, while the story of the game is split into several parts, presented as multiple screens of non-interactive text. The player manipulates the environment from a first-person perspective, interact with NPCs, and struggle to solve the complex puzzles to advance through the story and save the innocent people from becoming the hero.

With superb storyline, smooth controls, and good graphics, Moses: Old Testament Adventure 1 is the best game to play. The game offers the fantasy setting where it takes place and comes with more than twenty playable different races from which the player pick up his favourite one and create his avatar with unique skills, tons of combination in his style.

The task of the player is to accomplish hundreds of challenging quests and struggle to compete against players from around the world to earn the points which can be used to develop the character like other games of similar features.

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