free isle of wight festival 1970

free isle of wight festival 1970

It was - but I'm still proud to say, 'I was there'! Jim Reed. Six years later, I was on my first European holiday. Since that day, my dream was to go to London and see the Beatles.

My trip began as any ordinary tourist visiting all the famous landmarks in London and throughout the continent. In addition, I had never heard of the Isle of Wight. In history books , it was the summer residence and final home of Queen Victoria of England.

So begins the true narrative, While doing laundry in a London- laundromat, a customer spoke about the upcoming end of summer Isle of Wight Music Festival.

I recall his words. All I needed to do was go down to the festival and say " Miles Davis sent you. While crossing the English Channel, I could not help but remember the 's I love Lucy program where Lucy and her neighbor Fred sailed on the Staten Island Ferry, and were overwhelmed in body and mind with nausea and dizziness. Consequently, the overnight voyage was occupied with my own sea-sickness from the rocking and swaying motion of the vessel.

The next morning, I was glad to arrive at the lush green landscapes and country blue skies of England. Like many thousands of people who came to the festival, I bought boxes of food and drinks to bring into the festival grounds. In addition, the entrance fee was very reasonable for an American in for three days of music. It was a cool crisp sunny day. The festival was on the side of a man-made lake.

There were thousands of young hippies, and I was all the way in the rear. Therefore, I remembered what the man in the laundromat told me. I began to move up close. Let me tell you walking over a sea of humanity of approximately , people was overwhelming. In the enclosure, there were neatly arranged wooden lounge chairs all over. They appeared to be arranged in rows. The stage was high above the ground.

Lots of activity was taking place in the front and the back of the stage. Here I was about to be in the presence of rock royalty. The extraordinary access invoked a serendipitous tale. I was excited and began to explore the surroundings and environment backstage.

All these gypsy caravans were encamped directly behind the stage. I spotted Jim Hendrix sitting on the steps of the caravan. However, the most memorable noteworthy incident was speaking to the legendry Jim Morrison.

The whole thing was the most surreal experience. Jim Morrison was standing next to me. I approached him with unflinching resolve. I had no idea he was so approachable. Jim Morrison was dashing, dressed in black leather with white ruffled shirt on a cool night with long curly hair looking like a 17th century painting or one of the Three Musketeers from a Dumas novel. Here is how our dialogue went: Me: "I heard George Harrison is here. There was none of the onstage ludicrous screaming. So far there are setlists of 49 gigs.

Wednesday, August 26, David Bromberg. Judas Jump. Kathy Smith. Nevertheless, the larger and less financially successfully original festivals were culture touchstones that, much like Woodstock and a small group of other iconic events, encapsulated the free spirit of its time. After this look at the Isle of Wight Festival and the other early years, see Woodstock photos that'll take you back to and have a look at 's Monterey Pop Festival.

Then, view these hippie photos that show the movement in all its glory. By All That's Interesting. Experience the Isle of Wight Festival — likely the single largest event of the original hippie era — and the other early years of the British Woodstock.

The toilets were wooden planks over ditches, some of which collapsed! They were worth the wait, even though by then Jim Morrison was past his beautiful best. Freddie Stone of Sly and the Family Stone was hit by a beer can, and Kristofferson was booed offstage.

Still, the biggest names performed sets that earned their reputation, with the Who's considered to be one of their best ever. Retrieved 8 January Archived from the original on 11 August Retrieved 5 August Retrieved 17 April Ride On A Pony. The Stealer. Be My Friend. Fire And Water. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Really good cd of classic rock. One person found this helpful. Fantastic documentary! I was at the Isle Of Wight and remember watching and listening to Free on this very warm and sunny afternoon.

I fell asleep, which was a bit of a shame, because I was quite looking forward to seeing them. But before Jimi it was the turn of Jethro Tull. It was out of control, and the organisers were struggling to keep the thing from degenerating into something quite horrible. It was perhaps a testimony to the local police, and generally the welcoming residents of the Isle of Wight, that the thing happened at all. It was too much of a defining moment for a brand new band. It would have been the beginning and the end for us — as it was for Ten Years After.

As it turned out, I think it was a defining moment in that change from the hippy ideals to the rather dark and pragmatic side of music. So we just kind of got on with it and did our bit. It was not a good gig, it was not a bad gig, it was just a little frenetic and a little tense. Finally, the performer who many had come to the festival to see, over and above anyone else, launched into what became an almost two-hour set. Clearly, worryingly, something was wrong.

Watched on the DVD, Hendrix appears dazed, distant; almost every song includes meandering guitar improvisation; vocal lines are fluffed. May be more elsewhere. Weavers Answer exists on film as pro shoot - great performance! BJ Wilson : drums Possible Set list - order unknown. Their festivals are into politics as much as the music and they tend to go on for a whole weekend without a break because it does not get cold at night.

It was nice to play to an audience who had come solely for the music, in the most part. Soundboard recording is in circulation of part of the set. A quality. Cactus Carmen Appice. Jim McCarty: Guitar Audience recording is in circulation of part of the set.

John Sebastian. Aud recording of the set is in limited circulation. Joni Mitchell. Poor quality aud tape exists of part of the set. Not known what source, but recording exists.

You free isle of wight festival 1970 make a valid argument that the 60s free isle of wight festival 1970 all about trying to change the world, while the 70s were centred around the individual. Joni Mitchell was great, and Miles Davis, of course. Another 32 years, in fact. The festival was such a success that its organisers — the Foulks brothers, Ray, Free isle of wight festival 1970 and Bill, together with Rikki Farr — decided to stage another one. Even though the second show had been massively bigger free shoes la tranche sur mer the free isle of wight festival 1970, no one could have predicted the number of people free isle of wight festival 1970 would turn up inwhen the festival took place over five days and featured some of free isle of wight festival 1970 biggest names in rock, including Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and The Who. Expecting a bigger audience still, a new festival site was scouted and the organisers settled on Afton Farm. But there was a problem — it was overlooked by Afton Down, a hill that offered a perfect view of the stage. It was obvious that thousands would congregate and camp out on the hill rather than free isle of wight festival 1970 to get in, but the site was chosen regardless. Murray Lerner had directed the movie Festival! By Lerner was ready to document another outdoor music spectacle on film, and he hooked up with the Isle of Wight Festival. So they all wanted to get in for free by smashing the fences. There were no fatalities [yet]. There was the fire, which we show [in the film]. It was just a guy who was told two weeks earlier to schedule fireworks. I thought that was it. The first two days of the event — August 26 and 27 a Wednesday and a Thursday — saw performances by mostly newer artists, including up-and-comers Supertramp and Terry Reid. I think he had four encores. On the Friday, by which time the attendance was reaching its peak said to be, US band Chicago put in one of the first really outstanding displays of the festival. Although years later they became known as pop balladeers, back then were a jazz-infused powerhouse rock band with a blazing horn section that set them apart from the pack. free isle of wight festival 1970 View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Live At The Isle Of Wight on Discogs. The Isle of Wight Festival took place from Aug. off Those fans tore down the fences, forcing it to become a free festival at that point. The crowd was. Recorded live at the Isle Of Wight Festival, East Afton Farm, Isle Of Wight, UK on 30th August ; 15 Tracks: Ride On Pony Woman The Stealer Free Love and world peace the mantra of the s, the decade that brought us flares, fringing and a plethora of folk music. For the Isle of. The day before the concert, about people broke into the arena and smashed down fencing and scaffolding. “They said that 'music is free,' ”. Soundboard recording recorded live at the Isle Of Wight Festival at East Afton Farm, Isle Of Wight, UK 8/30/ Remastered. Tracks recorded live at the. Everyone was hell-bent on making it a free festival, so we joined forces with a load of French Anarchists and Mick Farren's White Panthers and other nutters of the. Commercial recordings of the Isle of Wight Festival The Who - Young Man Blues * Free - All Right Now * Taste - Sinner Boy * Tiny Tim - There'll Always​. It's festival time! Find and share Isle of Wight setlists. Find high-quality Isle Of Wight Festival stock photos and editorial news pictures View of the audience at the Isle of Wight Festival in estimated at East. Joan Baez poses at the Isle of Wight Festival. The event had a magnificent but impractical site, since the prevailing wind blew the sound sideways across the venue, and the sound system had to be augmented by the Who's own PA. The festival was filmed by a 35mm film crew under the direction of future Academy Award-winning director Murray Lerner who at that point had just directed the Academy Award-nominated documentary Festival of the Newport Folk Festival. Ron Smith was site manager and Rikki Farr acted as compere. We were about three rows from the front and could smell the hash that someone was smoking behind us. Nevertheless, the larger and less financially successfully original festivals were culture touchstones that, much like Woodstock and a small group of other iconic events, encapsulated the free spirit of its time. The Hunter 9. Then, view these hippie photos that show the movement in all its glory. Fans enjoy the music at the Isle of Wight Festival. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The event was revived in at Seaclose Park, a recreation ground on the outskirts of Newport. A member of the Hells Angels motorcycle club reclines amid the crowd during the Isle of Wight Festival. As a result, he had a VIP pass and, being his partner, I got one, too. free isle of wight festival 1970