free iwatobi swim club x reader lemon

free iwatobi swim club x reader lemon

Crawling back on top, you could feel his hard member along your thigh. You were so wet, your juices were leaving your dripping, which helped Makoto in the long run. Using your slickness as lube for his fingers, he slid his fore and middle fingers inside you with ease.

Starting slow he began to thrust his fingers deep inside your sex, while diving his head down so he could suck on your clit. This was all so sudden for you, not moments ago you were orgasming, still so sensitive you came on his fingers with a lewd moan. Without stopping Makoto began to increase his speed, fucking you fast with his talented fingers. Bending his fingers, he hooked them up inside you as his bit your sensitive clit. Without warning your cunt burst, your juices flooding onto his hand.

Makoto was looking into your eyes as it happened, he managed to pump his fingers in you a few more times, as you finally squirted. Splashing onto his thigh and the bed sheets. Neither one of you could believe what had just happened but it was enough for him to take you right there. Placing his cock in front of your entrance he began to sink into you.

He never slowed, he just pounded harder and harder, you could feel your inner legs begin to bruise. Your pussy was squeezing his cock so good. Hopefully there will be more to be made in the future. Also my last Free! Originally posted by fudayk. Originally posted by sugoi-weeb-desu. Originally posted by makototachibana Originally posted by no-thisisthekrustykrab. Do you need extra absorbent or just regular absorbance? Originally posted by kenduoitsuka. Originally posted by tetsurovs. Originally posted by onyaspringer.

Fandom: Free! Maybe with interactions with the cast members or with a SO? Anything is fine really lol. Of course, no one would want to see their boyfriend in a painful situation and not be able to do anything about it, but the most difficult part was that Rin was so freaking stubborn. More so than usual, so getting him to agree to take his temperature or give him medicine was almost completely out of the question. He had been lying down when she came in, but at some point, he would have to take some cough medicine for thee nasty bug he was hosting, so she had him sitting up criss-cross.

Rin whipped his head around to look at her. He starred at her for a few seconds, but he eventually sighed and gave in. She loved him dearly, but he really needed to take better care of himself. She breathed softly, and she unclenched her hands. Her maroon-haired boyfriend looked down at his bedsheets and clenched them in-between his fingers before he looked up sheepishly. She lent into his chest, and his arms collapsed behind her, holding her to him as they fell back into a lying position.

They shifted until they found a comfortable position for both of them, and they pulled the thin sheet above their intertwined bodies. He had laid down on his back, and she was pressed against his side, curled towards him. Let me know if you want me to write about what happens next too hihi ;.

Originally posted by babeyourmine. Originally posted by florida-water. Originally posted by obsession-in-my-mind. Originally posted by town-lights. Originally posted by sensualkisses. Nobody asked for this but I wanted to write something, if you enjoy this please let me know :. What hobby, you may be asking?

The one sport you could tolerate, well, more than tolerate. Something about gliding through the water sent adrenaline rushing through your veins. It took some convincing to get Haru to agree to come along but eventually he said yes. The club was completely run down, the paint was running creepily down the walls really adding to the abandoned look. The two walked ahead leaving Makoto and Nagisa staring worriedly at your shaking form.

Pulling out your phone and ear phones you decided on listening to some music to hopefully drown out the voices in your head. The night grew cold as you walked to the closest bus stop that happened to be all the way across town, you wrapped your arms around yourself to somewhat keep yourself warm as you slightly picked up your pace hearing footsteps approaching you despite the music playing in your ears, you kept walking until a voice called your name.

Smiling you pulled his tall form into you and wrapped your arms around his shoulders hugging him tightly as his arms found their way around your torso squeezing you while he placed his head in the crook of your neck and yours made itself comfortable on his shoulder. So, in an effort to get this blog off the ground I felt like while i sit here having my own lazy Sunday that I would do a little writing, to try and flex my creative muscles! Your eyes fluttered open, realising you had been naturally awoken by the warm hue of light filtering through the gap of the curtains.

But not today, today was Sunday and Rin had promised to spend the day with you and have a day off from his usual routine of rigorous exercise. Rin smiled wryly before wrapping his arms around your smaller form pulling you into his soft, warm chest. You lay there for a little while basking in the loving warmth of your husbands body. You had been pretty excited for this lazy day and had already planned what you wanted to do. Unless you wanted to go out or something?

He pressed a loving, passionate kiss to your lips, his other had trailing up your side so he could lace his fingers through your hair, allowing him to press you closer. When you parted Rin took a moment to soak in the image of you.

His eyes danced over you like you were a magnificent rare creature. Rin stroked your head with the hand he still had laced in your hair. Before you could both lazily slide out of bed, much to your surprise your husband moved rather swiftly to stand up, leaving you laying on the bed staring up at him in confusion.

He gave you a devious smile and proceeded to sweep you and the blankets off the bed bridal style. You laughed loudly in delight, wrapping your free arms around his shoulders. You took the chance to kiss his cheek as he carried you from the bedroom to the sofa.

The rest of the day was spent in a cuddly pile in front of the TV, while the smell of your dinner drifted through the house as it slowly cooked. You spent the time watching films, swapping loving words and exchanges, little kisses and touches. Rin swore you could be a chef with how well your dinner ended up turning out.

The day as a whole was pure bliss, and exactly what you had been hoping for. It was nice in your busy schedules to be able to take a little day to yourselves , to really show each other how much you enjoyed the others company. In the end you both enjoyed the day so much that you agreed to do it more often, and made a pact that once a month, you would have a lazy day in together.

Can you do a one shot about sousuke being really overprotective of his girlfriend who is in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy? You really did. But, you wanted to do nothing more than strangle the swimmer. Ever since you had told Sousuke that you were pregnant, he had gone into over-protective boyfriend mode. And you being in your third trimester, 8th month to be exact, he had gotten worse. Every time you went to do something, Sousuke was there to stop you and do it for you.

Like right now. You were fixing yourself a bowl of ramen while your boyfriend was at work. One hand was placed lightly on your stomach as he other was stirring the noodles. You froze in your movements as you heard the front door open. You both laughed at that, the tension between you dispersing. Grabbing the spoon from Sousuke, you went back to fixing your ramen. But the way Sousuke standing there, looking over you, you had an unnerving feeling that something bad was going to happen.

And seconds later, something did. At that, you lost it. After months of worrying and fretting over you getting hurt, the giant idiot hurt himself.

Your laughing died down and you looked back at your boyfriend. He was staring at you with a very unamused face. This only sent you into another fit of laughter. After that, Sousuke never made another attempt at keeping you from doing something. If anything, it made it a better day than any to go to one. You had been begging Haru for weeks to take you to it and after lots of nagging on your end, he finally gave in.

The field was packed with various people, food, rides, and games. Your mouth watered at just the sight of all the sweets they had on display.

Cotton candy, candied apples, lemonade; you wanted them all. Even many of the rides were appealing to you, especially the ones that spun the rider in all directions - including upside down. You were tempted to ask Haru to take you on one of the rides until you noticed his fear stricken face at just the mere sight of it. You were already lucky enough that he agreed to go to a place as foreign to him as a carnival, there was no need to push your luck any further.

Despite how much the two of you were sweating, he never minded when you clung to him. If anything, he found it absolutely adorable. After over a year of dating you, he knew all of your cute little quirks by now and dressed accordingly for it. An aqua blue tank top clung to his finely toned chest like a second skin and he wore his usual bathing suit despite the lack of water. He paused for a moment and finally scanned the abundance of rides available. Turning to it, you did your best to stifle a laugh once you realized exactly what it was Haru wanted to go on.

As anticlimactic as it appeared, you wanted him to enjoy the carnival just as much as you were. To say the least, the two of you rode the miniature train nearly ten times before Haru finally grew bored of it. In the end, that was the only ride he could and wanted to ride. You ran up to the first game stand you saw, dragging a reluctant Haru directly behind you as you did so.

It was one of those games that were present in most carnivals; the one where you were tasked with popping a balloon with a dart. You excitedly rocked on the balls of your feet at the possibility of being able to win a prize. That is, until you found out you had an ability like Return Doc. Yandere Rape reader - Qzy. Jan 22, Post a Comment. He was genuinely surprised that he was meeting your expectations, and maybe even going farther than that. He bit down on the flesh, sucking rather harshly as you cried out, nearly screaming, with how loud you were.

The redhead could tell that you were close already, but he wasn't, so he just continued on and groaned softly when you screamed and released, feeling your walls tighten around his member. The redhead smirked and got in position, gripping your hips tightly and wasting no time with entering you in a quick and smooth thrust, making you scream softly as you clutched the fence.

You never expected anything like this from him, to be so dominant and rough with you, not even in your wildest dreams and fantasies. And you craved it, like a drug, crawling for more and never getting enough. Momo groaned as he fucked you, enjoying your screams and the rattling of the fence as you clung on.

He never thought you'd even be interested in him, let alone let him fuck you. But he was glad that you did. That small announcement made you crave for another release and get him to spill into you, not even thinking of any risks as you begged, "C-Cum into me, Momo!

He blushed, smiling softly and kissing all over your back as he rubbed your lower stomach, feeling you begin to tighten around him. He was leaking out precum. When you cried out and released, he groaned and came into you, holding you close to him as he nuzzled into your bruised skin. You were panting and writhing, feeling his seed fill you as the two of you rode out your release. It ended too soon, with you relaxing and going limp in his embrace. After a few slow, weak thrusts, he pulled out, seeing white cum slip out of you and onto the ground.

His hair was sticking to his skin from the sweat, but he was perfectly happy. You hummed in agreement and gave a nod, watching him rub your lower stomach and smiling softly as you leaned into him. You smiled up at him, stealing a quick kiss as he picked you up - bridal style - and began to carry you home. Nine months had passed since that day, and you woke up to the sound of a cry in the room across the hall. However, your fiance was already up and going to take care of things, smiling as he entered the room and flicked the light on.

You followed him, tugging your robe tighter around you and smiling yourself as you went over to a baby, lying in a bassinet. You carefully picked up the baby, looking at your fiance and quietly requesting a bottle, in which he nodded and pecked you on the cheek before hurrying to the kitchen to make a bottle.

Yeah, you'd gotten pregnant on that day, in which Momo just about passed out when you broke the news. But the two of you were happily engaged and tending to your baby girl, whom you named [Baby's name]. You recently gave birth to the little bundle of joy in your arms, and nearly lost her in the process. You both would cherish her and keep her close, making sure she'd be safe and sound, that was for sure.

When the redhead returned with the fresh bottle, you took it and sat down in a rocking chair by a window in the room, humming as you fed your newborn daughter and rocked slightly. You took the bottle out of her mouth, letting Momo pick her up and carry her to the bassinet as you followed with the empty baby bottle and smiled. He set the baby down for her to sleep, leaning down and pressing his lips to her forehead for a few seconds before pulling away and stepping aside for you to do the same.

When you did so, you felt Momo's arms wrap around you as he embraced you from behind, making you smile even more as you straightened up and turned in his arms. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sometimes, you have to take chances. Soon, Momo surfaced again and smiled at you almost dorkishly as he swam towards you a bit.

What did I do?! Momo stayed silent, yellow-orange orbs wide as he stared at the pool wall. You do…" He watched as your eyes lit back up and that familiar grin grace your lips, leaning in and rubbing his nose against yours. But he wouldn't do that unless you said that it was alright for him to.

Momotarou momentarily froze before shooting up and exclaiming, "You didn't tell me that Gou was free iwatobi swim club x reader lemon us! He bumped into the fence and spluttered, glaring at the fence with yellow-orange eyes and pouting as he helped you scale the fence, making you giggle and him blush. You lost your smirk, sighing and setting your things down as he looked for the younger Matsuoka child. But, you suppressed your irritation and tried to think on the bright free excel project management tracking templates xls, free iwatobi swim club x reader lemon your guy bestie and your ckub bestie. You blushed and huffed, setting your things next to his and going into the pool free iwatobi swim club x reader lemon a small splash, in which you saw Momo grin and follow you into the pool. You sighed and free iwatobi swim club x reader lemon around a bit more, slowing down and relaxing as you looked around with a smile, not even noticing that your free iwatobi swim club x reader lemon was sneaking up from below the surface. You did notice, however, when he surfaced and wrapped you up in his arms, embracing you. You're my friend! Momotarou noted how saddened you quickly became, rubbing your back as he asked you, "H-Hey, what's wrong?! A cute girl free iwatobi swim club x reader lemon you shouldn't be sad! The clun frowned a bit and said, "Then he doesn't realize how lucky he rexder to have you liking him like that! You could just envision the red tinging his cheeks as he dree your hair and smiled a bit. You looked up at him, and - sure enough - his cheeks were red, making you giggle as you tapped his nose and said, "What's up the blush? Gou that! Don't you see that she doesn't like you and I do?! When you lemo, your eyes widened slightly and you covered your mouth with a hand, fearing that he would end your friendship with you as you quickly turned and got your towel and dried off quickly. When wiatobi heard the fence rattling, he looked over and saw you leaving as he called out, "[Name], wait! Momo heard the cry and panicked again reaver he hurried towards you, sighing with free mobile nombre de sonneries avant r?pondeur and huffing out, "[Name]! When he saw the scrapes, he couldn't help but wince as he carefully helped you up and led you back to the pool, to gather your things and patch up your injuries. He felt awful for making you endure all of his talk about the vlub Matsuoka, and decided to make free iwatobi swim club x reader lemon your favourite food and take you out to your favourite place to make it up to you. He grimaced slightly as the two of you reached the pool, iiwatobi going in and taking your things out before getting a first aid kit from your bag and fixing your injuries as he heard a small mumble of thanks from you, making him crack a small smile. free iwatobi swim club x reader lemon LEMONS NOT MINE!!!! All credit goes to whoever made the story's, the credit be will be at the bottom the the fanfic. I will update/make a lemon book if y. Read Duties (Rin x Reader) LEMON from the story Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (​Various x Reader) DISCONTINUED by AbbieVanityCakes (ア ビ ー バ ニ テ ィ) with. Read Let's Swim (Haruka x Reader) LEMON from the story Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (Various x Reader) DISCONTINUED by AbbieVanityCakes (ア ビ ー バ ニ テ. Cuddling with the Free! boys: image. Originally posted by iwatobi-freestyle. Haru: Bath cuddles. (Obviously while wearing swim suits god guys). Apr 6, - Read Let's Swim (Haruka x Reader) LEMON from the story Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (Various x Reader) DISCONTINUED by Abbie. Featured: Rin Matsuoka x Reader (Lemon) (Free!):iconarabesque4: · arabesque4 6 Deviations Featured: What I Love [Nanase Haruka x Reader]. He took the eight o' clock train to his prestigious swimming school, and you took the nine o' clock one to your boring, plain school. You woke up. Chances - A Momotarou Mikoshiba x Reader one-shot. "C'mon, Momo~!" You sang, pouting playfully as you tousled his hair a bit. "You couldn't. Freeform · reader - Freeform · x Reader · free X reader · iwatobi swim club - Freeform · rin X reader · Lime · Lemon · Smut · some - Freeform. They agreed to let you finish school before going to a college for whatever you wanted to do or study. Because to be honest, their interface is really to be reviewed otherwise you would not be here. He is surprisingly really good at handling how clingy you get during this time Just a really good person to be around to make your period a little bit less painful. Momo groaned softly and grinded back, hearing your moan and pulling away and murmuring in a low voice, "You sure…? When you parted Rin took a moment to soak in the image of you. You missed him so much it felt too good to be true. Iwatobi Swim club headcanons Free! The kiss was also getting deeper and more passionate when he started playing with your tongue. As you both sat down and got settled, Haru brought out a container of your all time favorite foods - strawberries. Seems like just yesterday we were 15 and barely spoke to each other, now… here we are on a fancy hotel balcony in Greece staring out at the sea during a gorgeous sunset, all married and stuff. Grid ratio. Nine months had passed since that day, and you woke up to the sound of a cry in the room across the hall. Can you do a one shot about sousuke being really overprotective of his girlfriend who is in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy? More moans slipped past your lips as you began to rapidly grow wet, trying to rub your thighs together to stimulate yourself as he smirked a bit and pulled away. free iwatobi swim club x reader lemon