free knitted sock patterns on circular needles

free knitted sock patterns on circular needles

Spirals on your heels and toes — fun to knit and fun to wear. The simple mini cable pattern works up quickly, and the afterthought heel a modified star toe and star toe finish off these socks with style!

This knitting pattern can be used to make socks of any size using whichever wool and needle combination you like. You start at the toe and increase until you have the desired width. Via Crochet and Knitting. Knit 7 stitches. Note: You are basically knitting across all stitches and placing a marker in the middle of your heel.

Now, pick up one knit stitch through each slipped stitch of your heel flap all the way down to the instep and slip it onto your needle. Some people prefer to knit into the stitches, but I actually like using a crochet needle more. No matter what you do, avoid twisting the stitches. You should pick up half as many stitches as you knitted rows for your heel flap.

In this case, this would be 17 stitches. Then, pick up one more stitch in the gap between the heel flap and the instep. Try to keep a tight tension. I usually tighten up the stitches with a spare needle before I continue knitting. If your stitches are too loose, then this might create an unstable seam here. You should now have 19 additional stitches or however high your heel flap is on your needle. Great advice to use thicker wool for the first sock!

Thank you so much for this sock pattern. I have just completed my first ever pair of socks — they nearly match, and my son loves them!

Following the pattern was pretty straightforward. I knitted both to the point at which I needed to decrease for the toes, then finished them off.

I could measure them one against the other that way. I am having a horrible time with the set-up round. On one needle I have 16 stitches with the marker after stitch 15 this needle is the bottom of the foot , next needle has 10 stitches and the next needle has 14 with the marker after stitch Then I start the set up round and it never turns out. What am I doing wrong????? If you require more assistance, I suggest signing up for an online class or taking a class in your local yarn shop.

Do I just slip two stitches and knit the next one? Please see the video that I linked to in the blog post. I came back a triumphant sock-knitter. Just thought people might be interested in the information I learned while making socks.

A sock knitted with the suggested 3. On the flip side, my Red Heart socks were sort of too big to wear with proper shoes but fit a bit better in my boots but they were very warm so I use most of mine as slipper replacements.

I noticed I also get better results when knitting socks with any yarn with elastic thread. On several socks I miscounted and wound up with heels that were too large…. Wow, Victoria, thanks so much for sharing all that information! I would like permission to use the easy Peasy sock pattern to teach a class. I would not receive any monies for teaching the class to interested club members. I have been knitting socks for some time now and it is my favorite thing to do.

For those of you who want to get away from double pointed needles, I highly recmmend the magic loop method. I will not need socks are sweater sleeves with double pointed needes ever again. I think there is a mistake in the heel turning directions. I ran into trouble on row five.

I came up three stitches short. I followed the directions to the letter. Another blogger also had a problem with the heel turning and went to Youtube. Also, after using Utube as a resource for knitting socks with double pointed needles, I saw that a fourth needle was necessary to knit the sock.

It also would have helped to say how many stitches were left on each row of heel turning, so the knitter would know before he or she reached the point of no return, if they had the wrong number of stitches on the needle and a correction was needed. In a pattern written for double-pointed needles, this is where you would change to another DPN. Use the marker to note where your decreases will be in lieu of the junction between two needles.

Slip the stitches just worked to the cable of their needle. Pick up the other needle red , sliding the other half of the instep stitches to the end. Now you can begin your gusset decreases, working in the round with two circular needles as before. You can make a sock to fit you just the way you like it.

You can choose the exact fiber content of your sock. You can use all kinds of fun colors! You will expand your knitting skills while learning to knit socks. One Final Tip Check your yarn's yardage to make sure you have enough. I hope you love knitting socks as much as I do.

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Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Part 1 of Make a slip knot and put it on your circular needle. Get out yards m of fingerling weight sock yarn and make a slip knot. Slide the knot onto a US size 1 2. Cast on 60 stitches. Use your favorite casting on method to put 60 stitches onto your circular needle.

For example, you can cast on with a backward loop or leave a long tail. Join the stitches in the round. Once you've cast on the stitches, smooth all the stitches so they're not twisted.

They should be pointing in the same direction. Rated easy by Ravelrers. Designed by Jaya Srikrishnan. A series of step by step videos showing you how to knit a sock.

This post also includes links to free sock patterns, basic and more intricate. Step-by-step expert instruction with written pattern and 6 videos by designer Marly Bird to knit easy cuff-down heel-flap socks in women's and men's sizes. Women's sizes , Men's sizes Worsted weight yarn. These ingenious tube socks fit any length of foot perfectly - without the need of any heel construction, thanks to the stretchy spiral stitch.

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