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Just a brief post to remind readers of the 1 : Known Issues link and 2 : Also that this Wiki is not run by Scopely. One of the reasons I like them is because they often have nice uncommon or rare resource rewards I believe the mission is called "Into Darkness" or "The Coming Darkness" or something similar to the Star Trek movie 2 name.

It's where Kahn says something to the effect of "Finally, we attack the Federation" and then sends you to Lorillia In Lorillia there is a lot of dialog, and you fight multiple federation ships. Any help would be great, very disappointed here Would love the exact name of the mission if possible to so I can report and possibly get reimbursed for reward.

After a while, you are five minutes from home, and doing missions is a study on patience. After level 10, you will be preyed upon by everyone who has more power than you do. I already knew there were trolls. Being killed by the same one over and over really turned me off of this game. The devs either need to make PvP optional, or put some restrictions can only target vessels within X levels of yours.

I assure you, it is a mood killer to have your level 10 ship repeatedly targeted by someone at level Save your money, time, and sanity. Buy anything else. In the short time playing my complaints are the game gets buggy at times.

This seems to be connections issues, second the game play will clearly take a very long time to reach my peak interest. I only had two days off of work to spend anytime on it. This game is the most fun game ever!

I love the adventure,battle, and stations! I enjoyed the game till it reached a point where I could not advance further because my ship was capable. So I spent some money on a booster pack I mean really! I understand loosing cargo and being sent back to my base, but your gonna make me wait for an hour for my ship to repair?! Other game dynamics are designed better to keep it fun and moving forward.

This is all about money. I was hopeful and was disappointed again. This game starts off great. Love the genre, source material, graphics, sound, music, etc. The missions are fun. If you play this game, you will be attacked for no reason and your progress will hampered. I tried to fight my way through it, but the other players, ie the game community, just make the experience not fun. The game developers should not allow this.

I have never seen a player attack a higher level player and only saw a player attack a same level player once. You can keep your game, devs.

No phasers, no torpedoes, no shield impacts, no extra animations. CBS spent more time making the promo videos than they did on the actual game. The game is very interesting and fun at the beginning - great for Trekkies. Alas, no Really, its a shame Interesting concept, but making it non-playable is silly. The developer should either let you refine resources more often, lower the amount of uncommon resources that are needed to upgrade or make uncommon resources more common.

I was very excited to see the game come out. The game has amazing potential but unfortunately it was released before its time. It is very buggy and frequently has to be restarted.

The gameplay has potential but unfortunately the developers have placed a heavy preference on pay to play. I broke down and bought some resources for upgrades and did not get everything I was supposed to get as part of the purchase. A number of other players have had this happen as well. There is also very little game uniformity. You will constantly get destroyed by people that spent money on high end ships that are three levels below you or people that are six levels above you.

You will enjoy it through level 15 but then it will become so frustrating you will shell out significant money playing catch up or delete the game in frustration. Bottom line is the game could be awesome but not at its current pay to play mode or development level.

Buyer be ware. The game has too many elements to manage and is overly complex. I suspect its to create the illusion of activity and after no progress, to encourage the player to make purchases in order to advance. I would rather pay up front and have a balanced game. The game is fun in the beginning. But there is a little bit of story and things progress quickly.

Then PvP kicks in and the game is ruined. Mining is essential to getting materials needed to progress, but every time you start mining your ship is destroyed in minutes by much stronger enemies. There is no deterrent or downside to stronger players just smashing opponents at will. The P2W players just roam around destroying other players for exp or no reason at all. And I wonder if CBS knows their name is associated with such a toxic chat environment.

This game is more Game of Thrones than Star Trek. This is just an exploitation of the IP. This game is actually very fun but is ruined by a pay to win jellyfish ship which was only offered for a few days at the beginning of December. These jellyfish players have been farming and oppressing the non-wallet whale players the entire month.

Do not play. Do not spend money. Nothing in place to prevent greifing past level 10 design appears to encourage it. And greifing is rampant It is a great game but I would like it better if there were characters and ships from tng, voyager, and ds9. I also think it would be cool to have the borg.

I highly recommend this game. Wish list is that they create a version for Babylon 5 and Star Wars would be great!!!

Some suggestions: - Enable players to rename their ships. Otherwise, we are not actually customizing much of anything. After that, well, it slowly starts to get some financial entropy coming in when you are sitting there mining for an hour which you have to do to really get the resources you need , and then some player comes and attack you, wiping out your ship and hour of mining.

And of course that just happened while writing this review too Overall, the game is surprisingly really fun to play. That being said, only to a certain extent. While oneself plays the game, they will notice as they level up build times will be come really long. I myself noticed this myself.

Once a player has reached the levels of 17 and above, building times become more than a day or a few. This is ridiculous if you only have one building operation. That means you would have to wait a day or a few just to build something else!!!

I wish the creators of the game would present an alternative solution to this matter. In addition, due to the game being really fun, I have spend real currency on this game. I was expecting that this was an offer for the whole time but it was not. Every time the consumer purchase a pack, it presents another offer. Once I purchased the station pack and ship pack, the game presented the advanced ship pack and advanced station pack. This ridiculous!!!

I hope the creators notice this problem. Scopefly did NO play testing. If they had, they would realize that their PVP is completely broken. They tried to take a game balanced for PVE and inundate it with features requiring pay to play. The short 5 levels you can advance without worrying about constantly being attacked end very fast, after that the game is about constantly being attacked by anyone and everyone stronger than you.

This game is a waste of time. Great game ruined by in-app purchases. Been playing for a few week and love it! Please fix it. I took a star for it. I have played a multitude of games, by far the title of this game does not fit. Fleet command when only 1 ship is at your command or a second not with it on a separate command. So herein is the loss of logic. The base attacks are lame because it would be cool to see inside the base instead of a poor animation outside it.

Ships disappear but do not disintegrate. We all want to be strong before level 15 when our bases are vulnerable. I have decided to quit after over 11k dilithium went missing from my base and can no longer upgrade my ships. A grave disappointment. It is nearly impossible to find mines for some of the basic resources. Add more mines, there are so many systems that are just empty at the moment.

If additional rss farming options are added, will boost my review. The developers should drop this part of the game. It makes it frustrating and pointless!

So me and a few friends started playing, enjoying most of the game. Rumor has it there are hidden servers you are on and no way to switch to be with your friend. I am paying for a shield to protect My base … still get attacked. What are "shards" it always says in need them when trying to promote the officers? Thank you, Jeff. Missions The Swarm. What missions do i need to do to build bb to do augment space?

Moreover, you can do this even if you are in the same faction. Open the system map and pay attention to the blue circles around the planets: Each one represents a player station. You can attack by clicking on them. The player chests are very valuable and contain the rarest items. And if you were to write them all down, how much more story could you tell?

Star Trek Magazine caught up with the master of movie adaptations, Alan Dean Foster, to talk about the pressures of transforming a Star Trek movie into the written word.

Words: John de Gruyther. The tie-in novel for a movie is now big business, but beyond that, it is an intriguing companion to any movie, adding depth to its characters, and sometimes throwing up a few surprises along the way, with additional scenes or even subtle shifts in plot.

The Star Trek novelizations in particular have offered devoted fans some valuable background nuggets, such as Saavik being half Romulan in the Wrath of Khan novel and jokes about left-handed spanners. Much more control over content is exerted by the studios now, because viewers can pick apart sequels, looking for contradictions. Foster's Star Trek novelization sticks closely to the movie's plot, while adding subtle additions to its dialogue. Kirk, Spock, Dr. Alan Dean Foster plots a vivid course from screen to page, bringing the movie action to dynamic life in prose.

They face hidden enemies, and an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization. This experience allowed Foster to draw on what we know of Kirk and Co. By the same token, if a script has one of those characters doing. Trek now shares a close relationship with Wars, thanks to director J. In the Into Darkness novel, we discover what the Nibirans really think about the crew of the Enterprise. Foster gives these minor characters personality, and makes us care, which is something he thrives on.

Usually, I am allowed to expand on them as much as I wish, because their importance to canon is minimal. Foster gets to have some fun parsing continuity errors, too, such as how easy it is for Kirk to give Scotty a call across the depths of space. Dialing across the galaxy is just one example — does each system in the Federation have its own area code? Are you charged per.

The Into Darkness novelization allowed Foster to have characters contemplate the consequences of their actions. The little matter of time delay, etc Into Darkness rewards the reader with a more characterdriven story, y, and the novel spends pends extra time contemplating the consequences of their actions. The novelization is able to reference these long-term relationships, and Foster powerfully invokes feelings of nostalgia with such subtle dialogue additions.

Foster is at the top of his game as he cleverly crafts their interactions, connecting us with what we already know about these individuals, and allowing us to read between the lines.

We discover what the Nibirans really thought of Spock's volcanic intervention in Foster's Into Darkness novelization. She still looks a decade younger than her age, and her eyes are as blue and inquisitive as ever. It really did open doors for me, for sure. I learned so much. That would be amazing. I sent in the tape, and then I met with executive producers Ira Behr and Rick Berman, and auditioned for them.

Then I found out that I got the role. It all just happened so quickly. I had to move down to L. They gave me a few episodes to try to catch me up. One of them was a Jadzia and Worf episode, just to get an idea of her character. That this new character was given such prominence surprised some viewers, given that numerous story threads required tying up, and more than a dozen regular and recurring characters needed to be serviced before the show ended. Yet de Boer received plenty of screen time, and Ezri not only meshed into existing storylines, but stood front and center in several of her own.

As writers, they were excited to have a new character to write for, to give a new breath of energy to it. They really gave Ezri a lot. We got to know a lot about her. You met her family. I was so busy. But I did love the Mirror episode. A badass. And Nana was a very good kisser.

That was exciting too. There were so many things that I loved, doing that Mirror episode, and seeing the rest of the cast and their different characters. Ezri had elected to remain aboard the space station, and in the arms of Julian Bashir, discussing their future together. De Boer appreciated the closure, but hoped Ezri would romance someone else instead of the good doctor.

I like the way it ended, where you see Kira on the bridge, and I had a mission. I thought it was just going to be Kira and me running that place, really. The highlight, no doubt, was The Dead Zone, a genre series based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. The show, developed by Deep Space Nine cocreator and co-executive producer Michael Piller and his son, Shawn Piller, ran from to It was a wonderfully written show. All players included are offered a list of possible moves, they select one, then the computer carries out the selected actions.

With this details in hand, Kirk recommends that Starfleet carry out a prompt strike on the system. Summary: create a prepared starbase, tailor and upgrade your ships' staffs. However star trek starfleet command 1 mods in some cases the video game simply crashes when it strikes bugs from the base game itself remember the game was constantly quite buggy, even without any mods. In any case, the Starfleet visual I was referring to, seen not only on however all the spinoffs that complied with, was clean and invariably brilliant, in keeping with the show's optimistic facility.

All the unique capacities from the very first game return, but also for the brand-new ships for the returning races, only a few of them were given capabilities. Gamers star trek starfleet command mod manage an armada of between one and also 4 3D modeled starships, and take part in fights against various other starships.

And 3, my favorite. You may not have the latest came update. Why you may ask. Because when they do an update. You update first. I just had that as app not communicating instructions to server despite app saying all is well Standard replies with server logs that are obviously incorrect They have just updated the app again but will not admit any issues Alerts just a joke.

The customer service is appalling you just go around in circles, the game is just a money grabbing machine and should be reported to the gaming commission for its abuse of it customers. Played the game for over a year and half, level 40 and noticed purchases for ships have been devalued, and a waste of investment.

We do we really sign up? They are just in it for a cash grab, with giving nothing but disappointment with game development and leveling. Even with console games, you still get the same gameplay as players paying for extra DLC. Its disappointing because I really enjoy a lot of aspects of the game. I spent nearly 2k and one day I was banned with no reason as to why. I pressured them for a month to provide me with a reason that I paid good money in your game, They warned that if I continued you question them that my account would be removed.

I persisted to question their actions and request an explination. They deleted my account and stop responding to any and all emails I have sent them. So My funds that I spent on the game are just Gone with nothing to show for it and no explination as to why. I have probably spent about 2 to Same here, purchased Packs for thousands of bucks and the outcome wasnt worth it, then they had also lots of bugged ships only to get by purchase them and if you start to complain theyre only answer is yes we know the problem and work on it.

But never saw for example that the mayflower was getting a renew at the bugged parts. Omgoodness,… so then I did get robbed. It was due to lose in monthly epic points or whatever and that along with loss of everything else throughout the game. When you purchase one of the upgrade packages to upgrade ships or characters the packages never come with enough resources to accomplish what they tell you it will do.

I purchased a Prime research, completed the research immediately after receiving my materials only to have the research reset the next day I logged in. I have submitted 3 tickets on the issue with Scopely and the first 2 tickets I submitted, Scopely techs never even addressed the issue, only talked around the problem and never acknowledging that I had a problem.

Both times the tickets were closed out before I could respond. This third time, I had a tech named Jacob that said Scopely has reviewed the logs and that I researched a different Prime research. I was then told I could believe or not, that Scopely will not be changing anything on my account and then they closed the ticket before I could respond. I have purchased in the past and definitely agree with the fact real world purchases never add up to what their value should be and the game is solely designed for the few high money players.

Please let me know how to add my name to the class action. No bang for your buck at all which only leads to the need to spend more upgrading the upgraded stuff you thought you were buying in the first place. I have spent Thousands on this game. The purchases are for advancement in the game via ship, station, and officer upgrades.

After the update for the 3rd borg arc my game became unplayable. Documented and viable issues scopely agrees are an issue and is working towards get the issues fixxed. Issue is the money spent was so that I could maintain advancement so that I could continue to play with my peers. I have now fallen behind other players in my alliance. All of this is well documented on my end and via customer disservice.

I live in Ca. Can I put my name in with this action? I purchased a few packs. Lost my online resources due to a bug they admitted was a known issue and acknowledged it was a problem. Refused to do anything about it. Told me to refer to the ToS. And contact google if i wanted to complain. I lost resources also, contacted tech support, they said after an investigation I was wrong.

I know I am not wrong but they do not care, very sad. At one point they were double charging me on all my purchases as well. I finally gave up that login and started new and then They lost all my information.

When they finally found it they lost all my officer XP I had used to level up all my officers. That was magically gone and now they all need to be re-leveled. Just lost lots of supplies I paid for because of their buggy game.

I have tried numerous times to work with customer support but they just tell me everything is fine. However I wake up the next morning and my base has a shield with hardly any time expired but had been completely raided.

This game preys on its players to spend money to be able to continue playing. For the amount of money they are asking for these packs the player should get a lot more materials and better customer service. I have bought resource packs and turn around and lose everything because of glitches in the game. A few days into the game release I purchased a pack of resources.

Nothing in the store said any warnings. It had nothing.. My base was raided resources stolen. They simply gave me the finger in so many words or less. Real money purchases have always had some sort of protection. Scopely does a lot things a game company should never do. In the real world some would bring felony charges to their door. Price Fixing — You cant get to any of the real deals until a min 4.

After that you find deals When you spend Spend that and But What happened to the GONE forever. Resource Quanity Manipulation — A pack costing At Lv18 you get this much at Lv28 you get several times more. And at Lv38 you get as much as 10x what Lv28 got. But when you look at the contents. Virtual goods have no real world value.

Games have always offered the same amount items to all levels for one price. Higher levels would have to spend more but at least it would be honest.

You can now choose the server you want to play on. Scopely has began a campaign to increase players by offering free items to anyone who can get another player in the game to Lv Campaigns like this, have always been right after a game peaks then begins to show downward trending.

Server merges come next. Please include me in this class action lawsuit. I would like in please. Same as many other people here. Fell for one of their promotions, got nothing for it. I want in. I have bought a few packages to repair ships and build quicker. But offten targeting glitches and freezes cause you ship to be destroyed using up these repairs and eating up real cash.

They offer one-off ship packages but you get such a low level ship its useless. Franklyn to name one. Upgrading costs weeks of work or more money its a scam.

They advertise packs for Tell your attorney to add that to the lawsuit. False advertising is also a crime. Also when the game glitches and it misrepresents the time for travel your ships are killed before your notification warning is given. This deprives you of rss that represent real money. The paid for armada directives are not refunded which constitutes fraud. Feel free to contact me for other issues.

Yeah, I want in…I purchased several packs. They are RIP offs. They gave me half the promised goods. I eventually figured out how to file an issue and complained. I would like to be part of this lawsuit. Seems like this lawsuit is been going on for a while but I have not been contacted. This is the second time I signed up for this lawsuit and so far no contact. I would like to take place in this lawsuit as well! That game preys on people to spend as much real money as possible and finds new ways for it to be worthless at every corner.

I still had to pay more to finish building it recently I finally finished leveling it this was back in July no form of what they offered was ever complete that they implied it was. In addition the game now supports widescreen resolutions and is compatible with Windows 8. Online Pill Store! Hot weekly specials. Commander You command four powerful races in a strategic struggle for survival. Posted by 3 days ago. The Command track uses only base-game and Into the Future skills, so if you have Into the Future, you can play that track.

Star Trek Games views. This includes cheat codes, mods, general discussion on playing the game and more. Also create custom ships or add new ships,edit your weapons and officers, add new classes, and edit Hardpoints. Source Starfleet Command Uniform in Before they were legends, they were cadets at the most celebrated training facility in the Universe — Starfleet Academy!

Can I get my deposit back? It was the fourth entry in the Starfleet Command series, and one of the last Star Trek games to be released by Activision.

Is there a demo for Star Trek Starfleet Academy? No, but there were cut down demo editions of Starfleet Academy sold in stores that had only some of the levels. Boldly go! It was previously known as the M. While it "dumbs down" many features to attract casual gamers, it still packs enough options and addictive gameplay to merit our top game tag. Those were not there in the first Place.

I write fics, even though many often tell me my writing is terrible. The campaign lets you play as Federation, Klingon and Romulan. As a whole the mod adds 3 new empires and ships from 10 new cultures, several new missions and skirmish scripts, overall faster gameplay, and much improved graphics. It probably means that he originally developed games only out of his love for programming, and that the explosion and popularity of Star Trek Fleet Command had never occurred to him.

This game made him gain both fame and wealth, but over time he lost the fun of developing the game, and the complicated work made him tired.

In the end, he decided not to be an entrepreneur or CEO, or even a star in the eyes of the players. Pressure forced him to leave Mojang and become the foolish programmer again.

Play nice. Take a minute to review our Code of Free latinum at www stfleet fun before submitting your post. Cancel Edit Create Fireteam Post. Help Help us help you. Forum Sub-Category. Post a Poll. Question Post. Posted by. Destiny 2. Help Forums. It probably means that he originally developed games only out of his love for programming, and that the explosion and popularity of Star Trek Fleet Command had never occurred to him. This game made free latinum at www stfleet fun gain both fame and wealth, but over time he lost the fun of developing the game, and the complicated work made him tired. In the end, he decided not to be an entrepreneur or CEO, or free latinum at www stfleet fun a star in the eyes of the players. Pressure forced him to leave Mojang and free latinum at www stfleet fun the foolish programmer again. With the addition of Microsoft, the series will get more powerful technical support. In its acquisition statement, Microsoft has pledged that "Microsoft's investment in cloud computing and free latinum at www stfleet fun technology will benefit game players in Frre World from a richer and faster world and provide stronger development tools and community experience. Now "My World" has belonged to Microsoft. Maybe it can be said that "My World" free latinum at www stfleet fun belongs to you, which will never change. Marcus's remarks on leaving Mojang point out that the greatest charm of My World lies in that it truly belongs to every player. It is free online hidden object games full screen passion, creativity and wisdom that make this game a real success. As a company with only a few dozen employees, 2. If this money was spent on Xbox One, Microsoft might have been latiunm to survive in the next latinnum. Take back a game for the war. free latinum at www stfleet fun Tile Projects. Star Trek Fleet Command Cheats [Get free Latinum] – Wiz Guides Star Trek Fleet Add a little fun and automation to your smart kitchen system. Read story Star Trek Fleet Command Hack Mod Latinum Unlimited by Feel free to share this website with your friends so they can take. Beyond Light Play for Free Shadowkeep Forsaken time he lost the fun of developing the game, and the complicated work made him tired. best cheating options for Android and iOS devices to earn more free Latinum, Modded Android APKs, modded iOS apps, hacked apps: ST Fleet Command. STFC is a fun MMO game, designed to allow players to make friends and then about those alliances full of free-players who have no right to perform events. STFC is free to play, but players can buy virtual goods with real money to enhance their abilities compared to other players on the game. High reputation levels prevent the Romulan and Klingon ships from attacking you automatically. Moreover, you can get free faction loot boxes. The higher your. I have been having fun doing Augment missions as sort of a side project to Fed & Romulan stuff which are my main factions. One of the reasons. Star Trek Fleet Command Hack will let you to buy all items for free. Below you will see all the cheats needed to hack Star Trek Fleet Command. I have been having fun doing Augment missions as sort of a side project to Fed & Romulan stuff which are my main factions. One of the reasons. Posted by. Noob question: Why void mission? Until , Markus resigned from King in order to have more space to create freely. Delivery Today. Previous Article Epic Seven Cheats. With the addition of Microsoft, the series will get more powerful technical support. I need platninum does enyone have spare?? And did you go to the landing craft section of your inventory and select it? Through our extended network, we cover the State of Minnesota and western Wisconsin with daily distribution routes and multiple next-day deliveries. Well guess what? One of the most fun aspects of being in STARFLEET is that every member can be assigned a rank—if the member chooses—and get promoted for participation in their local Chapter, or at the Regional or Fleet level, as well. The dead are walking again it seems. Posted June 12, On the other hand, there are insiders who analyze that "My World" is not just an independent game, it has extended to many areas outside the game, and even formed a cultural phenomenon. free latinum at www stfleet fun