free lecteur blue ray ne fonctionne pas

free lecteur blue ray ne fonctionne pas

Works very well as all region player Works very well as a player. One small note to prospective buyers who insist upon the Amazon tv app.

By Dave Pringle. By Frankmachete. By john. By Panasonic. I'm really happy with this! I've never tryed the blue ray yet. But it came with in to days of me ordering it! I'm very impressed! By George. Does What I Want I'm not one for having great expectations of products. I buy appliances to do a job or fulfill a need. It works, it's slim, it comes from a very reliable and proven manufacturer and I have no complaints whatsoever.

Delivery was well within the the time frame advertised and price was as well. By BRW. By Suzanne. Great TV at a reasonable price. Spent some time on picture and color setup but ended up just setting all the inputs to Enhanced and used the factory settings. I have satellite TV and the picture quality is great.

The sound quality of the tv is good but I have a soundbar connected by fiber optic and it just enhances the overall experience. The video streaming quality of Netflix and Prime is flawless. Airplay works for my iphone and so did mirror casting from my Android tablet.

The only thing that doesn't work well is the Bluetooth. It appears it only supports Sony wireless products or devices that support A2DP Bluetooth profile but no guarantees there. I have a set of very high end Bluetooth headphones and a stereo speaker unit that the unit will not recognize. Shame on you Sony! By Stephen Bundy. So easy to set up for the technically challenged This TV was so easy to set up and does all the thinking for you. I am totally wified and google homed.

However, this is a conditional 5 stars as I find that the speakers are not what I'd hoped they would be. Please don't suggest that I BUY a sound bar. For that price, the speakers should be as good as the picture. I'll live with it. All things considered, I am quite happy with my purchase. By Teresa Gillies. One "easy" and solid TV with great picture The picture quality is quite fine, and excellent in a brightly lit room, e.

Colours and the contrast ratio contribute to a consistently very good picture quality. However, when you watch in a darker room the blacks could be "more real black" rather than the deep dark grey.

That latest "minor flaw" does not bother us. Sound is OK too for a TV in this price range. But really, if you are serious about wanting "great sound" for any TV, then you need to hook it up to more serious audio equipment By John A. The colours can be a sensation, depending upon your choice. I have never seen anything like it, on screen or off it. Compared to the garish primary colours which dazzled audiences in the late forties and fifties, it is a new world, in terms of a wealth of hues which would be a challenge to an artist painter, as they often radiate a light of their own, which we cannot observe in real life.

The sharpness of 4 K image nearly makes the 3 D concept un-necessary. Now the 3 D discs proved a failure in my case. I was unable to make the display inviting to adjust both the player and the TV compatible to the 3 D format disappear off the screen. I could only see a North American zone being sold, but by some chance I found this offer and exactly what I wanted. Its a Sony X with zone free, V I gambled since there was not a single review for this player nor from this seller.

Wow, I placed the order and the seller shipped this player in a original Sony package within 10min.! The package came to me a few days later. By Finals. Great picture quality, prompt response to tech questions This, in combination with a Sony 4K projector, offers superb picture quality.

This application automatically searches all connectable devices in your home. If selecting a connectable device, you can download a remote control application for the device. Check the condition of the Wi-Fi connection before using. It may not operate properly if the Wi-Fi signal is weak.

MyAV can also control a lot of other devices around your home, not just Sony. These can be renumbered by dragging them to the pop-up keypad that appears when you long-click on a shortcut. Articles similaires. Your transaction is secure. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Image Unavailable Image not available for Colour:.

Total Western. Format: DVD. Inclusive of all taxes. Usually dispatched in 1 to 3 weeks. Delivery By: Aug 11 - 19 Details. No problem using bluetooth headphones and no problem downloading content instead of streaming. I usually find something to complain about but this time everything I need just works!!

By John Starr It has a great interface, is responsive and easy to control, and functions as specified. So not only is this an excellent 4K player, it also manages all regions and all zones and the firmware can be updated. DVDs play automatically, and you enter a code usually "2" for non-North American blu-ray discs 4K, finally, are all regions! I also had communication with the vendor, electronics Canada, and their service is responsive, flexible, and extremely helpful.

This is the real deal. The machine that literally does everything! By Laurence R. So far, so good! Region-free works! Great picture quality! Great, easy-to-use player.

Had no problems switching between region 1, 2, and 4 DVDs. Great picture quality, easy to navigate menu options, does a really good job upscaling regular DVDs and Blu-rays. By Christopher Parr. This unit does it all in a simple to use package. By Andrew Drobot. By HDI. I am very happy with my purchase. By Marcel Larocque. Perfect for our use This is a super player. Only issue is the door action seems sticky and sometimes doesn't open.

By Geri Canimhart. By YukonViking. This is a great player, although the price is still a bit steep and Dolby Vision support is only "coming soon" around Summer I couldn't wait any longer for a price cut, so I took the plunge. The case is very light and being compact was a plus for me. It's rare to find really robust players not fragile looking these days anyway. The tray opens very smoothly and the all operations are quite silent.

Image quality is superb, you can really see the difference 4K and HDR makes. By Leo. Very lacking in streaming features Only streams Netflix and Youtube, not Prime or any other major service, and can't add any additional streaming clients from any sort of store--what it comes with is all you're ever going to get.

By hpt. Don't buy - useless in Canada! This unit is pretty much useless in Canada, except to play Blu-rays. You cannot add apps manually!! The one I got a warehouse deal on is going back immediately. Amazon needs to update the product page. By polarsekvenser. By janell brenner. Great player Havent tried yet any international DVD yet so the zone free is not tested.

This is an excellent player I love the web interface offered in the package such as the mirroring capability of your tablet on the TV. It does feel like a high quality product.

The delivery was extremely fast and the supplier support line was usefull. Could'nt get the thing playing initially cause my TV was out of date not supporting 4K res. Denis Bedard. Excellent achat Parfait en tout point! By Jacques Levesque. The unlock version let me watch pretty much all kinds of DVDs I fed into it so far even self burn discs and the netflix app was just handy since I don't have a smart TV.

Great deal if you are ok to try a refurbished merchant at a lower price. One excellent global DVD player An excellent player and very simple to install and set up. Showing photos using the USB port on the front is a bonus. Image quality is excellent. Definitely one to recommend.

By Michael Oakes. The video output is quite good whether playing Blu-ray The unit works well, however the HDMI cable does not work - a new one would be appreciated.

Compare the lectwur helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Blu-ray Disc Players store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number boue customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly. Best Rated by Department. Current Department. Blu-ray Disc Players. Other Departments. Office Products. Pet Supplies. Video Games. Top rated products in Blu-ray Disc Players. By Sony. Overall Thumbs up, some small quirks. Overall Like it. We only have HDMI1 in use at the moment. We do flip between TV speakers and audio system, but that is not the issue, that option does not correct the pzs. Like the speak option, but only searches Utube, not TV guide, prime or Netflix. Free lecteur blue ray ne fonctionne pas really a big deal. Overall happy. Read more. By Patti. Very responsive TV I have owned this TV for several days and here is leccteur experience so far: The picture quality is free lecteur blue ray ne fonctionne pas but you have to some tweaking first and the TV user interface is very fast free lecteur blue ray ne fonctionne pas responsive. Sound quality is enough for me, I use Free tower defense games for ipad earphones if I want better sound quality. The remote has a premium feel to it. Fonctoinne make sure you connect it using Bluetooth free lecteur blue ray ne fonctionne pas get a speedy reliable response from the TV. Sometimes there is no sound and I found myself on several occasions turning off and then on the TV to get the sound back. free lecteur blue ray ne fonctionne pas Je suis pas content, ce dvd j'ignore si c'est un import belge ou luxembourgeois, mais sur ma PS3 et sur le lecteur blu-ray de ma freebox il ne fonctionne pas du. This is a free 7 day trial version of the MyAV app that can also control main other IP/IR controllable devices, such as SkyQ, DirecTV, Dish TV, Xfinity X1, Freebox. LG AV Remote 4+. LG Electronics, Inc. , 6 Ratings. Free Ne détecte pas mon lecteur Blu-ray. Indigne Ne fonctionne pas sur mon IPad. Find the highest rated products in our Blu-ray Players & Recorders store, and read LG BP Region Free Blu-ray Player, Multi Region Volts, 6FT ce lecteur "multizone", acheté au Canada, ne fonctionne pas avec les Blueray de​. BP Region Zone Code Free Blu Ray Player with OREI Travel Plug ce lecteur "multizone", acheté au Canada, ne fonctionne pas avec les Blueray de la​. Buy LG BP Blu-Ray player/recorder at Amazon UK. Create a free account Le fait que cela me fasse douter sur une contre-façon: ne fonctionne pas avec de mon ancien lecteur Blu-ray) ; déjà normalement compatible avec d'autres. SONY BDP-S Multi Zone Region Code Free Blu Ray - DVD - CD Player - PAL/NTSC Ce lecteur BD-Ray tient ses promesses au niveau de l'​aspect compact. Le service Sony Entertainment Network ne fonctionne pas. Lecteur DVD /CD portable de 9 pouces neuf mais malheureusement il fonctionne sur le port SD. Le DVD ne fonctionne pas vien avec tous ses accessoires. Pas pratique du tout mais efficace. Super nouvelle des studios TF1. Idem pour moi avec le blu ray 50 nuances de grey.. Ils valident pour la suite Marie M. Depuis octobre, j'ai ressorti du placard mon lecteur Samsung, fiable lui, mais non B. Mais le disque ne passait toujours pas. Je vais donc les appeler demain mais pour faire quoi? On fait remonter l'info Manifestement, Free ne veut pas remplacer ce materiel defaillant et fait trainer les choses en longueur Mettre 1 ou 2 disques zone B. Imprimantes et scanners. A quand la solution? Et malheureusement kle film ne passe pas sur mes lecteurs, un vieux Phillips de La case "lecture" reste grise. free lecteur blue ray ne fonctionne pas