free legal advice over phone in chennai

free legal advice over phone in chennai

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However, it is not a confidential communication between you and your lawyer, and therefore is not covered by Attorney-Client privilege. This means you should not include any information in your request that you would only feel comfortable sharing with the lawyer you end up working with. How do I Search a lawyer? Then you can get all details of litigation as well as what to next. You must decide the budget and prepare it for your case. For example, if you want a legal opinion for a property , just send all the papers through email and get the advice through your mobile chat.

You may need to cross-verify your litigation process or mediation at any rate. Further, the Court hears the matters in which the interest of the public is involved at large and the Court can be moved by any individual or group of persons either by filing a Writ Petition at the Filing Counter of the Court or by addressing a letter to Hon'ble the Chief Justice of India highlighting the question of public importance for invoking this jurisdiction.

The High Court High Courts are second Courts of importance of the democracy of India and there are 24 high courts in India taking care of the regional juridical system of India. Languages Known: Tamil English. Specializations: civil law, criminal, family. Languages Known: English tamil. Specializations: civil. Zakir hussain b. Experience years : 6. You remain anonymous to the lawyers who respond to you until you contact them.

Need a Lawyer Right Away. The Govt supports such needy people and get them the Fair Justice. Without doubt, Our Lawyers will be touch with you as soon as possible to solve the issue. Meet Top Advocates today at No Cost.

Legal Service India. Submit a request in your own words We free legal advice over phone in chennai your request to the lawyer of your choice You receive personalized responses through E-mail Contact the lawyer of your choice. Submit a request free legal advice over phone in chennai your own words. Briefly describe your issue or the situation for which you are seeking legal services without disclosing any confidential information. Don't name the actual individuals, organizations, or corporate entities who may be involved. For instance: "I put up a fence in my backyard. My neighbor says it's facing the wrong way and now he is suing me. I am looking for an attorney who has experience in this area of law. The lawyers in our network have specified fortnite season 4 week 3 free tier practice categories in which they have experience. When we receive your request, we will send it anonymously to the attorneys in the location you have specified who are qualified to handle your legal matter. You receive personalized responses through Email. After you submit your request, you will receive email responses from our participating lawyers. These responses may contain some comments about your case, plus information about the responding lawyer, the firm, and contact information. Free legal advice over phone in chennai there are no lawyers in the practice category and pgone location you have specified, you will be directed to another area of lawyers search where cheennai can free legal advice over phone in chennai for a lawyer in our database. Contact the lawyer of your choice. free legal advice over phone in chennai Legal opinion in the broad sense refers to a written statement by a court, judicial officer, or legal expert as to the legality or illegality of an action. Free Legal services offers by Top Attorneys in Chennai. People Indeed are in need of Legal Advice can avail this Legal aid facility. In fact, This Legal service. Best Phone legal consultation by top lawyers in law firms in Chennai Tamilnadu. Call + for prepaid legal advice to solve legal issues. legal notice send legal notice online 24 hour free legal advice phone number in tamilnadu. For any legal assistance contact Chennai - Help Line Phone Number: – (From 10 am to 6 pm-on all working days). Toll Free No​. You receive personalized responses through E-mail lawyers Contact the lawyer of your choice. Submit a request in your own words. Briefly describe your issue. You can find here our registered lawyers who can provide legal advice Chennai over phone. Click on the advocate and follow the steps to contact them. However​. India's leading Chennai Lawyer's network provides online legal lawyer help and the community by answering one legal query free of cost in an exclusive tie up If you have any of the above issues and need legal advice please fill in the. If yes, then avail LawRato's FREE legal advice service to get in touch with experienced & verified lawyers over a phone call to get detailed opinion on your legal. in Tamil Nadu. Find a lawyer at LEXCARTS online for legal consultation. Talk to a lawyer and get Free legal advice in Tamil Nadu. Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Bu… Read More. I won't keep you waiting. Enter the characters in the box without any space. Lava Qpad. Submit a request in your own words. They've sent an mail with c… Read More. Specializations: consumer law, property law and family law. This web site is designed for general information only. This is the best platform to get advice from an advocate for free. Category: Lawyer In practice since: Location: chennai. For instance: "I put up a fence in my backyard. It is the highest court of justice in the country having the original, appellate, advisory, writ and revisory jurisdiction. Justice At Your Doorstep. Landlord not accepting rent of my shop. Specializations: civil, family, criminal. free legal advice over phone in chennai