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Method and apparatus for robust packet distribution among hierarchical managed switching elements. Network control apparatus and method for creating and modifying logical switching elements. SGA1 en. System and method for transmission of data from a wireless mobile device over a multipath wireless router. In the period since there has been consi der able criticism of Eircom's investment. The telco says it is looking to upgrade its network in a phased. Milan, FastWeb was given exclusive access to the network in or der to deliver services.

He offered to add the information. As far as I am concerned the gest. In October company sharehol der s. Next, Trouw trains its sites on Haarlem yes, American rea der s, this is the. When public authorities intervene on the market on the same terms as private investors, there is no granting. This case, however, is quite rare, since public authorities generally take action precisely. Nevertheless, it might still be the case that a public investment project in a broadband project is.

For pure infrastructure projects the appropriate repayment period might be longer, and the return. Commission accepts the principle that the business model of a 'utility' company involved in pure.

However, conformity with the Market. Dirk van der Woude - Citynet. Dirk, Woude, Citynet, Www. However, translation and other errors may have lead to misun der standing, for which of course all responsibility is mine. Corrections and information on unmentioned projects are highly appreciated at dirk van der woude gmail.

I am very grateful to Benoit Felten of the internationally acclaimed blog Fiberevolution 1 and Olivier Jerphagnon for their consent to include their overview on France. New in this edition: Germany enters the FttH race! In the last category one certainly finds France, the UK and Germany.

On the subject of FttH until recently only France was manoeuvring itself in the strong and leading position it nowadays is. However, in September the new UK government expressed its ambition of entering the race. As M-net is owned by that and the other Bavarian cities, one can expect a roll out all over the Bundesland Bayern. ADSL will be replaced by other technologies, i.

Akoulich states. On average for the last five quarter per month was some , so by November 1, the number op FttH subs in Japan could be around be above 11 million. By the end of Q1 , the world FTTx subscriber base had reached Of the seven global regions, North America primarily the USA , and Asia-Pacific have displayed the most impressive growth rates above the average of They consume a large amount of bandwidth for delivering video content and TV channels over broadband connections.

Taiwan presents the most interesting case with the incumbent Chunghwa posting a growth in FTTx of In the previous quarter the FTTx saw a growth of With the subscriber base growing twice as fast as that of cable modem, the market share of the FTTx continues to out-perform cable modem in the region.

By the end of Q1 , the figure increased further to In regions where the broadband market is dominated by DSL and cable modem, the increase in FTTx market is slow but steady. Although the growth is slow, it is beginning to gain market share. Below I have graphed the statistics — and a conservative prognosis up to December 31 st , As the chart below shows the Amsterdam project is comparatively quite small.

Hauts-de- Seine FttH Up to 70 million subsidy n. Industry expert Olivier Jerphagnon and myself thought it would be interesting to analyse the existing offers being rolled out in France. In contrast Numericable is clearly the least attractive in terms of price but it is also a different technical model that can theoretically address a much larger proportion of the market currently.

One can expect changes in the months to come as the footprint of the other offers extends. This has a cost, but it doesn't seem to be valued in their pricing models. Chances are they consi der this cost to be lower than the current cost of managing outsourced DSL.

Time will tell if they were right or not. On the other side of the spectrum, Numericable wants to protect its existing TV revenue stream as shown by the fact they kept the various TV packages as premium offers. Orange is also protecting the revenues of its incumbent telephony service by limiting free telephony to France only.

Another interesting component or rather, lack of is that installation costs range from nonexistent to extremely low. The French DSL market overall managed to curb up-front subscriber costs by going early on for self-install models with the exception of Numericable.

With fiber, this is simply not possible, and a reasonable estimate would put installation costs for the operator upwards of EUR per customer. Nowhere is this reflected in the price structure of any of the players and while this could be un der standable very early on, it won't be sustainable for long.

Unless a competitively priced unbundled fiber line offering emerges, it seems unlikely that any other player could enter the market. They could play a critical role in accelerating the deployment of FTTH outside large urban areas and therefore attract pure service provi der s. In the long term though, these low margin offers raise even the question of the viability of the existing players. Despite the various analysis of the business models un der lying the offers especially for Free and Neuf it seems clear that the ARPU needs to increase significantly for these players to survive independantly.

Indeed, some French economic newspapers have started to won der if the right move for Free and Neuf might not be to merge La Tribune - Oct. Services Obviously, bandwidth is a differentiator in the existing offers, but it may become a more 6 significant one in the future. It could be that Free leverages its point-to-point architecture to increase the bandwidth provided to levels where competitors cannot easily follow.

So, irrespective of whether it makes sense or not, it's likely that bandwidth will continue to constitute an important facial argument in FTTH offerings. While capacity may be an important facial differentiator, the increased QoS may be of more short-term importance to the operaters since it will allow them provide - at last - high quality TV service. Not only will this allow them to become less dependent on aspects that criplled DSL TV offerings like distance from the CO , it should enable them to boost subscription to premium TV channels customers are notoriously sensitive to quality when they pay a premium and allow them to launch full fledged HD TV services.

In that respect, the arrival of FTTH levels the playing field between the operators and Numericable, who currently has a home-corner ad van tage on TV. By encouraging the usage of customer dedicated services - especially bandwidth hungry ones - operators will give additional value to the FTTH services, and they will limit their costs by keeping the traffic on-net.

Ultimately, though, customers are going to want their FTTH connection to allow them to benefit from services that plain old DSL didn't allow. And operators want to do that not only to satisfy this legitimate expectation but to capitalise on audiences they control in or der to sell additional services and move into advertising business models similar to those leveraged by internet pure players like Google.

Early FTTH players need to be at the forefront of the development of services that require such capacity, and since they probably can't afford to do it internally, they need to help those who would develop such services design and commercialise them. If I was in Free's shoes, I'd try and set up a, FTTH service incubator by offering storage capacity and billing facilities to these innovative service provi der s, taking a cut of the revenues on the way.

Similar kiosk models look promising on the mobile side. Let's hope the competitive FTTH provi der s see it as an opportunity to be at the forefront of a more holistic service offering where access and services become one and the same Before that time he simultaneously was Minister of the Interior, Chairman of his party — and Chairman of the Department Hauts-de-Seine.

To get private enterprise starting the roll out, M Sarkozy as well proposed to set aside a subsidy of up to 70 million euro.

See below for more on Hauts-de-Seine. M Fillon, a good friend of the new President, was named Prime-Minister. Mme Gauthey might well be the one regulator that un der stands FttH the best, consi der ing her articles 12 and presentations From one article nov. So there you have it: a smart country and a telco sector now un der a lea der ship that un der stands and promotes real broadband, real competition and real progress.

Later on in UPC for euro 1. In the project was acquired by competive telco Neuf Cegetel. Hat tip 2 x to Marc Brice 27 : Neuf Cegetel didn't acquire this network. Of course as well on the famous Paris beach 33 ;- o Iliad This competitive and highly successful telecom group is lead and largely owned by a famous and visionary entrepreneur, M Xavier Niel. He made his first billion s? However, interactive we have been for a long time and that may well be part of the explanation why so many French now adapt to blogging etc.

In this culture in September Iliad announced investments up to Euro 1 billion in the roll out of FttH, starting with connecting 2. Technically this project is not muni fiber, however the business case of Iliad includes valuable support of the City of Paris, like lowered rights of way costs for use of city sewers etc.

In accordance to European rules these benefits are not given exclusively, they are open to other network roll outs as well 38 resulting in three other groups rolling out as well. Nevertheless, as an open FttH network tends to be a natural monopoly of course the first to roll it out gets a boost from this kind of perfectly legal municipal support. Historically Paris is noted as the City of Light. Citefibre was established in November and has more than clients, 3, kilometres of optical fibres and buildings with optical fibre cabling representing some 4, households which can be connected to the network in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

Citefibre also currently holds authorisations allowing it to connect another 4, households. Between them, Iliad and Citefibre have all the necessary expertise required for carrying out an optical fibre project of the sort announced by Iliad last September. The department, the western side of greater Paris, has the highest income per capita of France.

The project is to be a two phased private-public, the department has set side already a subsidy for the first phase of Euro 25 million, in later phases in total 70 million. There is even an online videocast, made by aforementioned M Billaut, of the meeting in which the Council decided upon FttH Talking about a country un der standing interactivity… o Montpellier In June the City of Montpellier pop.

However, Valenciennes is a central point in the Lille Metropolitan area pop. So it seems a strategic choice for a roll out. What one man can do… In his own words 47 : I'm a telecommunications economist in Paris and I spend a lot of time thinking about and using broadband. We've chosen to live in a beautiful area of southwest Paris but one which has limited broadband options. In fact, broadband is terrible for everyone in our village. The incumbent operator France Telecom hasn't upgraded our own exchange for DSL and that means that people in the village are connected through one of two towns, each roughly 5 km away.

I subscribe to broadband via DSL and cable. I also subscribe to Noos for cable Internet. Even euros of calls to the helpline at 34 cents a minute hasn't solved the problem. I am not alone. It seems that almost everyone I speak with here has similar problems and people are getting fed up. There is talk around town that France Telecom has offered to upgrade the exchange if the town will pay the costs roughly EUR 50K.

I say no. We're going to build this network ourselves. We are going to bring our own broadband to our homes. Our goal is simple. We want a fiber to the home network capable of gigabit speeds which will be open to services from any operator.

I've spent enough time writing about "open access" networks and infras. To which chancellor Merkel already has agreed, however Brussels does not agree.

The European Court of Justice will now have to decide if Germany can keep a law giving Deutsche Telekom a de facto monopoly on a glassfiber DSL internet network it built to allow it recoup the cost without of setting up an infrastructure with sharing it with others.

The EU executive's arm said this departure from normal regulation breaks Europe-wide telecom rules giving new provi der s the right to use telephone and Internet networks. Hansenet has some 2. The authors expect these projects to be successful and ousting other technologies.

In september 24, the announcement below appeared 61 Swedish access infrastructure vendor PacketFront AB has landed a multimillion-euro deal to provide the network and home gateway systems for a fiber-to-the-home FTTH project in the Austrian capital of Vienna.

The contract, which will be announced Tuesday, has been awarded by Wien Energie Wienstrom, a utility company owned by the city of Vienna, which has devised a plan to hook up all of the capital's , homes with high-speed fiber access connections. The city-owned company will run and manage the infrastructure as an open access network, with multiple service provi der s offering their access and content packages to the Viennese customers, a model already popular in Sweden and which has also been adopted by the Amsterdam CityNet fiber access project.

The vendor is also supplying its home gateways for installation at the customer premises. Elsewhere, in an interview with a Boardmember of UPC Austria 62 is learned that the network will however be open to all service provi der s. However, things have changed. One of the people that got promoted to a full Minister is Stephen Timms, who before his political career had one in ICT. In October Mr Timms stated the necessity of futureproof broadband, after in September already warning that his country is running the risk to fall behind: Timms: Home workers will need fibre access 64 19 Oct Competitiveness minister Stephen Timms says fibre-to-the-home will be necessary for home workers who need high-quality videoconferencing The minister for competitiveness, Stephen Timms, has renewed his calls for fibre access to be rolled out across the UK — this time claiming that highquality videoconferencing makes it necessary.

Speaking at the Parliament and the Internet Conference in Westminster on Thursday, Timms said a growing demand for flexible working meant that the national telecommunications infrastructure needed an upgrade to fibre. Although the "backbone" of the nation's infrastructure is already fibre-based, the connections between local exchanges and homes themselves are almost always based on copper, thus restricting access speed.

Ofcom, the communications regulator, is currently consulting on how to overcome this bottleneck , with the most significant questions being those of demand and who will pay for the upgrade. We want to support new access to technology, and not encourage the digital divide.

As far as I'm aware, we have none. There are , in the US and eight million in Japan. We're not suffering yet, but communications applications with higher [bandwidth] needs are not far behind.

We need timely take-up. Prior to his political career, Timms spent many years working in the IT and communications industry. A former Treasury official, his current responsibility for UK e-commerce and competitiveness came about with his appointment to the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform in July of this year. Government may back fibre rollout to homes 65 18 Sep Minister for competitiveness Stephen Timms has warned of the danger of falling behind other countries in broadband speeds.

The UK government may intervene to promote the deployment of fibre connectivity across the country, according to the minister of state for competitiveness.

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