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free mobile prolonge son offre sur vente priv?e

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Voir tous nos smartphones. A maximum error function dependent on a sixth order gradient of the potential is defined. With this the single point algorithmic errors are able to be viewed over the entire net. Finally, it is demonstrated that by utilizing the above concepts and procedures, the potential of a point in a reasonably high gradient region of a test geometry can realize a precision of less than 10 Electrochemical corrosion potential and noise measurement in high temperature water.

Hydrogen water chemistry HWC is one of the most important methods in boiling water reactor BWR system to mitigate and prevent stress corrosion cracking SCC problems of stainless steel components. The objective of this work was to evaluate the characteristics and performance of commercially available high temperature reference electrodes. In addition, SCC monitoring technique based on electrochemical noise analysis ECN was also tested to examine its crack detection capability.

In simulated BWR environment, the electrochemical noise tests of SCC were carried out with both actively and passively loaded specimens of type stainless steel with various electrode arrangements. From the coupling current and corrosion potential behaviors of the passive loading tests during immersion test, it is difficult to interpret the general state of stress corrosion cracking based on the analytical results of overall current and potential variations, local pulse patterns, statistical characteristics, or power spectral density of electrochemical noise signals.

However, more positive SCC indication was observed in the power spectral density analysis. For aqueous environments of high solution impedance, successful application of electrochemical noise technique for SCC monitoring may require further improvement in specimen designs and analytical methods to enhance detection sensitivity. Assessment of potential solder candidates for high temperature applications. A tentative assessment was carried out to determine the potential solder candidates for high temperature applications based on the solidification These promising solder candidates were precisely produced using the hot stage microscope and its respective anodic and cathodic polarization curves were investigated using a micro-electrochemical set up High -power CO laser and its potential applications.

The R and D program for the development of a high -power CO laser and its application technologies is described. Based on a self-sustained discharge excitation scheme, the available laser output has been successfully scaled to over 20 kW. The CO laser cutting experiments for thick metals have been performed in association with the decommissioning technologies development.

Other potential applications, which include those based on photo chemical process, are reviewed. Recently demonstrated high -power tunable operation and room-temperature operation are also reported. Potential ceramics processing applications with high -energy electron beams. High -energy, high -current electron beams may offer unique features for processing of ceramics that are not available with any other heat source.

These include the capability to instantaneously heat to several centimeters in depth, to preferentially deposit energy in dense, high -z materials, to process at atmospheric pressures in air or other gases, to have large control over heating volume and heating rate, and to have efficient energy conversion. At a recent workshop organized by the authors to explore opportunities for electron beam processing of ceramics, several applications were identified for further development.

These were ceramic joining, fabrication of ceramic powders, and surface processing of ceramics. It may be possible to join ceramics by either electron-beam brazing or welding. Brazing with refractory metals might also be feasible. The primary concern for brazing is whether the braze material can wet to the ceramic when rapidly heated by an electron beam. Raw ceramic powders, such as silicon nitride and aluminum nitride, which are difficult to produce by conventional techniques, could possibly be produced by vaporizing metals in a nitrogen atmosphere.

Experiments need to be done to verify that the vaporized metal can fully react with the nitrogen. By adjusting beam parameters, high -energy beams can be used to remove surface flaws which are often sites of fracture initiation. They can also be used for surface cleaning. The advantage of electron beams rather than ion beams for this application is that the heat deposition can be graded into the material. The authors will discuss the capabilities of beams from existing machines for these applications and discuss planned experiments.

The role of high work-function metallic nanodots on the performance of a-Si:H solar cells: offering ohmic contact to light trapping. Addition of carbon into p-type "window" layers in hydrogenated amorphous silicon a-Si:H solar cells enhances short circuit currents and open circuit voltages by a great deal.

However, a-Si:H solar cells with high carbon-doped "window" layers exhibit poor fill factors due to a Schottky barrier-like impedance at the interface between a-SiC:H windows and transparent conducting oxides TCO , although they show maximized short circuit currents and open circuit voltages.

Applying ultrathin high -work-function metals at the interface between the two materials results in an effective lowering of the work function mismatch and a consequent ohmic behavior. If the metal layer is sufficiently thin, then it forms nanodots rather than a continuous layer which provides light-scattering effect.

The use of metallic interface layers in this work is a clear contrast to previous work where attempts were made to enhance the photocurrent using plasmonic metal nanodots on the solar cell surface.

High level waste at Hanford: Potential for waste loading maximization. The loading of Hanford nuclear waste in borosilicate glass is limited by phase-related phenomena, such as crystallization or formation of immiscible liquids, and by breakdown of the glass structure because of an excessive concentration of modifiers. The phase-related phenomena cause both processing and product quality problems.

The deterioration of product durability determines the ultimate waste loading limit if all processing problems are resolved. Concrete examples and mass-balance based calculations show that a substantial potential exists for increasing waste loading of high -level wastes that contain a large fraction of refractory components.

High spin rotations of nuclei with the harmonic oscillator potential. Calculations of the nuclear properties at high angular momentum have been performed recently. The calculations are usually complicated and involve long computer codes. In this article we shall discuss general trends in fast rotating nuclei in the approximation of the harmonic oscillator potential.

We shall see that using the Bohr Mottelson simplified version of the rigorous solution of Valatin one can perform a rather simple analysis of the rotational bands, structure of the yrast line, moments of inertia etc. While the precision fit to experimental data in actual nuclei is not the purpose of this paper, one can still hope to reach some general understanding within the model of the simple relations resulting in nuclei at high spin.

Renewable carbohydrates are a potential high -density hydrogen carrier. Zhang, Y. The possibility of using renewable biomass carbohydrates as a potential high -density hydrogen carrier is discussed here. Gravimetric density of polysaccharides is Renewable carbohydrates e. Although SyPaB may suffer from current low reaction rates, numerous approaches for accelerating hydrogen production rates are proposed and discussed.

Developments in thermostable enzymes as standardized building blocks for cell-free SyPaB projects, use of stable and low-cost biomimetic NAD cofactors, and accelerating reaction rates are among the top research and development priorities. International collaborations are urgently needed to solve the above obstacles within a short time.

Offering Incentives from the Outside. Incentives offer a good deal of underexplored opportunities to help manage conflict by encouraging political bargaining. This study has two primary objectives. First, it furthers the discussion of how external third parties can help manage conflicts. Second, it offers a typology of the available However, fullerenes have some drawbacks, such as weak absorption, limited energy-level tunability, and morphological instability.

In addition, fullerene-based OSCs usually suffer from large energy losses of over 0. Recently, nonfullerene small molecules have emerged as promising electron acceptors in OSCs. Furthermore, several studies have shown that OSCs based on small-molecule acceptors SMA have very efficient charge generation and transport efficiency at relatively low energy losses of below 0.

KGaA, Weinheim. The mutagenic potential of high flash aromatic naphtha. Catalytic reforming is a refining process that converts naphthenes to aromatics by dehydrogenation to make higher octane gasoline blending components. A portion of this wide boiling range hydrocarbon stream can be separated by distillation and used for other purposes. One such application is a mixture of predominantly 9-carbon aromatic molecules C9 aromatics, primarily isomers of ethyltoluene and trimethylbenzene , which is removed and used as a solvent-- high -flash aromatic naphtha.

A program was initiated to assess the toxicological properties of high -flash aromatic naphtha since there may be human exposure through inhalation or external body contact. The current study was conducted partly to assess the potential for mutagenic activity and also to assist in an assessment of carcinogenic potential. The U. X-Plane Program included the first-of-its-kind research in aerodynamics and astronautics with experimental vehicles, including the first aircraft to break the sound barrier; the first aircraft to fly in excess of ,, then ,, and then , feet; and the first aircraft to fly at three, four, five, and then six times the speed of sound.

During the s, NASA started developing a new thermal protection material to test on the X and X supersonic aircraft. The X was intended to demonstrate the technologies needed for a new reusable launch vehicle and was projected to reach an altitude of approximately 50 miles and speeds of more than Mach The X, a small, reusable technology demonstrator for a launch vehicle, was intended to reach an altitude of , feet and fly at speeds of Mach 8.

Applied to a surface, the thin, lightweight coating could protect the material underneath from extreme temperatures. The capability of the technology came from its emissivity, which radiated heat away from the surface it covered, thereby decreasing the amount of heat transferred to the underlying material.

PCCM not only increased the capability of materials to withstand higher temperatures, it also exhibited impressive thermal shock, vibration, and acoustic performance.

In addition, it proved to be resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage and was also environmentally safe, due to it being water-based and containing no solvents. Potential for use of high -temperature superconductors in fusion reactors.

The present rate of development of high -temperature superconductors HTSs is sufficiently rapid that there may be opportunities for their use in contemporary fusion devices such as the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor ITER.

The most likely 1application is for delivering power to the superconducting magnets, especially in substituting for the current leads between the temperatures of 4 K and 77K.

A second possible application of HTSs is as a liquid-nitrogen-cooled power bus, connecting the power supplies to the magnets, thus reducing the ohmic heating losses over these relatively long cables. While the use of higher temperature magnets offers significant advantages to the reactor system, it is unlikely that tested conductors of this type will be available within the ITER time frame. Federal energy and fleet management : plug-in vehicles offer potential benefits, but high costs and limited information could hinder integration into the FederalFleet.

Advanced technology vehicles powered by alternative fuels, such as electricity and ethanol, are one way New perspectives on potential hydrogen storage materials using high pressure. In addressing the global demand for clean and renewable energy, hydrogen stands out as the most suitable candidate for many fuel applications that require practical and efficient storage of hydrogen. Supplementary to the traditional hydrogen storage methods and materials, the high -pressure technique has emerged as a novel and unique approach to developing new potential hydrogen storage materials.

Static compression of materials may result in significant changes in the structures, properties and performance that are important for hydrogen storage applications, and often lead to the formation of unprecedented phases or complexes that have profound implications for hydrogen storage. In this perspective article, 22 types of representative potential hydrogen storage materials that belong to four major classes--simple hydride, complex hydride, chemical hydride and hydrogen containing materials--were reviewed.

In particular, their structures, stabilities, and pressure-induced transformations, which were reported in recent experimental works together with supporting theoretical studies, were provided. The important contextual aspects pertinent to hydrogen storage associated with novel structures and transitions were discussed. Finally, the summary of the recent advances reviewed and the insight into the future research in this direction were given. Full Text Available Laccase production by Pycnoporus sanguineus RP15 grown in wheat bran and corncob under solid-state fermentation was optimized by response surface methodology using a Central Composite Rotational Design.

A laccase Lacps1 was purified and characterized and the potential of the pure Lacps1 and the crude culture extract for synthetic dye decolorization was evaluated. Lacps1 was stable at pH 3.

ABTS was oxidized with an apparent affinity constant of The data suggested good potential for treatment of industrial dye-containing effluents. On the other hand, fluorine doping results in a marked decrease in the amount of surface oxygen species. The influence of doping with metal cations strongly depends on the nature of the metal.

Iron behaves like fluorine, while nickel causes an accumulation of surface oxygen species. Doped PbO2 electrodes have quite good activities for the electrogeneration of ozone. These disruptive events, defined as High Consequence Events HCE , include both events that have occurred or could be realized through an attack of critical infrastructure owner assets.

While other efforts have been initiated to identify and mitigate disruptive events at the national security level, such as Presidential Policy Directive 41 PPD , this process is intended to be used by individual organizations to evaluate events that fall below the threshold for a national security.

Described another way, Consequence Prioritization considers threats greater than those addressable by standard cyber-hygiene and includes the consideration of events that go beyond a traditional continuity of operations COOP perspective. Finally, Consequence Prioritization is most successful when organizations adopt a multi-disciplinary approach, engaging both cyber security and engineering expertise, as in-depth engineering perspectives are required to recognize and characterize and mitigate HCEs.

Figure 1 provides a high -level overview of the prioritization process. Coral reefs globally show variable signs of deterioration or community structure changes due to a host of anthropogenic and natural factors.

When considering the response of reefs to the present climate change, temperature effects should also be taken into account.

Growth was assessed by buoyant weight techniques during the acclimation period. Photosynthesis, respiration and calcification were measured at the end of this period using respirometric chambers. This result will be compared with the instantaneous calcification measurements in the chambers and some in situ coral growth assessments in winter and summer conditions.

The consequences for the response of marginal reefs. Construction of high -quality NN potential models. We present an updated version Nijm93 of the Nijmegen soft-core potential , which gives a much better description of the np data than the older version Nijm The configuration-space and momentum-space versions of this potential are exactly equivalent, a unique feature among meson-theoretical potentials.

All potentials contain the proper charge-dependent one-pion-exchange tail. Evolution 2, your specialist for Outdoor Adventures Be it for a ski lesson, a parachute jump or for a mountain bike descent, come live an unforgettable experience with our outdoor specialists.

Offer available for all bookings made between 1 June and 30 May Offer available on all the Evoltion2 sites. A wide range of summer and winter activities. Fine-needle aspiration FNA has revolutionised the care of patients with thyroid nodules and is the initial investigation of choice. However, as a result of nondiagnostic Thy1 and nonneoplastic Thy2 specimens, it remains an imperfect sole solution with a range of sensitivities and a high inadequate ratio.

Patients must be followed up to exclude malignancy. The diagnostic performance of MIBI scintigraphy was calculated from a retrospective review of local data combined with a meta-analysis of the published literature. Its low specificity means MIBI scintigraphy cannot be recommended as a first-line investigation, but as a second-line investigation MIBI scintigraphy may lead to a lower rate of unnecessary thyroidectomies. High organic containing tanks: Assessing the hazard potential.

Also, three of the hydrogen and ferrocyanide tanks appear on the organic tank list. Concentrations of organics that may be present in some tanks could cause an exothermic reaction given a sufficient driving force, such as high temperatures. However, the difference between ignition temperatures and actual tank temperatures measured is so large that the probability of such a reaction is considered very low. The consequences of the postulated reaction are about the same as the scenarios for an explosion in a ''burping'' hydrogen tank.

Although work on this issue is just beginning, consideration of hazards associated with heating nitrate-nitrite mixtures containing organic materials is an integral part of both the hydrogen and ferrocyanide tank efforts. High concentrations of organic compounds have been inferred from tank transfer, flow sheet records, and limited analytical data in eight single-shell tanks. Many organic chemicals, if present in concentrations above 10 dry weight percent sodium acetate equivalent , have the potential to react with nitrate-nitrites constituents at temperatures above degree C degree F in an exothermic manner.

The concentrations of organic materials in the listed single-shell tanks, and their chemical identity, is not accurately known at present. A tank sampling program has been planned to provide more information on the contents of these tanks and to serve as a basis for laboratory testing and safety evaluations. Neural networks grown on microelectrode arrays MEAs have become an important, high content in vitro assay for assessing neuronal function.

However, normal brain activity is additionally composed of integrated low-frequency 0. The objective of this study was to characterize the relationship between HF and LFP neural network signals, and to assess the relative sensitivity of LFPs to selected neurotoxicants.

Rat primary cortical cultures were grown on glass, single-well MEA chips. Spontaneous activity was sampled at 25 kHz and recorded 5 min Multi-Channel Systems from mature networks 14 days in vitro.

Post treatment, 5 mins of spontaneous activity was recorded and analyzed. As expected posit. Assessment of the phytoextraction potential of high biomass crop plants.

A hydroponic screening method was used to identify high biomass crop plants with the ability to accumulate metals. Highest values of shoot accumulation were found in maize cv. Ranchero, rapeseed cv. Karat, and cardoon cv. Peralta for Pb 18 mg kg -1 , Zn 10 mg kg -1 , and Cd mg kg -1 , respectively. Subsequently, we tested the potential of these three cultivars for the phytoextraction of a metal spiked compost, finding out that, in cardoon and maize plants, increasing Zn and Cd concentrations led to lower values of root and shoot DW.

By contrast, rapeseed shoot growth was not significantly affected by Cd concentration. Finally, a metal polluted soil was used to check these cultivars' phytoextraction capacity. Although the soil was phytotoxic enough to prevent the growth of cardoon and rapeseed plants, maize plants phytoextracted 3.

We concluded that the phytoextraction performance of cultivars varies depending on the screening method used. Subsequent, in situ measurements of black carbon BC using high -altitude balloons, showed surprising layers with high concentrations in the middle and upper troposphere even at an altitude of 8 to 10 kms.

Simultaneous measurements of the vertical thermal structure have shown localized warming due to BC absorption leading to large reduction in lapse rate and sharp temperature inversion, which in turn increases the atmospheric stability. This aerosol-induced stable layer is conducive for maintaining the black carbon layer longer at that level, leading thereby to further solar absorption and subsequently triggering dry convection.

Employing an on-line regional chemistry transport model WRF-Chem , incorporating aircraft emissions, it is shown that emissions from high -flying aircrafts as the most likely source of these elevated black carbon layers. Based on. Postgraduates courses offered to nursing. Material and methods: Descriptive observational and transversal court study, in which it has analysed university official masters and in which it has used a questionnaire with a total of 15 questions elaborated for this work.

By areas, the official masters more offered have been the ones of nutrition and alimentary security. Conclusions: It has seen that it is necessary that expand the number of masters including other fields of study that contribute to a main specialisation of the professionals of the infirmary.

An important percentage of official masters give in face-to-face modality, and there is very few offered on-line or to distance. The potential of high resolution ultrasonic in-situ methods. Document available in extended abstract form only. In the framework of geomechanical assessment of final repository underground openings the knowledge of geophysical rock parameters are of importance. Ultrasonic methods proved to be good geophysical tools to provide appropriate high resolution parameters for the characterisation of rock.

Especially, kinematic and dynamic parameters derived from ultrasonic measurements can be linked very close to rock mechanic investigations and interpretations. BGR uses high resolution ultrasonic methods, starting with emitted frequencies of about 1 kHz seismic and going up to about kHz. The method development is going on and appropriate research and investigations are performed since many years at different European radioactive waste disposal related underground research laboratories in different potential host rocks.

The methods can be grouped into borehole based methods and noninvasive methods like refraction and reflection methods, which are performed in general from the drift wall. Additionally, as a combination of these both methods a sort of vertical seismic profiling VSP is applied. The best qualified method, or a combination of methods, have to be chosen according to the scientific questions and the local site conditions.

The degree of spatial resolution of zones of interest or any kind of anomaly depends strongly on the distance of these objects to the ultrasonic. Electron injection dynamics in high-potential porphyrin photoanodes. TRTS of free-base and metalated pentafluorophenyl porphyrins reveal inefficient electron injection into TiO2 nanoparticles but more efficient electron injection into SnO2 nanoparticles.

With SnO2, injection time scales depend strongly on the identity of the central substituent and are affected by competition with excited-state deactivation processes. Furthermore, electron injection efficiency loosely correlates with DSSC performance. The carboxylate anchoring group is commonly used to bind DSSC sensitizers to metal oxide surfaces but typically is not stable under the aqueous and oxidative conditions required for water oxidation.

Electron injection efficiency of several water-stable alternatives, including phosphonic acid, hydroxamic acid, acetylacetone, and boronic acid, were evaluated using TRTS, and hydroxamate was found to perform as well as the carboxylate. The next challenge is incorporating a water oxidation catalyst into the design. An early example, in which an Ir-based precatalyst is cosensitized with a fluorinated porphyrin, reveals decreased electron injection efficiency despite an increase in photocurrent.

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