free mobile vente priv?e septembre 2017

free mobile vente priv?e septembre 2017

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Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Helyet from iPhone 8 Parfait Det er ikke godt nok. Bas Belder ECR. De kosten zijn enorm: vernietiging van eieren, schoonmaken van de stallen, afvoeren van mest. Bedrijven dreigen hierdoor om te vallen. Twee vragen heb ik voor u, commissaris. Allereerst een vraag over de mest: kan de Commissie duidelijkheid verschaffen over de maximale residulimiet voor mest?

Lidstaten blijken daar verschillend mee om te gaan. Op dit moment moeten pluimveehouders in mijn land mest verbranden, zelfs als deze geen fipronil bevat. Hierdoor blijven bedrijven onnodig op slot, met alle gevolgen van dien. Daarnaast een vraag over de schade: lidstaten blijken verschillend om te gaan met het verlenen van schadevergoedingen aan getroffen pluimveehouders.

Welke ruimte, mijnheer de commissaris, heeft een lidstaat precies om een schadevergoeding te geven binnen de staatssteunregels?

Graag meer duidelijkheid hierover vanuit de Commissie. C'est donc vraiment une aiguille dans une botte de foin. Allora, come avrebbe potuto fare un normale cittadino per distinguere queste due uova, per sapere quale scegliere?

Chi doveva fare i controlli, signor Presidente? E come mai la Commissione non fa dei controlli indipendenti? Que faut-il faire alors? Beata Gosiewska ECR. Dzisiaj mamy skandal z fipronilem.

To nie jest trudne do przewidzenia. Pan bagatelizuje problem ryzyka. Depuis novembre Pero esto denota la ineficacia y la deficiencia de funcionamiento de este instrumento.

Se llama food defense. Some of you made political statements. I am responsible, I am personally responsible. It is a big test for me — and for you also, for all of us, because the situation is very delicate.

On the one hand, we know very well that we need to have facts, arguments, scientifically-based criteria and, of course, reality and fact-finding checks, not just talking generally. Because dissemination of mistrust, dissemination of fear, dissemination of misleading information also affects consumer perception. We need to understand balance and to see how to move forward together. This is not the time to name, blame and shame.

You mentioned failures of the Rapid Alert System. No, this is not true. Only the Rapid Alert System allows us to understand where we are, how many countries are affected.

It shows that our Rapid Alert System and tracking and tracing system is effective. That is true. Another question is: how are we using information, how are we acting, especially in using two different systems with different tasks.

A criminal investigation in one hand, the food safety issue in the other. How to build a coherent approach? It is our task to move forward and to enforce our situation. Let me start with some concrete questions.

As regards a possible risk to public health, eggs from only three farms exceeded the acute risk level. I would like to provide you with this real information. Only three farms exceeded the acute risk level. This means that the consumer would need to consume several eggs from these farms in a short period of time to exceed the acute reference dose.

As regards the chronic risk, long-term exposure to fipronil via eggs and egg products should not exceed the acceptable daily intake. From the analytical results available, the majority of the eggs are below that level.

This is why we once again draw your attention to this. The risk to public health is really very low. This is not to minimise the incident, as it relates to the illegal use of unauthorised substances. So all in all, consumers are safe, as I mentioned.

After managing the consequences of the incident and having taken the necessary risk management measures, we now have to move on and understand what lessons can be learned from this situation. I will collect your questions and will see how to include your questions on manure, zero tolerance, compensation issues. We need to understand the situation and we will present our conclusions to the Agriculture and Fisheries Council in October, because this is a sequence of problems.

Speaking of delays by the Member States, we have to look at this from two angles: the functioning of the system itself, and the use of the system. The system as such, as it was designed, is working well from my point of view. Once it has been put into the system, information has been flowing very well, but how to react quickly is another thing.

I fully understand the situation of the competent authorities because they have difficulties in deciding. First of all they must understand the source of the problems, then the extent of the problems, and then see how to react quickly because it was detected in a completely accidental way.

This is very important once again. There are a lot of questions so perhaps I can collect those questions and answer them in written form, as I know we are pressed for time.

Speaking about compensation, the priorities for these coming weeks is for producers, business operators and Member States to take the necessary measures to ensure a high level of consumer protection and for the Commission to ensure harmonised enforcement of European Union rules in Member States. The economic impact of this situation needs to be assessed before starting talks on potential compensation because the situation is not yet at an end.

We need to assess the situation considering both the impact on producers and consumption levels in the long term, as well as the ongoing criminal investigation. But we must be sure that our compensation is not going into the hands of criminals. This is clear; we will look at the real picture. We will compensate those who were not involved in criminal activities, but those who were involved in criminal activities should be punished, we should not allow them to use our compensation.

Speaking about animal welfare issues, I agree: we need to discuss animal welfare issues. It does not matter what kind of farming — organic, non-conventional, and so on — but I think we have a good opportunity to use the animal welfare platform and to debate those issues, speaking about those questions. On manure, as I mentioned, we need to understand that zero tolerance is very important, but of course I will ask my services, my advisers, scientists, to see how we may discuss those issues in more detail because it is a very technical question.

I spoke earlier about the collective responsibility that we bear for safeguarding higher standards of food safety and public health. I am heartened therefore that this House has taken such an active interest in this issue and I have listened closely to the debate today.

Let me reiterate: we are determined to improve the use of, and coordination between, the Rapid Alert System and the Administrative Assistance and Cooperation System.

However, we cannot and should not place the responsibility for the situation exclusively on these systems. They simply cannot function if they are not used correctly. The protection of public health in the EU is extremely important. This is why, over the years, the EU has built a comprehensive and solid system to ensure safe food for all and to detect unsafe or adulterated food. The events this summer call for a renewed assessment of this system. At the same time, all actors involved have to remain vigilant and act to ensure that there are no flaws in the functioning of the current system in place.

If the in-depth assessment of the fipronil crisis shows the need to review and to improve the system, we should all stand ready to do whatever is required.

Commissioner Andriukaitis, besides answering all the questions of substance, also laid out the next steps. Ello demuestra el buen funcionamiento de nuestro sistema de trazabilidad de los productos.

Ce sera un discours bref. Nous savons que le retard provient du Conseil. Nous sommes le Parlement le plus ouvert au monde. I am proud of you. I am proud to be President of this Parliament. Sono fiero di essere Presidente di questo Parlamento. Dennis de Jong, Rapporteur. Ondernemers gaan niet snel naar de rechter, zeker niet tegen een moederbedrijf.

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