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Se connecter. Landes-Industrie-Comptoirs, Half green sheepskin, marbled paper sides, manuscript title on spine. IV, 62 pp. On the basis of his observations made during his many study tours to Naples, Scandinavia, northern France and Switzerland he wrote various monographs on zoological and botanical subjects.

On the plates the various Actineae are identified in a 19th-century hand, these are now classified under several genera, including Actinia, Actinothoe and Urticina.

With an extra title-page and a stock list of the "Grossh. Landes-Industrie-Comptoirs zu Weimar" 2 pp. Werke" 2 pp. Binding slightly rubbed, but still in good condition. John and Josiah Boydell, and George Nicol, Condition: Ottime condizioni. Si prega di consultare appresso una traduzione automatica dello stesso in lingua italiani.

Per ogni domanda, si invita cortesemente a contattarci. Le opere poetiche di John Milton. I volumi uno e tre sono uniformi, il volume due ha una rilegatura diversa. Danni e perdite alla colonna vertebrale del primo volume, le cerniere sono tenere. La maggior parte delle protezioni dei tessuti sono assenti.

Un set molto grande e pesante in buone condizioni. Se hai domande, non esitare a … [Click Below for Full Description]. Check availability: eBay IT. Germany: Ausfuhrliche Erklarung zu den Hogarth'schen Kupferstichen, C. Lichtenberg, Gottingen, , four volume set, modern half leather, 12mo. In good condition. Later binding-late Victorian-very nice.

Marbled boards, end papers and fore edge. Raised bands and gilt work on spine. Minimal shelf wear. Previous owner's name on title pages. Foxing throughout. Age-toned pages. Binding tight and intact. Please see photos. Commentary on British artists William Hogarth.

Hogarth was an English painter, printmaker, pictorial satirist, social critic and editorial cartoonist. Knowledge of his work is so pervasive that satirical political illustrations in this style are often referred to as "Hogarthian" The spread of Hogarth's prints throughout Europe, together with the depiction of popular scenes from his prints in faked Hogarth prints, influenced Continental book illustration through the 18thth centuries, especially in Germany and France.

Bookseller: robinrarebooks [Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States]. Octavo x mm. Contemporary quarter calf over blue paste-paper boards. Housed in a custom cloth folding case. Together with a copy of the printed text. Extremities a little worn, rear hinge with small worm track not touching paper stock, trivial traces of damp to upper margins of final two gatherings, final blank and pastedown somewhat stained, binder's blank at rear excised.

Mes Listes. Notations Techniques. Notations Fondamentales. Accueil Stock Screener. Histoire de la bourse. It is proposed that this authorization be granted, pursuant to law. Such authorization shall be granted in one single determination for all of the following acts:. Articles and of the Corporations Act set forth that the conditions and justifications for mergers shall be described in the Protocol and Justification to be entered into between the managers or officers of the Companies involved.

Thus, based on the clarifications included in this document and on the terms of the Corporations Act, the proposal is for the approval of the Protocol and Justification for the Merger in its entirety, with the subsequent approval of the Merger.

It is proposed that the Merger be approved, under the terms and conditions stated in the Protocol and Justification for the Merger, which effectiveness is conditioned to the fulfillment or waiver, as the case may be of the suspensive conditions set forth in the Protocol and Justification for the Merger.

The copy of the Bylaws including, in highlight, the proposed amendments and the report detailing the origin and justification of the proposals and analyzing their legal and economic effects, as required by article 11 of ICVM , constitute Exhibit VIII and Exhibit IX to this Management Proposal, respectively. Right to Withdrawal.

Merger of Shares Consummation Date. Material Fact regarding the Merger of Shares Consummation. Merger Consummation Date. Material Fact regarding the Merger Consummation. Tax Treatment for the Merger of Shares in Brazil. Resident Investors. The profits appraised by individuals and legal entities residing in Brazil due to the Merger of Shares may be subject to the application of income tax, pursuant to the legal and regulatory rules applicable to each investor category, and such investors shall be liable for any withholding thereof.

Non-Resident Investors. The following rates shall apply:. The non-resident shareholders of the Company on the Merger of Shares Consummation Date which may have taxes due shall submit to the Company, directly or by means of custodians, on the date to be informed in Notice to the Shareholders to be timely disclosed, the Federal Tax Collection Document — DARF, and any other documents to be also indicated in the Notice to Shareholders.

In addition, in the event of a tax assessment related to the IRRF, within the deadlines provided for in the National Tax Code - CTN, the Company reserves the right to demand the reimbursement of the IRRF at any time, plus a fine and late payment, required by the tax authorities.

The Company intends to disclose Notice to Shareholders containing final information regarding deadlines and other relevant procedures to the subject on the date of the Material Fact informing the Merger of Shares Consummation Date. Additional information. Exhibit I-A to the Management Proposal. Other agreements, contracts and pre-contracts regulating the exercise of voting rights or the transfer of shares issued by the surviving companies or resulting from the transaction, filed at the company's principal place of business or of which the company's controlling shareholder is a party.

The parties to the Voting and Support Agreements agreed to exercise their voting rights in order to implement the necessary actions to close the Transaction. With the closing of the Transaction, upon consummation of the Merger, and subject to the adjustments set forth in Section 2.

The Transaction stages and the terms and conditions for the Merger of Shares and the Merger are described in item 2 to this Management Proposal and on the Protocols and Justifications for the Merger of Shares and the Merger. Closing Conditions. The required corporate approvals are the following:. The Agreement may be terminated in case some of such conditions are not fulfilled, which may result in the application of certain penalties to Natura or Avon, as set forth in the Agreement and summarized in item b ii below.

Avon currently has Class C Preferred Shares issued, which may be converted into common shares prior to the Merger Consummation Date, pursuant to Avon corporate documents relating to the issuance of the Class C Preferred Shares or, if not converted into common shares, shall automatically be canceled and each preferred share shall be converted into the right to receive a cash consideration.

Natura initially obtained financing commitments before Banco Bradesco S. The Agreement does not provide specific compensation to the managers of the companies involved.

Pursuant to the Agreement, Avon shall be obliged to pay the Company a termination fee equal to seventy-eight million, six hundred thousand United States of America Dollars USD 78,, Comparative table of the rights, advantages and restrictions of the shares of the involved or resulting companies, before and after the transaction. There is not. Not applicable. Plans for conducting social business, especially regarding specific corporate events it intends to be promoted.

After the Merger of Shares consummation, the Company shall continue to act in the cosmetic and beauty industry and keep its publicly held company register, however, as Category B, with no listed shares. On this date, there is no decision or plans by the management in relation to intended specific corporate events to be promoted after the Merger consummation. Analysis of the following aspects of the transaction:. The Merger of Shares shall also improve corporate governance by forming a pure holding company to hold stakes in the companies that form Natura Group's business units, within a governance model that will preserve the autonomy of each business and brand while implementing the current interdependent business model.

This combination creates a multi-brand and multi-channel group of excellence in cosmetics, with direct connection to consumers. The amounts have been converted to US dollars based on the average currency exchange rate for Not applicable to the Merger authorization, as it is a transaction between independent parties. As negotiated and agreed on the Agreement, and subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Protocol and Justification for the Merger including the fulfillment or waiver, as the case may be, of the suspensive conditions , with the consummation of the Merger, and subject to the adjustments set forth in Section 2.

In relation to the Merger, Item 5 f and sub-items above do not apply, given that the Merger involves independent parties. Copy of the minutes of all meetings of the board of directors, fiscal council and special committees where the transaction was discussed, including any dissenting votes. Copy of studies, presentations, reports, statements, opinions or appraisal reports of the companies involved in the transaction made available to the controlling shareholder at any stage of the transaction.

Identification of possible conflicts of interest between financial institutions, companies and professionals who may have prepared the documents mentioned in item 7 and the companies involved in the transaction. Bylaws Project or changes to the bylaws of the companies resulting from the transaction. Financial statements used for the purposes of the transaction, under the terms of the specific rule.

Pro forma financial statements prepared for the purposes of the transaction, pursuant to the specific rule. The reports of Avon's independent registered public accounting firm included in this document relates to Avon's previously issued financial statements. Document containing information on directly-involved companies other than publicly-held companies, including:. Regarding Merger Sub I, this item is not applicable, since it is not necessary to provide the information referred to in this item regarding companies that satisfy the following conditions: i not to have liabilities of any nature; and ii to have, as assets, solely shares of other companies involved in the transaction, such as is the case of Merger Sub I.

Although Avon is not a company directly involved in the Merger, we present in Exhibit XII the information made available to us by Avon. Description of the capital and control structure after the transaction, pursuant to item 15 of the reference form. Quantity of Shares. Outstanding Common Shares. Outstanding Preferred Shares. Below is a description of the current Shareholders Agreement of the Company.

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