free pmp practice exam 6th edition

free pmp practice exam 6th edition

You should attempt these questions at the end of your final preparation. In this blog, I have published free PMP exam questions. These are easy questions and you should try them during your PMP exam preparation to find your knowledge gaps.

Edwel Programs has been helping project professionals to excel in their careers since They provide two sets of free PMP exam questions to aspirants.

The first set has easy questions that you should try during your preparation. The other set has 75 tough questions which you should try at the end of your preparation or before the exam. In the past, there were a few free mock tests, but they have vanished and now I can find only one. This mock test is the PM Exam Simulator. This simulator was developed by Mr. Cornelius Fichtner, who is a renowned PMP trainer.

The access is for three days and you can attempt three mock tests with 60 questions each. You should buy a few high-quality sample questions and mock tests. These provide you with many benefits over the free options, such as:. Free options seem to be good, but the quality of the questions may be low and they may not provide answers to your queries. Practice questions help you understand concepts and mock tests provide you with an opportunity to test yourself against the real exam and help you develop stamina and patience to sit for a long duration.

Here, I will provide you with some paid sample questions and mock tests in a tabular form and then give you a short description of each of these resources. I developed this question bank. Of the following types of contracts, which has the highest risk for the seller? Cost plus fixed fee - CPFF. Time and Material - T and M. What is the best use of a Work Authorization System?

It manages the timing and sequence of activities that need to be performed. It manages who performs the activity. It identifies the resources needed to complete activities. It is used for comparing actual work against the baselines. The project stakeholders want a performance report to date. You had planned to use Earned Value Management methodology. You and your team have faced numerous issues till now. However, you choose to ignore the current work performance and decide to go with what was originally planned.

Based on this information, what would be the EAC for the project? Your team has delivered phase one of a project to the client. Based on client feedback and issues found by the client, you decide to do some introspection to identify root causes so that the subsequent deliverables do not face the same issues.

What techniques would you choose to apply? Perform Quality Audits. Review Activity Network Diagrams. Lookup Process decision program charts. Process Analysis. Over lunch, you meet a colleague who is managing a large turnover project for setting up a chemical plant.

Your colleague is worried because the client is being unreasonable and asking for changes that will have a severe impact on the scope schedule and cost. The client is also not ready to absorb the additional impact on schedule and cost. She seeks your advice.

What should she do? Refuse to budge and not make any changes. Request her executive management to initiate legal action against the client. Ultimately the customer is always right, so go ahead and make the changes and absorb the impact on cost, schedule, and scope. Set up a meeting with the client to better understand the need of the changes being asked for. You are managing a project to set up a brand new play area for the community.

You and your team have been working as per plan and things are moving smoothly. Suddenly, one of the stakeholders indicates that the play area must also include a sand pit. This was not originally planned for, so you analyze the impact on the cost, schedule, and scope.

You then submit the change request to the Change control board for their approval. You have immediately received an approval. What should your next step be? Get the work done immediately and start executing. Update the impacted baselines - scope, cost, and schedule.

Update the work performance reports and share them with stakeholders. Set up a meeting with the change control board. As a project manager, you are expected to calculate the cost of Poor Quality. What costs would you consider? You are in charge of building a bridge across a river. All the initial groundwork and structural designs have been completed and work is in progress. You know that the next two months will be particularly critical involving some critical activities such as Arc welding of stiffener plates.

You know your company employs welders who specialize in this kind of work. However, you are apprehensive about their availability for the next two months. What should you refer to first to find if these welders are available for the next two months?

Pareto Chart. Resource Calendars. You and a group of managers conduct a weekly meeting for sharing information and project management best practices. Joe who is a colleague of yours explains the need for correctly identifying all the project stakeholders. He explains that in his current project he has made use of Stakeholders Engagement Assessment Matrix. Many of the other colleagues are not quite aware of the need and usage of this matrix.

Which of the following is the best choice? Lists all the stakeholders along with their current engagement and desired engagement. Lists all the stakeholders. Lists only those stakeholders who are Resistant. Lists only those stakeholders who are Supportive. Your company policy allows you to gift customers within certain limit. By mistake, you have given a gift to the customer's representative that is beyond the limit mentioned in your company policy. What should you do? Forget it and don't tell anyone.

Contact your company's senior management and ask for assistance. Ask your customer to return the gift. Ask your customer to give you a gift which has the same cost. Earned Value Analysis is used to measure performance based on a few parameters. Identify them.

Scope and Cost. Scope and Schedule. Scope, Cost, and Schedule. Cost and Schedule. Which of the following statements is not true regarding Scope Verification? Consists of conducting inspections, reviews, and audits.

Used to determine if results conform to requirements. Used to get formal sign off from clients. Used to determine schedule variance. What is the purpose of a fishbone diagram? Illustrates how various factors might be linked to potential problems or effects.

Determines if a process is in control. Shows trends in a process over time. Shows the pattern of relationship between two variables. Which of the following best describes Vroom's Expectancy theory? Employees will put in efforts dependent on expectancy, valence, and instrumentality.

Employee motivation is not achievable; employees must be forced to get things done. Hygiene factors will ensure that job dissatisfaction does not occur; however, it does not ensure job satisfaction. People have needs starting with Physiological Needs and ending with self-actualization. You are managing a project that your company won after making a bid. The clients have negotiated long and hard and have driven a hard bargain.

The project is scheduled to span over eight months, and you are in your fifth month of execution. You are extremely worried since you have about four more months of work remaining and the project is at the Point of total assumption.

As a seller, you are ahead of schedule. The project is going to have a cost overrun which will need to be negotiated with the client. As a seller, all subsequent costs will have to be borne by you. You are managing a project which involves building software for the aeronautical domain. The nature of the work is complex and needs a lot of research. During Quality assurance, both the development team and testing team suggest that the quality assurance process be changed to include White Box testing and not just rely on Black Box testing.

The teams want to make this shift in approach as they believe this would lead to better quality of deliverables. What is the best course of action? As the changes will help improve quality, execute white box testing.

Create a change request. Refuse to adopt this change as this would mean a change in the agreed process. Analyze the impact of the change on scope, schedule, and cost, and then write up a Change Request. You are the project manager and decided to outsource a part of the project to a vendor.

The vendor discovered some issues that impact the cost and schedule of its work. How does the vendor update the agreement? A new contract needs to be signed by your company and the vendor.

A contract addendum needs to be signed by your company and the vendor. An SOW needs to be signed by you and the vendor. As a manager on a project, you have to ensure that the project delivers within the scheduled timelines with minimal rework and customer delight. One of your team members approaches you and indicates the possible need of a long vacation on personal grounds, and this could possibly occur two months from now. You decide to take some action and reschedule task allocation to ensure that this team member is not planned to work on any of the critical path activities.

What did you just do? Mitigate the risk. Avoid the risk. Transfer the risk. Exploit the risk. You are in the process of executing a project that deals with laying out electrical cables connecting two cities.

You have been reporting progress on a monthly basis. This month, due to unplanned vacations, many of the staff have not turned up at work. This has caused a delay in the schedule. You decide to check if the schedule variance is within the allowable threshold. What document should you refer to? Project Management Plan. Schedule Management Plan. Project Schedule Network Diagram. Activity Definition. Which of the following activities is not performed as a part of Project Closure?

Ensuring all the deliverables meet contract requirements. Creating lessons learned and updating Organizational Process Assets. Final acceptance. Verifying scope. Which of the following types of contracts has the highest risk for the buyer? Time and Material. You are in charge of building a shopping portal. You are fairly confident as you have a team experienced in doing such work. As per the agreement at the end of the first month, you organize a demonstration of the software.

You invite the sponsor and key stakeholders. Later, the sponsor informs you that she is not very happy with the progress, indicating that one of the clients who would be using this software is not satisfied as her needs are not being met. Satisfying this client's needs would mean some radical changes with an impact on both cost and schedule. What could be the root cause of this issue? Deliverables were not as per requirement.

The stakeholder is making unrealistic demands. The scope statement was ambiguous. All the stakeholders were not identified. Your company has won a large project—administering funds for one of the fund houses. The project work has been going on smoothly and the customer has been praising the work done so far.

The client has planned a visit the next month to go over the plans for the next phase of the project as well as to meet with the project team.

Your senior management realizes that this client could potentially need additional capabilities in the derivatives segment. Your company has a strong exposure to this segment having executed numerous such projects. Your senior manager also invites key managers from the derivatives segment to showcase the organization's abilities in the derivatives vertical.

What is this an example of? Mitigating the risk. Avoiding the risk. Transferring the risk. Exploiting the risk. Project Team has created sub-plans for each activity in the project plan. These plans are called: Resource plans. Activity plans. Management plans. You are responsible for the complete makeover of a shopping mall, which involves civil work and painting. After going through the details, you have come up with the cost estimates which have been approved to arrive at the cost baseline.

Work is now in progress, and you and senior management are happy with the work. Suddenly, you realize the ceiling repair work was not factored in the estimates though it was very much a part of the scope.

You decide to make use of Contingency reserves, but your senior manager advises you to make use of the Management reserve. What is the correct action? Finally, I ended up reading with A. Crowe and A. It was effective for me. I am a visual learner; however, this handbook seemed to be too trivial and not useful for the PMP exam.

There is nothing wrong with it, I was not too fond of her language. It was handy and allowed me to recap the material on the last stage. Especially I appreciated sections: 47 Commonly Confused Terms with a detailed explanation, EVM explanation, the glossary and tips before the exam.

I completed those tests simulating exam conditions. It helped me as well to plan brakes. I decided to have one brake after questions. After completing each test, I precisely analyzed results and review areas where I made the most mistakes. Then I was looking for supporting materials in sources like this website.

And it worked. It requires plenty of time and a good strategy. Hi, Thx for your works, it helps a lot for my exam preparation!!!

See below. Could you help me understand my mistake? In which process of Project Risk Management knowledge area are numeric values assigned to probabilities and impact of risks a. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis b.

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis c. Perform Numeric Risk Analysis d. Plan Risk Response. A numeric value is assigned to risks impact and probability during the Quantitative Risk Analysis process. Quantitative is to describe risks in monetary terms while qualitative is to judge the likelihood and impact of risks on a scale of 0 to 1.

I agree that both a and b are possible answers…. Like most of us, I am a working professional pursuing career advancements through Certifications. As I am having a full-time job and a family with 3 kids, I need to pursue professional certifications in the most effective way i. I share my exam tips here in the hope of helping fellow Certification aspirants! If you have any queries, I am more than happy to help. I am looking at writing my exam this Tuesday, 23 May Yes, all the questions are relevant.

But practicing from a paid test is a good idea. PM Exam simulator is good. I just passed my PMP today by 3 above targets one target and one need improvement, improvement was in closing…. In total time to study about 2 months, followed PMBOK and some chapters from Rita, 5th edition as 6th was not available…. Thanks so much for doing this. It is quite helpful for exam preparation. From my personal point of view, having exam generator functionality and close enough practice to real exam is the main benefits for exam preparation.

I want to purchase ITTO quiz, which I am not able to, as payment option paypal is not acceptaed at your end, whic is the only payment option on the site. Thx for ITTO quiz issue. Further, can you pls guide, which is better simulator — PM Prepcast or simulator from Master of Project academy?

Hi Aditya, Prepcast is a much better solution — it has all the features that a simulator should have. Master of Project does not even have a proper demo and they are not an REP. First of all, good listing of resources. I will like to visit here more often. You compiled very good listing of these PMP Simulators. Paid Tests Available?

Buy paid tests. Click to read the comparative review of paid tests. Buy their PMP Simulator. Calculators and scratch paper are provided at the testing facility. Which of the following statements will be correct?

Then, adding the late finish and the late start in the backward path for each activity in blue color, and calculate the total float for each activity as shown in the chart. Activity G has total float equals to 6, which is the highest value, so, the right answer is option 1.

John is appointed as a project manager for Xenon project to create an auto traffic violation system in Yuro city. Currently, he started to gather the project requirements. John is going to meet many people and review many documents to get the required information.

All of our online tests feature instant scoring along with detailed explanations. Choose a Free phone number online to receive sms practice exam from the list below and start your exam prep now! In order to become a certified PMP, you will need to meet 6rh education and experience requirements, and pass the PMP exam. Additional information regarding the eligibility requirements can be found in the PMP Handbook. The PMP certification exam consists of multiple choice questions. It free pmp practice exam 6th edition typically a computer-based free pmp practice exam 6th edition, and you can take it at any Prometric CBT site. A paper-based version of the test is available in limited circumstances. Calculators and scratch paper are provided at the testing facility. The exam ezam administered by the Project Management Institute. The average successful candidate spends free pmp practice exam 6th edition editioj hours on test prep. Start your test prep right now with our free PMP practice exam. free pmp practice exam 6th edition Practice top free PMP exam questions of Q based on PMBOK Gude 6th edition: sample questions, online mock tests, exam simulators, downloadable pdf​. Simplilearn's free PMP mock exam 6th edition is a great way to evaluate your skills on the latest project management practices. This PMP exam contains free. In this blog, I have published free PMP exam questions. These questions are aligned with the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition and are a good. In my experience along the way, I've found one thing that unites them all: They all want to practice with free PMP Exam sample questions. In an effort to help, I have​. The questions are fully updated for the PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition. Choose a PMP practice exam from the list below and start your exam prep now! Thousands of free mock test sample questions to get prepared for the PMP NEW questions - all sample questions aligned to PMBOK Guide 6th Edition***. Free 60+ PMP Exam Questions, Free Download PMP Practice Questions Our Latest updated notes and Practice Test as per PMBOK Guide 6th edition are. PMP free practice test - a sampling of the type of questions you can expect to see on the new, PMBOK 6th Edition, Project Manager Professional (PMP) exam. An updated list of FREE PMP mock exam questions / simulators which are for the NEW PMP® Exam (based on PMBOK® Guide 6th edition). I do not have any control over their content. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. The PDF version has questions. Edwel Programs has been helping project professionals to excel in their careers since Please help. I would say all that personal best advice people usually give is provided here. Thank you Nithya. Because he is working in a matrix organisation he can expect communications to be Complex Simple Effective Efficient. Though the cost of this simulator is We sent links to your email! You need a tool to control the schedule that plots the relationship between the ideal remaining work, actual remaining work, and the forecast remaining work. free pmp practice exam 6th edition