free red riding hood cape pattern

free red riding hood cape pattern

Fold the trim in half with wrong sides together and baste the raw edges of the trim to the right side of the hood. Slide your hood lining on top with right sides together and sew together along the front opening the fur will be in-between our 2 layers. Turn right side out. With right sides together baste the hood to the neckline you should have some extra cape where the pieces will overlap. Baste fur trim to the sides and bottom of the cape on the right side of the cape.

The simple magic of the Cape is its simplicity; slip it on for warmth getting to and fro, and watch them transform into whomever their heart desires. Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a village near the forest. Whenever she went out, the little girl wore a red riding cape Easy to make and easy to wear, it indulges kids' fairytale-esque ways. Little Red Riding Hood ……….

You are so creative! SO cute and so fun. You are sooo talented Ashley!! Your kids are so lucky! You are the only person who has ever made me wish that I could sew. Oh my heck, she is darling! Here is my Little Red Riding Hood from last year. She loved it and still wears the hood on a regular basis :. I totally suggested this one and am just finishing up my costumes! Drat wish I would have waited cause mine are very very basic!

I love this costume because I was little red riding hood several times as a little girl. I just loved that costume.

Thanks for bringing the memory back! I love the full skirt. Super fun! This is so darling!!! We did the lace corset and fluffy pettiskirt too but everything was red velvet with pink satin inserts.

I also did an old fashioned chemise with puffy gathered sleeves. We just moved and an entire case of my sewing stuff is MIA : my son was going to be the wolf but he was too sick to trick or treat, poor kid crashed on grandmas couch instead. This makes me SO happy! I love to do themes with my 2 as well and did your Tinkerbell and Peter Pan last year.

They are both going to be pirates this year as my husband is building a ship to go over our wagon, but my daughter has been telling me the last few days that next year she wants to be Little Red Riding Hood and her brother could be the wolf. I am SO excited that you did all of the work for me…it was so much harder this year creating their costumes without your patterns :.

Love the little red ridding costume!! I look forward to seeing what you come up with each year! I have created so many things from your website—You are truly blessed with such a creative talent— Thanks for sharing it with rest of us.

Home made costume, that is awesome. So sweet! This is really adorable! I have just completed a Cinderella dress from your previously published tutorial for my daughter. The tutorial was truly excellent and straight forward to follow. Needless to say she loves the dress so much, she would sleep in it if she could. Amazing, as always. It must be a struggle you deal with constantly. I love your tutorials. I shared them with my high school sewing class and the girls were thrilled to have so many fun ideas.

They were inspired to make great projects of their own. Thanks for sharing your talents! Say, would you make ME a hooded cape? Cat D. Hi Cat! If you are using velvet be sure to finish all your edges — but I am sure it would be beautiful. To make the hood have some body to it you may consider lining it felt to hold up against the heavy velvet you may want to line it twice — and sandwich the felt between the velvet and satin for a nicer look.

Good luck! But I have made this pattern multiple times with that amount of fabric. Im in love with your website! Would you believe I made two capes for my boys this afternoon. It only took me one and three quarters of an hour. Two Jedis were born. Thank you very much. Perhaps you can tell me which step you are have trouble understanding? I cant wait to get this made, will post pics when costume is completely done. Thank you so much for the tutorial.

I am so glad I found this on Pinterest. I am looking forward to checking out your website to make the kids hats for my little ones. Thanks again. Thanks for fixing the link! Super excited to try this! Do you have an actual child size pattern, or just the Large? My baby is 7 months old, so it needs to be pretty small.

Thanks so much! I am a first time sewer, and I love the pattern, but the explanation on the hood assembly with liner is very unclear and the video does not ever actually show clearly how to pin it together. The typed out instructions are very unclear as well, please help!!!!! Hi Lila, For the hood exterior you are going to sew the two pieces of the hood together as shown on step two The first pattern piece shown with right sides together.

You are going to do the same thing with the two pieces of the lining hood. You should now have two hoods. Next take the hood exterior, and the lining, place them right sides together, pin together along the yellow line shown on the 2nd pattern piece in step two. Sew the two hoods together they should be inside out seams facing you along the yellow line from one end to the other of the hood front. Then turn the hood right side out. It this is still unclear — I recommend calling or asking a friend with more sewing experience who can physically show you what I am talking about.

I am confused with the amount of fabric. Also, does this cover both the cape and lining? So, if I wanted to line it with a contrasting fabric, would I split this amount in half? If you are trying to fully line the cape you will need to double the fabric — only the hood is lined.

For a child version you will need 1. I need the child large size but when I click on it to print the pattern, only the child size shows up.

Also I was wondering why you would need the same amount of fabric for every size and style cape? I was wondering how wide the fabric has to be? It if for my 7 year old, so I will be making a child size. Any advice? Hi Joanne, The pattern is based on wide fabric 58 inches — the child pattern is smaller and will work with a smaller width — but not much smaller.

The fabric needs to be at least 49 inches wide for a child large and 41 for a child. So it depends on the width of fabric you can find the faux fur in — as it can vary. I am very confused by the part where you sew the hoods together for a lined hood.

My daughter 19 and I made the cape on Friday night. Neither of us have any great sewing ability. Nonetheless, it turned out great! Directions were easy to follow. Probably took me almost as long to assemble the pattern as it did to actually sew it.

You are a genius! It is beautiful! She is so pleased with it, as am I! Your pattern was really easy to work with especially the tutorial — not bad for a first project! Tracy x. Tracy How wonderful — I would love to see a picture of your project! I would love to show you my lovely cape! Since we use meters instead of yards, I tried to translate it into meters by using the internet. Great pattern! I wish it was longer — I used the max size but it still only goes to my waist.

One question I have though — any trick to making the shoulders not so boxy? In the picture the cape lays and forms to the shoulders, but on my cape the shoulders create a point and kind of look like it has shoulder pads. Thanks again for a wonderful pattern! Hi Mandi, If you email me a picture of the should seam meeting the side seam I might be able to offer some suggestions. But so happy that for the most part you had success! We are having difficult economic times right now — I already had the fabric, but no money for a printed pattern.

It is my tradition to make something for a costume for my kids every year, and I will be able to do it again, thanks to this pattern!

Thank you for the pattern! I LOVE the hood! OK, now fold your hood right side out. Does it look like a hood? You got it! See the seam below. That is the seam that you have just sewn. Just imagine it isn't attached to the cape yet. Next, take your cape fabric and hem along the edges shown below. It really helps to iron these hems before sewing. Almost done! Just sew a basting stitch at the top of that cape.

Now you can gather your fabric and attach it to the hood that you have already made. Let's revisit the last picture that I just showed you to explain this a bit better. I used a zig zag stitch to attach the hood. This will help prevent fraying. Last but not least, sew on your clasp or ribbons so that the cloak will stay put.

You're done!! Happy Halloween!!!!!!!! Sisters Meg and Steph discovered that while living the life of poor, newlywed, college students, with fresh little babies in the middle of The Great Recession they could still have what they needed and wanted if they got to work and created things with their own hands. I felt like a Little Red Riding Hood costume gave me the freedom to make any dress I wanted really, there are so many different variations of Little red, ones that wear red dresses, ones that wear black corsets, ones that wear grey dresses So really she just needs a dress and a red hooded cape.

I chose to do a gingham with some eyelet trim and I love love how it turned out. Then I made her cape. It is red of course on the outside and I lined with a vintage looking fabric that is cream colored with little red flowers. And finished it off with a little toggle to keep it on. More details on how I made the cape are at the end of this post! And to finish off her costume, I picked up a basket at Hobby Lobby for Little Red to carry all her goodies for Granny or her candy for trick-or-treating.

And Little Red Riding Hood is ready to head off into the forest alone to take some goodies to her poor sick Granny OK wait, who sends their kid off into a forest alone where she could get eaten by a wolf?!

Alright, one more photo of my adorable Little Red and I will get on to the cape tutorial! Fabric for the outside of the cape, red if you are making little red but this cape could be used for lots of costumes Like a vampire, Harry Potter, you could even modify it a bit to make a Frozen Anna cape. If you are looking for a handmade Halloween idea, this one is for you! I created the design using Bernat Super Value yarn in Berry and you only need two skeins!

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I am new at sewing I know this is 2 years too late but this instruction confused me for ages too. Forget about cutting a 'second circle' free red riding hood cape pattern you have already cut it! But thanks so much to the author of this really helpful tutorial. I followed it last night and my daughter is now at school dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. She looks great. This free red riding hood cape pattern adorable. Thanks for sharing, this is just what I pxttern looking for. Thank you! Fifa 16 download pc free full version know free red riding hood cape pattern posted this last Halloween but I found it while searching pinterest this patern. Your directions were simple to follow, and it was very easy to put together. Thank you so much for this! Love the cape, fre daughter looks so cute in it! So clean and simple, but the toggle really finishes it off nicely. Beautiful photo shoot too, that wooded path is perfect :. free red riding hood cape pattern Oct 23, - This red riding hood cape pattern comes together quickly and comes in child and adult sizes. An easy sew, this free sewing pattern is perfect for​. I felt like a Little Red Riding Hood costume gave me the freedom to make I think we will be sticking to supervised trick-or-treating in a wolf free. Sew up a little red riding hood cape! Instructions in Issue 6 of Love sewing and the free pattern downloads are available here! This month's tutorials include this​. Use the Red Riding Hood Cape Tutorial to create your own version of the famous garment. Keep in all the warmth and wear this adorable cape as a Halloween. Keep scrolling for step by step instructions with pictures. Or, watch our VIDEO TUTORIAL below. Oct 6, - This red riding hood cape pattern comes together quickly and comes in child and adult sizes. An easy sew, this free sewing pattern is perfect for​. F.A.Q. · Twig + Tale. GET UPDATED. Sign up to get news & a free pattern. Or my Blessing Dress tutorial. Both are good reference for making your own dress pattern. So because I have explained dress making previously. jan - This red riding hood cape pattern comes together quickly and comes in child and adult sizes. An easy sew, this free sewing pattern is perfect for​. Check Out this Free Little Red Riding Hood Costume Tutorial to Get Started! I have to admit that Anne didn't even know who that was but a quick trip to the library. Hello, Thank you for this pattern. Subject to that restriction, this Agreement will be binding on, inure to, and be enforceable against the parties and their respective successors and permitted assigns. Neither of us have any great sewing ability. Do you have any suggestions? Kind regards, Sophie. You know how to crochet a blanket when you can work up this beautiful Kaleidoscope Afghan in multiple crochet colors. Sam, There are two front pieces, one attaches to the cape back on the left and the other on the right. You are going to do the same thing with the two pieces of the lining hood. Can't wait to get started. It this is still unclear — I recommend calling or asking a friend with more sewing experience who can physically show you what I am talking about. Remember Me. Everyone loves it and asks where I bought it! The same guidelines apply to your captions and notes. I just wanted to post a note to say thanks for such a fun, easy, and quick pattern. free red riding hood cape pattern