free sms by internet to mobile phone

free sms by internet to mobile phone

You only have to enter the remaining phone numbers in the correct format. If you have come so far, the next step should be really simple. Just click on "Send". Depending on the traffic on our site, we will take 10 to 30 seconds to send your text to its final destination, ofcourse for free! Our distributed backend and global infrastructure allows us to send a high volume of internation texts and SMS to all mobile carriers around the world.

Why pay when you can send a text for free? But I just tried it and a message came back that the provider did not accept my brief message. I'm guess it thinks its some type of spam or advertisement. How do we get through this?

Thanks and good luck! OK this is from the original poster. The message above was sent to my girlfriend simply asking her to bring some soda home. After sending the msg, a notification came here saying that the provider refused the message as stated above , However, when she returned home a few minutes ago, she said she did receive my text.

So it does work!!! Brooklynn 12 days ago Reply. Alaina 12 days ago Reply. Only worked for me if I had the replies come to my email. Kinda slow.

But It gets messages through. It worked. Kaidenpabon 14 days ago Reply. Someone 14 days ago Reply. How are we suppost to see if our friends are texting is and we swiped the app off from storage?

Matthew 14 days ago Reply. Hi my friend was able to send himself a test message and it worked fine. For Australia you can only select carriers of Telstra or Optus so what if the person is on Vodaphone then I guess you can't send a message. Hi I just sent the link to my friend and he sent himself a test message and he was able to receive it so that was good.

Czech dev 19 days ago Reply. Your recipient's provider rejected the message. That's all we know. I think I'll have to make my own application with python selenium on each existing sms gate. But still thanks that you've tried, it must be a hard work to check if the operators have changed their pages etc. Mary Glenn 21 days ago Reply. I think its great easy no forms to fill out just put the number your text and send so it's the best I've used so far..

Tharindu 23 days ago Reply. Don't work and i'm in Sri Lanka. Telco is Dialog. Ali hall 23 days ago Reply. This is a good app only thing the prom is it takes to long to send but it's a fine app good job whoever made the app. It should come into the phone number entered in the box. It worked for me earlier, it didnt work just now, it may just be that their servers are having trouble because of all the traffic due of corona.

Nickss 24 days ago Reply. Don't work and i'm in the UK. Raf 24 days ago Reply. I'm impressed. Thanks guys. TheBird 25 days ago Reply. Bryan 25 days ago Reply.

This only sends messages when it wants too. It only works 25 percent of the time. Katie 26 days ago Reply. Kir 25 days ago Reply. Billy B Brown 8 days ago Reply. You reap what you sow, mate. I haven't gotten a reply to help me with my issue. I cannot access a past coversation. What do I do??? Kir 26 days ago Reply. If you did not save the conversation, I am afraid it is gone. This is not a phone this is a website. You need to click "Save conversation".

A Person 26 days ago Reply. Why can I not access a past message. Did you save the conversation? With the advent of messaging apps and services such as WhatsApp and Viber, one would have thought that SMS and texting will die soon. Contrary to common belief a few years ago, texting is still alive and growing. We wanted to build a product that enabled free texting between friends and family and with FoxText, we believe we have created world's best free texting app.

Send a text now and see for yourself. Our terms of use limit business or mass use of FoxText to send free text messages. If you are a business owner or a marketing company and looking to send hundreds or thousands of texts to your customer, please do NOT use FoxText. FoxText is designed for people to send important personal messages to their friends and family for free.

FoxText lets you send text messages to any mobile phone number around the world. The recipients of the text messages, is it free for them? Regular rates apply, please check with the recipients before sending a text message to them. If the carrier does not support responses to TextEm, you can set up email replies instead. More than carriers from the United States and Canada are supported.

If you need to send a message to a number outside North America, it is not the service for you. TextEm does not support bulk messaging; you cannot send the same message to several numbers at the same time. Once you do make an account, you can generate a phonebook of contacts, add profile pictures, and receive replies to your messages in your personal inbox. SendSMSnow also supports group messaging, though it is not free. For every message you send, you will be charged one cent for every user in the group.

In theory, the service works with cell phone numbers worldwide. We have no way to verify the claims, but you can reasonably expect most North American and Europe carriers to be supported. Txt2Day lets you send free text messages online with no registration. Because you do not need to create an account to send messages, there is no way to receive replies on the site.

As such, the service is unsuitable for back-and-forth conversations. OpenTextingOnline is a texting website that lets you send free SMS messages online without creating an account.

Text messaging usually occurs between two cellphones, but SMS messages can also be sent via the Internet. Though there are paid services available online, free text messaging sites and personal email accounts allow you to send SMS messages to mobile phones free. Enter the required information, such as your email address, country, recipient's phone carrier or subject line.

OpenTextingOnline invites you to send free wms messages online. That's right, you can text from your computer to mobile phones using our app. Unlike other free SMS services we offer true reliability and international reach! No registration, no hassles. The only thing you need is an internet connection. Love free texting? Enjoy the web app that works! Remember, comments are public. If you want to send us a private message, please use contact form. Simple commenting rules. Free sms by internet to mobile phone text OpenTextingOnline invites you to send free text messages online. Receive replies right here. Send Text. If you are satisfied free sms by internet to mobile phone our text meassaging service, please spread the free sms by internet to mobile phone. Tips If you sent MMS attached image, video, audio and sm message did not reach the destination, try to send plain comment cr?er une 2?me adresse mail free message instead. For all who are testing the app, don't use words "test" or "testing" - some mobile providers can reject it. Text something meaningful! If you presented with an option to choose free sms by internet to mobile phone recipient's mobile service provider, please select it. SMS delivery is going to be faster and almost guaranteed. If you specified return email and your text message did not reach the destination, try send it again without the reply option. In some cases it can take some time for a text message to be delivered. Some mobile operators may charge the recipient small fees for receiving text messages. Privacy and security If you're worried about privacy, don't. free sms by internet to mobile phone If you wish to receive replies to your. Wait for reply. Rinse and repeat. Send & receive free text messages and SMS to mobile phones from your computer All you need to use SENDaTEXT is a standard web browser and internet. Now send text messages (SMS) without worrying about constantly rising phone bills. In fact, now you can send local, national and international free text. allows you to send free text messages to any mobile phone almost If you are interested in professional text messages go to the web site of Agile. 7 Sites to Send Free Text Messages to Cell Phones (SMS). Dan Price July 16, Updated July 16, Send free text messages and SMS to mobile phones using internet while you are online. No registration or download needed. Completely Free. Message: Note: Wireless carriers may charge fees for receiving messages. Regular text message rates apply. The world best and fastest texting site on the Internet! Send SMS anyone worldwide FREE with International SMS Text Messaging by Mobile Number: close. Mary Glenn 1 month ago Reply. I Agree to the Terms of Service. Absolutely no payment is required. Free text OpenTextingOnline invites you to send free text messages online. Please relaod the the page and try again. I want to chat my friend from Brazil so. I like it but it takes forever for me to get the text message I checked my internet and I have good internet I live in USA. We ask that you support our goal by joining and recharging your account. What country? Along with blogging, he loves to do poetry in free time. Is possible send one sms to the many phone number at the same time? I think its great easy no forms to fill out just put the number your text and send so it's the best I've used so far.. Matthew 14 days ago Reply. Billy B Brown 8 days ago Reply. Halie 31 day ago Reply. free sms by internet to mobile phone