free solar energy fan with mirror glass pdf

free solar energy fan with mirror glass pdf

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Not Accessible Your account may give you access. Efficiency of Drude mirror-type selective transparent filters for solar thermal conversion Sadafumi Yoshida Appl. Heat mirrors for greenhouses Kevin H. Transparent heat mirrors: influence of the materials on the optical characteristics J.

More Recommended Articles. Spectrally selective reflector surfaces for heat reduction in concentrator solar cells: modeling and applications of TiO 2 :Nb-based thin films Christopher M. The company located in centre of Shandong, the famous glass production place, concentrated with full quality glass resources of clear float, low iron float, tinted glass, reflected glass, Low-E glass, patterned glass and solar glass, etc.

We are good at developing and manufacturing energy saving glass, unique curtain glass, solar module glass, solar thermal glass, BIPV glass and solar collector glass, AR coated glass,glass-ceramic etc. A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.

Q: What is your terms of payment? View larger image. Hot sale in. Customized logo Min. Order: Square Meters. Customized packaging Min. Order: Square Meters More. This substantially enhances the overall reflection of near-ultraviolet radiation from the mirror.

The interference layer may be made of several materials, depending on the desired refractive index, such as titanium dioxide. The intensity of solar thermal energy from solar radiation at the surface of the earth is about 1 kilowatt per square metre 0.

This is useful for space heating and heating water. For higher temperature applications, such as cooking , or supplying a heat engine or turbine - electrical generator , this energy must be concentrated. Solar thermal systems have been constructed to produce concentrated solar power CSP , for generating electricity. Photovoltaic cells PV which can convert solar radiation directly into electricity are quite expensive per unit area.

Some types of PV cell, e. Similarly, higher efficiency multijunction cells also improve in performance with high concentration. To date no large scale testing has been performed on this concept.

Presumably this is because the increased cost of the reflectors and cooling generally is not economically justified. Theoretically, for space-based solar power satellite designs, solar mirrors could reduce PV cell costs and launch costs since they are expected to be both lighter and cheaper than equivalent large areas of PV cells. Several options were studied by Boeing corporation. GEO Harris Wheel", the authors describe a system of solar mirrors used to augment the power of some nearby solar collectors, from which the power is then transmitted to receiver stations on earth.

Another advanced space concept proposal is the notion of Space Reflectors which reflect sunlight on to small spots on the night side of the Earth to provide night time illumination. An early proponent of this concept was Dr. A preliminary series of experiments called Znamya "Banner" was performed by Russia, using solar sail prototypes that had been repurposed as mirrors.

Znamya-1 was a ground test. Znamya-2 was launched aboard the Progress M resupply mission to the Mir space station on 27 October After undocked from Mir, the Progress deployed the reflector. The next flight Znamya From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We took a battery holder 2 AA batteries and wired it into a 1. Now that we had it outputting 12V we hooked it into the fan.

Finally and this is what makes it "green" , we hooked a PV cell into the circuit so that it would charge the batteries. We knew how much energy air conditioning takes up, so we thought this would be a good way to get people to use less of it.

We're done rambling for now. The project is actually starting. Here are the tools you are going to need to build this NOTE- Components are on the next step Also, you can download the checklist, it's the open office file. It would probably suffice just to read it, but if you had any questions you'd want to check out the stuff below. Trust me, the wire strippers are way faster!

Once you have all of that it's on to the components! These are relatively easy to find. The checklist for these is on the tools page. You could use that, or just read the info below. These can all be easily ordered from Digikey or bought from RadioShack. The only thing we had trouble with was the PV cell, which we took from a solar lawn light.

See Step 4 for the details on getting this. A Project Box - Once again, any size. Probably something you could fit the fan on top of. More threaded! Solid breaks a lot! What we ended up doing was biking not driving!

So here's how we got the parts we needed. Get the light. They sell these at most hardware stores. Take it out from the box.

The parts you're looking for are the PV Solar Cell and any rechargeable batteries that are in there. Try doing most of it by hand. That way you probably won't damage the parts. The picture below is of us doing it If it comes to that, oh well. Any way will work! The battery should probably just pop out. You can desolder the Solar Cell, or just cut the wires.

Either way. So now you have all the parts you need. Now before you run off and start soldering everything together, you should print out your schematic. I would suggest keeping it with you while you solder. The problem with this is that the schematic is rather confusing. The schematic that I used is the one from the LT datasheet 2nd picture. If you just printed that out, you would be in trouble though. The spots where the schematic tells you to connect don't exist on the actual chip.

It tells you where the connections that are named in the second diagram are located on the chip. The third and final picture shows you how to put your entire circuit together. It's pretty straight forward.

Here's the final step before you get to the actual construction. Also, I'm putting in a summary so you don't have to read the entire thing if you don't want to. Summary: Wire a 10 Ohm resistor into the circuit, right out of the battery pack. We want two batteries to power this so that it will last longer.

The problem is that we are using rechargeable batteries, which output 1. This is a problem because it means that we can't use the 3V to 12V converter. We have to use one lower.

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