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Hello Stu, I have a GL with just over 28, miles on it. I recently took it in to a Honda dealership to have the right switch cluster replaced kill switch, cruise control and so on. It seems to increase and decrease with engine RPM. One other thing: when we returned home I was looking over the basic stuff. OK, really I was just taking a stab in the dark. But after checking the battery I started and revved the engine some and holding the higher RPM as I listened for the buzzing, which was still there.

This is when I noticed that the engine would not hold a steady throttle. It surged like this for as long as I held the throttle open some.

Also, I could hear a click each time just before the RPM would drop. I plan to call the dealership this week and return there when I get off work this coming weekend to get this problem s corrected. Stu, I need some help with a problem. I have talked to several people about this issue to no avail. My Goldwing started skipping a few weeks ago. What or how should the ECM be reset and can you give me any answers to why the skip would return?

I talked with the Honda dealer and he said he would reset the ECM with his computer. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

It can be turned down on the dash, though. Also, if you are listening to a CD actually a bike MP3 player , you can change tracks up but not down, and on radio you can tune up but not down.

Is there a quick disconnect type plug same as a battery tender available which would have the same gauge wires? I also applied dielectric grease to the ends of the wires before putting them in the butt connectors, then I applied liquid black electrical tape to everything.

What now? Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do? Your reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Recently, I began to notice a slight engine knock at idle. It goes away as the RPM increases and I do not hear it when riding. Not sure if it needs attention, like valve adjustment, so I am hopeful you have a suggestion. Since I may not have described the noise correctly, I have included a. Can you shed Navigation built in. I have no Version 4. How can I verify whether I can get newer updates or not?

I tried my local Honda dealer, but no one knew anything about it. Thanks for all you do to help us Goldwingers! I removed the part attached to pedal and the brake pedal went all the way down, and I have not had a problem with air in the lines. Stu, I have a GL with 75, miles on it.

If you have no center stand, have someone hold the motorcycle level on level ground. Assuming the engine is cold, the oil level should appear at the full mark in the sight glass or on the dipstick.

Remove the dipstick, wipe it off with a shop towel and stick it in the dipstick hole — but do not screw it in. Remove it and check the oil level. If the engine is cold, the level should be at the full mark. If the engine is warm, the level might be between the half and full mark.

This is normal, because a warm or hot engine may not have had enough time to allow the oil to drain down into the crankcase. For Canadian riders, use Honda 4-stroke oil or an equivalent.

The use of special oil additives is unnecessary and will only increase operating expenses. Engine oil is a major factor affecting the performance and service life of the engine. Non-detergent, vegetable or castor based racing oils are not recommended. Check for engine oil leaks at gaskets, housings and seals. If the leaks seem excessive, replace the faulty gaskets or seals. Your Gold Wing engine is designed to use any gasoline that has a pump octane number 86 or higher.

Gasoline pumps at service stations normally display the pump octane number. Honda recommends that you use unleaded fuel because it produces fewer engine and spark plug deposits and extends the life of exhaust system components.

Avoid getting dirt or water in the fuel tank. Use of too high of an octane gasoline can increase operating costs and cause you to get poor performance and poor fuel economy, contrary to popular belief.

Replace the faulty components. Also, check the color of the oil. It should look and feel like honey. Remove the drain plug and allow at least half an hour for the oil to drain. Before you even think about topping off your brake master cylinder reservoirs, check the thickness of your brake pads. If the pads are worn beyond their wear marks, replace them. The level should appear between the half and full mark. If you check it when the engine is hot, you might not get an accurate reading.

If you can smell coolant after your engine warms up, but see no signs of leakage, there is a coolant leak somewhere. The most common of these hidden leaks appear at the upper radiator hoses and the carburetor heat riser hose connections.

Often, the best way to learn is from the mistakes or successes of others. Most, if not all, experienced riders that participated in a beginner riding course have taken the time to speak to an instructor later on. Luck can bring a false sense of security. Incorrectly packing the trailer caused it to violently sway at interstate speeds which pulled the bike down.

The rider could not bear the pain he caused his spouse and gave up riding. So what do you get out of safety training related to your motorcycle? Even when we take the same class every few years, we get the sense that we learn something new each time often due to relearning something we forgot!

Co-rider training can help recognize and manage risks to the team on the bike and to the group. If everything is full, take away another excuse by planning ahead for next season. Make the time and schedule a class. Work with your Rider Educator to get a group together; often a large enough group can have a special class that can be scheduled when the group so desires.

We We overnighted ove r n ig h te d in i n Murphy, M u r p hy, N. I topped topped off of f the the pressure t i r e with w i t h the t he recommended r ecom m e n d ed pressure pr essur e tire and as a s we approached appr oached the the community co m m u n i t y and of FFranklin, r a n k lin , N.

We We pulled p u l l e d into i n to a small s mall just ga s station s t ation and and I soon soon discovered discover ed I had had gas picked up up a very ver y small small nail, nail, embedded e mbedded picked jus t o f f ccenterline, enter line , left lef t side. Well, Well, being b e i ng just off in a strange s tr ange town, town , not not knowing k nowing anyone, a ny o n e , in asked one one of of the the very ver y nice nice local local people people I asked her e was wa s a motorcycle motor c ycle shop shop in in town.

Well, Well, to to m ake a long long story s tor y short, shor t , we found ffo ound the the make m otorcycle shop shop just jus t around around the the corner cor ner motorcycle ffrom rom tthe he tire tir e shop, shop, and and after afftter explaining e x p la i n i ng o ur pr oblem, the the owner owner dropped dropped what whatt our problem, hhee w a s doing, doing, and and went went to to work wor k putting p u t t i ng was a patch pattch in in the the tire.

Check Check iitt out, out, especially especially ifif you you are are riding riding two-up, two-up, p ulling a trailer trailer through through never never before before visited visited pulling ccountryside ountryside after afftter an an extensive exxttensive period period of of rain. Again, Again, N. Dave was a family friend who rode two-wheelers for 65 years.

The day before they rode through downtown New York City, missing tragedy by one day. Instincts told him to jam his feet down onto the pavement, which he did. The trike fender caught his heel and then the tire rolled over the top of his right leg. It nearly jerked him to the ground. It took me and another person several minutes to get him unpinned. These two gentlemen are merely examples. We had another person run into a pole in our parking lot. One rode into our building. MarkMonitor, Inc. OVH Name Server: dns.

Organization: Contact Privacy Inc. Customer Name Server: NS1. Domain cdn1. Domain live. Domain se. Domain www. Domain legoprod-f. European Union. Domain boutique. Domain magasins. Domain agence. United States. Domain autorite. Domain crl. Domain formulaire. Domain politique. The p e rm a n e nt academic r ecord of the s tu d e nt's progress will show that h e was place d on Final Academic Warning; and h e must earn a t l eas t a 2.

Any student who with draws from the University while on Final Academic W a rning must petition and secure approval of the Academic Standards Committee to r e -ent e r the Univer sity The Academic Standards Committee meets regularly to r ev iew petitions submitted by students to waive certain academic regulations Students must petition and secure approval of the Committee to r eturn to th e University after having been disqualified from further immediate attendance or for reasons per taining to admission, registration or other academic polici es and procedures.

Whenever a student falls into one of the above categories he will be plac e d on Academic Warning. All students on Academic Warning who do not rais e the ir cumulative Grade Point Ratio to a level of good standing, as indicated above, within the term enrolled after being plac e d on Academic Warning will be placed on Final Acad emic Warning B e low 2.

Whenever a student falls into the above category he will b e placed on Final Acad e mic Warning. A student on Final Academic Warning must ea rn at l eas t a 2. F a ilur e to do so will disqualify the student from continued attendance at the University of South Flori da. If a student withdraws while on Final Acad e mic Warning, he must petition and secure approv. Wheneve r a student falls into the above category h e will be automatically di sq ual ifi ed. A stugent who fails to have a 2.

A disqualified student must petition and secure approval of the Academic Standards Committee before readmission. This rule overrides all others.

Normally, one full quarter must pass before such a petition will be considered. However, rea dmission should not be considered automatic.

In rar e and exce ptional cases a disqualifi e d student may petition the Academic Standards Committee for ea rlier r ea dmission when it can be clearly demonstrated that circumstances beyond the student's control accounted for his academic probl ems.

Any student who is readmitted to the University following Disqualification will be placed immediately on a Final Academic Warning status. This does not apply to a student who has r e ceived a degree in a college parall e l program from a Florida state junior college. A disqualified student seeking to gain r ea dmission must apply to the Academic Standards Committee through the Office of the Registrar.

When a student is on Pending, he may not be allowed to register, grad uat e, nor request a transcript. Settlement of financial accounts must be made at th e University Cashier's Office. He will work closely with other Univer sity officials and faculty advisers in these matters. ADDS After a student has completed his registration on the date assigned to him, he may add courses without a fee during the time designated as the "change period" a t regis tration.

The adding of courses after the "change period" is not permitted. AUDITS If a student wishes to audit a course he must obtain written permission from the instiuctor of the course and section in which he wishes to enroll.

Audit forms must b e obtained from the Registrar's Office and completed prior to registration. The student must also contact and consult with the instructor concerning just what is expected of an audit in his class. If permission is granted, the audit forms must be presented to the Registration Approval Clerk after a regular class and section card has been obtained.

This will insure the student a place in the class eve n though no credit will be given. The student must pay the regular registration fee for audit courses. These forms if mailed, must be postmarked before midnight of the day before classes start or delivered to the Registrar's Office in person by the same deadline.

After that date grades of "F" will auto matically be assigned for all course work. Following a second withdrawal from the University within four consecutive qua1ters, there will b e posted on the stude nt's r eco rd disqu alified-two withdrawals.

CLASS STANDING A student's class is determined b y the number of credits he has earne d without relation to his grade point ratio: 0 Non-degree h o lder and non baccalaureat e d e gree seeker 1 Freshman 0 through 44 quarter hours pa sse d 2 Sophomore 45 through 89 quarter hour s pass e d 3 Junior 90 through quarter hours pass e d 4 Senior or mor e qua1t e r hours pass e d h oweve r no ba cca-laureat e degree earned here o r else wh e r e 5 Baccalaureat e degree hold e r working on a second unde rgraduat e m ajor or taking cours es for e nrichm e nt or certification.

A student with 81 hours and a ratio o f 2 0 o r b ette r may b e admitted with special p e rmission of the dean of th e colle g e involved Qualifi e d students will be identified and referred to an upper l e v e l program b y a m e mb e r of the College of Basic Studies advising cmps. Stude nts transfe rring into uppe r level college programs from other institu tions must meet the same standards and require m e nts as thos e whose first two vears were tak e n at the University of South Florida.

All students must complete l eas t the last 45 hours of the ir undergraduate credit in o n-campus courses or in one of the approved exchange programs aft e r having been accepted to an uppe r lev e l program to qual ify for a Uni versity of South Florida degr ee. In that e vent the student shou l d mee t all r equire m e nts of each major separat ely. He must apply independe ntl y and be ass ign e d an adviser in eac h discipline.

He must b e certified for graduation by the appropriate dean or d i visional di rector for eac h major. Graduation Requirements While eac h college sets specific requirements for graduation, the general University requir e m e nts must b e m e t b y eve r y student upon whom a degree is conferred. These general requirements specify that a student must attempt and pass at l eas t 1 8 0 quarter hours of credit plus phys ical education r equirements with at l eas t a "C" average for all University of South Florida courses attempted in order t o be e ligibl e for graduation.

The hours for a course which has been r e peat e d may be counted only once toward this minimum quarte r hours o f credit. At l eas t 60 of his quarte r hours must be for upper division l eve l work co urs es numbere d or above. In addition to specific requir e m e nts of their major and of th e college in which th ey are e nroll e d, candidates for graduation must a l so pass the s enior seminar offered by th e College of Basic Studi es, and b e recommended for graduation by th e dean of the ir college.

All students must complete at l eas t the last 45 hours of the ir undergrad u a t e cre dit in on-campus co urs es after having been admitted to an upper l e vel co l l ege to qualify for a University of South Florida baccalaureate degree. Also Cooperative Education students, while on the ir training periods will have any work tak e n at other institutions approval having bee n given by USF advisers and other appropriate personn e l counted as r es id ence work.

If changes are made in major or graduation r equirements during the time a student is enrolled in the Universitv, th e student has the choice of graduating unde r either th e old or the n e w require ments Whil e every e ffort will be made to give each student appropriate advice in meetin g major and graduation require m e nts, the final responsibility for meeting thes e r e sts with the student.

H e should study th e catalog care fullv and seek advice whe n in doubt. In anv case, h e should check with his, d ean or divisional office when h e has reacl e d qua1ier hours to make sure that his program plans are complete.

Specific r equire m e nts of the severa l colleges are list e d unde r their re spective sections. How e v e r he may apply for a second major.

Aft e r acceptance by the appropriate college o r division and proof of compl e tion his perman ent academic r ecord" will be post e d accordingiy.

A student applying for a second major must do so within the same deadlin e set for applying for a degree. In addition to the above, tran s f e r students must have a grade point ratio when combined with previously attempted college work of 3. Availability of Courses and Programs The Univ e rsity do es not commit its elf to off e r all of the courses programs and maj ors list e d in this cat a log unl ess the r e is sufficient demand to justify them.

Som e courses, for e xample, may b e off e r e d on ly in a lternate quarters or years or eve n l ess fr eque ntl y if the re is littl e dema nd. Some of the l ess popular majors ma y not b eco m e avai labl e until lat e r in the Universi t y's de velopm e nt. Stude nts wishing such m a jors may take what i s offer e d here and major in some clos e l y r e lated field or transfer to an institution which offers the d e sir e d program.

Exchange students a r e se lect e d in th e spring third quarte r prece din g th e ex c h a nge year. Students from F l o rid a College ha ve a s imilar transfe r a rran g e m ent. Costs for s tu d e nts unde r the s e dual e nrollm e nt plans are bas e d o n c r e d it h ou r s of work tak e n and payme nt i s made to th e appropriate ins titution in a ccordance with it s p e r-h our fee rate. Bachelor of Independent Studies Degree Program The Bach e l o r of Inde p endent S tudi es D eg ree Program i s des i g n e d e sp e c i ally for adult s twenty-five or ov e r who are unabl e to d e d icate a bloc k of tim e in r es id e n ce to complete a r egula r degree pro g ram Sec page for h1rth e r infor m a tion The Traveling Scholar Program The Unive r sity System of t h e Stat e of Florida h as a Trave lin g Sc h o l a r program w hi c h will e nabl e a gradu a t c student t o tak e advantage o f specia l r es ources ava ilabl e o n a n oth e r campus but not ava ilabl e o n his own campus: speci a l course offer in gs, r esea rch oppo rtuniti es, unique laborat ories, and libra1 y collecti ons.

For procedures and co nditi o ns, see th e sectio n on Gradu a t e Study. University of Florida Correspondence Courses B ecause the Un i v e rsit y of F l o r ida h as been designated as th e only institution in th e Stat e U niv e r s it y S ys t e m to oiler co rr e spondence courses, th e Un i v e r sity of Sout h F l ori d a will cons ider s u ch courses as r es id ent c r editwith th e gra d es n o t t ransf'erabl e.

The University assist s the student by submitting an Enrollm e nt Certificate a t the time h e is first e nroll e d and vearlv th e r e aft e r t o l ocal draft b oards for every full-tim e male undergraduate graduate studen t who has a selectiv e servic e numbe r o n file at the U niv e rsitv No t e: Undergraduat e students 1-imst e nroll for at l eas t 12 quarter h o urs to b e considered full-tim e. The S e lectiv e Serv i ce S ys t em requires the com pletion of 45 quarter hours e a c h academic year.

Bill b e n e ficiari es As of D ece mber 1 8, the b e n efic iari es were g r e atl y expanded t o includ e widows o f servicemen, and in som e cases p e rsons may rece i ve b e n e fits from more than one grant.

Peter sburg, Florida 3 1 even th ough they do not come unde r thi s Region Effectiv e D ecember 16 , in accordance with Section a 1 Chapter 3 6 Titl e 38, U. S Code, Stat e approval was e xt ended to cover th e accredited courses and programs l isted in th e Continuing Education Bull e tin Quarte r II, for the e nrollm e nt o f veterans and war o rph a ns Note: Full-tim e status for undergraduate students varies each quarte r Students should consu lt the cl ass schedule eac h quarte r for changes.

Graduate students must schedul e a minimum of 9 quarte r hours to main tain full-tim e status Co-op students must maintain full-tim e status while in classroom to avo id t e rmination of benefi t s Social Security The Social Security Admini s tration r equires the University to submit an enro llment ce1ticat e for students between th e age s of 1 8 and 22 receiving edu c a ti ona l b e nefits unde r the Socia l Security Act.

Students receivin g these b e n e fits mu s t b e and rem a in full-tim e students. Students must enroll for 12 quarte r hours t o receiv e full-tim e b e n e fits Inquiries r e l ating to Socia l Security b e n e fits shou l d b e addressed to th e stude nt's l ocal Social Securit y office.

Arrangements for the t es ts may be made through the Office of Evaluation Services. Succ ess ful completion of any of the tests means performance at or above the 50th p erce ntil e, sophomore norms. In this case, he n eeds to tak e CBS to compl e t e the physica l science sequence. The following restrictions will apply 1 A student may not receive both transfe r credit and CLEP credi t in the same area.

Normally, whatever occurred at the ea rli es t point in tim e is what should appear on the student's permanent r eco rd. Academic Advising At the University of South Florida, academic advising is the province of the teaching faculty It i s thus an ex t ensio n of the teaching function-a conscious concern for th e academic and educational questions tha t most students have about the importanc e of th e ir studi es, the prope r direction of their e ducational developm en t and the practical valu e s of the ir e ducational objective.

It is the responsibilit y of the College of Basic Studies to prov id e an ad vising program for students during thei r first two years of study. The new student should contact the Coordinator of Student Advising in the College of Basic Studies for an adviser assignment.

Fac ulty members participating in the program represent all of the colleges and divisions of the University and are chosen because of their interest and experience in curricular advising. The advising of students entering the upper level programs is the re sponsibility of the Colleges of Business Administration Education, Engi neering Liberal Arts and Nursing. The new upper level student should contact the Office of Student Advising in the appropriate division office of the College of Lib e ral Arts or the Student Advising offices in the other Col leges.

A student usually mee ts once each term with his adviser for purposes of program planning. However, he is encouraged to visit his adviser whenever h e feels in need of h e lp with academic or personal problems Although the adviser is essentially a resource person for assistance with academic and curricular matters, he can often refer the student to a source of specialized help when the problem is one with which he is not qualified to deal.

Although it is not necessary for a student to have a specific educational goal in mind at the time he enters the University, he should discuss with his adviser any general educational objective he might have at their first meet ing Som e courses of study r equire e nrollment in key courses during the first year if the student is not to lose tim e in his work toward a degree. Both engineering and the medical sciences are curricula which illustrate this point. Provisions are made to permit a change of adviser when it appears to be in the best int e r es ts of the student.

A change of educational objective is the most common r easo n for r eass ignm en t but r eassignment may b e made at any tim e the student or adviser beli eves a change is d es irable. While the University provides advising services to assist students with academic planning, th e r espo n si bility for seeing that all requir e ments are met rests with the student.

These are programs or activities which clearly are design e d to enhance the education of students but do so through means other than ortho dox courses and classes. Many of these do not even offer academic credit, although some may be means by which students do earn credits. Regardless of whether or not thes e activities count towa rd the definite graduation r equire ments, they can b e tremendously significant in the lives of students who participate in them. On e of the special programs within the academic area of the University is th e Cooperative Education Program whereby students may blend the theory of the classroom with ex perience in the outside world, the world of reality.

If the application is approved and presente d at registration th ey tak e the final exa mination near the end of the term. Those makin g C are still e ligible for waiv e r but without credit.

Those making D or low e r los e the waiver privil e g e and must tak e the course in class or us e th e c ourse as on e of the two authorized omissions. Students who have compl e t e d m o r e than two c oll e g e cours e s in the fie l d of study concerned may not e arn c r e dit by e xamination; however, the y may take the exam ination and s ecure a waiv e r by scoring a "C" or higher.

Not e : The regular "incomplete grade r e gulations and fee stiucture a pply to all cours e s scheduled through the cre dit by e xamination procedure. This contract spe cifi e s the require ments to be completed by th e stude nt including t e sts p e 1iodic class attendance, t e rm papers, etc.

If th e co urs e is iii th e Colle g e of Basic Studi e s approval for independent study may b e giv e n by the cours e c hairman. A copy of the contract is to be s ent to th e Coordinator of Independent Study. Not all cours e s in the Univ e rsity can b e t a k e n by independe nt study The r e sp e ctiv e colle g e s have jurisdiction in the d e t e rmination of which cours e s mav b e tak e n in this manner. The 1:egular grading s y stem applie s to all independent study students. For most students seriously involved in study this is ample.

For some students, how ever, an overload is the best way for them to gain maximal ly from the ir college education. Registration for mor e than 18 credits r e quires approval of the dean or di vision director of the student's college A first-qua1ter freshman is only rarely p e 1mitt e d to undertake more than 18 credits. Accel rys US Career s. Sen ior Tech n n ical Sup p ort Engin eer.

Dev elopment. The succe ssful candid ate will po s s sess a. Knowl edge of Wi n dows. Ser v er. Senior Te chnical Su pport Engi n eer will p rovide adv a nced tech nical suppo rt via telep hone, ema il and. Thi s new role. Prior e xperience in as w ell as exce llent verbal and writte n. Ac t ive. Direc tory,. T roublesho o ting , Net working;.

A scien tific backg round i. Accel rys US Caree r s. We b Applic a tion Soft w are En gi neer Inf r astructu r e. We are seekin g a skilled w eb applica t ion softwar e engineer to join the. T he Web A pplication t eam is resp onsible fo r. As part of t he team yo u will use a range of t e chnologie s to enhanc e the comm o n framewo r k that und e rpins all o f our moder n web appli cations. Req uirements:. Web Applic ations team in the San Diego infrastructu re, tools, b est practic es and.

Des irable skill s :. Accel r ys US. C areer s. Sof tware De v elopmen t Mana ge r. We are lookin g. Dis coveryGate product lin e focuses o n an admini stration too l and an au ction-b ase d system to. Key Responsib ilities:.

DiscoveryG ate platfor m. Req uired Quali fications:. Add itional Des ired Skills:. Bas ic working knowledge of the follo w ing techn ologies:. Please fill out application co mpletely, even if your re sume is attached. Use p age four to explain any answer. All Applicants will be give n equal consideration re gardless of race, sex, age, color, national origin, marital status, religion, physical or mental disabilities, sexual orientation, stat us as a disabled or Vietnam veteran, pregnancy, medical condition or ancestry, or any other basis prohibited by law.

Contact Info. Name Last, First, Middle :. Social Security :. Street Address:. Home Phone:. City, State, Zip:. Business Phone:. E-mail Address:. May we contact you there? Position applied for:. Normal office hours are 8 a. Given advance noti ce, the Registrar's Offic e will arrange tour guides for visiting groups. Route August 25, Sunday Last day to apply for admission Registration for cleared students by appointment Registration for six-week summer session for teachers Last day to register Classes begin Last day to remove an "X" grade.

Grade replacing "X" grade due in Office of Admissions and Records. When it was opened to a charter class of 2 freshmen on Sept e mber 26, , it became the first state university in the United States to be totally planned and initiated in this century It also represented the first step in a broad and comprehensive expansion of the State University System of Florida.

The University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, th e official accrediting agency for all educational institutions in the South. The Campus On a 1,acre campus eight air miles northeast of downtown Tampa, the University is ideally loca ted for steady growth and development in the heart of a n expanding metropolitan area having nearly a million people within a mile radius. The campus is midway between U.

Highway 41 and on State Highway Major buildings completed in were: College of Business Administration Building, housing the dean and faculty of the college classrooms, and a seat teaching auditorium; College of Engineering Building, housing the dean and faculty of the college, classrooms, laboratories, and a seat auditorium; and Physical Education Classroom Building, housing the director and faculty of the Division of Physical Education, classrooms, gymnasium, activities area, and an indoor swimming pool.

Completed in the fall of was the College of Education Building, housing the dean and faculty of the college, classrooms, an auditorium seat ing , and an Instructional Materials Center. Scheduled for completion during are a Science Center, Phase 1, the Social Sciences building and a Theatre addition.

The University's Bay Campus in St. Petersburg provides a unique oppor tunity for the development of advanced and evening instruction for residents of the Pinellas County area. In addition to these Continuing Education programs serving Pinellas County, and a number of special programs such as training for Pe ace Corps workers and other extended training sessions, the Bay Campus is headquarters for USF's programs in marine sciences. It will also be a headquarters for visiting scientists and students from cooperating institutions int erested in using these fine facilities for marine studies.

The Bay Campus has been approved by the State Board of Regents as headquarters for the State University System's programs in oceanography Development of the Bay Campus is expected to keep pace with the con tinuing growth of the Tampa Bay area. A College of Medicine and Nursing has been authorized for the University. Detailed planning for this new addition is now under way. Bachelor's degrees are offered by all the University's colleges, with major programs available in more than 40 different areas.

Master's degrees are of fered in several areas of business, education, engineering, and liberal arts. The University's first Ph. The University's teaching faculty, numbering more than , represents all major areas of higher learning, and nearly 60 per cent hold doctoral de grees.

For administrative purposes, the University is organized into the three broad areas of academic affairs, student affairs, and administration and busi ness affairs. The administrative officers who head these three units serve with the President in the Executive Committee, the principal policymaking and ad visory body of the University. The President is responsible to the Board of Regents for internal policy and procedure of the University.

In addition to the Executive Committee, advice and assistance to the President in the determina tion of policy is given by the University Senate, comprising elected representa tives from all areas of the University community, including the student body.

The Foundation The University of South Florida Foundation is a non-profit corporation func tioning solely to provide supplemental funds for the University. These contri butions are used for student aid, cultural events, library, research, guest lec turers and other areas needing support.

All gifts and bequests to the Univer sity should be made through the Foundation. Membership in the Foundation is open to ail friends, parents, and students interested in the dynamic growth of the University of South Florida. Contact the Foundation office, or the Director of Development if consid ering membership or a gift.

The Foundation is serving as the temporary headquarters of the Alumni Association, which was organized in December, , upon graduation of the first class Purposes and Goals A university is defined as an institution of higher learning consisting of several schools or colleges and offering programs in the liberal arts as well as in a number of professional areas.

It is, however, more than this; it is a place where new knowledge is sought, and old knowledge is synthesized in new ways through research and scholarship for the benefit of mankind. It is not, however, a trade school where the detailed techniques of a trade can be learned by practice.

It deals with professional areas more in theory than in prac tice providing the broad background and understanding neces sary to the development of specific skills. In this way it develops the intellec tual judgments necessary to deal with constantly changing problems of a profession.

A university should not be regarded simply as a place to prepare for a profession important as this may be. These are matters of human affairs which he needs to know about as an educated citizen and as a profes sional person Hence a university has an important obligation to provide in its educational program for all students those common elements which make for more responsible and responsive living A university is also a servant of the society which supports it, and at the same time it is one of the leaders of that society.

It is the medium through which the greatest wisdom of the past and the living spirit of the present are passed on to new generations of young people to be used by them as l eaders in the further advances of society toward goals of better and finer living.

In the classroom, subjects are dealt with objectively, critically, analyti cally and constructively, as well as inspiration a lly and crea tiv e ly. The student is expected to learn to be analytical as well as creative in his own approach and to understand that such activities, to be constructive, must be carried out with a minimum of emotional bias and prejudice He must learn to understand that in a democracy points of view will differ and th ere may be no wholly right or wrong answers to many questions only better or worse answers from the viewpoint of society or the individual.

He must be prepared to examine objectively his own position on such matters and develop for himself a tenable position or philosophy with which he can continue to live. The University of South Florida, in trying to attain thi s character, has set up for itself the primary goal of placing "Accent on L ea rnin g" as its most important reason for being.

Toward that end, the University has thes e specific objectives: I. To provide the citizens of Florida with an outstanding public institu tion of high er l earning, giving lead e rship and s e r vice in th e int ellectual, cultural, economic and scientific interests of the state. To create a community of scholars d e dicat e d to t e amwork in th e search for truth, the exchange of ideas and the establishment of high standards of intellectual inquiry and creative activity.

The faculty has been carefully chosen for its training, competence and ability to teach. In an unusual sense it is a team. The faculty has many times shown its outstanding ability to carry on creative work and significant re search and to provide opportunities for able students to learn the meaning of, and assist in, such work as part of the process of education. Ta provide opportunity for the developm en t and training of the mind which promotes maturity, ob;ectivity and cre ativity.

All degree programs of the University are designed to promote the fol lowing general aims for all students: 1 the necessary skills in writing, speaking, reading and listening; 2 self-reliance through the ability to think clearly; 3 understanding of oneself and one's relationship to others; 4 growing convictions based on the search for truth; 5 unders t and ing and appreciation of our cultural, social, scientific and spiritual heritage; 6 in telligent approach to local, national and world problems leading to good citizenship and leadership in life; 7 some practical underst and ing of an other language; 8 professional competence b ased on high ethical standards; and 9 healthful development of the body.

Recent studies indicate a strong trend in American liberal arts colleges t owa rd the inclusion of more professional preparation in their programs and, conversely, for the professional colleges to include more general and liberal studies in th e irs. Thus the professional and the liberal arts colleges are com ing closer t oge ther in the effort to provide a continuum of studies which in cludes the general, the liberal and the professional in the same program.

The University of South Florida is attempting this in a way that provides greater unit y o f knowl edge for the student. For each student the educational program combines preparation in basic studies with work in the liberal arts and the sciences and with professional studies.

Ideally, a student's program will be devoted about one-third to basic studies one-third to professional studies and one-third to elective and related c h oices. It is estimated that enrollment in University of South Florida courses will increase ap proxim a tely 1 each year through Construction will con tinue a t a rapid pace each year for several years to come. New faculty are joining the Uni versity staff at a steady r a te. In every respect the University of South Florida is a vital part of the state's inevitable growth, and it is destined to become a larg e, multi-purpose university.

Those having these abilities and skills and who are seriously interested in earning an education can expect to succeed in college.

Students who lack them are almost sure to encounter serious difficulty. Until such students have corrected some of their academic deficiencies by private study, review work in high school, or perhaps study in a junior college, they may not be accepted Whether or not students have a reasonable possibility of being admitted to and succeeding in the University will be appraised by the Director of Ad missions and Registrar He will admit students who meet the formal require ments of the University for admission.

He will suggest other possibilities to those who do not. He will refer borderline decisions to the University Com mittee on Academic Standards. This committee's decisions will be final. The University requires a medical examination from each full-fee paying student filed with the Student Health Service. Full-fee paying students must also have had recent immunizations against smallpox, tetanus and polio.

The University may refuse admission to a student whose record shows previous misconduct not in the best interest of citizens ofthe University community A student from a non-accredited or disaccredited Florida secondary school may be admitted provided he meets all of the requirements for students from accredited Florida secondary schools and, in the judgment of the Aca demic Standards Committee, can be expected to do successful academic work.

Regular Students: those paying full fees or taking more than one course. The University of South Florida reserves the right to revi e w all cr e d e n tials of any student before he becomes a degree candidate 2. The deadline for receiving applications for admission or re-admission to any quarter shall be thirty 30 days prior to the first day of registra tion in that quarter in which the student wishes to matriculate. Registration will be completed in person by appointment during the regular scheduled registration period.

Each quarter, this registration period will conform to the established university calendar and will consist of a period of at least two 2 days. Late registrations are not accepted except in most unusual circum stances. Any regul a r University student wishing to enroll in off campus or evening classes shall register and pay fees in the manner prescribed for regular students attending campus daytime classes. Paym ent of F ees. Registration fees are due, by mail or in person, by the clo s e of business on the last day of registration prior to the first d a y of class in any quarter.

Late payment of f ees, including the penalty payment, will only be ac cepted during the first three 3 regular class days of any quarter. Fee payments m a y be made in advance of final complete registration A student has eligibility for a partial r e fund of fees upon withdrawal from the Univer s ity only during the first three 3 regular cla s s days in any quarter. No late payment of fees, with or without penalty payment will be a ccepte d and no refund '.

Continuing Education Students: Those registering for courses off-campus. Application, r e gistration, and payment of f e es for non-degree seeking students may b e made simultaneously by mail or through personal appearance during the regular registration period.

In the event this is by mail, the letter enclosing the registration and payment of fees must be postmarked not later than 24 hours following the second class session 2 With two exceptions, the regular institutional calendar will apply to continuing education classes : a no l a te registration fe e s will be charged b enrollment in the s e courses will not be closed until the end of the second class meeting Procedures for Applying Appli cati on p a p e r s m ay b e r e qu e st e d a s early as 12 months prior to antici p a t e d e nr o llm e nt.

Mos t of th e secondary schools in Florida have application forms Publ ic sc hool t eac h e r s wishing c ourses for certificate exten s ion and o th e r n o n-d eg re e see king stude nts who feel that they fall into a special cate go r y s h o uld indi ca t e th e c a t e gory in their initial inquiry and should inquire a bout s peci a l a ppli ca tion forms There ar e definite advantages in applying early Housing priority is explaine d els ewhe re in the catalog Each quarte r has its own application dead line u s u ally ab out 30 days prior to the first day o f registration.

The applica ti o n w ill be a c knowledg e d and qualified students will be accepted. Final d e ci s i o n s will b e m a d e upon rec e ipt of t est scores and evidence of completion o f high sc hool work or upon the arrival of the final college transcript. T scores from high school or central office. The student has th e r es p ons ibilit y of getting the records mail e d to us from each school attended. A student who applies and do es not e nroll must notif y us during th e month of th e original planned date of entry if h e wishes his a ppli ca tion changed to a future date of entry.

Otherwise new application fos must b e completed and the application fee paid again. Freshmen enter the University from four principal sources and special qualifications are established for each. Borderline students are urge d to begin in June rather than waiting ltntil September. Graduates of Florida high schools, who must have a favorable character recommendation from officials of their high school, must have an overall average of "C" or better in all academic subjects and must earn a minimum score of on the Florida State-Wide Twelfth Grade Tests.

Graduates of high schools outs ide Florida, who must have a favorable character recommendation from officials of their high school, must have grades placing them in the upper 40 per cent of their graduating class and must have acceptable test scores examples: or higher on the Scholastic Aptitude Test or higher on the verbal portion.

Early applicants, who wish to enroll prior to high school graduation, must have outstanding high school records minimum average of 3. TRANSFER STUDENTS Degree-seeking students wishing to transfer to the University must have a minimum average of "C" for all college work previously attempted and must be eligible to return to the last institution in which they were enrolled Those with less than 90 quarter hours of transferable college credit must also meet the University's freshmen entrance requirements.

After a prospec tive transfer student has applied to the University and all official records are received directly from each institution involved, his records are evaluated to determine how many of his credits are transferable. Only work in which the student has earned a grade of "C" or better may be trans ferred. Credit will not be awarded for college level G. The final 90 quarter hours of work taken for the bachelor's degree must be earned in a senior institution.

A maximum of 45 quarter hours of extension and correspondence courses and Armed Forces credit can be applied toward a degree. Service school courses will be evaluated with reference to the recommendation of the American Council on Education when official credentials have been presented. Such recommendation, however, is not binding upon the University.

The applicant must apply for service school credit during his first term in residence at the University. Graduation for those attending a junior col lege is recommended Students' general education programs in private col leges and out-of-state schools, and students with incomplete general education programs from state institutions will be evaluated on an individual basis. Graduates of accredited junior colleges are not required to take addi tional work in physical education.

Students already graduated from accredited four-year institutions who apply for admission to work toward another undergraduate degree must meet the University's regular graduation requirements. A minimum of 45 quarter hours must be earned in on-campus courses and the student must meet the requirements for liberal education and for major concentration as specified b y his departmental adviser and dean Qualified transfer students will be admitted to an upper level college by the Admissions Office.

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