free things to do in paris in march

free things to do in paris in march

It's easy to spend an entire day wandering around this sweeping city park, which is the second largest in Paris and is the garden of the French senate. Only a short walk from many of Paris's main attractions, the park is the perfect place for any sightseer to put their feet up, read a book and enjoy a picnic.

If your stomach turns at the thought of slushy, romantic photo opportunities, then the Love Wall in Montmartre may not be for you. Accessible via only two pedestrian set of steps and one winding street, Butte Bergeyre is a charming micro-arrondissement in the 19th arrondissement of the city. The Parc des Buttes Chaumont can be found in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, is completely free to wander around, and was built at the behest of Napoleon III in the 19th-century. Of all the things to see in Paris, this 19th-arrondissement Park is off the beaten path but oh-so-worth-it!

Though some of the more famous museums in the city are generally paid entry, there are a number of cultural spaces and museums in the city that are completely free to visit. In total, there are over a dozen free museums in Paris! On the first Sunday of every month, a whole host of museums, including major sites such as the Louvre and the Orangerie open their doors to the public for free.

However, be sure to head to any place you wish to visit as early in the day as possible. As you can imagine, the free entrance is a real draw for many people and queues can build up pretty quickly!

Some of the best include the aesthetically pleasing Librairie Galignani on Rue de Rivoli and Berkeley Books of Paris in the 6th arrondissement of the city. Cobbled lanes, pretty architecture, and a village vibe: in the past few years, interest in the 18th arrondissement of Paris has explored. And for good reason. There is perhaps no landmark quite as iconic, nor quite so synonymous with Paris, as that of the Eiffel Tower.

The light show is, of course, costs nothing to admire and can be spied from various viewpoints around the city. Following the dreary winter, the first glimpses of spring can be found in the form of pops of pink, all over the French capital. One of the best free things to do in Paris, come rain or shine, is to explore the covered passages of Paris. Largely built in the 18th and 19th centuries, once upon a time, there were over a hundred and fifty covered arcades in the city, providing covered shopping experiences throughout the capital.

Today, only a handful of these passages remain as the precursor to the modern shopping malls of the modern era. All are free to visit and highlights of these passages include Passage des Panoramas a must for stamp collectors and Passage Jouffroy a little off the beaten path. On the site of a former palace, Place des Vosges is all brick architecture, covered arcades, and open green space.

Every fifteen years or so the canal is dredged to clean it but in recent times the area itself surrounding the canal has undergone revitalisation. Find a hive of pubs and bars spread along the canal. This area is also a popular hang-out of the student population. Parc du Champ de Mars is a verdant space sprawled at the feet of the Eiffel Tower. This is a great place to plan a picnic. This is a beautiful urban park located in northeastern Paris. Jardin des Tuileries is a large public garden spanning the space between the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde.

Now this Italianate style Renaissance garden with perfect symmetry and long perspectives is the perfect place for a stroll, a picnic or a time for silent repose. It was opened as a medicinal herb garden for Louis XIII but nowadays is a botanical garden and the site of three other branches of the Natural History Museum.

Entry into the grounds is free but the museums charge extra for entry. An Alpine Garden, Rose Garden and greenhouses dedicated to the propagation of regional plants are special features. Though no longer a place of such heights of talented bohemian activity, nevertheless Montmartre is a lovely place to while away a few hours and imbibe its historic charm. You can navigate to the top of the Montmartre butte via funicular railway, bus or via the steps of the Rue Foyatier, that runs parallel to the funicular.

Certain strips of the fourteen mile rail track have grown into nature trails. This is a nice place to discover unexpected urban wildlife. Beneath the Arc lies the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the Great War and is marked by an eternal flame that has been burning since Armistice Day in There are six very important reliefs that decorate the facades-each depicting key moments of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic War.

We really enjoyed ice skating inside the Eiffel Tower — which while you have to pay for admission to the tower itself, the iceskating was free once we got in there :.

Paris is such a beautiful city but easy to spend a pretty penny in. Thank you for the comprehensive run down on budget friendly options! I love this post. So handy to know this in such an expensive city. Paris is the best. Gonna save this and remember it till I go back :D. This is such a handy post! I certainly wish I had it when I went to Paris — I was a student and I felt like it was not a budget friendly city.

Apparently I was just going to the wrong places! Definitely saving this for when I go back. Love this list, lots of great diverse suggestions here!

The only time I was in Paris it was cold and rainy …and miserable! Would love to go back and do a few more of these things!

This is such a comprehensive post about the free things that can be done in Paris. It can be a very expensive city. Register online to reserve a seat. This market straddling the 17th and 18th arrondissements is the perfect place to "window shop" for antiques and oddities.

Find anything and everything as you wend your way among the stalls, which number more than 2, Walking along and taking it all in is a cultural experience — no purchase necessary. For foodies who love French cuisine visiting Paris, a visit to Rue Mouffetard in the 5th arrondissement belongs at the top of the agenda. The crowded street is lined with vendors hawking artisanal breads and cheeses, a mouthwatering adventure heightened on Saturdays, when it functions as a market with even more food stalls.

Just inhaling the aromas is indulgence enough. This public park in the 7th arrondissement, near the Eiffel Tower, is a completely free and notable spot for a picnic. It's a full-evening event that combines three top activities — being in Paris, viewing world-famous art with a guide who can explain it all, and wine tasting with an expert sommelier in the most popular wine cellar in Paris. You also get to skip the lines at the Louvre.

What better way to spend an evening in Paris than with these three iconic activities? And what an evening it is! Next up an elevator trip up the Eiffel Tower for a bird's eye view of the city. Finally, you are driven across town to Moulin Rouge, the most famous cabaret in Europe for a stunning show — with champagne, of course! The beginning of spring seems to us the perfect time for a relaxed, champagne-fueled boat ride down the Seine. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the scenery. And what a scenery it is!

Glide past world-famous monuments while sipping bubbly and discovering that perhaps the best way to see the City of Lights is on a bateaux. Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays. What we like about this activity is how it seamlessly combines the best of Paris. Also, it includes our favorite French word — "premier". You are guaranteed a window table at the front of the boat for the best views, plus wine, plus champagne… As you drift by the best of Paris, dining on your French multi-course meal, a trio of musicians and a singer serenade you.

As we mentioned, spring arrives this month, and it's a good time for a fun-filled guided cycling tour around the city's most famous monuments and landmarks. You'll cruise around the ancient streets of the Islands and then, at the end of the tour, hop on a river boat for a nighttime cruise on the Seine.

The closest metro stops are Chemin Vert line 8 and Saint Paul line 1. This cobblestoned market street is crammed with artisan bakers, fromageries and gourmet sweet shops. Visit it on a Saturday when it closes off to form a huge food market, and listen out for the hum of bartering foodies and vendors enthusiastically touting their wares. A stroll along the streets of Belleville, a district with a history of rebellion and multicultural flair, is certain to fire the imagination.

End your Belleville encounter with a meander and flop over first-class views of the city from leafy Parc de Belleville. Strolling this street is definitely one of the best free things to do in Paris.

It took us four visits to Paris before we finally went up the Eiffel Tower. It was three visits before we went into the Louvre. We never felt that we were missing out because the buildings of Paris are so grand, seeing them from the outside is just as exciting as going in.

The Louvre has beautiful gardens outside and its most famous building, the glass pyramid designed by IM Pei, can be viewed for free too. If you are on a budget, you don't have to go inside every attraction, enjoy them from the outside. The city of Paris is a work of art.

If you do want to go inside any of these places and want to get a lot for your money we recommend the Paris Pass. The 2-day pass is all you really need and it gives you free entrance to over 60 sites and skip the line access! The Arc de Triomphe is an impressive sight to see. Every year I see it on the Tour de France as this is the finish line. The Arc de Triomphe was built to honor of the soldiers that fought for France. You can walk around it and read about its history but if you want to go up it will cost you 12 Euro.

We do recommend heading up to the top for a great view of the surrounding area and you can grab Skip-the-Line tickets here. You can easily spend two to three days running around Paris seeing all the attractions outside without having to spend one penny on admission fees. I love how the city is set up. You can get close to all the attractions and even inside many of the buildings to get a taste of it.

Along the River Seine, the scene of inspiration of many artists, you can zig-zag back and forth across some of the 37 wood, stone, and metal bridges that span the river within Paris alone, including the Pont Neuf, which dates back to Located in Montmarte, Sacre Coeur is the other famous church in Paris. Sure, food and a hotel will require a bit of an investment, but if you play your cards right, you can soak up the best Paris has to offer without dropping an extra euro.

Have something to add to our list? Add your own free favorite activity in the comments section at the end of the post. On Sundays, just steps from Notre Dame, the exotic bird market takes Paris by storm. All sorts of fowl and colorful pet birds are for sale, as well as rodents seriously , rabbits, and other small mammals.

Of course, the bridges are free to cross, the tolls having disappeared hundreds of years ago. Photo: alebaffa. Enjoy the atmosphere for zero euros. A walk through the Passage des Panoramas will make any romantic swoon. Photo: Phil Beard. These glass-covered passages, located mostly in the 9th and 2nd arrondissements, offer an atmospheric throw-back, rich with beautiful architecture. Photo: Ronel Reyes.

Every hour on the hour at night, the Eiffel Tower lights up for a few minutes, glittering wildly like the diva she is. And good luck with those photos! Paris hosts scores of fun, inspirational, and entirely free annual events, from cultural affairs like all-night public art installations to artificial beaches implanted on the Seine River each summer. Many of these are concentrated in the spring and the summer months, but each season hosts at least one or two of the festive, budget-friendly happenings.

The Paris Music Festival, which is held every June 21st to mark the summer solstice, is one of the most popular free festivals in Paris, but you also won't want to miss Paris Plages Paris Beach , where the banks of the Seine are transformed into a beach boardwalk every summer. Paris houses many of history's more stunning spiritual relics. Cathedrals and churches that stand today are breathtaking testimonials to a complex heritage of Christianity that dominated in Paris from the fall of the Roman Empire to the French Revolution.

Many of these majestic cathedrals and churches fell into near-ruin in the wake of the Revolution but revived interest in the 19th century brought about their restoration.

Last Updated on 3rd May Paris is free things to do in paris in march. I get it. Check full details here! It became a public garden after the French revolution marvh has been enjoyed by Parisians and visitors ever since. Besides, what could possibly be more Free things to do in paris in march than walking down its most famous street? The avenue is just under 2 km long and is completed by matching rows of impressive trees great shade in the summer marc Surprisingly the basilica finds itself with pagan roots! The Catholic building can be seen from almost every major viewpoint thingz city has to offer it is the highest point of Paris, after all and is the crown jewel of the trendy Montmartre district. Tip: The basilica is open every day to the public from 6 am to pm. Weekends are particularly busy and long waiting times are free things to do in paris in march. One of the ih free things in Paris for art lovers is the outdoor sculpture garden. The free things to do in paris in march museum is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, though is perhaps best viewed at sunset. What better way to spend a sunny afternoon in the city of love than by surrounded by an abundance of dragon ball z season 1 episodes free flowers and plants? Situated a short walk away from Notre Dame, a self-guided walking tour is surely in order! free things to do in paris in march Stroll through the Jardin du Luxembourg. Check out the Love Wall. Visit the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de. Explore the Père Lachaise cemetery. Admire the sculptures at Atelier Brancusi. Walk La Promenade Plantée. Have a late night picnic at the Square du Vert-Galant. › travel › mar › topfree-things-to-do-paris. Click to find out the Top 20 Free Things To Do in Paris and give your in the city on the first Sunday of the month between October and March. Top 20 free things to do in Paris. Anita Isalska. Lonely Planet Writer. 18 February Tell us why! Find more information on how to get tickets here. One of the loveliest activities in Paris is to spend the evening gliding along its famous river while watching the city lit up. This list will include a variety of different family-friendly, nighttime and free activities for audiences of all ages. Since availability at the Tower changes, the best way to approach a no-wait ET visit is to check with the Skip the Eiffel Tower Lines link below. Don't spend your precious time in Paris waiting in the long line-ups at the Louvre — make the most of your time here. Paris Flea Market. This race is a great opportunity to be sporty and discover the city at the same time. Many of these are must-see sites no matter your budget—but the fact that entry is free doesn't hurt, either. Of course you'll see the State Apartments and the Hall of Mirrors, but you'll also enjoy a classic lunch by the Grand Canal. free things to do in paris in march