free things to do in prague czech republic

free things to do in prague czech republic

Year round, visitors can listen to buskers, take a rest on one of the benches around the statue of Jan Hus, and get some great photos of the buildings on the square. On the hourly strike, watch the clock's curious characters parade past. Wenceslas Square is another great free Prague attraction. Lined with shops, hotels, and restaurants, Wenceslas Square is the heart of New Town. Seasonal markets are set up on this square for special holidays.

The National Museum, which is free the first Monday of every month, stands on one end of the square, and historic hotels make their presence felt.

Well-lit at night, Wenceslas Square is an ideal location for people watching. See our attraction discount pass comparison here. Back to top. Here we have a list of museums, galleries, and other attractions that are free. Note: The National Museum was recently re-opened after renovations and will be free through the end of This contemporary art gallery is home to one of the many David Cerny bronze statues throughout the city.

Other exhibits in the gallery include paintings, photos, sculptures, and videos. The gallery is free to enter. Anyone who enjoys learning about military history should visit the Army Museum. The space is comprised of old housing barracks and features a large tank sitting in the front. Displays include uniforms, historical documents, and personal belongings from heroic Czech paratroopers in World War II. Seven Czech paratroopers assisted in the assassination of Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich during the Nazi occupation.

Now, there is a memorial sculpture honoring those heroes in the Church of Sts Cyril and Methodius. This church was also shown in the movie Anthropoid , which was based on these events. Visit the Church of Our Lady Victorious to see the large wax figure of baby Jesus resting on the main altar. The church was built in and the figure was imported from Spain less than two decades later.

Before or after viewing the Infant Jesus of Prague , you can look into the museum that houses the clothes they use to dress the figure. This lesser-known city is surprisingly majestic and a great addition to your visit if you have more time in the country. There is the Old-New Jewish Synagogue still trying to figure out that name which first opened in the year and is Europe's oldest active synagogue.

Across the street is the Old Jewish Cemetery which is a 15th century graveyard with moss-covered headstones. Whether it be giant baby statues or colorful murals keep your eyes open for art everywhere. You might even see art falling from the sky! Traveling to Prague on a Budget? And we tried a cheesecake that was rather tasty as well! If you need a little caffeine, sip on a shot of freshly pressed espresso or get your sugar fix with chocolate fondue. Take a walk down the massive Wenceslas Square, where many demonstrations and gatherings are held.

In , it was in this square where the fall of communism was announced. One of the best parts of traveling is being able to try the local food. Czech cuisine is known for being hearty and heavy on meat. Read up on the best places to eat in Prague and get a hearty meal to remember! Our vegetarian friends will be happy to know Prague has a growing scene of vegan and veg-friendly restaurants. You can try meatless versions of local dishes or eat your favorite international cuisine.

Find the best vegetarian restaurants in Prague here. If you want to see the city from a different angle, get on the water! The maximum is 4 people per boat, so if you have a small group, this is a fun and affordable activity when you split the cost. Do it yourself: Slovanka Rentals is highly rated and located on the east side of the river.

Also, pack sunscreen and wear sunglasses, as the water will reflect sunlight on a nice day. Pack some snacks and beer or wine if you want an extra fun boat ride! The only payment is the tip at the end of the tour, and only if you are satisfied with your guide showed and told you. Recommended for Free Things to Do because : a free walking tour is the easiest way to discover hidden Prague. Local Expert tip : Prague's cobbled streets are charming.

The older they are the wider the crevices, that's why wearing high heels is asking for trouble. One of the best ways to see Prague is on foot. You won't need a guide to follow the Royal Route but be sure to wear comfortable shoes to negotiate the city's cobbled street. The Royal Route is a three-kilometer walk following the path that the Kings of Bohemia took on their way to St Vitus Cathedral for their coronation.

It almost impossible to get lost in the maze of cobbles streets of the historic center. Local Expert tip : If you start at the finish of this walk, Sint Vitus Cathedral you walk down hill all the way. Marianne Crone divides her time between her home in the Netherlands and an apartment in Prague, the city where her son, daughter-in-law and grandson live. Now retired, Marianne is still an More About Marianne. Follow 10Best Like 10Best. Free Sights in Prague for the Budget-minded Traveler.

St Michael Church. Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone. Travel , Travel Advice. Jun 8, Have the best trip around the city.

Lately on Instagram HandLuggageOnly. Lloyd Puppy Defender. There is so much to see and do in the city not to mention taking one of the many day trips from Prague to nearby places. Some people even visit Cesky Krumlov on a day trip from Prague but we think that would be a bit of a squeeze and suggest visiting the city in its own right. We only had time for one day trip so we chose the most popular and went to Kutna Kora Bone Church from Prague.

The police actually set up patrols at some intersections to catch people jay-walking. Public transport in Prague is extremely reliable, efficient and affordable.

Tickets are sold on a time basis rather than a per-use basis. Tickets are valid for the given length of time and you can freely transfer between all modes of transport in the time allowed. For shorter journeys, a minute ticket should be perfect. You can buy tickets at any metro station, most tram stations, directly from bus drivers, selected newspaper kiosks and the Prague Public Transport Authority DPP information offices, which are conveniently located at major transport hubs around town, including the main train station and the airport.

On the buses and trams, the validating machine will be just inside the doors, in the metro they are located at the top of the escalators. Simply put the side of your ticket with the arrow printed on it into the machine to get the date and time stamped on as soon as you get on board. While the Czech Republic is a cheap country in comparison to those in Western Europe, Prague is the capital city and a tourism hub. Due to its increased popularity with visitors, the costs in the city like most other capital cities around the world have gone up a bit when compared to the rest of the country.

The Prague Card is essentially a preloaded, multi-attraction sightseeing pass. You can pre-buy a Prague Card online and pick it up when you arrive in Prague or you can simply buy it when you arrive from these locations.

Bus No. From here it links up with the metro A line or Green line which takes you all the way into Prague 1 and central metro stations like Mustek for Wenceslas Square and Staromestska for the Old Town Square. The journey should take around 45 minutes. Taxis are decent value if you can get a fair price as some drivers might take advantage in tourist areas. They have incredibly cheap bus routes all over Europe and are very comfortable with Wi-Fi onboard.

Filter Free Entry. See 99 Experiences. See Experiences. See 24 Experiences. An amazing piece of architecture that ceases to amaze how the Czech forefather See 18 Experiences. See 58 Experiences. See 54 Experiences. This beautiful bridge is always full of people using it as a means of crossing the river as well as taking in the spectacular views that it boasts.

A walk around the island is a great way to spend a few hours amongst its picturesque houses and beautiful park. Prague is known for its beers and bars, and with that come a large selection of venues offering live music and entertainment to suit all tastes. You can also catch the odd jazz night in there too. Another bar worth checking out for music is Bordo where there are all kinds of parties and bands covering everything from hip-hop to indie rock.

Prague is free things to do in prague czech republic incredible city to visit! Though, with so many things to do and places to see, it can be quite costly. This is exactly why we wanted to share some of the free things flow free bridges 9x9 level 15 do in Prague on your next trip. You see, Free things to do in prague czech republic is the heart of Europe, which makes it the perfect European city to explore on a wider road trip around the continent. The Royal Route is a route through the historical centre of Prague. Free things to do in prague czech republic Kings were going through this route on the way to the castle for their crowning. This is exactly the reason why this line is called the Royal route. If you decide to go this way, you cannot miss any important Prague highlights such as the Old Town square with its famous Astrological clock. If you do you will be rewarded with a wonderful view of the Vltava river and all the Prague roofs and a great place to stroll on a sunny day. You can use the cableway or walk up the hill to reach it. Are you tired of the crowds? Looking for some peaceful place with not so many people. Perched near Prague Castle, this complex offers you a place for a long peaceful walk free things to do in prague czech republic a wonderful view of the city. Local farmers are selling here their products so you can be sure to get only the best quality. They sell fruit, vegetable, wine, beer, smoked meat, cheese and many others. This wall represented the hate and fight against the communism in the 80s. Young people wrote their anti-regime messages here which led to the many clashes between police and students. Nowadays the free things to do in prague czech republic represents the freedom, love and peace and everybody is allowed to express themselves by spraying graffiti on it. The Zoo in Prague is one of the most beautiful zoos I have ever seen. It was opened in and in a huge part free things to do in prague czech republic it was destroyed by flooding. Then the Zoo went through the huge reconstruction and these days the expositions are new and so beautiful that supports conservation and education projects, too. You will find here all the animals you can imagine living as close to their natural conditions as possible. free things to do in prague czech republic John Lennon Wall. Prague 01 Mala Strana. Wenceslas Square. Prague 01 Nove Mesto. Prague 01 Stare Mesto. Kastanek Playground. Prague 07 Holesovice. Charles Bridge. Prague 01 Stare Mesto. › destinations › czech-republic › prague › attractions. Though this Czech Republic gem is not the most budget-friendly city in Eastern Europe, there are still plenty of cheap (and free!) things to do in. We've put together a list of things to do that won't cost a thing. be rewarded on a clear day with a view that extends to the highest peak in the Czech Republic. You'll find sweeping views, gothic architecture, and plenty of things to do. The art featured is from both international artists and local Czech Republic artists. These free Prague activities and attractions will give you an the Czech Republic's most important religious structure, is free to enter. Visitors. There is definitely more to discover in a city every time you visit. City Tours. There are still images of Lennon at the top of the wall that those who add art to the wall appear to leave untouched. At its heart is the baroque square which offers small shops to browse, traditional Czech pubs and restaurants and some fantastic views of the river. Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock. Source: wikipedia. Clear Dates. The market usually offers seasonal vegetables, freshly baked bread and cakes, pickles and preserves along with sausages and other specialist meats. Czech-Jewish writer Franz Kafka used a house on the street for around two years as he enjoyed the peaceful environment it provided whilst writing. One of the most significant statues is St. Hourly, from 9 am to 11pm, you can watch the apostles move through the windows of the clock. Hop on Hop Off. This increased tension between the students and the communist regime at the time. A relatively empty Charles bridge on an October morning. Inspired by the legends of alchemists, the mind maze in Prague is an interesting and memorable challenge. free things to do in prague czech republic