etsy coupon codes free shipping 2017 with funny cement barbels and other odd work out equipment that is entertaining and a different type of work out to see. Once up there you can buy a drink at the observation bar or treat yourself to a meal in the plush restaurant and drink in the views only the vultures normally get! Much greener free things to do in sao paulo downtown, Vila Madalena is a great area to explore in the early afternoon, when downtown gets unbearably hot. No data is shared free things to do in sao paulo Facebook unless you engage with this feature. This is a beautiful place.">

free things to do in sao paulo

free things to do in sao paulo

Inside, knowledgeable guides offer fascinating tours of the exhibit. The building — designed by world-famous Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer is also a work of art that stands on its own. Another great Sao Paulo neighborhood to check out is Vila Madalena. San Francisco like hills, unique murals, tiny boutiques, and restaurants, it all conspires to create an upscale area worth exploring. This safe neighborhood is located close to downtown but offers an almost suburban feel.

Much greener than downtown, Vila Madalena is a great area to explore in the early afternoon, when downtown gets unbearably hot. Here you can stroll the streets and look for murals, and later have a cup of something iced in one of the tiny restaurants lining the streets. Getting around Sao Paulo is very easy with the use of public transportation and uber. Metro is safe and reliable. Uber is even safer and is very inexpensive. If you are pressed for time, Uber will probably be your best bet.

Traditional Brazilian cuisine does contain lots of meat but if you are a vegan you can certainly find many great food options. Acai bowls are popular and healthy — and will keep you full. In addition, the trendier areas such as Vila Maddalena and Vila Mariana offer several high-quality vegan restaurants. Bio: Viktoria Altman is a travel writer, blogger, and photographer. She is based in Brooklyn and travels every month to places as close as upstate New York and as far as Antarctica.

She is sponsored by Vero Social Network. Photo credit: Adam Jones 8. Photo credit: AlessandroBomfim 9. Photo credit: Guilherme Neves Like A Local Guide is about stepping off the tourist trail and finding cool and cosy spots where locals like to spend their time.

We built a website and mobile app to bring insider recommendations from around the world to your fingertips. Comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Write a comment. We have 2 days left in Sao Paulo. REQUEST : a local guide to take us to some local sites which have historical, cultural, architectural, etc, significane.

Visit Facebook page. Send an Email. Give us feedback. Atmosphere: Outdoors. Walk around Vila Madalena. Walking through this vast city you can often hear the Beetle first, especially older models, then it will pass you in the manner of Herbie.

Also unique are the brightly coloured and designed public telephone booths. Look out for them, some are built for adults, some for children and those vertically challenged. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. There is a lot to do in Sao Paulo! And, besides all you have mentioned, another great program is to visit one of its neighboring cities, Campinas! I hope I helped… have a nice trip! Excellent news. Sao Paulo is such a big city so walking guides are definitely needed!

Muito obrigado. Hi, we just read this article and we found it very nice! I'd just like to let you know that we are in Sao Paulo doing free walking tours since a couple of years with great success!

Check our website if you like and join us next time you'll pass by here : Concrete Jungles Walking Tours www. I took a boat from Tabatinga to Manaus, miles, 4 days, that brown river a god, churning, still a mystery. And the Pantanal - Rio Miranda - bursting with birdlife, a prolific waterland. For me the visit I had to Brazil goes on in my head and heart.

I am paulistana, but Brazilians many times say "paulista" when referring to paulistanos : You can say both, it's fine.

You are friends with Jorge Amado's nephew? That's amazing! You have good and interesting friends in Brazil! I can only imagine what a great contrast it must have been to see the Pantanal and Amazonia right after SP, and being able to experience two very different facets of Brazil in the same trip.

Very nice! Thank you, I appreciate your comment. So you are a paulisteno? Or paulista? I loved being in SP, staying with my good friend the journalist Roberto Amado nephew of the great writer Jorge Amado near to Paque Aguabranca - not far from Barra Funda - and immersing myself in the culture of your country.

Of course, watching the futebol of the Copa was also very emotional!!! Such passion, such beauty. SP is a very BIG city!! It took my breath away. And after the city I went to the Amazon and the Pantanal. Imagine such places! What a great guide of SP!! Well done! Colleen - thank you for the supportive comment. I admit I also got a shock when I saw Sao Paulo stretching out in front of me from the top of the hotel.

A giant of a place! When one thinks of Brazil we tend to think of Rio. I never realized that Sao Paulo is the biggest city. You have covered everything needed to know before a holiday there. Great hub. Anita - thank you for visiting Sao Paulo and letting me know about jackfruit!

So many exotic fruits in the warmer countries. Great hub and congratulations on the Editor's Choice award for this. Great photos too. That exotic fruit is actually jackfruit - very common in India. We eat it when it's ripe and also use the raw jackfruit in curries. I came across so many 'new' fruits in south America I lost count!

This is a very educational and interesting hub regarding Sao Paulo. Brazil is one of the most fascinating and intriguing countries in the world. I especially loved the part regarding the Afro museum. Brazil has the largest African descendant population outside of Africa. Excellent hub, voted up! Very nice coverage and presentation of Brazil. I enjoyed the entire hub. Thank you for sharing and congrats on HOTD!

The original site of the start of the city of Sao Paulo and a Jesuit mission that was established in Surrounding the square are impressive buildings representing various government agencies that showcase the wealth of the developing city of Sao Paulo. Tip — just around the corner on one of the oldest streets of Sao Paulo are some historic homes Solar da Marquesa de Santos that are open for the public to visit as living museums and free to visit.

Paulistas as the local people are called love to use and hangout in their gorgeous parks which are always well maintained and typically clean. Check out these fun parks in the city worth exploring for free.

One of the most popular parks in the city with over Check out the main attractions to visiting Ibirapuera park here for more details and inspiration of what to see. Containing many ornate buildings, fountains, a fake mountain with caves and stunning modern sculpture, the park is wonderful to walk around and explore. A funny spot to the right of the fake mountain is a well used outdoor gym with funny cement barbels and other odd work out equipment that is entertaining and a different type of work out to see.

Tip — across from the park is the Luz train station, an ornate and beautiful classic styled station that is worth visiting and you can also take the metro directly from here to explore the area. A grand building fronts the park that is the Museum of Ipiranga still closed for renovation but is cool to wander around including the formal gardens of Independence park. Walking down from the formal gardens through the main promenade brings you to the Sao Paulo Independence monument, a grand landmark which also houses the Brazilian imperial crypt of Emperor 1st and family.

There are so many fascinating and unique neighborhoods around Sao Paulo that are fun to explore in the city. What used to be a divey and cheap housing for university students has become the trendy spot with vibrant graffiti and street art plastered in the alleys, buildings and even nice establishments.

Make sure to visit the famous Beco de batman — a really cool alleyway filled with colorful street art done by local and famous muralist from the area. Grafitti at Beco do Batman in Vila Madalena. Tip — there is a Metro stop at Vila Madalena and you can also sign up fr a free walking tour to check out the area and cool graffiti with this free walking tour here.

A very poor borough close to Vila Madalena that quickly has become the hip and cool spot to explore and hang out. Uber trendy Jardin is where you can shop till you drop — or at least just window shop all the international and local brands of Sao Paulo. The large Japanese district downtown is called Liberdade but is also home to many Asian ethnic businesses. An easy place to walk to and close to the historic district, you can also take a metro ride direct to Liberdade station.

Another popular spot to see the beautiful graffiti art that mostly adorns the pillars of the metro passing through the area. Avenida Cruzeiro do Sul street art on the pillars. There are many free or inexpensive activities to keep you busy and entertained while visiting the city. Here are some suggestions on what to do or see activity wise for cheap. Taking a free walking tour of downtown Sao Paulo.

Museums Pinheiros Centro Jardins Bela Vista Mooca Liberdade 7. Ipiranga 5. Morumbi 5.

To get you started, Gabriel lists 10 of his favourite local spots that are totally free to visit. So, go get yourself a public transport ticket and start free things to do in sao paulo Ibirapuera Park is one of the largest parks in South America. Photo credit: Gabriela Sakamoto. This is an area you should definitely explore if you like history! Sometimes locals like to walk just a few metres along this 2. The zao time to visit is on a Sunday free things to do in sao paulo the avenue closed sap cars. You can either take a walk or rent a bike from one of the rental stations. Photo credit: Gustavo Gomes. Paulista Avenue divides Augusta Street into two parts. One has bars, clubs and a very, very lively nightlife, while the other has banks, fancy restaurants and boutiques. The tl is a nice place to have fun with friends. Ro credit: Igor Schutz. You can enjoy free admission to this private museum every Tuesday from 10 am to 6 pm. The suspended free virtual backgrounds for green screen and concrete box houses very interesting artworks from all around the world. Check out the current exhibitions here. Photo credit: Free things to do in sao paulo Soldon. This neighbourhood is historically significant in terms of immigration, especially for Italians. The museum preserves the memories of immigrants to help visitors think free things to do in sao paulo and fo Brazilian diversity. It houses a permanent exhibition as well as temporary exhibitions. Photo credit: hintheworld. The guided tour in English is free on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11 am and 5 pm, and on Saturdays and holidays at 12 pm. free things to do in sao paulo The Latin America Memorial. Ibirapuera Park. Aclimação Park. The Immigration Museum. Wander around Vila Madalena. › brazil › free-things-to-do-sao-paulo. Highly rated activities with free entry in Sao Paulo: The top things to do for free. See Tripadvisor's traveler reviews and photos of Sao Paulo. Visit one of SP's cultural centers. São Paulo has tons of spaces spread across the city, including exhibitions, libraries, theaters and cinema. We've identified the very best free attractions and activities in Sao Paulo. If you get tired of the concrete jungle, make your way to the Parque do Ibirapuera. 10 epic (and mostly free) things to do in a day in Sao Paulo. Things to do in Sao Paulo: Beco do Batman. 1. Explore Vila Madalena and Beco do. This neighbourhood is historically significant in terms of immigration, especially for Italians. A funny spot to the right of the fake mountain is a well used outdoor gym with funny cement barbels and other odd work out equipment that is entertaining and a different type of work out to see. Santana 2. We tried to get the HO-HO bus but this is not available at present. The colors in your photos are stunning, thank you for sharing! You can follow her on Vero and Instagram at Traveltipster. Sao Paolo seems so picturesque and there are plenty of things to be seen and explore there, Noel! Historic Sites. The best time to visit is on a Sunday when the avenue closed to cars. Another great Sao Paulo neighborhood to check out is Vila Madalena. See 23 Experiences. free things to do in sao paulo